What is running?

Engines are run at the museum every day with at least 6 engines runing all day. Larger engines and specials such as the Sulzer are run regularly for shorter periods due to fuel cost etc. There is always plenty to see.

In 2018 the first of the new Steam Halls will be operational and some engines will be in steam regularly. These steamings will be on the website/Facebook but major events with everything operating are below.


Easter CrankupMarch 31st,1st/2nd April 2018
Museums at Night (Now two events a year)May 19th, 2018
May SteamingMay 27th/28th 2018
August SteamingAugust 26th/27th, 2018
End of Season CrankupOctober 13th/14th, 2018
Museums at Night(Now two events a year)October 31st, 2018