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MDS Whirlwind Engine
Object ID1002206
Works No
Accession NoIF:2014:287
StatusStatic Display
Category Engine
Collection IDInternal Fire Core Collection
Made ByMeggitt Defence Systems Ltd
Made InAshford, Kent, England
DescriptionThe Whirlwind is a liquid cooled 4-stroke rotary engine working on the epitrochoidal rotary Wankel principle.

Designed as a compact, self contained unit, the Whirlwind engine package includes integral radiators and a built-in water pump to simplify installation.

Liquid-cooled, single rotor Wankel engine c/w integral radiators and water pump. Chamber volume 294cc Dry weight13.5kg (29lb 12oz) (complete with radiators, water pump carburettor and ignition system but less exhaust)

Rotation counter-clockwise when viewed from power take-off end

Power 31kW (41.5 bhp) @ 7,800 rpm, Torque 47 Nm @ 4,500 rpm

Type used in the Banshee UAV flown from Aberporth, this engine from Outer Hebrides (South Uist)

LocationDisplay cabinet in main foyer
ConditionDisplay Finish
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