Petter A cylinder shim

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by handyman2, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. handyman2

    handyman2 New Member

    For a Winter project I picked up a Petter A engine, on stripping it down I found a thick shim about 1/10th" between the cylinder and the crankcase is this normal for a petrol engine or is it a shim to reduce the compression for a kerosene engine I have not seen this shim on the A1 engines, this is a petrol only engine, I can't see any other use for it
  2. robtheplumb

    robtheplumb Member

    Not come across that before, normally just a paper gasket. Has it been converted to paraffin then?
  3. JohnM

    JohnM Member

    I believe compression lowering plates were well used pre and immediate post WW2. My father knew of them on Morgan 3 wheelers with Vee twin engines. Apparently the first thing to do with a Mog was to remove these plates to give more power.

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