UAX13 C Rack
Object ID1679
Works No
Accession NoIF:2006:060
StatusOn Display
Category Telephone
Collection IDTelecommunications
Made ByGEC Telecommunications Ltd
Made InCoventry, England
DescriptionUAX 13 Exchange rack
LocationRadio Room
Conservation/ Maintenance History
General Maintenance

Work carried out by D. Williams.

1) Control cct faulty - This fault causes the Allotter magnet to be permanently operated followed by a warm paxolin smell - I had to jack-out the relay set to stop the problem as I could not determine if it was possible to remove it from service without the diagrams - no time to fix fault. I also reinstalled the Allotter
2) Linefinder 6 (C3) not stopping on vertical hunting - VMB wipers adjusted and bank cleaned
3) G/S 6 (F2) not stepping into bank - Wipers bent - wipers adjusted
4) Linefinder 5 (C2) not stopping on rotary hunting - rotary interrupters out of adjustment - adjusted & bank cleaned
5) G/Ss 1-4 (E1-4) busied out due to faults on either the G/S or associated L/F - no time to fix
6) F/S G5 busied out - Faulty
7) F/S G1 very occasionally it stepped OK but did not give ring tone or ring the phone - no time to fix but left in service (probably wipers or dirty bank again.

Comments -

As F/S G1 is the first choice final selector I suggest that you take it out of service every other week or month to reduce wear and to spread the load onto the other selectors. Move the link from TJ15-16 to TJ7-8 to busy it out.

C & FC Plus Maintenance

David Williams on site to install his C & FC replacement system and do general maintenance work on the exchanges

3 simulators installed on UAX13 relay strip along with 6 x 9V rechargeable batteries -18V PSUs left as backup
5 POA mechanisms slots and guides converted to current decimal currency POA700 re-wired to MDF and connected to C&FC
Armoured POA 705 in existing Phone Box re-wired to MDF and connected to C&FC
Second Phone Box re-wired to MDF and connected to C&FC ready for backboard and POA 705 install
Lock modified on second POA 705

2017 Exchange Maintenance Visit - David

Open lev 8 for speaking clock on 8081 Wired group selectors and final selectors for 8081 (Graham to cable in permanently later) Reinstalled speaking clock on 123! Outgoing junction relay set to UAX12 modified for both-way and installed in F rack position A1 Opened level 7 for outgoing junction to UAX12 Incoming junction from U12 wired to incoming 1st selector (without dial tone) Levels 1,2,3,8 jumpered to incoming 1st selector bank multiple (Graham to cable all levels later) Linefinder 7 not stopping on outlets on level 6 – wipers replaced Updated Grahams trunking diagram – to be displayed on U13, U12 and PABX3 if possible

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