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IFOD IDNameManufacturerDescriptionDate
Tangye Machine ToolsTangyes LtdNone1927-03-01
Tangye JacksTangyes LtdNone1925-03-01
Tangye Gas Retort MouthpiecesTangyes LtdNone1920-03-01
Tangye Hydraulic Jack for Motor Cars and LorriesTangyes LtdNone1935-03-01
Tangye Runner CarriagesTangyes LtdNone1927-03-01
Tangye Rope Pulley Blocks, Screw JacksTangyes LtdNone1927-03-01
Tangye Chain BlocksTangyes LtdNone1927-03-01
Tangye Hydraulic MachineryTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01
Tangye Turbine PumpsTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01
Tangye Power PumpsTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01
Tangye Steam PumpsTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01
Tangye W Type Fuel Oil EngineTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01
Tangye V Type Vertical Petrol EnginesTangyes LtdTangye V type vertical oil and petrol engines for driving pumping , electric-lighting, sawing, barn ........1923-01-01
Report of Test by Mr Tookey, Tangye Heavy Oil EngineTangyes LtdNone1922-11-25
Tangye Quick Change All-Fuel Heav Oil or Gas EngineTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01
Tangye Cold Starting Heavy Oil EngineTangyes LtdNone1929-01-01
Tangye Cold Starting Heavy Oil Engine (Twin and Four Cylinder)Tangyes LtdNone1929-01-01
Tangye Power, Light and Heat from Waste MaterialsTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01
Tangye Suction Gas ProducersTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01
Tangye AA Type Gas EngineTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01
Tangye Gas Engine with Variable Admission GoverningTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01
Tangye Steam Engines and BoilersTangyes LtdNone1923-01-01