Steam paddle boat Waverly

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by picklesquirt, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. picklesquirt

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    We had a very pleasant day out a few weeks ago on the Waverly. We boarded at the end of Southend pier and paddled our way up the Thames to just beyond Tower Bridge , which opened for us. I was impressed by her speed 14 knots with about 600 people on board.
    Her engine is a triple expansion double acting and at 175 p.s.i develops 2100 h.p. The high pressure cylinder is 24in dia and the low pressure over 5ft, all this at 58 r.p.m.
    Great day out with lunch on board, wonder if anyone on here has worked on her.

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  2. hourlapa

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    Looks good. Started piping our baby paddle steamer up, should be ready for a try when we get the new boiler done.

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