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  1. rookesy

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    Moderators, I am sorry if this is in the wrong section please move it.
    I am currently restoring a Lister A28S which from the number is early September 1942, as it has the flash eliminator fitting on the carb I am assuming it was fitted to an RAF fuel bowser.
    When I have been wire brushing the loose off all I am finding that the first coat of paint is green something like Mid Brunswick green. This is all over even at the back of the fuel tank, I was expecting to find RAF blue paint or were these engines left green?
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    I had one, it also had the flash eliminator fitted and was also green I painted mine in RAF blue and it looked the Dogs.
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    I'm not sure of the dates on what items were painted what, but ground equipment could be found in a blue, yellow, olive drab, silver to name a few.... I've not seen a colour photo of a Lister set in the back of the bowser, but the black and white images show a pretty dark colour was used.
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    Hello Rookesy
    Who not email Doreen Edgington giving the engine serial number and whatever is on the makers plate, I am sure that she will be able to tell you to whom the engine was sold
    Patrick Knight
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  5. rookesy

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    Thinking about it I am guessing that the attitude was that it was more important to get the engine out of the factory and to the airfield to help with the war effort rather than be bothered what colour it was. If the factory were using green paint at the time that was what was used.
    Thanks for the suggestion I will drop her a line.
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    Let's not forget that Lister sent many engines out in "War Finish" which IIRC was a single coat of Pea Green though I'm not sure of the date range.
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    I think it would be very unusual for a major manufacturer like Lister to paint individual engines in their destination/user colour scheme. Just think of the logisitics of doing that on a production line turning out say 100 engines per day. The heritage Pumping Station I used to help at, all the equipment was painted corporation colour but scrape and underneath the OEM colour was there. I would say in wartime the priority was to get equipment where it was needed, not worry about what colour it was. Post hostilities of course, things change. So yes I would say if you are restoring back to original/wartime finish then if MBG is present, that is the colour. If you want to portray a later time in its life, then either MBG and overpaint (historically correct) or straight on with your desired finish. Of course there is every chance that the engine might have some completely different history away from the forces. This is where asking questions at time of purchase can often help.
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