Ruston 6VE
Installed in Hall 1
On Display
6 cylinder four stroke diesel engine driving English Electric direct coupled generator. Originally supplied to the BBC as part of four sets for the Moorside Edge Transmitting Station near Huddersfield. Develops 300hp at 330rpm.
Ruston & Hornsby Ltd
Lincoln, England
Internal Fire Core Collection

6 Cylinder heads ready for installation

All piston in and heads on, March 8th 2008

BBC image

BBC image

BBC image

BBC image

BBC image of Moorside Edge engine room

BBC image, Moorside Edge Transmitting Station

BBC postcard of the engine room

Boring the new No 5 big end

Both cylinder blocks in the museum workshop, January 2007

Crankcase levelled and crankshaft in, Feb 2007

Crankcase mocked up for the EOS 2007 event

Crankshaft being lowered in, Feb 2007

Cylinder blocks on, March 2008

Cylinders 1-3 cleaned and ready, January 2007

During painting 2011

During painting 2011

First load arriving at the museum

First load arriving at the museum

First stage complete, March 13th

Flywheel and stub assembled ready to lift in, Feb 2007

Flywheel and stub bolted up, Feb 2007

Lowering in the piston and rod on number 4.

Lowering on the first cylinder block

Number 4 big end assembly

Pit dug and frame in, Feb 2007

Showing the piston ring guide as the piston is lowered in.

The engine room at Moorside Edge