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IFOD IDNameManufacturerDescriptionDate
Petter Atomic TXPetters Ltd36hp single cylinder vertical two-stroke diesel engine. 1936-01-01
Petter Harmonic Diesel EnginePetters LtdSingle cylinder two-stroke harmonic induction diesel engine producing 16hp at 1000 rpm. Number 52 of........1936-01-01
Petter Atomic 2 Cylinder Marine EnginePetters LtdTwin cylinder air start marine diesel engine with reversing box. 1936-01-01
Petter TT Atomic 6HPPetters LtdSingle cylinder vertical two-stroke diesel. 1936-07-09
Petter Handyman 4hp Oil EnginePetters LtdSingle cylinder horizontal four-stroke oil engine1914-01-01
Petter PA2CPetters LtdFour-stroke single cylinder petrol engine with compressor cylinder. Mounted in frame with 350psi McL........0000-00-00
Petter PU8Petters LtdHorizontally opposed four-stroke twin in carrying frame.0000-00-00
Petter VJ1Petters LtdSingle cylinder vertical semi-diesel engine.

Petter S Type 6hp MarinePetters Ltd5hp S type marine minus clutch/thrust block. Ex Petter factory collection1924-06-12
Petter Steam EngineJames PetterThe oldest surviving Petter? Single cylinder simple horizontal steam engine, slide valve, 4" bore........1893-01-01