The museum receives no public funding and all work at the museum and on the now extensive archive is done by volunteers.

Over 60,000 man hours of work has gone into the archive so far and although most of the material itself is donated, equipment such as the microfilm and microfiche scanners have cost tens of thousands of pounds and have been funded mainly by the volunteers doing the work!

A number of very abusive users demanding "their rights" to have unlimited access and others who have chosen to sell the material on Ebay have left us struggling to know how to continue to make the material available.

There are two methods of accessing the Archive online:-
Either join as a Friend of the Museum which gives unlimited access
Make a donation using the button below which will allow a limited number of downloads - you still need to register on the site which costs nothing. A small donation to show good faith is all we require.

If you are just looking for a specific manual then email us on and we will always help.

The system was always intended to be free but the actions of an unpleasant minority have once again affected things - abusing volunteers who give time and effort is just not right.