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Newbury Sirron O Type
Object ID784
Works No
Accession NoIF:2004:002
Category Engine
Collection IDInternal Fire Core Collection
Made ByNewbury Sirron
Made InNewbury
DescriptionSirron O type 6 cylinder direct reversing two-stroke marine engine
LocationOpen Storage
Conservation/ Maintenance History
Initial Report

Overall poor condition


Full inspection prior to decision on the engines future.

Numerous components missing including pumps, flywheel and end casings.

Two cylinder badly pitted and seized. All big end oil feed pipes had been disconnected during removal from Balmoral and water had entered the oil drillings in the crank. 1 and 2 main bearing caps were lifted showing significant damage to the crank. Rust staining on the other mains indicate that they are almost certainly in the same state.

A return to working order sadly will not be financially possible.