Reel 1D
Object ID4749
Works No1D
Accession NoIF:2013:019
Category 16mm Microfilm
Collection IDPetter Collection
Made ByPetters Ltd
Made InYeovil, England
DescriptionFowler drawings - B series
Petter drawings, 20000,21599 drawings
LocationArchive C3-1
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Petter Diesels Flag

Petter Atomic Diesel, Sizes 120hp - 450bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel, 15, 30 and 50bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel Engines, Stationary Type

Petter Technical Vade Mecum

Petter Diesel Electric Generating Sets with Automatic Controls

Petter Diesel Engines PJ1-2

Petter Diesel Engines PJ

Petter Diesel Engines PJW

Petter Diesel Engines PJ1-2

Petter Diesel Engines PJW

Petter Diesel Engines PJ1-2

Petter Atomic Diesel, Sizes 120hp - 450bhp

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

Petter Technical Vade Mecum

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V, Mark 1

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V, Mark 2

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Oil Engines (NL Type)

Petter Storemans Manual, B2, B3, B4 Series II

Petter Storemans Manual, PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4

Petter Storemans Manual, PD, PDV, PDM, PDVM

Petter Storemans Manual, AS1, AS2, AS3

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

Petter Harmonic Induction Engine

Petter - 50 Points of Service

The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1956

The Journal of the Brush Group, Sept 1956

The Journal of the Brush Group, Dec 1956

The Journal of the Brush Group, Feb 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Mar 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Apr 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Jul and Aug 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Jan 1958

The Journal of the Brush Group, Mar 1958

The Journal of the Brush Group, Apr 1958

The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1958

McLaren Type M Mark II Oil Engine

McLaren Type M Mark 1A Oil Engine

McLaren Type M Mark 1A Oil Engine

McLaren Type MR Mark II Oil Engine

McLaren Type DH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type EH Mark 1A Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type FH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type DH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type DH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type FH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type FH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type FH2 Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type EH Mk 1A Horizonal Oil Engine

Engine Instruction by Film Strip

Power - BRABO

Lightweight Diesel Power

Horse Power

Petter Drawing Book - Alterations

Petter Assembly Detail Reference Book

Associated British Oil Engines - Service Information

Armstrong Siddeley Technical Vade Mecum

Armstrong Siddeley 6 - 8 Diesel Engine

Fowler Series B Diesel Engine

Fowler Series B Diesel Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine Brochure

Petter Harmonic Diesel Engine

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series I, II, III, IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series IV

Petter Marine Engines, 120 to 300 bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel Marine Engines

Petter Atomic Diesel Engine, Industrial

Petter Atomic Diesel Engines, 30 & 50 bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel Engines, 5 to 10 and 20 bhp

Petter Oil Engines (Semi-Diesel)

"The Calibrater" Parts List

Vickers-Petter C Type Heavy Oil Engine

Vickers Petter Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engines

Petter Oil Engines (Semi-Diesel)

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

Bates KWH Oil Engine

Bates Vertical Diesel

Bates KWH Oil Engine

Bates Heavy Oil Engine

Bates Heavy Oil Engine

Fowler Marine Diesel Engines Type 2DY

Fowler Diesel Engines Series D

Armstrong Siddeley 6-8

Armstrong Siddeley AS

Armstrong Siddeley 20-33 Diesel

Armstrong Siddeley 6-11, 14-22

Armstrong Siddeley 6-11, 14-22

McLaren Type M.R. Oil Engine

McLaren M MkII Oil Engine

National AH1 Service Manual

National AH1 Service Manual

McLaren Type LE Diesel Engines

Atlantic Oil Engines

Reel 65A

Reel 66A

Reel 77A

Reel Atlantic1

Reel Atlantic1a

Reel Atlantic2

Reel Atlantic2a

Reel Atlantic3

Reel Atlantic4

Reel Atlantic5

Reel Atlantic6

Reel Atlantic7

Reel B3-F1A

Reel 2RC-ATL

Reel B2-F3

Reel B3-F5

Reel 1-6BE

Reel 1D

Reel 2D

Reel 3D

Reel 4D

Reel 5D

Reel 6D

Reel 7D

Reel 8D

Reel 9D

Reel 10D

Reel 11D

Reel 12D

Reel 13D

Reel 14D

Reel 15D

Reel 16D

Reel 17D

Reel 18D

Reel 19D

Reel 20D

Reel 21D

Reel 22D

Reel 23D

Reel 24D

Reel 25D

Reel 26D

Reel 27D

Reel 28D

Reel 29D

Reel 30D

Reel 31D

Reel 32D

Reel 33D

Reel 34D

Reel 35D

Reel 36D

Reel 37D

Reel 38D

Reel 39D

Reel 40D

Reel 41D

Reel 42D

Reel 43D

Reel 44D

Reel 45D

Reel 46D

Reel 47D

Reel 48D

Reel 49D

Reel 50D

Reel 51D

Reel 52D

Reel 53D

Reel 54D

Reel 55D

Reel 56D

Reel 57D

Reel 58D

Reel 59D

Reel 60D

Reel 61D

Reel 62D

Reel 63D

Reel 64D

Reel 65D

Reel 66D

Reel 67D

Reel 68D

Reel 69D

Reel 70D

Reel 71D

Reel 72D

Reel 73D

Reel 74D

Reel 75D

Reel 76D

Reel 2A-ATL

Reel 1_46Y545

Reel B5-1B

Reel 2_2A

Reel B5-2

Reel 2-6BE

Reel B3-4

Reel 1RC-ATL

Reel B3-6A

Reel B3-7

Reel B3-8

Reel B3-9

Reel B3-10

Reel 11-3

Reel 23F

Reel B3-24

Reel B3-28

Reel 1RC

Reel 2cards

Reel 2A

Reel 3RC

Reel 3A

Reel 4RC

Reel 4A

Reel 5RC

Reel 5A

Reel 6RC

Reel 6A

Reel 7RC

Reel 7A

Reel 8

Reel 8A

Reel 9RC

Reel 9A

Reel 10RC

Reel 10A

Reel 11RC

Reel 1A

Reel 12A

Reel 13RC

Reel 13A

Reel 14A

Reel 15A

Reel 16A

Reel 17A

Reel 18A

Reel 19A

Reel 20A

Reel 21A

Reel 22A

Reel 23A

Reel 24A

Reel 25A

Reel 26A

Reel 27A

Reel 28A

Reel 29A

Reel 31A

Reel 32A

Reel 33A

Reel 34A

Reel 35A

Reel 36A

Reel 37A

Reel 38A

Reel 39A

Reel 40A

Reel 41A

Reel 42A

Reel 43A

Reel 44A

Reel 45A

Reel 46A

Reel 47A

Reel 48A

Reel 49A

Reel 50A

Reel 51A

Reel 52A

Reel 53RC

Reel 54RC

Reel 54A

Reel 55RC

Reel 55A

Reel 56RC

Reel 56A

Reel 57RC

Reel 57A

Reel 58RC

Reel 58A

Reel 59RC

Reel 59A

Reel 60RC

Reel 60A

Reel 61RC

Reel 61A

Reel 62RC

Reel 62A

Reel 63RC

Reel 63A

Reel 64RC

Reel 64A

Reel 67A

Reel 68A

Reel 69A

Reel 70A

Reel 71RC

Reel 71A

Reel 72RC

Reel 72A

Reel 73A

Reel 74A

Reel 75A

Reel 76A

Reel 77RC

Reel 78RC

Reel 78A

Reel 79RC

Reel 79A

Reel 80A

Reel 81A

Reel 82A

Reel 84A

Reel 85A

Reel 86A

Reel 87A

Reel 88A

Reel 89A

Reel 90A

Reel 91A

Reel 92A

Reel 93A

Reel 94A

Reel 95A

Reel 96A

Reel 97A

Reel 98RC

Reel 98A

Reel 99RC

Reel 99A

Reel 100RC

Reel 100A

Reel 101A

Reel 102A

Reel 103A

Reel 104A

Reel 105A

Reel 106A

Reel 107A

Reel 108A

Reel 109A

Reel 110A

Reel 111A

Reel 112A

Reel 113A

Reel 114A

Reel 157RC

Reel 158RC

Reel 159RC

Reel 173RC

Reel 181RC

Reel 182RC

Reel 189RC

Reel 190RC

Reel 199RC

Reel 200RC

Reel 1K

Reel 2K

Reel 3K

Reel 4K

Reel 5K

Reel 6K

Reel 7K

Reel 8K

Reel 9K

Reel 10K

Reel 11K

Reel 12K

Reel 13K

Reel 14K

Reel 15K

Reel 16K

Reel 17K

Reel 18K

Reel 19K

Reel 20K

Reel 21K

Reel 22K

Reel 25K

Reel 26K

Reel 27K

Reel 27K-CONT

Reel 29K

Reel 28K

Reel 120RC

Reel 5AK

Reel 79D

Reel 1cards

Reel 3cards

Reel 4cards

Reel 5cards

Reel 6cards

Reel 7cards

Reel 12RC

Reel 2RC

Reel 86RC

Reel 160RC


Reel R2_250379

Reel R3_257262

Reel R3_AC205

Reel R4_190211

Reel R4_203170

Reel R5_190808

Reel R5_190808_staines

Reel R5_201906

Reel R6_2-194006

Reel R6_250997

Reel R6_270012

Reel Spec22e-40ex

Reel 11A

Reel 30A

Reel 53A

Tugs Volunteer and John King

Petter AA1 driving pump

Petter Single Cylinder Air-Cooled

Crane Powered By Petter Single Water Cooled Diesel

Petter Powered 3 Wheel Truck

Petter AVA2 Powered Dumper

Petter AVA2 Diesels

Petter AB1 Powered Plant

Petter AA1

Petter Diesel

Pyronaut Engine Room

Tug John King Engine Room

Pyronaut at Bristol

Petter A1 Generating Set

Petter Superscavenge

Petter VJ1

Petter air-cooled engine

Marine Diesels Type MCV

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

Four Stroke Diesel Engines (Bates Design)

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

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Film Listing

Not IndexedCrankshaft Pinion4BJohn Fowler (Leeds) Ltd
Not IndexedFlywheelBJohn Fowler (Leeds) Ltd
Not IndexedPeg for large end bush & peg for front main bearingBJohn Fowler (Leeds) Ltd
20286VB connecting rod stampingVBPetters Ltd
20245Cylinder relief cock for semi-diesel enginesVPetters Ltd
20230Starting valve cam for the VE twin marine engineVE2MPetters Ltd
20236Gear wheel for VF air compressor and Newtons Size 3 motorVFCompressorPetters Ltd
20237Gear wheel for VF air compressor and Newtons Size 4 motorVFCompressorPetters Ltd
20245Cylinder relief cock for semid-diesel enginesVPetters Ltd
20279VA connecting rod stampingVAPetters Ltd
20286VB connecting rod stampingVBPetters Ltd
20301HH-JJ governor springHPetters Ltd
20301HH-JJ governor springHPetters Ltd
20302Copper and asbestos joint rings for semi-diesel enginesPetters Ltd
20334VF and VA water pump - Hamworthy rotary pumpVFPetters Ltd
20334VF and VA water pump - Hamworthy rotary pumpVFPetters Ltd
203343VB and 122VF2 water pump - Hamworthy rotary pumpVFPetters Ltd
20307HB H3M Exhaust valve springHBPetters Ltd
20309Crankshaft (special)VEPetters Ltd
20313Exhaust Silencer VJ 1,3 (special)VJPetters Ltd
20318Section through fuel chamber VF2VFPetters Ltd
20322Diagram showing method of altering fuel injection for light load runningPetters Ltd
20327Exhaust silencer for VJ2-4VNVPetters Ltd
20330Air reversing cam settingVPetters Ltd
20333Chart of pulleys for V series semi-diesel enginesVPetters Ltd
20334VF & VA Water Pump (Hamworthy)VPetters Ltd
20336Chart of union nuts and cone endsVPetters Ltd
20337VA & VF CAV Magneto MachineVAPetters Ltd
20339BaseplateVAPetters Ltd
20341VF Section through fuel chamber and nozzleVFPetters Ltd
20342Arrangement of 1 1/2 inch size external gear rotary pumpVFPetters Ltd
20343Alteration to air & exhaust portsVEPetters Ltd
20344Alteration to air & exhaust portsVJPetters Ltd
20345Alteration to air & exhaust portsVGPetters Ltd
20346Alteration to air & exhaust portsVKPetters Ltd
20347Petter semi-diesel engine, illustration of tar oil fittingsVPetters Ltd
20348Alteration of air and exhaust portsVDPetters Ltd
20349Alteration of air and exhaust portsVCPetters Ltd
20352Alteration of air and exhaust portsVNPetters Ltd
20353VKM VE2M positions of pump for main bearing drainPetters Ltd
20360Arrangement of lubrication of VE2M little end brassesVE2MPetters Ltd
20362Special fuel injection plateVFPetters Ltd
20366Special cam for air rev gearVE4MPetters Ltd
20370Chart of Gland Cocks for fuel supplyVPetters Ltd
20371Instructions for adjusting the patent air control of the Petter Junior oil engineVFPetters Ltd
20372Chart of clearance between piston & cyl headVPetters Ltd
20378Half coupling for A4 Pulsometer pumpVPetters Ltd
20382Special FlywheelVCPetters Ltd
20385Instructions for setting the magneto of the Petter Junior oil engineVFPetters Ltd
20386VC-VN4 Fuel Tank (special)VN4Petters Ltd
20387Half coupling for No4 Newton motorPetters Ltd
20388HF-H3M oil valve springHFPetters Ltd
20390Thrust shaft coupling for marine enginesPetters Ltd
20395Water TankVFPetters Ltd
20396Water TankVFPetters Ltd
20397Large VF Water TankVFPetters Ltd
20399Water Tank (tropical)VAPetters Ltd
20400 Large VA Water Tank VAPetters Ltd
20406C-D Exhaust SpringPetters Ltd
20479VA BaseplateVAPetters Ltd
20425Water Tank (Electric Type)VBPetters Ltd
20429Special Driving PulletVBPetters Ltd
20429ASpecial Driving PulletVBPetters Ltd
20429BSpecial Driving PulletVBPetters Ltd
20120CSpecial Driving PulleyVS12Petters Ltd
20429DSpecial driving pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20430BaseplateVAPetters Ltd
20435Baseplate for Arthur Lyon dynsmoVAPetters Ltd
20444Special Driving PulleyVFPetters Ltd
20450VF Section through fuel chamber and nozzleVFPetters Ltd
20452Baseplate for Crompton 1kw dynamoVAPetters Ltd
20455Special driving pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20455ASpecial driving pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20455BSpecial driving pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20459Baseplate for bracketed 2 /1/2 x 3 1/2 plunger pumpVAPetters Ltd
20463Special Driving PulleyVBPetters Ltd
20463DSpecial Driving PulleyVBPetters Ltd
20464Special VD crankshaftVDPetters Ltd
20477Special VD crankshaftVBPetters Ltd
20477ASpecial governor side pulleyVS12Petters Ltd
20477ASpecial driving pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20478VB Section through fuel chamber and nozzleVBPetters Ltd
20479Packing pieces for dynamoVAPetters Ltd
20491ASpecial driving pulleyVFPetters Ltd
20491Special driving pulleyVFPetters Ltd
20493Special ignition tubeVCPetters Ltd
20495Flame ShieldVKPetters Ltd
20496BaseplateVFPetters Ltd
204983/4 stop valve for air receiversPetters Ltd
20499Special indicator cock and adaptor for air receiversVPetters Ltd
20500Charging cock for air receiversVPetters Ltd
20502Special relief valve for air receiversVPetters Ltd
20512BaseplateVFPetters Ltd
20514BaseplateVFPetters Ltd
20518Special driving pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20516BaseplateVFPetters Ltd
20518DAir compressor driving pulleyT25Petters Ltd
20518Special driving pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20518CAir compressor driving pulleyT25Petters Ltd
20518DSpecial govbernor side pulleyVS8Petters Ltd
20519Special governor side pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20519ASpecial governor side pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20519FSpecial governor side pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20520Special driving pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20520Special Gov Side PulleyVS8Petters Ltd
20520BSpecial PulleyT7Petters Ltd
20520CSpecial Driving PulleyVBPetters Ltd
20521Special Driving PulleyVBPetters Ltd
20527Arrangement of governor adjusting plateVEPetters Ltd
20528Special pulley for compressor driveVE2Petters Ltd
20529Shaft extension details for VE O/19068VE2Petters Ltd
20530Box spanner for ignition tubeVPetters Ltd
20532Air Valve SpringHAPetters Ltd
20536Oil Pipe ConnAFPetters Ltd
20537Special water pump driving pulleyVBPetters Ltd
20542Exhaust SpringPetters Ltd
20543Exhaust SpringPetters Ltd
20557Reverse connecting link and swivelPetters Ltd
20558Arrangement and detail of special extension piece to suit old type VJ crankVJPetters Ltd
20560Special fuel injection plateVFPetters Ltd
20562BaseplateVAPetters Ltd
20583BaseplateVAPetters Ltd
20589Special CrankshaftVEPetters Ltd
20590Special CrankshaftVEPetters Ltd
20591Special CrankshaftVEPetters Ltd
20592Special CrankshaftVEPetters Ltd
20698Conn Rod Brasses Top HalfVFPetters Ltd
20697Conn Rod CapVFPetters Ltd
2-20697Conn Rod CapVFPetters Ltd
2-20696Connecting RodVFPetters Ltd
20696Connecting Rod and CapVFPetters Ltd
20695Piston Ring Stop PinVFPetters Ltd
20694Piston RingsVFPetters Ltd
20693Gudgeon Pin SetscrewVFPetters Ltd
20692Gudgeon PinVFPetters Ltd
20681Connecting Rod and CapVAPetters Ltd
20799Valve Reg PlugVF2MPetters Ltd
20798Valve ChambersVF2MPetters Ltd
20798Valve ChambersVF2MPetters Ltd
20799Valve ChambersVF2MPetters Ltd
20797Water Pump BodyVF2MPetters Ltd
20794Water Pump EccentricVF2MPetters Ltd
20793Water Pump Eccentric StrapVF2MPetters Ltd
20792Governor BallVAPetters Ltd
20754Fuel Pump Reverse Gear BracketVKPetters Ltd
20783BFuel Injection PlateVFPetters Ltd
20783Fuel Injection PlateVFPetters Ltd
Not IndexedFuel ChamberVAPetters Ltd
20781Fuel CollectorVAPetters Ltd
20780Fuel CollectorVAPetters Ltd
20779Fuel Nozzle BodyVAPetters Ltd
20778Fuel NozzleVAPetters Ltd
20772Fuel Pump Reverse Gear Stop RodVKPetters Ltd
20768Half Coupling For Dynamo (For Vickers Metropolitan Co's DynamosVFPetters Ltd
20768Half Coupling For Dynamo VFPetters Ltd
20765DSpecial Coupling For VA VAPetters Ltd
20765CSpecial Coupling For VA with outer bearing VAPetters Ltd
20765ASpecial Dynamo Half Coupling VAPetters Ltd
20765Dynamo Half Coupling VAPetters Ltd
20764Hamworthy Pump Driving Pinion Petters Ltd
20763Hamworthy Pump Driven Pinion Petters Ltd
20762BWP Connecting Rod Bush T12/2Petters Ltd
20762AConn Rod SE Bush VZPetters Ltd
20762Conn Rod SE Bush VAPetters Ltd
20761Conn Rod Brasses (Bottom Half) VAPetters Ltd
20761Conn Rod Brasses (Top Half) VAPetters Ltd
20760Conn Rod Cap VAPetters Ltd
20758Conn Rod VAPetters Ltd
20758Conn Rod VAPetters Ltd
20757Vaporiser for direct injection type VBPetters Ltd
20756Air Baffle LeverVFPetters Ltd
20755Lift for fuel inner tubeVFPetters Ltd
20754Fuel outer tubeVAPetters Ltd
20752AFuel connectionVAPetters Ltd
20752AAir Baffle GudgeonVAPetters Ltd
20750Stop Screw (for part no 50)VAPetters Ltd
20749Stop (for part no 50)VAPetters Ltd
20748Fuel Needle Gland BushVFPetters Ltd
20746Fuel Needle GlandVFPetters Ltd
20745Fuel needle valveVFPetters Ltd
20744Fuel & Lubricator CapVFPetters Ltd
20743Fuel ChamberVFPetters Ltd
20743BFuel ChamberVFPetters Ltd
20743Fuel ChamberVFPetters Ltd
20741VaporiserVBXPetters Ltd
20739Special CrankshaftVEPetters Ltd
20738Rapid starting lamp burner nozzleVPetters Ltd
20727Rapid Starting Lamp Flame TubeVPetters Ltd
20726Water TankVDPetters Ltd
20722Special Con Rod BrassesVNPetters Ltd
20720Special CrankshaftVNPetters Ltd
20718Special Gov Fixing BoltsVGPetters Ltd
20716Vaporiser Gland RingVKPetters Ltd
20715Special Packing Piece for Fuel Pump BracketVGPetters Ltd
20714Special Water Pump Driving PulleyVGPetters Ltd
20713Special Eccentric RodVGPetters Ltd
20711Baseplate for Mawdsley dyanmoVBPetters Ltd
20710Set Screw for Governor SpringsVCPetters Ltd
20709Balance WeightsVKPetters Ltd
20707Fuel Pump Reverse Gear Special PeckerVDMPetters Ltd
20706Fuel Pump Reverse Gear Special Operating SpindleVDMPetters Ltd
20705Fuel Pump Reverse Gear Special PeckerVDMPetters Ltd
2-20701Conn Rod BoltVFPetters Ltd
20700Conn Rod SE BushVFPetters Ltd
20898Special Crankcase CoverVBMPetters Ltd
20898CylinderVFPetters Ltd
20896Bed CoverVFPetters Ltd
20890Inertia Governor StudVKPetters Ltd
20869Rocker ArmVKPetters Ltd
20888Eccentric RodVKPetters Ltd
20887AEccentric Strap (bottom half)VST36Petters Ltd
20887Eccentric Strap (bottom)VCAPetters Ltd
20886Additional Silncer NozzleVAPetters Ltd
20885Inertia Governor SpringVDMPetters Ltd
20883Special CrankshaftVCPetters Ltd
20879Special Governor Fixing BoltVBPetters Ltd
20878Special Governor KeyguardVBPetters Ltd
20877Special Governor Adjusting PlateVBPetters Ltd
20876Special CrankshaftVBPetters Ltd
208733/8 Box Spanner for nuts on VA hopper headVAPetters Ltd
20872Assembly Unit of Fuel Injection PlateVFPetters Ltd
20871Governor RodVFPetters Ltd
20870Air BaffleVFPetters Ltd
20869Baffle Lever PinVFPetters Ltd
20868VKN & VK2M FlywheelVKPetters Ltd
20867Concentric piston ring chartVPetters Ltd
20865Exhaust Silencer Water Flange (Outlet)VF2MPetters Ltd
20864BedVFPetters Ltd
20863Starting handle for Lawn RollerPetters Ltd
20859Conn Rod BrassesVBPetters Ltd
20858Dynamo Pulley for No 1 Petter Light SetVAPetters Ltd
20857exhaust SilencerVF2MPetters Ltd
20856Bottom Water ConnectionVF2MPetters Ltd
20854Top Water ConnectionVF2MPetters Ltd
20852Pecker SlideVKPetters Ltd
20851Fuel Pump Reversing Gear PeckerVKPetters Ltd
20850Rev Gear Operating SpindleVKPetters Ltd
20849Rocker Arm PinVKPetters Ltd
20848Sliding LeverVKPetters Ltd
20847Sliding Lever PinVKPetters Ltd
20846Fuel Pump reverse Gear Stop and Release Rod EndsVKPetters Ltd
20843Trip Gear Coupling Rod LinkVKPetters Ltd
20839Trip Valve BodyVKPetters Ltd
20837Special Crankshaft for WinchVBPetters Ltd
20835Trip Valve BodyVKPetters Ltd
20834Key for Governor Adjusting PlateVAPetters Ltd
20833Exhaust Silencer Water Flange (Inlet)VF2MPetters Ltd
20827Top Water FlangeVF2MPetters Ltd
20827ATop Water FlangeVF2MPetters Ltd
20827Top Water FlangeVF2MPetters Ltd
20812Fuel Pump BracketVKPetters Ltd
20810Governor Guard for VA engine for lawn rollerVKPetters Ltd
20805Arrangement of water circulating pumpVKPetters Ltd
20804Water Circ Pump FlangeVF2MPetters Ltd
20803Water Pump Crosshead PinVF2MPetters Ltd
20802Water Pump PlungerVF2MPetters Ltd
20801Water Pump GlandVF2MPetters Ltd
20800Water Pump Connecting LinksVF2MPetters Ltd
20998Special Half Coupling - Crompton DynamoVFPetters Ltd
20998Special Half Coupling - Crompton DynamoVFPetters Ltd
20997Fuel Pump Handle PinVKPetters Ltd
20995Overflow & Drain PipeVFPetters Ltd
20994Special Exhaust ConnectorVFPetters Ltd
20993Bottom Water HoseVFPetters Ltd
20991Hose ClipsVFPetters Ltd
20990Top Water HoseVFPetters Ltd
20987Top Water BendVFPetters Ltd
20986Water Plug CockVFPetters Ltd
20984Water TankVFPetters Ltd
2-20981Delivery Pipe From PumpVFPetters Ltd
20981Delivery Pipe From PumpVFPetters Ltd
2-20980Suction Pipe to PumpVFPetters Ltd
20980Suction Pipe to PumpVFPetters Ltd
20978Starting CollarVFPetters Ltd
20977Fuel Tank PlugVFPetters Ltd
20975Trip Valve SpindleVKPetters Ltd
20974Trip Valve Spindle NutVKPetters Ltd
20972Bearing Cover (right hand)VFPetters Ltd
20970Crankshaft Victory ModelVFPetters Ltd
20970ABCrankshaft Victory ModelVFPetters Ltd
20969ASpecial Cylinder HeadVFPetters Ltd
20969Cylinder HeadVFPetters Ltd
20969Cylinder HeadVFPetters Ltd
20968FlywheelVFPetters Ltd
20966DStandard PulleyVFPetters Ltd
20966CStandard PulleyT5Petters Ltd
20966BSpecial Driving Pulley (Governor Side)VS5Petters Ltd
20966Standard PulleyVFPetters Ltd
20965Bottom Water PipePVFPetters Ltd
20964ASuction Pipe FerruleVAPetters Ltd
20964Suction Pipe FerruleVAPetters Ltd
20963Foot Valve SeatingVAPetters Ltd
20962Foot Valve ConnVAPetters Ltd
20962Foot Valve ConnVAPetters Ltd
20961Drain Plug for SilencerVAPetters Ltd
20959Speeding SpringVAPetters Ltd
20958Speed Regulator BracketVFPetters Ltd
20957Speed Regulating NutVFPetters Ltd
20956Button for Regulator RodVFPetters Ltd
20955Speed Regulator RodVFPetters Ltd
20954Assembly Unit of Fuel PumpVFPetters Ltd
20953Fuel Pump DiaphragmVFPetters Ltd
20952Fuel Pump Tee PieceVFPetters Ltd
20951Diaphragm Pump CoverVFPetters Ltd
20947Exhaust OutletVFPetters Ltd
20946Exhaust Silencer TubeVFPetters Ltd
20945Exhaust SilencerVFPetters Ltd
20944Assembly Unit of Magneto Gear GuardVFPetters Ltd
20943Magneto Crank Gear GuardVFPetters Ltd
20942Magneto Gear GuardVFPetters Ltd
20941Assembly Unit of Governor Ball CarrierVFPetters Ltd
20940Governor SpringsVFPetters Ltd
20938Governor Ball PinVFPetters Ltd
20937Governor BallsVFPetters Ltd
20936Governor Ball CarrierVFPetters Ltd
20933Assembly Unit of Governor BracketVFPetters Ltd
20932Governor Block PinVFPetters Ltd
20931Governor BlockVFPetters Ltd
20930Governor Rod PinVFPetters Ltd
20929Governor LeverVFPetters Ltd
20928Governor Lever GudgeonVFPetters Ltd
20927Governor BracketVFPetters Ltd
20926Assembly Unit of LubricatorVFPetters Ltd
20924Sight Feed ConnectionVFPetters Ltd
20923Sight Feed Valve SpringVFPetters Ltd
20922Sight Feed ValveVFPetters Ltd
20922Sight Feed ValveVFPetters Ltd
20920LubricatorVFPetters Ltd
20919Assembly Unit of VF CylinderVFPetters Ltd
20918AC Titan Sparking PlugVFPetters Ltd
20917High Tension CableVFPetters Ltd
20915Magneto Machine - Thompson-Bennett Type AC1VFPetters Ltd
20914Magneto Gear WheelVFPetters Ltd
20913Magneto Bracket for Thompson-Bennett MagnetoVFPetters Ltd
20913Starting HandleVFPetters Ltd
20907Air plate BaffleVFPetters Ltd
20906Air Plate StrainerVFPetters Ltd
20905Frame for Air PlateVFPetters Ltd
20904Air PlateVFPetters Ltd
20902Inspection PlugVFPetters Ltd
20903Air PlateVFPetters Ltd
20901ACylinder Head PlugVS5Petters Ltd
20901Cylinder PlugsVFPetters Ltd
20900Bottom Water PipeVFPetters Ltd
21097Clutch Control Lever Trunnion ForkVD2MPetters Ltd
21093Special Water Pump Driven PulleyVBPetters Ltd
21092Special Step PulleyVFPetters Ltd
21091Horizontal Lever SpringVKPetters Ltd
21090Main Bearing (Bottom Half)VDMPetters Ltd
21089Reverse Gear Operating Fork PinVKPetters Ltd
21088Reverse Gear Swivel PinVKPetters Ltd
21087Reverse Gear Swivel EyeVKPetters Ltd
21086Reverse Gear Operating Fork Lever PinVKPetters Ltd
21085Reverse Gear Operating Fork Lever VKPetters Ltd
21083Lubricator PipeVFPetters Ltd
21082Reverse Gear Control Handle PinVKPetters Ltd
21081Reverse Gear Sliding BlockVKPetters Ltd
21080Reverse Gear Control Rod PinVKPetters Ltd
21079Reverse Gear CamVKPetters Ltd
21078Reverse Gear CamVKPetters Ltd
21077Reverse Gear Control HandleVKPetters Ltd
21076Special Taper Pin for Rocker Arm PinVKPetters Ltd
21075Connecting Link Bottom EndVKPetters Ltd
21074Connecting Link Top + Bottom Reverse GearVKPetters Ltd
21073Fuel Pump Reversing Gear Bottom BracketVKPetters Ltd
21072Fuel Pump Bracket Ex No 482VBPetters Ltd
21071Fuel Pump Lever for direct injection typeVBPetters Ltd
21070operating ForkVKPetters Ltd
21069Connecting Link Pin (Top)VKPetters Ltd
21068Fuel Pump Roller PinVKPetters Ltd
21067Inertia Governor Stud BushVKPetters Ltd
21066Pins for Release and Stop RodVKPetters Ltd
21065Pecker BushVKPetters Ltd
21064Sliding Lever Roller PinVKPetters Ltd
21063Release Rod Guide BushVKPetters Ltd
21062Release Gear Sliding Lever RollerVKPetters Ltd
21061Baseplate (for 4.5 x 5.5 air compressor)VBPetters Ltd
21060Fuel Pump RollerVBPetters Ltd
21059Inertia Governor Stud NutVKPetters Ltd
21058Horizontal Lever PinVKPetters Ltd
21057Top and Bottom Gear Conn Link (short)VKPetters Ltd
21056Connecting Rod Big End Bearing (Bottom Half)VDMPetters Ltd
21055Connecting Rod Big End Bearing (Top Half)VDMPetters Ltd
21054Connecting Rod Big End HousingVDMPetters Ltd
21040Connecting RodVDMPetters Ltd
21039Connecting RodVDMPetters Ltd
21038CrankshaftVD2MPetters Ltd
21037Lubricator BracketVKPetters Ltd
21031Aft Main Bearing CapVKPetters Ltd
21030Centre Bearing CapVD2MPetters Ltd
21029Forward Main Bearing CapVD2MPetters Ltd
21028CrankcaseVD2MPetters Ltd
21023Special Cylinder Head (for petrol and benzole)VAPetters Ltd
21022Special Cylinder Head (for alcohol)VFPetters Ltd
21021Air Baffle Lever RivetVFPetters Ltd
21020Air Baffle RivetVFPetters Ltd
21017Fuel Pump Roller Pin (for 1/2 compression cam) - direct injection typeVBPetters Ltd
21014BaseplateVFPetters Ltd
21013Cam Adjusting Plate for direct injection typeVBPetters Ltd
21012Fuel Pump Cam for driect injection typeVBPetters Ltd
21010Special Crankwasher (outer half)VJPetters Ltd
21009Special Crankwasher (inner half)VJPetters Ltd
21007Fuel Pump Suction ChamberVKPetters Ltd
21006Fuel Pump Roller SpringVKPetters Ltd
21005Inertia Governor StudVKPetters Ltd
21004operating Spindle SpringVKPetters Ltd
21103Reverse Gear Operating Fork Lever SpringVKPetters Ltd
21003Trip Valve SpringVKPetters Ltd
21002Eccentric Strap (top)VCAPetters Ltd
21197Special Dynamo Half Coupling (for Newtons No 5 size dynamo)VFPetters Ltd
21194Pump Sprocket for VD engine and chain driven Gwynnes PumpVDPetters Ltd
21193Water Pump Radius RodVDMPetters Ltd
21190Water Pump PlungerVDMPetters Ltd
21192Water Pump Eccentric StrapVDMPetters Ltd
21191Water Pump Connecting RodVDMPetters Ltd
21189Water Pump Valve SeatVDMPetters Ltd
21188Water Pump GlandVDMPetters Ltd
21187Water Pump Air VesselVDMPetters Ltd
21186Water Pump BarrelVDMPetters Ltd
21185Water Pump BodyVDMPetters Ltd
21183Clutch Lever Ball Rave HousingVD2MPetters Ltd
21181Clutch Lever Stop BracketVDMPetters Ltd
21180Clutch Control Lever TrunnionVD2MPetters Ltd
21179Clutch Lever PinVD2MPetters Ltd
21178Clutch Control LeverVDMPetters Ltd
21177Spring Housing NutVD2MPetters Ltd
21176Spring Spring HousingVD2MPetters Ltd
21175Spring Spring VD2MPetters Ltd
21174Special Adjusting Plate and Chain Wheel for VD engine and chain driven pumpVDPetters Ltd
21173Special Bracket for VD and chain driven Gwynnes pumpVDPetters Ltd
21166FlywheelVCPetters Ltd
21165Special PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21164BSpecial PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21164ASpecial PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21163ASpecial PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21163Special PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21162ASpecial PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21162Special PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21161ASpecial PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21161Special PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21160BSpecial PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21160Special PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21159ASpecial PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21159Special PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21158Special PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21157Special PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21156Special PulleyVAPetters Ltd
21144Balance WeightVDMPetters Ltd
21138Thrust ShaftVDMPetters Ltd
21137Adjusting PlateVDMPetters Ltd
21136Thrust Bearing (top half)VD2MPetters Ltd
21135Thrust Bearing (bottom half)VD2MPetters Ltd
21134Water Cooled SilencerVD2MPetters Ltd
21133FlywheelVD2MPetters Ltd
21129Exhaust Silencer Water Flange JointVD2MPetters Ltd
21128Special Water Pump Driven Pulley - for 3/4 squeegee water pumpFFPetters Ltd
21127Special Water Pump Driving Pulley - for 3/4 squeegee water pumpFFPetters Ltd
21119Special Half Coupling for Crompton D5 1/2 size dynamoVAPetters Ltd
21118Special Half Coupling for Hall & Co No E5.1 dynamoVAPetters Ltd
21117Special Half Coupling for GEC Co Type D dynamoVAPetters Ltd
21115Baseplate - for Crompton dynamo size 5 1/2VAPetters Ltd
21105Reverse Gear Control Rod SpringVKPetters Ltd
21104Connecting Link Pin (Bottom)VKPetters Ltd
21102Lower Reverse Operating Gear AssemblyVKPetters Ltd
21101Upper Reverse Gear AssemblyVKPetters Ltd
21299Special Starting HandleVFPetters Ltd
21295Special Exhaust Silencer SupportVFPetters Ltd
21294Fork EndVDMPetters Ltd
21292Exhaust Bend and SocketVFPetters Ltd
21291Exhaust PipeVFPetters Ltd
21290Bottom Water HoseVFPetters Ltd
21289Top Water PipeVFPetters Ltd
21287Water Pump BarrelVKPetters Ltd
21286Water Pump GlandVKPetters Ltd
21285Crank WasherVD2MPetters Ltd
21284Circulating Water ElbowVD2MPetters Ltd
21281Speeding QuadrantVD2MPetters Ltd
21280Speeding Handle Locking RodVD2MPetters Ltd
21278Engine Speeding LeverVD2MPetters Ltd
21277Engine Speeding HandleVD2MPetters Ltd
21276Reverse Control HandleVD2MPetters Ltd
21275Rocker Arm PinVD2MPetters Ltd
21274Rocker ArmVD2MPetters Ltd
21273Fuel Pump BracketVD2MPetters Ltd
21272Water Pump PlungerVKPetters Ltd
21270Indicator Gear Fulcrum PinVCPetters Ltd
21268Guide Pulley RodVCPetters Ltd
21265Special Half Coupling for Halls Dynamo Size E5.2 1/2VFPetters Ltd
21264Baseplate for Halls Dynamo Size E5.2 1/2VFPetters Ltd
21260Delivery Flamge for water pumpVCPetters Ltd
21256Eccentric for water pumpVDPetters Ltd
21253Indicator Gear Eccentric StrapVCPetters Ltd
21248Eccentric RodVDMPetters Ltd
21247Bush for eccentric StrapVCPetters Ltd
21246Water Outlet Flange on 2 1/2 Gwynnes PumpVDPetters Ltd
21245Special CrankshaftVJPetters Ltd
21244Clutch Control Lever Locking PieceVDMPetters Ltd
21243Eccentric Strap for water pumpVCPetters Ltd
21242Eccentric for water pumpVCPetters Ltd
21241Plunger for water pumpVCPetters Ltd
21240Gland for water pumpVCPetters Ltd
21239Pump Barrel for water pumpVCPetters Ltd
21238Water Pump BracketVCPetters Ltd
21237Water Pump Air ChamberVCPetters Ltd
21236Cover for Valve Box of water pumpVCPetters Ltd
21235Water Pump Valve BoxVCPetters Ltd
21234Water Pump ValveVDMPetters Ltd
21231Clutch Fork PinVD2MPetters Ltd
21230Clutch ForkVD2MPetters Ltd
21229Clutch Ring LeverVD2MPetters Ltd
21228Clutch Plate RingVD2MPetters Ltd
21227Clutch Negative PlateVD2MPetters Ltd
21226Clutch Positive PlateVD2MPetters Ltd
21225Clutch CoverVD2MPetters Ltd
21224Clutch Central MemberVD2MPetters Ltd
21223Clutch BodyVD2MPetters Ltd
21221CylinderVD2MPetters Ltd
21220Air Valve CoverVD2MPetters Ltd
21219Air Valve SeatVD2MPetters Ltd
21217Connecting Rod SpigotVD2MPetters Ltd
21216Radius Rod Anchor BoltVD2MPetters Ltd
21215Water Pump Eccentric PinVD2MPetters Ltd
21214Water Pump Plunger PinVD2MPetters Ltd
21213BWater Pipe FlangeVS12MPetters Ltd
21213BCirculating Water FlangeVS10MPetters Ltd
21213AWater Pipe FlangeVS12MPetters Ltd
21213Water Pipe FlangeVS12MPetters Ltd
21212Water Pump Body CoverVDMPetters Ltd
21201Special Half Coupling for Bracketts 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 Plunger PumpVAPetters Ltd
21200Clutch Control Lever Locking RodVD2MPetters Ltd
21399Starting CollarVBPetters Ltd
21398Magneto Crank Gear GuardVBPetters Ltd
21397Exhaust OutletVBPetters Ltd
21394Exhaust SilencerVBPetters Ltd
21393Spring HookVBPetters Ltd
21392Spring Hook (long)VBPetters Ltd
21391Cam Striker SpringVBPetters Ltd
21389Magneto Gear GuardVBPetters Ltd
21388Magneto Machine - Thomson BennettVBPetters Ltd
21387Magneto Gear WheelVBPetters Ltd
21386Magneto BracketVBPetters Ltd
21381Shoulder for Governor SpringVBPetters Ltd
21380Screw for Shoulder to 280/1VBPetters Ltd
Not IndexedShaft and coupling - unknownVBPetters Ltd
21378Governor SpringVCPetters Ltd
21377Governor Spring PinVCPetters Ltd
21376Governor Casing Fixing PinVCPetters Ltd
21375Eccentric StrapVCPetters Ltd
21374Governor CasingVCAPetters Ltd
21372Governor Link PinVCPetters Ltd
21371Governor Link Pin (eccentric end)VCPetters Ltd
21370Governor Link (short)VCPetters Ltd
21369Governor Link (long)VCPetters Ltd
21369Governor Link (long)VCPetters Ltd
21368Governor Weight PinVCPetters Ltd
21367Governor WeightVCPetters Ltd
21361Starting CupVBPetters Ltd
21360Fuel Needle Valve CapVBPetters Ltd
21359Fuel Needle ValveVBPetters Ltd
21358Air T ConnectionVPetters Ltd
21357Governor SpringVBPetters Ltd
21356Oil T ConnectionVPetters Ltd
21355Governor Ball PinsVBPetters Ltd
21354Governor BallVBPetters Ltd
21353Governor Ball CarrierVBPetters Ltd
21352Governor Thrust BlockVBPetters Ltd
21350Governor BlockVBPetters Ltd
21348Governor RodVBPetters Ltd
21347Governor LeverVBPetters Ltd
21346Governor Lever GudgeonVBPetters Ltd
21345Governor BracketVBPetters Ltd
21343Fuel PlugVBPetters Ltd
21342GDriving PulleyVBPetters Ltd
21342DAir Compressor Driving PulleyVBPetters Ltd
21342CAir Compressor Driving PulleyVBPetters Ltd
21342BSpecial PulleyVBPetters Ltd
21342ASpecial PulleyVBPetters Ltd
21342Driving PulleyVBPetters Ltd
21341Socket for Greaser PipeVBPetters Ltd
21340Greaser Pipe for Bearing CoversVBPetters Ltd
21339Greaser for Main BearingsVBPetters Ltd
21338Bearing Cover (left hand)VBPetters Ltd
21337Bearing Cover (right hand)VBPetters Ltd
21337Bearing Cover (right hand)VBPetters Ltd
2-21336Conn Rod BoltVBPetters Ltd
21336Conn Rod BoltVBPetters Ltd
21335GLayshaft Bearing Cover BushNTMPetters Ltd
21335GLayshaft Bearing Cover BushNTMPetters Ltd
21335FBilge Pump Eccentric BushNTMPetters Ltd
21335DSpecial Pump Driving Gear BushVFPetters Ltd
21335CSpecial Starting Sprocket BushVFPetters Ltd
21335BSpecial Starting Sprocket BushVS8Petters Ltd
21335AConn Rod SE BushVBPetters Ltd
21334Conn Rod LE Brasses (bottom half)VBPetters Ltd
21333Conn Rod LE Brasses (top half)VBPetters Ltd
21332Conn Rod CapVBPetters Ltd
21332Conn Rod CapVBPetters Ltd
21331Conn Rod VBPetters Ltd
21330Piston RingVBPetters Ltd
21329AAir PlateVS10MPetters Ltd
21329Air Plate (disc)VBPetters Ltd
21327PistonVBPetters Ltd
21328Gudgeon PinVBPetters Ltd
21321CrankwasherVKPetters Ltd
21314Suction Flange for water pumpVKPetters Ltd
21311Clutch BoltsVKPetters Ltd
21309Eccentric for Water PumpVKPetters Ltd
21309Arrangement of Water Circulating Pump for auxiliary setsVCPetters Ltd
21306Fork End PinVS12Petters Ltd
21302AAir BaffleVS12Petters Ltd
21302Air Baffle for left handed eingeVFPetters Ltd
21300Special Starting Handle for left hand engineVFPetters Ltd
21497Special Exhaust ConnectorVBPetters Ltd
21496Magneto Cam Striker HandleVBPetters Ltd
21495Stop Pin for Magneto Cam Striker VBPetters Ltd
21494Cam Striker BracketVBPetters Ltd
21493Cam Striker AdjusterVBPetters Ltd
21492Cam Striker VBPetters Ltd
21491Accelerating SpringVBPetters Ltd
21490Magneto Gear CamVBPetters Ltd
21488BaseplateVAPetters Ltd
21487Fuel Pump CoverVBPetters Ltd
21486Fuel Pump DiaphragmVBPetters Ltd
21485Speed Regulator RodVBPetters Ltd
21484Speed Regulator BracketVBPetters Ltd
21483Fuel ChamberVBPetters Ltd
21480Pump Suction ConnectionVST24Petters Ltd
21477Pump Suction ConnectionVS12Petters Ltd
21476Lubricator Link PinVDMPetters Ltd
21475Hoffmann Single Thrust Washer Type W 3 1/2VDMPetters Ltd
21474Self Aligning Skepco Ball Bearing type RM10VDMPetters Ltd
21473Air and Oil RegulatorVPetters Ltd
21472Safety Valve Spring - rapid starter oil containerVPetters Ltd
21471Safety Valve Adjusting ScrewVMPetters Ltd
21470Safety Valve BodyVMPetters Ltd
21469Top and Bottom Gear Connecting LinkVDMPetters Ltd
21468Reverse Gear Control Connecting LinkVD2MPetters Ltd
21467Reverse Gear Packing PieceVD2MPetters Ltd
21466EccentricVD2MPetters Ltd
21465Reverse Gear Control RodVD2MPetters Ltd
21463Reverse Gear Bottom BracketVD2MPetters Ltd
21461Eccebtric Rod BushVCPetters Ltd
21460Eccebtric Rod BushVDMPetters Ltd
21459Sliding LeverVDMPetters Ltd
21458Reversing Gear PeckerVDMPetters Ltd
21457Bearing Lubricator ConnectionVDMPetters Ltd
21456Pump Safety Valve Diverging NippleVDMPetters Ltd
21455Spring HookVCPetters Ltd
21454Fuel Pump Safety Valve DiaphragmVBPetters Ltd
21453Fuel Pump Safety Valve BodyVCPetters Ltd
21452Fuel Pump Safety Valve BodyVBPetters Ltd
21451Fuel Pump Delivery SpringVBPetters Ltd
21450Fuel Pump Delivery BushVBPetters Ltd
21449Fuel Pump Delivery ChamberVBPetters Ltd
21448Fuel Pump Suction SpringVBPetters Ltd
21447Fuel Pump Suction BushVBPetters Ltd
21446Balance Weight StudVCPetters Ltd
21445Sprayer Nipple NeedleVCPetters Ltd
21444Sprayer NippleVCPetters Ltd
21443Pump Safety Valve PlugVCPetters Ltd
21442Lamp BracketVDPetters Ltd
21441Gland Ring StudVDPetters Ltd
21440Assembly Detail of Fuel PumpVCPetters Ltd
21439Sprayer Screw HolderVDPetters Ltd
21438Sprayer SpringVBPetters Ltd
21437Sprayer ScrewVCPetters Ltd
21436Sprayer BodyVCPetters Ltd
21435Charging Valve NutVCPetters Ltd
21434Charging Valve Gland BushVCPetters Ltd
21433Charging Valve Locking HandleVCPetters Ltd
21432Charging Valve HandwheelVCPetters Ltd
21431Charging Valve ScrewVCPetters Ltd
21430Charging Valve Handle PinVCPetters Ltd
21429Charging Valve HandleT25Petters Ltd
21429Charging Valve HandleVCPetters Ltd
21428Charging Valve Spring BushVCPetters Ltd
21427Charging Valve Spring VCPetters Ltd
21426Charging Valve GlandVCPetters Ltd
21425Charging Valve BodyVCPetters Ltd
21424Charging Valve VCPetters Ltd
21423Air T Connection NippleVPetters Ltd
21421Reverse Control Lever PinVDMPetters Ltd
21414Half Coupling for Pump 1 1/2 Avamore PumpVFPetters Ltd
21412Half Coupling for Pump Frank Pearn 5 x 6 and 2 inch Avamore pumpVAPetters Ltd
21411Pipe for LubricatorVBPetters Ltd
21410Lubricator CapVBPetters Ltd
21409LubricatorVBPetters Ltd
21408Overflow and Drain PipeVBPetters Ltd
21407Delivery Pipe from PumpVBPetters Ltd
21406Suction Pipe to PumpVBPetters Ltd
21405Magneto Crank GearVBPetters Ltd
21405Balance WeightVS8Petters Ltd
21404Balance WeightVBPetters Ltd
21403CrankshaftVBPetters Ltd
21402Balance Weight StudVBPetters Ltd
21401GFlywheel (fuel pump side)T7Petters Ltd
21401EFlywheel (pulley side)T7Petters Ltd
21401DFlywheel (pulley side)HS8Petters Ltd
21401CFlywheel (governorside)HS8Petters Ltd
21401BFlywheel (governor side)VS8Petters Ltd
21401Flywheel (pulley side)VS8Petters Ltd
21400Starting HandleVS12Petters Ltd
21599Fuel Pump Handle SpringVDMPetters Ltd
21598Fuel Pump Handle PinVDMPetters Ltd
21597Fuel Pump Handle PinVCPetters Ltd
21596Speeding Adjusting SleeveVDPetters Ltd
21595Adjusting Link PinVDPetters Ltd
21594Speeding Adjusting LinkVKPetters Ltd
21593Speeding CamVDPetters Ltd
21592Fuel Pump RollerVCPetters Ltd
21591Air Valve StudVDMPetters Ltd
21589Blank FlangeVDMPetters Ltd
21588Special Bearing Cap Cover StudVKPetters Ltd
21586Special Bearing Cap Cover VKPetters Ltd
21585Exhaust Outlet FlangeVDMPetters Ltd
21584Fuel Pump Roller Pin - BottomVD2MPetters Ltd
21582DManifold Cleaning CoverTVPetters Ltd
21582CDrain Tube Cover for water cooled silencerT25Petters Ltd
21582Air Port CoverVDPetters Ltd
21581Cylinder HeadVDPetters Ltd
21580Lubricator Drive Link EndVDMPetters Ltd
21579Lubricator Drive LinkVDMPetters Ltd
21578Inspection Cover (crankcase)VCPetters Ltd
21577Water TubeVDPetters Ltd
21575Ignition TubeVCPetters Ltd
21574Gland RingVDPetters Ltd
21573VaporiserVDPetters Ltd
21572Blank Flange for Air Valve BodyVD2MPetters Ltd
21571Blank Flange for Air Valve BodyVD2MPetters Ltd
21570Piston Pin Set ScrewVCPetters Ltd
21569Con Rod Small End Bush, top and bottomVDPetters Ltd
21564Piston Pin CapVDPetters Ltd
21563Piston PinVDPetters Ltd
21563Piston VDPetters Ltd
21559Assembly of SprayerVDPetters Ltd
21558Bottom Reversing Gear AssemblyVDMPetters Ltd
21557Top Reversing Gear AssemblyVD2MPetters Ltd
21555Assembly of Oil ContainerVD2MPetters Ltd
21554Assembly of Charging ValveVD2MPetters Ltd
21551Assembly of Fuel Pump BracketVD2MPetters Ltd
21550Governor AssemblyVD2MPetters Ltd
21546Assembly of CylinderVD2MPetters Ltd
21545Assembly of Water PumpVD2MPetters Ltd
21544Assembly of Piston and Con RodVD2MPetters Ltd
21543Lubricator BracketVD2MPetters Ltd
21542Con Rod BoltVD2MPetters Ltd
21541Oil ContainerVD2MPetters Ltd
21540Speeding Handle Spring Locking PieceVD2MPetters Ltd
21539Speeding Handle Spring VD2MPetters Ltd
21537Dynamo Pulley for No 2 Petter Light SetVFPetters Ltd
21536Rocker Arm Pin SetscrewVKPetters Ltd
21526Drip for Sight FeedVFPetters Ltd
21525Washer for Dust CapVFPetters Ltd
21524Sight Feed ConnectionVFPetters Ltd
21523Dust Cap for SightVFPetters Ltd
21522Sight Feed for LubricatorVFPetters Ltd
21521LubricatorVFPetters Ltd
21520Assembly Unit of LubricatorVBPetters Ltd
21519Aux Rocker ArmVKPetters Ltd
21519Aux Rocker Arm for use on engines fitted with direct injection reverse gearVKPetters Ltd