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Mr P W Petter on the Two-Stroke
Object ID4116
Works No5053
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Category Audio
Collection IDPetter Collection
Made ByPetters Ltd
Made InYeovil, England
DescriptionRecording of a 78rpm record in which Percy Petter explains the advantages of the two-stroke cycle Petter Oil engines. Taken from a fairly poor original so audio quality not good.
Conservation/ Maintenance History

Petter Engines work on the 2 stroke cycle. The 2 stroke cycle performs in one revolution of the crankshaft what the 4 stroke can only accomplish in two complete revolutions. It provides a power impulse for every revolution of the crank for each cylinder.

The 2 stroke cycle ensures a regularity of motion which is impossible in 4 stoke cycle engines and other important advantages are that there are no valves in the hot combustion chamber and there is no valve operating mechanism.

There is no reversal of pressure on the connecting rod and main bearing to cause knock. Gasses which may pass the piston are not discharged into the engine room which in consequence has a cleaner atmosphere.

Petter engines are made in all sizes from 1 1/2HP to 400HP. They are used for almost every purpose where power is required as for instance driving factories, generating electric currents, pumping. On the water Petter marine engines are in use for propelling tugs, coasters etc. There is hardly a country in the world where Petter engines are not known and appreciated.

The Petter engine works are at Yeovil, England where visitors who dessire to see how engines are manufactured on most up to date lines are always welcome and the experience we have gained in 38 years of oil engine manufacture enables us to give valuable assistance to impending purchasers in deciding as to the best type of engine to adopt.