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Petter VJ1 Single cylinder vertical semi-diesel engine.

1913-02-22 Petters Ltd On Display Engine
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From the old Petter factory collection.

# 30197 was despatched on 22/08... more

From the old Petter factory collection.

# 30197 was despatched on 22/08/1913 to the order of Christy & Co. of Chelmsford - Electrical Engineers.

Sent by rail to Electricity works Portishead. Sent with:
special extended crankshaft in Siemens-martin acid steel, special starting compressor
4' x 16" face pulley, and special silencer and exhaust piping.

Numbered 1 on installation, 2 engines supplied.

Built 17/12/1912 and noted as built for Christy. Also noted is a new cylinder in May 1914

Tested on 13/01/1913 for 48 hours; (Full) 50bhp @ 250 rpm and (max) 66.67 @ 240 rpm. on Crude oil (spec equivalent to diesel with slightly higher SG). Fuel consumption at Full load 24.5 pints per hour! Note full load required water injection. Max load without water 43bhp.Oil consumption 0.18 pints per hour. Test completed 20/01/1913.

Overhauled 29/03/1914. Decoke of piston, adjust governors, fit new lubricator (make not noted) and retest.

The records contain another reference to a replacement cylinder on 28/04/1916. The same refers to 30197 as engine No.2 ?

New cylinder and rings supplied under GO 10245 on 18/1/1937 but not noted to whom. Also supplied were governor pinions.

Some history of Portishead electricty works here

Paul Evans 2010-02-07