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Reader Vertical Steam Engine


Size: 5" steam cylinder with 4" stroke and 24" diameter flywheel; vertical and totally enclosed inverted engine with pressurised lubrication.

This engine was purchased by Simon Carves Ltd in 1950 for the new Nantgarw coke works, Treforrest South Wales and used for the drive to the benzole rectification plant, where crude benzole was processed into motor spirit. In the early seventies the benzole plant was shut down as the process became uneconomic because supplies of motor spirit from oil refineries became readily available.

The plant fell into disuse and remained derelict until the coke works closed in 1987. During those intervening years the brass bearings and other non-ferrous fittings were 'removed', leaving the engine incomplete. The engine was purchased as scrap, dismantled and removed from site in 1988 and eventually transferred to Essex.

Upon further stripping in 1999, the engine was found to be in a poor condition especially the steam control valve and the linkage from the governor, which had been badly damaged during the theft of the components.

The engine with its base plate, has been partially restored. New bearings and several other major parts will be required

1950-01-01 E. Reader and Sons Ltd Not on display Steam Machinery No image
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