Reel 13D
Object ID4761
Works No13D
Accession NoIF:2013:031
Category 16mm Microfilm
Collection IDPetter Collection
Made ByPetters Ltd
Made InYeovil, England
DescriptionPetter drawings, 36769B,37926 drawings
LocationArchive C3-1
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Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

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Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

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Petter Storemans Manual, B2, B3, B4 Series II

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Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

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Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

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National AH1 Service Manual

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Reel 65A

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Reel B3-F1A

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Reel 1-6BE

Reel 1D

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Reel 67D

Reel 68D

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Reel 70D

Reel 71D

Reel 72D

Reel 73D

Reel 74D

Reel 75D

Reel 76D

Reel 2A-ATL

Reel 1_46Y545

Reel B5-1B

Reel 2_2A

Reel B5-2

Reel 2-6BE

Reel B3-4

Reel 1RC-ATL

Reel B3-6A

Reel B3-7

Reel B3-8

Reel B3-9

Reel B3-10

Reel 11-3

Reel 23F

Reel B3-24

Reel B3-28

Reel 1RC

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Reel 2A

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Reel 4RC

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Reel 1A

Reel 12A

Reel 13RC

Reel 13A

Reel 14A

Reel 15A

Reel 16A

Reel 17A

Reel 18A

Reel 19A

Reel 20A

Reel 21A

Reel 22A

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Reel 24A

Reel 25A

Reel 26A

Reel 27A

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Reel 31A

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Reel 91A

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Reel 95A

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Reel 114A

Reel 157RC

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Reel 182RC

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Reel 190RC

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Reel 26K

Reel 27K

Reel 27K-CONT

Reel 29K

Reel 28K

Reel 120RC

Reel 5AK

Reel 79D

Reel 1cards

Reel 3cards

Reel 4cards

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Reel 12RC

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Reel 160RC


Reel R2_250379

Reel R3_257262

Reel R3_AC205

Reel R4_190211

Reel R4_203170

Reel R5_190808

Reel R5_190808_staines

Reel R5_201906

Reel R6_2-194006

Reel R6_250997

Reel R6_270012

Reel Spec22e-40ex

Reel 11A

Reel 30A

Reel 53A

Tugs Volunteer and John King

Petter AA1 driving pump

Petter Single Cylinder Air-Cooled

Crane Powered By Petter Single Water Cooled Diesel

Petter Powered 3 Wheel Truck

Petter AVA2 Powered Dumper

Petter AVA2 Diesels

Petter AB1 Powered Plant

Petter AA1

Petter Diesel

Pyronaut Engine Room

Tug John King Engine Room

Pyronaut at Bristol

Petter A1 Generating Set

Petter Superscavenge

Petter VJ1

Petter air-cooled engine

Marine Diesels Type MCV

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

Four Stroke Diesel Engines (Bates Design)

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

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Film Listing

36769 BPot cover for calibrater 10 feed lubricatorPetters Ltd
36772Special extension shaftVZPetters Ltd
36773To convert air operated lubricator to calibratorSPetters Ltd
36776Magneto bracketVZPetters Ltd
36777Magneto bracketVAPetters Ltd
36778Magneto bracketVFPetters Ltd
36778Magneto spring lever supportVZPetters Ltd
36730Magneto spring lever supportVFPetters Ltd
36781Magneto lever return springVZPetters Ltd
36782Magneto lever pinVZPetters Ltd
36783Wico magneto type E.K.VZPetters Ltd
36786Plug for F. P. bracketTPetters Ltd
36787Bevel pinion for vertical control shaftVKPetters Ltd
36787.ABevel pinion for horizontal control shaftVKPetters Ltd
36787.BBevel pinion for Caledonia gearVKPetters Ltd
36787.ABevel pinion for horizontal control shaftVKPetters Ltd
36787.BBevel pinion for Caledonia gearVKPetters Ltd
36793Governor thrust lever pin cap nutPetters Ltd
36796Special pulley couplingVFPetters Ltd
36797Extension shaftVFPetters Ltd
36807Operating valve pin for C.A. starterTPetters Ltd
36808Operating handle pin for C. A. starterTPetters Ltd
36809.AOperating valve for C.A. starterTPetters Ltd
36812Spigot ringVS5
36814Special flywheelNT2
36816Sprayer nipplePetters Ltd
36817Crankcase inspection coverT25Petters Ltd
36819Carriage plate for 16 feed calibrater lubricatorVN4Petters Ltd
36280Governor pinionTPetters Ltd
36820.AGovernor pinionT25Petters Ltd
36821Fuel pump suction nippleTPetters Ltd
36823Fuel pump priming shaftTPetters Ltd
36827Blank flange for calibrater lub. bodyPetters Ltd
36828Special coupling pulley 12 x 4VS8Petters Ltd
36832Special step pulleyVS8Petters Ltd
36835Special pulley key setscrewPetters Ltd
36836List of revised parts for calibrater lubricatorPetters Ltd
36840Release valve guide nippleTPetters Ltd
36841Lubricator bracket L.H.VST36M
36844L.H. Lubricator bracketT25Petters Ltd
36846Long eccentric bush for spill valve lever pinAT4Petters Ltd
36848Special fan pulleyVZPetters Ltd
36854Dynamo pulley
36855Universal jointPetters Ltd
36857Delivery air chamber for water pumpVS18MPetters Ltd
36859Fuel pump plungerAT4Petters Ltd
36861Push piece for fuel pump plungerT25Petters Ltd
36865Push PieceAT4Petters Ltd
36867F.P. release valve spring collarTPetters Ltd
36873Thrust washer (rotating sprayer)Petters Ltd
36875Fuel pump spill valve operating leverAT4Petters Ltd
36876Layshaft gearNTMPetters Ltd
36877crankshaft gearNTMPetters Ltd
36878.AMain bearing connectorNT2
36878Main bearing "T" connectorNT2
36879Main bearing lubricator cup and connectorNT2Petters Ltd
26880Bush for main bearing (top half)VGPetters Ltd
36881Plug for air stop valve
36882Main bearing oil retaining cover (bottom half)T25Petters Ltd
36882Main bearing oil retaining cover (top half)T25Petters Ltd
36885Fuel pump roller lever pinAT4Petters Ltd
36886Fuel pump priming lever pinT25Petters Ltd
36887Governor carrierTPetters Ltd
36888Fuel pump casing end coverT25Petters Ltd
36889End cover bushT25Petters Ltd
36897Special vaporiser shieldNTMPetters Ltd
36900Back cover plate (for fuel pump bracket)AT4Petters Ltd
36902Main bearing connecting pipeNT2Petters Ltd
36908Cylinder lubricator connectionVS18Petters Ltd
36909Front cover plate (for fuel pump bracket)AT4Petters Ltd
36916Speeding leverT25Petters Ltd
36917Stop for fuel pump priming shaftATPetters Ltd
36918Cylinder lubricator connectionVS12Petters Ltd
36918.ACylinder lubricator connectionVS12MPetters Ltd
36919Cylinder lubricator connectionVS8Petters Ltd
36923Spill valve lever pinBrush Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd
36923.ASpill valve lever pinAT4Petters Ltd
36925Sprayer needle holder bushTPetters Ltd
36926Bilge pump eccentric strapNTMPetters Ltd
36927Eccentric sheaveNTMPetters Ltd
36928Cylinder lubricator connectionVS5Petters Ltd
36931.AGear casing cover bushNTMPetters Ltd
36931Gear casing bushNTPetters Ltd
36935Circulating pump connecting rodNLPetters Ltd
36936lubricator drive eccentric sheaveVS5Petters Ltd
36937Lubricator drive eccentricVS8Petters Ltd
36937.ALubricator drive eccentric sheaveVS8Petters Ltd
36939StudPetters Ltd
36940Joint for back cover (fuel pump)AT4Petters Ltd
36941Bilge pump connecting rodNTMPetters Ltd
36942delivery plunger for calibrater lubricatorPetters Ltd
36943Suction plunger for calibrater lubricatorPetters Ltd
36944delivery valve for calibrater lubricatorPetters Ltd
36945Suction valve for calibrater lubricatorPetters Ltd
36946Delivery elbowNTM3 Petters Ltd
36947Compressor crankNTMPetters Ltd
36949Water tank (large capacity)VAPetters Ltd
36952Water tankVS8Petters Ltd
36953Water tankVS12Petters Ltd
36954Water tankVS18Petters Ltd
36955Water tankVS18Petters Ltd
36956Water tank (inlet)VST36Petters Ltd
36957Water tank (outlet)VST36Petters Ltd
36958Water tank (interm.)VST36Petters Ltd
36958Water tank (inlet)VST24Petters Ltd
36960water tank (outlet)VST24Petters Ltd
36961water tank (outlet)VST36Petters Ltd
36962Water tankVST36
36963Water tank (inlet)VST36Petters Ltd
36964Water tank outletVST36Petters Ltd
36965Water tankVST36Petters Ltd
36966Water tankVST36Petters Ltd
36967Water tankVST36Petters Ltd
36969Water tank (large capacity)Petters Ltd
36970Vaporiser shield - electric startingNTM4Petters Ltd
36971top water bend (tank end)VST36Petters Ltd
36972Top water bend (engine end)VST36Petters Ltd
36973Top water bend (tank end)VST24Petters Ltd
36974Top water bend (engine end)VST24Petters Ltd
369757" x 7.5" Starting collar pulleyVFPetters Ltd
36976Top water bend (tank end)VS18Petters Ltd
36977Top water bend (engine end)VS18Petters Ltd
36978Top water bend (tank end)VS12Petters Ltd
36979Top water bend (engine end)VS12Petters Ltd
36981Sprayer needleTPetters Ltd
36982Sprayer needle holderTPetters Ltd
36983Gasifier (offset hole)TPetters Ltd
36985Top water hoseVZPetters Ltd
36986Bottom water hoseVZPetters Ltd
36987Top water hoseVFPetters Ltd
36988Bottom water hoseVFPetters Ltd
36989Top water hoseVS8Petters Ltd
36990Bottom water hoseVS8Petters Ltd
36995Top water hosePVAPetters Ltd
36995Top water bendPVA
36996Top water bendVFPetters Ltd
36997Top water bendVS8Petters Ltd
36998Pot cover for 13 feed calibrater lubricatorNTM4Petters Ltd
37002Eccentric strap, lubricator driveT40Petters Ltd
37002Eccentric strap, lubricator driveAT4Petters Ltd
37003.BSpecial pot cover for 13 feed calibrater lubricatorNTM4Petters Ltd
37004Valve push piece springAT4Petters Ltd
37005Fuel pump spill valve lever screwAT4Petters Ltd
37006Vent pipe for fuel oil filterAT4Petters Ltd
37007Main bearing oil cover jointT25Petters Ltd
37008Middle eccentric bush for fuel pump governor controlT25Petters Ltd
37009End eccentric bushAT4Petters Ltd
37010Locating screw for eccentric bushT25Petters Ltd
37012Fuel pump priming leverAT4Petters Ltd
37013Priming handle for fuel pumpTPetters Ltd
37013.AFuel pump control handleT40Petters Ltd
37013Fuel pump priming handleTZPetters Ltd
37014Joint for CA starter coverT25Petters Ltd
37015Key for priming handleT25Petters Ltd
37017Plug for fuel pumpT25Petters Ltd
37018Fuel filter pot cover jointAT4Petters Ltd
37019Special stud for holding down fuel pumpT25Petters Ltd
37022.APlunger for C.A.S. gearAT4Petters Ltd
37023Operating rod for lubricatorT25Petters Ltd
37024Gear casing
37025Dog clutchNTMPetters Ltd
37027Layshaft collarNTMPetters Ltd
37028Layshaft end plateNTM
37029Layshaft gear keyNTMPetters Ltd
37030Dog clutch keyNTMPetters Ltd
37031Circulating pump crank pinNTM4Petters Ltd
37033Governor cam ring stampingVS5Petters Ltd
37039Cylinder to crankcase jointAT4Petters Ltd
37041Key for water pump pulleyAT4Petters Ltd
37042Special coneAT4Petters Ltd
37043Compressor crank keyNTM
37044Insulating washer supportNTPetters Ltd
370455/16" Whit. set boltTPetters Ltd
37047Pump conn. rod pinNTM
37050Air distributing valve bracketNTM4
37051Air distributing valve spindleNTM4
37052Distributing valve driving spindle bushNTM4
37053Distribution valve driving spindle
30754Distributing valve driving spindleNTM4Petters Ltd
37055Air distributing valve gearNTM4Petters Ltd
37057Drain well coverNTMPetters Ltd
37058Bearing discharge bendNTMPetters Ltd
37060Connecting rod for roller bearingT25Petters Ltd
37060.AConnecting rodT25Petters Ltd
37061Piston pin for "Hyatt" roller bearingT25Petters Ltd
37062.APiston pin capATPetters Ltd
37062Piston pin cap (small)T25Petters Ltd
37063Small end bearing coverATPetters Ltd
37065Connecting rod forgingT25Petters Ltd
37066Special driving pulleyVBPetters Ltd
37067Distance piece for 1/2" fuel cockNT2Petters Ltd
37067Distance piece for 1/2" fuel cockNT2Petters Ltd
37068Fuel pump roller leverAT4
37068.AFuel pump roller leverAT4Petters Ltd
37071Fuel filter coverAT4Petters Ltd
37072Fuel filter strainerAT4Petters Ltd
37073Speeding rod pin (F.P.end)TPetters Ltd
37078Blank cover for air starter portT25Petters Ltd
37079Release valve for fuel filterT25Petters Ltd
37076Tappet guide for wing pumpsNT4Petters Ltd
37081Lubricator bracketNTM4Petters Ltd
37082Electric starting dynamoNTM4Petters Ltd
37083Electric starting dynamoNTM4Petters Ltd
37084Switchboard (for starting dynamo)NTM4Petters Ltd
37087Port plug for compressorNT4Petters Ltd
37088Compressor air port blank coverNTPetters Ltd
37089Dog clutch lever bracketNTMPetters Ltd
37090Dog clutch lever bracket L.H.NTMPetters Ltd
37091Dog clutch handleNTM4Petters Ltd
37098Centrifugal oiler screwVS5Petters Ltd
37101Special flywheelVS5Petters Ltd
37102Fuel pump spill valve springAT4Petters Ltd
37103Special plug for bearing cover
37106Dog clutch lever fulcrum pinNTM
37107Dog clutch lever pinNTMPetters Ltd
37109Main bearing sump coverTPetters Ltd
37111Piston pinVS18Petters Ltd
37112Piston pin cap (large)VS18Petters Ltd
37113Piston pin cap (small)VS18Petters Ltd
37120Baseplate for VS8 and Verity VD812 DynamoVS8
37127Coupling pulley
37129Special PinionVA
37130Special gear wheelVA
37132Driving dowelVS8
37133Special extension shaftVA
37134Aft. main bearing capNTMPetters Ltd
37135Intermediate main bearing capNTM
37136Forward bearing capNTMPetters Ltd
37141Special Coventry chain coupling for 75Kw dynamoAT4
37146Dynamo gearNTM
37153Joint for front cover fuel pumpAT4Petters Ltd
37154Oversize piston ringVA
37155Set-pin for water pump pulleyTPetters Ltd
37156Baseplate for VB and Lancashire DynamoVS8Petters Ltd
37157Oil level pipeAT4Petters Ltd
37157Oil level pipeAT4Petters Ltd
37160Layshaft bearing coverNTMPetters Ltd
37163Joint for main bearing sump coverAT4Petters Ltd
37167Joint on crankcase (front F.P.)AT4Petters Ltd
37168Joint on crankcase (F.P. Back)AT4Petters Ltd
36169Special set-screwAT4Petters Ltd
37171Governor linkAT4Petters Ltd
37172PulleyPetters Ltd
37173Joint for end cover F.P. casingAT4Petters Ltd
37174Front cover plate joint T25Petters Ltd
37175Back cover joint (F.P.)T25Petters Ltd
37176Main bearing oil retaining cover jointT25Petters Ltd
37177Crankwasher driving pegPetters Ltd
37178Joint for distance pieceAT4Petters Ltd
37179Special spanner (for cam assembly)AT4Petters Ltd
37182Governor gear wheel keyAT4Petters Ltd
37180Crankcase inspection cover jointATPetters Ltd
371831/4" drain plug for calibrater lubricatorPetters Ltd
37186handle for calibrater lubricator R.H. drivePetters Ltd
37187Handle for calibrater lubricator L.H. drivePetters Ltd
37190Lubricator bracketATPetters Ltd
37191Sprayer bodyAT4Petters Ltd
37196Sprayer springT25Petters Ltd
37197Sprayer spring carrierTPetters Ltd
37199Sprayer adjusting locknutT25Petters Ltd
37201Sprayer release screwT25Petters Ltd
37203Sprayer body jointT25Petters Ltd
37205Cylinder head cup washerATPetters Ltd
37108Sprayer holder washerPetters Ltd
37209Cold starter plugTPetters Ltd
37210Cold starter plug handleTPetters Ltd
37211Cold starter plug holderTPetters Ltd
37213Safety valve
37214Safety valve springATPetters Ltd
37214Safety valve springPetters Ltd
3-37214Relief valve spring
37215Safety valve bridgeATPetters Ltd
37216Sprayer holder joint ringT25Petters Ltd
37219Fuel filter bodyVST36Petters Ltd
37225Eccentric coupling for reversing gearVST36MPetters Ltd
37224Blank cover (for bilge pump facing)NTM
37225Oil level gauge 8 bib cockPetters Ltd
37228Tappet guide (for wing pumps)NT3Petters Ltd
37231Crankshaft end cap (used when no compressor fitted)NTM
37232Connecting rod stampingT25Petters Ltd
37235Fuel filter bodyVST24Petters Ltd
37236Cylinder head jointTPetters Ltd
37237Cylinder lubricator connectionT25Petters Ltd
37237Cylinder lubricator connectionT25Petters Ltd
37238Centrifugal oiler Conn. plugT25Petters Ltd
37239Exhaust jointTPetters Ltd
37240Fuel pump suction chamberVST24Petters Ltd
37242Sleeve for special starting pulley L.H.VS8
37243Water tanksVS12
37246Key guard pulleyVST24
37247.AGear casing cover bushNTMPetters Ltd
37247Gear casing bushNTMPetters Ltd
37250Lower operating rod joint (calibrater lubricator)NTM4Petters Ltd
37250lower operating rod joint (calibrater lubricator)NTM4Petters Ltd
37251Joint pin (calibrater operating rod)NTM4Petters Ltd
37252Operating lever pinNTM4Petters Ltd
37253.AOperating lever (calibrater lubricator)NTM4Petters Ltd
37254Lever joint pin for Petter lubricatorPetters Ltd
37255Lubricator operating rodAT4Petters Ltd
37256ECC. sheave keyPetters Ltd
37258Special stud (cyl. to cyl. head)T25Petters Ltd
37259Special studT25Petters Ltd
37262Oil tank strainerVS12
37263Arrangement of dynamo chain driveVS12Petters Ltd
37264vaporiser for use with inclined headsVS8Petters Ltd
37266extension shaft (governor side)VS12Petters Ltd
37267special governor fixing boltsVS12
37268Special governor lever
37269Special baseplateVAPetters Ltd
37270Special engine half couplingVAPetters Ltd
37271Air strainer bodyHS18
37272Cover ring
37275Speed control bracketVST36Petters Ltd
37278Fuel pump handleVS5Petters Ltd
37278.AFuel pump handlePHS8Petters Ltd
37278Fuel pump handleVS12Petters Ltd
37279Fuel pump handle adjusting screwVS5Petters Ltd
37280Speed adjusting screwVS5Petters Ltd
37284Operating rod for M.K. lubricatorVST36
37287Eccentric sheave keyVS18Petters Ltd
37288Special starting dynamo pinionVS8
37289Special engine gear-wheel for starting dynamoVS8
37292Lubricator drive eccentric boltsAT4Petters Ltd
37294Water pump eccentric cover plateNTM
37298Driving chain for air starting valveVS18Petters Ltd
37300Wiring diagramPLPetters Ltd
37300.AWiring diagramPLPetters Ltd
37304Silencer connectionVST36Petters Ltd
37305Shackle pin (lower)VS12M
37306Shackle pin (upper)VS12M
37307Pulley pinVS12M
37309Non-return valve body
37310Cap for non-return valve (for sump)AT4Petters Ltd
37311Special top water flangeVST24Petters Ltd
37318Special VS12 starting collarVS12Petters Ltd
37320Water pipe connection to cylinderAT4Petters Ltd
37321Water pipe plugT25Petters Ltd
37322Lubricator eccentric sheaveVS6MPetters Ltd
37323EyeboltNT2Petters Ltd
37324Spur wheelVZPetters Ltd
37325Spur pinionVZPetters Ltd
37327Water pump pulleyT25Petters Ltd
37328Governor springCMPetters Ltd
37329Gear guardVZPetters Ltd
37331Special baseplateVFPetters Ltd
37333Bracket for rotary air starter for L.H. enginesVST36Petters Ltd
37334Special governor spring for engines running at 450 RPMVST24Petters Ltd
37335Fuel pump rollerAT4Petters Ltd
37336Oil return connectionNTM2Petters Ltd
37337Air pressure connectionNTMPetters Ltd
37337Air pressure connectionNTMPetters Ltd
37338Fuel pump roller pin springAT4Petters Ltd
37339Silencer blank flangeVS12MPetters Ltd
37342Oil drain tankAT4Petters Ltd
37347Arrangement of 5B.H.P "S" type Petter engine with shaft extensionVS5Petters Ltd
37350Joint for top water flange for special cylinder headVST24Petters Ltd
37353Distance pieceAT4Petters Ltd
37354Special washerAT4Petters Ltd
37356Pipe (bearing well to drain pipe)NT4Petters Ltd
37357Pipe (drain pipe to sump)NT4Petters Ltd
37358Crankcase drain pipe (elbow to N.R. valve)NTPetters Ltd
37359Oil drain pipe (bearings ford.)NTPetters Ltd
37360Gear case drain pipeNTMPetters Ltd
37364Special eccentricVS8Petters Ltd
37365Lubricator eccentric strapVS8Petters Ltd
37369Water inlet connectionVST36M
37369.AWater inlet connectionVST36M
37369.BWater inlet connectionVST36M
37371End eccentric bush for spill valve pinT25Petters Ltd
37373Eccentric bush cylinder endT40Petters Ltd
37375Water inlet connection boltVST36MPetters Ltd
37382Distance piece for fuel pumpT25Petters Ltd
37383Joint for distance piece (fuel pump)T25Petters Ltd
37386Governor guardVZPetters Ltd
37386.AGovernor guardVAPetters Ltd
37387Governor guard (for use with long crankshafts)VFPetters Ltd
37390Main bearing bush right hand (bottom half)T25Petters Ltd
37392Main bearing end cover (top half)T25Petters Ltd
37393Fuel pump handle stampingVS5Petters Ltd
37396Fuel pump adjusting screw locknutVS5Petters Ltd
37397Fuel pump handleVS18Petters Ltd
37397.AFuel pump handlePHS18Petters Ltd
37399Special eccentric sheaveVS12Petters Ltd
37400Special eccentric strapVS12Petters Ltd
37401Retaining plateVS12Petters Ltd
37402Layshaft collarNLPetters Ltd
37403Special baseplate for VS12 engine D/C to ????VS12Petters Ltd
37406Standard dimensions of Albany patent rotary pump (motor car pattern)Petters Ltd
37408Sprayer nippleT25Petters Ltd
37411Fuel tank assembly
37411Fuel tank assembly
37412Governor leverPetters Ltd
37416Lubricator bracket for R.H. cylinderNT4Petters Ltd
37417Lubricator bracket L.H. cylinderNT4Petters Ltd
37418Fuel filter coverT25Petters Ltd
37419Fuel filter body jointT25Petters Ltd
37422Reverse gear shaft sleeveVST36M
37424.ALubricator eccentric shaftNT4
37425Lubricator operating rodNTM
37428Distributing valve driving spindle bushNT4Petters Ltd
37429Layshaft gearNT4Petters Ltd
37430Layshaft bushNT4Petters Ltd
37431End cover (fuel pump end)T25Petters Ltd
37432End cover (fuel pump end)T25Petters Ltd
37433Gear casing cover svrewNT4Petters Ltd
37434.APulleyVFPetters Ltd
37435PulleyVFPetters Ltd
37436.APulleyVFPetters Ltd
Not IndexedPulleyVFPetters Ltd
37437.APulley VAPetters Ltd
37437PulleyVFPetters Ltd
37439PulleyVFPetters Ltd
37440PulleyVFPetters Ltd
37442.ASpill valve lever pinT25Petters Ltd
37442Spill valve lever pinT25Petters Ltd
37445Extension shaftT25Petters Ltd
37443Petter S Type engine 8B.H.P. standard engine room arrangement (tropical tank)S
37450Fuel pump primimg shaftT25Petters Ltd
37454Driving pinion for portable pumping setVZPetters Ltd
37455Lay gear wheel for portable pumping setVZPetters Ltd
37456Lay pinion for portable pumping setVZPetters Ltd
37457Crank gear wheel for portable pumping setVZPetters Ltd
37458Bearing bracket for portable pumping setVZPetters Ltd
37459Lay shaft for portable pumping setVZPetters Ltd
37461Pump crank for portable pumping setVZPetters Ltd
37470Cover for fuel oil drain chamberTPetters Ltd
37472Special pulleyVS8
37473Top water bendVAPetters Ltd
37474Priming shaft gudgeonT25Petters Ltd
37475Joint on crankcase fuel pump bracket (front)T25Petters Ltd
37476Joint on crankcase (fuel pump bracket - back)T25Petters Ltd
37478Special box spanner for cam adjustmentT25Petters Ltd
37479Starting handleVBPetters Ltd
37482Priming lever pinT25Petters Ltd
37483Fuel pump roller lever pinT25Petters Ltd
37484Sprayer holder studT25Petters Ltd
37485Oil level gauge and bib cockTPetters Ltd
37491Bracket for starting dynamo and air disributing valveNT3Petters Ltd
37493Gear coverNT3
37494Compressor half couplingVFPetters Ltd
37495Charging cock adapterVST36MPetters Ltd
37496Charging cock adaptor (air starting gear)VST36MPetters Ltd
37497Half coupling for duer gearNTM2Petters Ltd
37498Lubricator bracket, L.H.NTM3Petters Ltd
37499Lubricator bracket R.H.NTM3 Petters Ltd
37500Fuel pump cam retaining collarT25Petters Ltd
37501Lubricator driving eccentricNT3Petters Ltd
37502Eccentric strap for lubricator driveNT3Petters Ltd
37503Pinion for generatorNT3Petters Ltd
37504Gear wheel for air distribution valveNT3Petters Ltd
37505Gear wheel for generator and distributor (driver)NT3Petters Ltd
37512Albany pump Tee pieceVS18Petters Ltd
37514Screw for cam retaining collarT25Petters Ltd
37515Speed control rodNT2Petters Ltd
375283/4" Globe valve
37531Main bearing inspection plugPetters Ltd
37533.BSpecial flywheelNLPetters Ltd
37534Main bearing end coverT25Petters Ltd
37534.AMain bearing end cover (bottom half)T25
37536Distance piece for fuel pumpsT25Petters Ltd
37537Joint for fuel pump distance pieceT50Petters Ltd
37538Special extension shaftVFPetters Ltd
375393/4" wheel valve (high pressure 200 LBS)Petters Ltd
375403/4" Wheel valve (low pressure)Petters Ltd
37543Standard arrangement of 1.5 B2 Engine with extended crankshaftB2Petters Ltd
37545Standard arrangement of Petter universal engine with extended crankshaft on concreteVAPetters Ltd
37558Casing cover for 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37558Casing cover for 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37559Pipe flange for 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37560Crankshaft stampingVZPetters Ltd
37561Crankshaft stampingVAPetters Ltd
37562Crankshaft stampingVFPetters Ltd
37563Crankshaft stampingVS5Petters Ltd
37564Crankshaft stampingVS8Petters Ltd
37565Cylinder studTPetters Ltd
37566Vaporiser jointVS5Petters Ltd
37567Vaporiser jointVS18Petters Ltd
37568Impeller for 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37569Bearing bracket for 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37570Bearing bush for 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37571Adjusting bolt for 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
38572.ASpecial oil pump driven sprocketNLPetters Ltd
37575Vaporiser jointVS8Petters Ltd
37577Special step pulleyVZPetters Ltd
37588Union nut for steel fuel pipeTPetters Ltd
37591Special baseplateVS5Petters Ltd
37595Assembly of 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
376061.25" Centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37609Assembly of fuel tankVST16MPetters Ltd
37610Water tankVS18Petters Ltd
37618Bedplate for reverse gear montingVSPetters Ltd
37619Driving pulleyVZPetters Ltd
37620Driving pulleyVAPetters Ltd
37621Driving pulleyVFPetters Ltd
37622Driving pulleyVS8Petters Ltd
37627PulleyPetters Ltd
37628PulleyVS12Petters Ltd
37631Baseplate for VS8 and Crompton B20 dynamoVSPetters Ltd
37632Sprayer holderTPetters Ltd
37634Housing for ball journal thrust bearingsNTM3Petters Ltd
37635End plate - thrust bearing (ball type)NTM4Petters Ltd
37363Distance piece for ball bearing thrustNTM4Petters Ltd
37637Adjusting collar ball bearing thrustNTM3 Petters Ltd
37638Reverse gear shaft for standard enginesNTM3 Petters Ltd
37639Adjusting collar bolt for thrust bearingsNTM3 Petters Ltd
37640Distributing valve driving spindle for indicator gearNTM4Petters Ltd
37644Cylinder head jointT25Petters Ltd
37649Sprayer studsT25Petters Ltd
37651Exhaust connectorNT4Petters Ltd
37652Front cover for fuel pump bracketT25Petters Ltd
37654Special extension shaftVST36Petters Ltd
37657Back cover for fuel pump bracketT25Petters Ltd
37661Sketch showing bore of centrifugal clutchVST36Petters Ltd
37662Starting dog and pulleysVS12Petters Ltd
37665Cross memberVS12Petters Ltd
37666Starting handleVS12Petters Ltd
37667Sketch showing bore of centrifugal clutchVST24Petters Ltd
37671Starting handle springVS12Petters Ltd
37672Starting handle boltVS12Petters Ltd
37677Top water bend (tank end)VAPetters Ltd
37678Bottom water bendVAPetters Ltd
37679Union ball for steel fuel pipesT
37597Fuel tank assemblyVST24MPetters Ltd
37680Albany pump connectorVS12Petters Ltd
37686Cut out handleTPetters Ltd
37688Stop peg for cut out handleTPetters Ltd
37689Cut out camTPetters Ltd
37690Lubricator bracketT25Petters Ltd
37694.APipe flangeT65Petters Ltd
376942" pipe flange for 2" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
376952" pipe flange joint for 2" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
376952" Pipe flange joint for 2" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37696Cover joint for 2" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
376797" Pulley for 2" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37698Ball thrust washer for 2" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37700Exhaust connector (with fuel oil heater)T25Petters Ltd
37701.AFuel pump control handleT25Petters Ltd
37702Air distributing valve assemblyNTM3 Petters Ltd
37705PulleyPetters Ltd
37709Fuel pump delivery chamberT
37710Lubricator lever for petter lubricatorVS5Petters Ltd
37711Lubricator lever for petter lubricatorVS5Petters Ltd
37713Sprayer needleTPetters Ltd
37714Sprayer needle holderTPetters Ltd
37715Sprayer needle holder washerTPetters Ltd
37716Sprayer spring carrierPetters Ltd
37720Cold starter locking screwT25Petters Ltd
37721Cold starter locking nutT25Petters Ltd
37722Lever stamping for petter lubricatorVS5Petters Ltd
37723Lever stamping for petter lubricatorVS5Petters Ltd
377241" Globe wheel valve
37729Main bearing cap (left hand)T40Petters Ltd
37729.AMain bearing cap (right hand)T40Petters Ltd
37733Main bearing end coverT40Petters Ltd
377372" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37738Main bearing bush (Left and right hand)T40Petters Ltd
37739Main bearing bush (top half)T40Petters Ltd
37739.ATop main bearing bush (right and left hand)T40
37740Spur wheelVZPetters Ltd
37741Spur pinionVZPetters Ltd
37742Crankwasher (solid)T40Petters Ltd
37743Crankwasher (inner half)T40Petters Ltd
37744Crankwasher (outer half)T40Petters Ltd
37746Special pulleyVS8Petters Ltd
37757centrifugal oiler pipeT40Petters Ltd
37769Main bearing oil retaining coverT40Petters Ltd
37769.AMain bearing oil retaining cover (top half)T40Petters Ltd
37772Assembly of 2" centrifugal pumpTYPetters Ltd
37774Journal housing (ball thrust)NTM2
37775Journal housing end plateNTM2
37776Distance piece (journal - thrust bearing)NTM2
37777Adjusting collar - ball thrustNTM2
37778Thrust shaft sleeveNTM2
37779Detail of modification to thrust shaftNTM2
37780Adjusting collar boltNTM2
37781Governor springPetters Ltd
37782Gear guardVZPetters Ltd
37783Special fuel chamber capVZPetters Ltd
37785Lubricator elbowT25Petters Ltd
37789Bed to crankcase jointT40Petters Ltd
37790.ACentrifugal oilerT40Petters Ltd
37790Centrifugal oilerT40Petters Ltd
37791Cylinder to crankcase jointT40Petters Ltd
37796Governor pinionT40Petters Ltd
37795Cold starter plug holderT40Petters Ltd
37796.AGovernor pinionT40Petters Ltd
37798Special outer bearing stoolVST24
37801Adjusting collarVST36MPetters Ltd
37800Thrust shaft. Ball thrustVST36MPetters Ltd
37802distance piece. Ball thrustVST36MPetters Ltd
37803Journal housing end plate. Ball thrustVST36MPetters Ltd
37804Adjusting collar bolt VST36MPetters Ltd
37805Impeller for 2" centrifugal pumpBPetters Ltd
37807Water pump sprocket driverVS10MPetters Ltd
37808Special 9/16" - 7/16" stud (Rev. gear and governor carrier)NTM3 Petters Ltd
37809Special fuel strainer caseVST24MPetters Ltd
37810Special fuel strainer coverVST24MPetters Ltd
37811Special fuel strainer flangeVST24MPetters Ltd
37812Special fuel strainer plugVST24MPetters Ltd
37816Balance weightT40Petters Ltd
2/37816Balance weightTYPetters Ltd
37825Special lubricator eccentric rodVS6M
37826Special flywheelVST24
37829Cylinder to cylinder head water connectorT40Petters Ltd
37830Cylinder to cylinder head water connection jointT40Petters Ltd
37832Cylinder head cover studT40Petters Ltd
37835Air plate disc jointT40Petters Ltd
37836Special extension shaftVF
37840Cylinder head cup washer (upper)T40Petters Ltd
37841Cylinder head washer (lower)T40Petters Ltd
37842Speeding leverT40Petters Ltd
37843Governor leverT40Petters Ltd
37843.BSpecial governor leverT40Petters Ltd
37844Flywheel coupling boltVDW2Petters Ltd
37845Spigot ringVS12Petters Ltd
2/37848Casing for 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37848casing for 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37848.BCirculating pump casing. Port engine
37849Impeller for 1.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37850Extension shaft keyVFPetters Ltd
37851Special flywheelVST36Petters Ltd
2-37852Connecting rod boltsT40Petters Ltd
37854Large end bearing (bottom half)T40Petters Ltd
37855Large end bearing (top half)T40Petters Ltd
37856Vaporiser jointVS12Petters Ltd
37857Piston pin for "Hyatt" rollerT40Petters Ltd
37858Piston pin cap (large)T40Petters Ltd
37858.APiston pin cap (small)T40Petters Ltd
37858.BPiston pin cap (large)T25Petters Ltd
37858.CPiston pin cap (small)T25Petters Ltd
378591.25" centrifugal pumpPetters Ltd
37863Fuel pump bracket to crankcase joint (front)T40Petters Ltd
37864Fuel pump bracket to crankcase jointT40Petters Ltd
37865Main bearing oil retaining cover jointT40Petters Ltd
37867Operating rod for lubricatorT40Petters Ltd
37868Engine couplingVS12
37869Extension shaft couplingVS12
37870Extension shaftVS12Petters Ltd
37871Engine coupling boltsVS12Petters Ltd
37872Extension shaft coupling boltsVS12Petters Ltd
37873Cylinder head cupT40Petters Ltd
37874Cylinder head cover jointT40Petters Ltd
37878Cold starter holder studsT40Petters Ltd
37880Centrifugal oiler pipe washerT40Petters Ltd
37881Crankwasher leatherT40Petters Ltd
37882Crankwasher springT40Petters Ltd
37883Coupling boltsT40Petters Ltd
37884Crankwasher driving pegsT40Petters Ltd
37887Lubricating rings T40Petters Ltd
37889Main bearing end cover jointT40Petters Ltd
37890Oil level pipeT40Petters Ltd
37891Special cylinder studsT40Petters Ltd
37895Belt type extension shaftT40Petters Ltd
37896Bevel spur for reverse gearNTM4
37897Bevel pinion for reverse gear control shaftNTM2
37900Cylinder lubricator connectionT40Petters Ltd
37900.ACylinder lubricator connectionT40Petters Ltd
37901Special setscrewPetters Ltd
37902Special cylinder to cylinder head studsT40Petters Ltd
37903Cylinder to exhaust jointT40Petters Ltd
37904Water inlet flange jointT40Petters Ltd
37905Exhaust connector (with fuel oil heater)T40Petters Ltd
37906Crankcase to cylinder studsT40Petters Ltd
37915Piston ringT40Petters Ltd
37916Dowel for piston ringT40Petters Ltd
37918Small end bearing cover for Hyatt roller bearingT40Petters Ltd
37919Coupling bolt (for reversing gear)VST24MPetters Ltd
37920Extension shaftVS8
37921Special couplingVS8
37924Engine hopper extensionVZPetters Ltd
37926Special half pulleyPetters Ltd