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McLaren DH
Object ID9
Works No
Accession NoIF:LN:2003:030
StatusNot On Display
Category Archived
Collection IDCastell Pridd Engines
Made ByPetter McLaren
Made InLeeds, England
DescriptionHorizontal single cylinder four stroke diesel engine driving a 13kva 3 phase alternator
LocationPower Hall 1
ConditionIn Storage

After being in storage for sometime the engine has now been exchanged for two Turner V twin diesel engines. These engines will be donated to the museum.

Conservation/ Maintenance History
Inlet Valve

Lack of lubrication to the inlet valve caused it to stick

Modification to allow wick feed oiler on side of head for feed.

Cosmetic Restoration

Engine required cosmetic restoration on arrival

Following external storage for a number of years there was no trace of paint on the engine.

Car radiator used for cooling was removed as was the fuel tank.