Reel 20D
Object ID4768
Works No20D
Accession NoIF:2013:038
Category 16mm Microfilm
Collection IDPetter Collection
Made ByPetters Ltd
Made InYeovil, England
DescriptionPetter drawings, 44120, 44876 drawings
LocationArchive C3-1
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Petter Atomic Diesel, Sizes 120hp - 450bhp

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Petter Atomic Diesel Engines, Stationary Type

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Petter Diesel Engines PJ1-2

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Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Oil Engines (NL Type)

Petter Storemans Manual, B2, B3, B4 Series II

Petter Storemans Manual, PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4

Petter Storemans Manual, PD, PDV, PDM, PDVM

Petter Storemans Manual, AS1, AS2, AS3

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The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1956

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The Journal of the Brush Group, Dec 1956

The Journal of the Brush Group, Feb 1957

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The Journal of the Brush Group, Jan 1958

The Journal of the Brush Group, Mar 1958

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The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1958

McLaren Type M Mark II Oil Engine

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Engine Instruction by Film Strip

Power - BRABO

Lightweight Diesel Power

Horse Power

Petter Drawing Book - Alterations

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Armstrong Siddeley Technical Vade Mecum

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Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine

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Petter Harmonic Diesel Engine

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Petter Atomic Diesel Engine, Industrial

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Petter Oil Engines (Semi-Diesel)

"The Calibrater" Parts List

Vickers-Petter C Type Heavy Oil Engine

Vickers Petter Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engines

Petter Oil Engines (Semi-Diesel)

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

Bates KWH Oil Engine

Bates Vertical Diesel

Bates KWH Oil Engine

Bates Heavy Oil Engine

Bates Heavy Oil Engine

Fowler Marine Diesel Engines Type 2DY

Fowler Diesel Engines Series D

Armstrong Siddeley 6-8

Armstrong Siddeley AS

Armstrong Siddeley 20-33 Diesel

Armstrong Siddeley 6-11, 14-22

Armstrong Siddeley 6-11, 14-22

McLaren Type M.R. Oil Engine

McLaren M MkII Oil Engine

National AH1 Service Manual

National AH1 Service Manual

McLaren Type LE Diesel Engines

Atlantic Oil Engines

Reel 65A

Reel 66A

Reel 77A

Reel Atlantic1

Reel Atlantic1a

Reel Atlantic2

Reel Atlantic2a

Reel Atlantic3

Reel Atlantic4

Reel Atlantic5

Reel Atlantic6

Reel Atlantic7

Reel B3-F1A

Reel 2RC-ATL

Reel B2-F3

Reel B3-F5

Reel 1-6BE

Reel 1D

Reel 2D

Reel 3D

Reel 4D

Reel 5D

Reel 6D

Reel 7D

Reel 8D

Reel 9D

Reel 10D

Reel 11D

Reel 12D

Reel 13D

Reel 14D

Reel 15D

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Reel 17D

Reel 18D

Reel 19D

Reel 20D

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Reel 26D

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Reel 30D

Reel 31D

Reel 32D

Reel 33D

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Reel 38D

Reel 39D

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Reel 44D

Reel 45D

Reel 46D

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Reel 48D

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Reel 53D

Reel 54D

Reel 55D

Reel 56D

Reel 57D

Reel 58D

Reel 59D

Reel 60D

Reel 61D

Reel 62D

Reel 63D

Reel 64D

Reel 65D

Reel 66D

Reel 67D

Reel 68D

Reel 69D

Reel 70D

Reel 71D

Reel 72D

Reel 73D

Reel 74D

Reel 75D

Reel 76D

Reel 2A-ATL

Reel 1_46Y545

Reel B5-1B

Reel 2_2A

Reel B5-2

Reel 2-6BE

Reel B3-4

Reel 1RC-ATL

Reel B3-6A

Reel B3-7

Reel B3-8

Reel B3-9

Reel B3-10

Reel 11-3

Reel 23F

Reel B3-24

Reel B3-28

Reel 1RC

Reel 2cards

Reel 2A

Reel 3RC

Reel 3A

Reel 4RC

Reel 4A

Reel 5RC

Reel 5A

Reel 6RC

Reel 6A

Reel 7RC

Reel 7A

Reel 8

Reel 8A

Reel 9RC

Reel 9A

Reel 10RC

Reel 10A

Reel 11RC

Reel 1A

Reel 12A

Reel 13RC

Reel 13A

Reel 14A

Reel 15A

Reel 16A

Reel 17A

Reel 18A

Reel 19A

Reel 20A

Reel 21A

Reel 22A

Reel 23A

Reel 24A

Reel 25A

Reel 26A

Reel 27A

Reel 28A

Reel 29A

Reel 31A

Reel 32A

Reel 33A

Reel 34A

Reel 35A

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Reel 37A

Reel 38A

Reel 39A

Reel 40A

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Reel 45A

Reel 46A

Reel 47A

Reel 48A

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Reel 53RC

Reel 54RC

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Reel 56A

Reel 57RC

Reel 57A

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Reel 59A

Reel 60RC

Reel 60A

Reel 61RC

Reel 61A

Reel 62RC

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Reel 63RC

Reel 63A

Reel 64RC

Reel 64A

Reel 67A

Reel 68A

Reel 69A

Reel 70A

Reel 71RC

Reel 71A

Reel 72RC

Reel 72A

Reel 73A

Reel 74A

Reel 75A

Reel 76A

Reel 77RC

Reel 78RC

Reel 78A

Reel 79RC

Reel 79A

Reel 80A

Reel 81A

Reel 82A

Reel 84A

Reel 85A

Reel 86A

Reel 87A

Reel 88A

Reel 89A

Reel 90A

Reel 91A

Reel 92A

Reel 93A

Reel 94A

Reel 95A

Reel 96A

Reel 97A

Reel 98RC

Reel 98A

Reel 99RC

Reel 99A

Reel 100RC

Reel 100A

Reel 101A

Reel 102A

Reel 103A

Reel 104A

Reel 105A

Reel 106A

Reel 107A

Reel 108A

Reel 109A

Reel 110A

Reel 111A

Reel 112A

Reel 113A

Reel 114A

Reel 157RC

Reel 158RC

Reel 159RC

Reel 173RC

Reel 181RC

Reel 182RC

Reel 189RC

Reel 190RC

Reel 199RC

Reel 200RC

Reel 1K

Reel 2K

Reel 3K

Reel 4K

Reel 5K

Reel 6K

Reel 7K

Reel 8K

Reel 9K

Reel 10K

Reel 11K

Reel 12K

Reel 13K

Reel 14K

Reel 15K

Reel 16K

Reel 17K

Reel 18K

Reel 19K

Reel 20K

Reel 21K

Reel 22K

Reel 25K

Reel 26K

Reel 27K

Reel 27K-CONT

Reel 29K

Reel 28K

Reel 120RC

Reel 5AK

Reel 79D

Reel 1cards

Reel 3cards

Reel 4cards

Reel 5cards

Reel 6cards

Reel 7cards

Reel 12RC

Reel 2RC

Reel 86RC

Reel 160RC


Reel R2_250379

Reel R3_257262

Reel R3_AC205

Reel R4_190211

Reel R4_203170

Reel R5_190808

Reel R5_190808_staines

Reel R5_201906

Reel R6_2-194006

Reel R6_250997

Reel R6_270012

Reel Spec22e-40ex

Reel 11A

Reel 30A

Reel 53A

Tugs Volunteer and John King

Petter AA1 driving pump

Petter Single Cylinder Air-Cooled

Crane Powered By Petter Single Water Cooled Diesel

Petter Powered 3 Wheel Truck

Petter AVA2 Powered Dumper

Petter AVA2 Diesels

Petter AB1 Powered Plant

Petter AA1

Petter Diesel

Pyronaut Engine Room

Tug John King Engine Room

Pyronaut at Bristol

Petter A1 Generating Set

Petter Superscavenge

Petter VJ1

Petter air-cooled engine

Marine Diesels Type MCV

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

Four Stroke Diesel Engines (Bates Design)

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

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Film Listing

44120Safety ValveT12Petters Ltd
44121Safety Valve BridgeT12Petters Ltd
44123Cold Starter Plug HolderT12Petters Ltd
44124Cylinder Head Cover WasherT12/2MPetters Ltd
44125Cylinder Head Cover StudT12Petters Ltd
44126Cylinder Head Cover StudT12Petters Ltd
44127Water Flange JointT12Petters Ltd
44128Cylinder Head Cover JointT12Petters Ltd
44129Cylinder Head JointT12Petters Ltd
44130Air Port Cover JointT12Petters Ltd
44131Special Trolley FrameVZPetters Ltd
44132Joint for Blank Cover for Air Starter Facing on CylinderT65Petters Ltd
44133Oil Drain PipeT40Petters Ltd
44135Front AxlePVZPetters Ltd
44135Back AxlePVZPetters Ltd
44136Draw BarPVZPetters Ltd
44138Special Arrangement of Radiator Cooled 2bhp Universal Oil engine D/C to Dynamo on BaseplateVZPetters Ltd
44138Special Special 3/8" Whit Cup Head Bolt for Dynamo SlidesVZPetters Ltd
44140Arrangement of 3bhp Petter Universal Oil Engine Belt Driving Counter Shaft and Potters WheelVAPetters Ltd
44141Handrail CouplingT65Petters Ltd
44144Eccentric Strap - Lub Oil PumpT25Petters Ltd
44149Eccentric Strap Bolt - for water pumpsT25Petters Ltd
44150Eccentric Retaining Screw - for water pumpsT25Petters Ltd
44152Special Trolley FrameVFPetters Ltd
44150Trolley Frame for VS8 and Pulsometer PumpPVS8Petters Ltd
44156Fuel Pump Distance PieceT6Petters Ltd
44157Fuel Pump Push RodT6Petters Ltd
44158Fuel Pump Push Rod AdjusterT6Petters Ltd
44159F.P. Push Rod WasherT6Petters Ltd
44161Fuel Pump spring CollarT7Petters Ltd
44162Priming LeverT6Petters Ltd
44163Priming Lever PinT6Petters Ltd
44164Priming Lever HandleT6Petters Ltd
44165Stop Screw for Priming Lever T7Petters Ltd
44166Fuel Pump round lever pinT7Petters Ltd
44167Fuel Pump Timing CapT7Petters Ltd
44168Fuel Pump cover control arm forkT6Petters Ltd
44169Bush for FP Gov Control Arm ForkT6Petters Ltd
44171Key for CAS CamT25Petters Ltd
44173Speeding Gear KnobT7Petters Ltd
44172Key for CAS CamT25Petters Ltd
44173Speeding Gear KnobT7Petters Ltd
44174Speeding Gear Locking nutT6Petters Ltd
44175Speeding CamT6Petters Ltd
44176Gov Speeding Lever PinT7Petters Ltd
44177Governoe End BushT6Petters Ltd
44178Governor End CapT12Petters Ltd
44178Governor End CapT12Petters Ltd
44178AGovernor End CapT6Petters Ltd
44179Calibrater Priming ShaftT6Petters Ltd
44180Calibrater Priming HandleT6Petters Ltd
44181Oil Well FillerT7Petters Ltd
44182Lubricator CoverT7Petters Ltd
44183Oil strainerT65Petters Ltd
44184Oil strainerT7Petters Ltd
44185Oil strainerT6Petters Ltd
44186Joint for End Cover LHT7Petters Ltd
44185Oil StrainerT6Petters Ltd
44187Joint for Lub. CoverT7Petters Ltd
44188Joint for Wheel Bracket (Brg)T7Petters Ltd
44189Joint for Oil Well FillerT7Petters Ltd
44190Main Bearing Overflow ConnectionT7Petters Ltd
44191Clip for Lub Sight Feed CoverT7Petters Ltd
44192Joint for Bearing Cover RHT7Petters Ltd
44193Lub Wheel PinT7Petters Ltd
44194Stiffening StripT65Petters Ltd
44195Bearing Casing Cover (Right Hand)T65Petters Ltd
44196Atmosphere Support ClipT65Petters Ltd
44197Reducing SocketPetters Ltd
44198Split Taper PinT6Petters Ltd
44199Split Taper PinT6Petters Ltd
44200NameplatePetters Ltd
44201Governor PinionVST24MPetters Ltd
44202Suggested Alteration to Centres Between Pump and EngineVS12Petters Ltd
442031/4 BSF Set ScrewT7Petters Ltd
442052BA ScrewT12Petters Ltd
44208Oil ThrowerPetters Ltd
44209Oil ThrowerT6Petters Ltd
44210Fuel Pump CamT6Petters Ltd
44211Lubricator Driving EccentricT6Petters Ltd
44212Governor Bearing GearT6Petters Ltd
44213Distance pieceT6Petters Ltd
44214ACentrifugal OilerT7Petters Ltd
44215Balance Weight (RH)T7Petters Ltd
44215ABalance Weight (LH)T7Petters Ltd
44216Key for Gov Gear and Fuel CamT7Petters Ltd
442171/4 BSF Set ScrewT7Petters Ltd
44218Special Arrangement of 5 bhp Universal EngineVFPetters Ltd
44220Lubricator BracketT40Petters Ltd
44221Fan Drive Split Pulley (for Extension Shaft) SIH2Petters Ltd
44222Lub Operating RodT40Petters Ltd
44223Main Bearing Bush (bottom half)IntermediateT25Petters Ltd
44224ABearing Bush (Top Half)T25Petters Ltd
44224Bearing Bush (Inter Top)T25Petters Ltd
44224BBearing Bush (Top Aft)T25Petters Ltd
44224FBearing Bush (Top Aft)T25Petters Ltd
44224CBearing Bush (Inter Top )T25Petters Ltd
44225Bottom Main Bearing (Aft)Petters Ltd
44225Bottom Main Bearing (Aft)Petters Ltd
44226BBottom Main Bearing (Aft)T25Petters Ltd
44226Bottom Main Bearing (Aft)T25Petters Ltd
44228Main Bearing Cap (Aft)T25Petters Ltd
44228AMain Bearing Cap (Aft)T25Petters Ltd
44229Main Bearing Cap (inter)T25Petters Ltd
44229AMain Bearing Cap (inter)T25Petters Ltd
44229BunreadablePetters Ltd
44230MAin Bearing Cap (For'd end)T25Petters Ltd
44231Packing PlateT25Petters Ltd
44232Eccentric Casing (top half)T25Petters Ltd
44232AEccentric Casing (Bottom Half)T25Petters Ltd
44234Forward CoverT25Petters Ltd
44234Forward CoverT25Petters Ltd
44238Forward Cover jointT25Petters Ltd
44242Fuel Suction ManifoldT40Petters Ltd
44243Fuel Release ManifoldT40Petters Ltd
44244Front CoverT7Petters Ltd
44244BFront CoverTTPetters Ltd
44245Water Inlet FlangeT7Petters Ltd
44246Cylinder Lubrication ConnectionT6Petters Ltd
44246Cylinder to Cylinder Head Water Conn.T6Petters Ltd
44248Drain ConnectionT6Petters Ltd
44249Drain NippleT6Petters Ltd
44250Cylinder Head StudsT6Petters Ltd
44251Bearing Cover StudT6Petters Ltd
44253Cylinder Head JointT7Petters Ltd
44254Silencer JointT6Petters Ltd
44252NameplateT7Petters Ltd
44255Water Inlet JointT7Petters Ltd
44257Bottom Baffle Cover for BedplateT25Petters Ltd
44258BSilencerT7Petters Ltd
44258SilencerT7Petters Ltd
44259Exhaust OutletT7Petters Ltd
44260Cam for C A StarterT40Petters Ltd
44261Elbow for Fuel Oil Twin StrainerT40Petters Ltd
44262Oil Level PipeT40Petters Ltd
44263Fuel Pipe - Tank to FilterPetters Ltd
44263Fuel Pipe - Tank to FilterPetters Ltd
44264Fuel Pipe - Filter to PumpT7Petters Ltd
44265Fuel Pipe - Pump to AtomiserT7Petters Ltd
44266Atomiser Drain PipeT7Petters Ltd
44267Silencer Outlet JointT7Petters Ltd
44268Plug for layshaft bearing oil drainT40Petters Ltd
44269Drain Pipe from Fuel PumpT7Petters Ltd
44270Lube pipe to CylinderT7Petters Ltd
44271Lube oil pipe Bearing CasingT7Petters Ltd
44272Lube oil - return pipeT7Petters Ltd
44273Union for PipeT7Petters Ltd
44274Fuel Filter BodyT7Petters Ltd
44275Fuel Filter - Inlet nippleT6Petters Ltd
44276Fuel Filter - Outlet nippleT6Petters Ltd
44277Fuel FilterT6Petters Ltd
44278Air Plate DiscTTPetters Ltd
44279Air Plate CoverT7Petters Ltd
44280Air Plate SetscrewT7Petters Ltd
44281ALarge End Brass - bottomT7Petters Ltd
44281Large End Brass - topT6Petters Ltd
44284Engine Name PlateT65Petters Ltd
44285Drain Pipe from CrankcaseT40Petters Ltd
44286Governor Driving GearNLPetters Ltd
44287Bearing CoverNLPetters Ltd
44288Ball Race Distance CollarNLPetters Ltd
44289AExhaust Drain BOx Flange (Blank)TPetters Ltd
45320Piston RingsVAPetters Ltd
44290Ecc Sheave (aft) Large HalfT40Petters Ltd
44291Ecc Sheave (aft) Small HalfT40Petters Ltd
44292Special Extension ShaftVS12Petters Ltd
44293Special Engine Half CouplingVS12Petters Ltd
44293Special Engine Half CouplingVS12Petters Ltd
44293Special Coupling BoltVS12Petters Ltd
44296Intermediate Bearing Cap (also used for fore end)T12Petters Ltd
44297Engine SprocketACEPetters Ltd
44298Scavenge Pump SprocketACEPetters Ltd
44299Crankcase to Cylinder JointT12Petters Ltd
44300Air Port CoverT12Petters Ltd
44300AAir Port CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44301Crankcase Cover JointT12Petters Ltd
44302Air Plate Disc JointT12Petters Ltd
44302Crankcase Cover JointTVPetters Ltd
2-44302Crankcase Cover JointTVPetters Ltd
3-44302Crankcase Cover JointTVPetters Ltd
44303Cylinder Head Cover Stud water jointT12Petters Ltd
44304Centrifugal Oiler Conn.Plug washerT12Petters Ltd
44305Piston RingT12Petters Ltd
44306Cylinder Lubricating Tube (long)T12/2MPetters Ltd
44307Cylinder Lubricating Tube (long)TVPetters Ltd
44309Cylinder Head ?? JointPetters Ltd
44308Cyl to Cyl Head Water Conn.T12/2MPetters Ltd
44309Cylinder Head JointPetters Ltd
44310Exhaust Flange JointT12/2MPetters Ltd
44310Exhaust Flange JointT12/2MPetters Ltd
44311Small End Bearing KeyT12Petters Ltd
44312Key for Piston PinT12/2MPetters Ltd
44315ACover for Lub Oil HeaterTPetters Ltd
44313Piston Pin Peg and 44315 Small end Set ScrewPetters Ltd
44316Air Plate BarT12Petters Ltd
44318Proposed Arrangement of Exhaust for 100bhp T type Petter EngineT25Petters Ltd
44319Petter S Type Engine 5 bhp Standard Engine Room ArrangementVS5Petters Ltd
44321Main Bearing Bush Retaining Screw (short)T12/2MPetters Ltd
44323Crankshaft Gear WheelT12/2MPetters Ltd
2-44323Crankshaft Gear WheelT12/2MPetters Ltd
44324Crankshaft Gear Wheel keyPetters Ltd
44325FlywheelT12/2MPetters Ltd
44326Water Pump Eccentric Top HalfT12Petters Ltd
44327Water Pump Eccentric bottom HalfT12Petters Ltd
44328Reverse Gear KeyT12/2MPetters Ltd
44329Water Pump Eccentric KeyT12/2MPetters Ltd
44330Flywheel Bolts LongT12/2MPetters Ltd
44332Dipping RodT7Petters Ltd
44334W P Eccentric Double End BoltsT12/2MPetters Ltd
44335Fuel Pump GearT12/2MPetters Ltd
44335Fuel Pump GearT12/2MPetters Ltd
44336Fuel Pump Gear HubT12/2MPetters Ltd
44338Lubricator EccentricT12Petters Ltd
44339Lub eccentric StrapT12Petters Ltd
44340Lub eccentric Strap CoverT12Petters Ltd
44342Governor Casing End CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44341Fuel Pump Adjusting BoltsT12/2MPetters Ltd
44343Special Exhaust SilencerVZPetters Ltd
44344Cylinder Cleaning Cover JointT12/2MPetters Ltd
44345Cylinder to Cylinder Head StudsT12/2MPetters Ltd
44346Cylinder Cleaning CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44346Cylinder Cleaning CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44349Aft Gear Case CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44349Balance Weight StudsT12/2MPetters Ltd
2-44348Balance Weight StudsT12/2MPetters Ltd
44349Aft Gear Case CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44350??per Bracket for Exhaust Silencer SupportPetters Ltd
44351Oil Filling CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44351AOil Filling CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44352Aft Dipstick Blade - shortT12/2MPetters Ltd
44353Dipstick KnobT12/2MPetters Ltd
44355Governor Lever BushT12Petters Ltd
44356Governor Speeding CamT12Petters Ltd
44357Governor Speeding LeverT12Petters Ltd
44357AGovernor Speeding LeverT7Petters Ltd
44358Governor Speeding Lever PinT12Petters Ltd
44359Governor Lever T18/2MPetters Ltd
44360Fuel Pump Lever (long)T18/2MPetters Ltd
44361Fuel Pump Lever (short)T6Petters Ltd
44361AF P Cut out LeverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44362Fuel Pump Lever BracketT12/2MPetters Ltd
44362AFuel Pump Lever BracketT12/2MPetters Ltd
44363F P Lever Fulcrum PinT12/2MPetters Ltd
44365Operating Rod Joint PinPetters Ltd
44366Operating Rod Joint Petters Ltd
44367Governor StudPetters Ltd
44368Bottom Half Bearing BushT12/2Petters Ltd
44368B Bearing Bush Bottom CentreT12/2Petters Ltd
44368CBottom Half Bearing BushT12/2MPetters Ltd
44369Main Bearing (top)T12/2MPetters Ltd
44369ATop Half Main Bearing Bush Aft SidePetters Ltd
44369BMain Bearing (Top)T12/2Petters Ltd
44369Main Bearing (Top)(undersize)Petters Ltd
44369CMain Bearing (Top)for use with forced lubricationT12/2Petters Ltd
Not IndexedCrankcase Dr???? UnreadablePetters Ltd
44373Crankcase Drain Sump CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44373BCrankcase Drain Sump CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44373BCrankcase Drain Sump CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44373CCrankcase Drain Sump CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44373CCrankcase Drain Sump CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44374Fuel Pump Distance PieceT12Petters Ltd
44375Bedplate Core plugT12/2MPetters Ltd
44376Cyl to Crankcase StudT12Petters Ltd
44377Main Bearing Cap StudsT12/2MPetters Ltd
44379Aft End Casing StudT12/2MPetters Ltd
44380Main Bearing Cap DowelT12/2MPetters Ltd
44381Crankshaft Oil ThrowerPetters Ltd
44382Standard 2 inch FlangeT12/2MPetters Ltd
44384Top Cover for Governor CasingPetters Ltd
44385 Governor Casing End CapT12/2MPetters Ltd
44385 Governor Casing End CapT12/2MPetters Ltd
44385AGovernor Casing End Cover (flywheel end)T12/2MPetters Ltd
44387UnreadablePetters Ltd
44388Silencer ?????Petters Ltd
44390Bracket for Exhaust Silencer SupportT65Petters Ltd
44391Floor Stand BushPetters Ltd
44392Floor Stand BushPetters Ltd
44393Davit ArmPetters Ltd
44394Special Extension ShaftPetters Ltd
44395Governor Casing StudPetters Ltd
44396Piston PinT6Petters Ltd
44397Special Half CouplingT25Petters Ltd
44397Special Half CouplingT25Petters Ltd
44398Arrangement of Belt Driven Counter-shaft Pump and SawbenchVS8Petters Ltd
44399Piston Pin CapT6Petters Ltd
44400Piston Pin CapT6Petters Ltd
44401Special Water Inlet Elbow for Accomodating ThermometerT65Petters Ltd
44403Nut for EyeboltPetters Ltd
44404EyeboltPetters Ltd
44405Eyebolt PlateVAPetters Ltd
44406CollarVAPetters Ltd
44407Air Distributing Valve GearNLPetters Ltd
44408Dynamo PinionNLPetters Ltd
44410Safety Valve CoverVZPetters Ltd
44411Belt GuardVZPetters Ltd
44412Fan Drive Pulley (large)PVST36Petters Ltd
44413Angle Iron Supports for Chequer PlatesT65Petters Ltd
44414Governor LeverNTPetters Ltd
44415Dynamo PinionNLPetters Ltd
44416Governor Control HandleT25Petters Ltd
44416AGovernor Control HandleT25Petters Ltd
44417End Cover (fuel pump end)T65Petters Ltd
2-44417End Cover (fuel pump end)TZPetters Ltd
2-44418Fuel Pump Priming ShaftT65Petters Ltd
2-44419Lubricator BracketT65Petters Ltd
44421Coupling BoltT40Petters Ltd
44422Flywheel Coupling BoltT40Petters Ltd
44423Governor Chain??VS8Petters Ltd
44424Special Draw BarVAPetters Ltd
44425Distance Flange for Water OutletACEPetters Ltd
44426Support for Exhaust ManifoldT65Petters Ltd
44427Air Receiver StayPVZPetters Ltd
44428Air Receiver Stay BoltsPVZPetters Ltd
44429Air Receiver BracketPVZPetters Ltd
44430SR Half CouplingVFPetters Ltd
44430ASR Half CouplingVFPetters Ltd
44432Air Port Cover (experimental)T25Petters Ltd
44433Silencer Cleaning CoverT65Petters Ltd
44434Locknut for exhaust Silencer SupportT65Petters Ltd
44435Blank Flange for Exhaust OutletT65Petters Ltd
44436Special Extension ShaftVFPetters Ltd
44437CountershaftVAPetters Ltd
44438Special Extension ShaftVS18Petters Ltd
44439Silencer End Cover JointT65Petters Ltd
44440Joint for Cleaning CoverT65Petters Ltd
44441Layshaft BracketT25Petters Ltd
44442Joint for Exhaust Outlet FlangeT25Petters Ltd
44444SP9/16 fitting boltVFPetters Ltd
44445AScavenge Pump SprocketACEPetters Ltd
44445Scavenge Pump SprocketACEPetters Ltd
44446Engine SprocketACEPetters Ltd
44447Fuel Pump Priming Lever Handle SpringT7Petters Ltd
44448Arrangement of Special Water Pipe (cylinder Head to Silencer) to Accomodate ThermometerT65Petters Ltd
44449Layshaft for Governor Control (Port Engine)T25Petters Ltd
44450Layshaft for Governor Control (Starboard Engine)T25Petters Ltd
44452Governor Pinion SpacerT12Petters Ltd
44453Bottom Water PipeVZAutoPetters Ltd
44454Yoke for Extended Governor Control VSPetters Ltd
44455Joint for Exhaust Silencer SupportT65Petters Ltd
44456Speeding Cam CarrierVS18MPetters Ltd
44457Pit Packing PlateT65Petters Ltd
44458Special Exhaust Bend to potT65Petters Ltd
44458Special Exhaust Bend to pitT65Petters Ltd
44459Special Exhaust Pipe to pitT65Petters Ltd
44460Governor Control RodT25Petters Ltd
44461Modification of Engine BaseplatePetters Ltd
44462Water TankTPetters Ltd
44463Water TankTPetters Ltd
44464Water TankTPetters Ltd
44465Water TankTPetters Ltd
44466Lub Eccentric PlateT12Petters Ltd
44467Crank Extension Shaft (to take Heywood and Bridges clutchT40Petters Ltd
44468Oil Delivery NippleVZAutoPetters Ltd
44469Piston RingVS12Petters Ltd
44470Special Pad Piece for Circulating Water PipeT65Petters Ltd
44471Ignition Plug BodyNLPetters Ltd
44472Eccentric Strap for Bilge and Circulating PumpsT40Petters Ltd
44473Eccentric Rod Fork End for Bilge and Circulating PumpsT40Petters Ltd
44474Special ExtensionT40Petters Ltd
44475Cam SpindleVS18MPetters Ltd
44477Cylinder Cleaning CoverT25Petters Ltd
44477ACylinder Cleaning CoverTWPetters Ltd
44477BCylinder Cleaning CoverTWPetters Ltd
44478End Cover Joint (fuel pump end)T65Petters Ltd
44479Lub Operating RodT65Petters Ltd
44480Gauge Glass for Calibrater 1 feed LubricatorVZAutoPetters Ltd
44482Crankshaft distance pieceT12/2MPetters Ltd
44483Petrol TanksVZAutoPetters Ltd
44483Petrol TanksVZAutoPetters Ltd
3-44483Auxiliary Fuel TankVFPetters Ltd
44484Projection of Crankshafts on 11/2, 3, 5, and 8 HP Petter Engine as required by J Fowler and Co (Leeds) ltdPetters Ltd
44486Bottom Water PipeVZAutoPetters Ltd
44487Water Inlet ElbowVZAutoPetters Ltd
44487Water Inlet ElbowVZAutoPetters Ltd
44487BSpecial Water Inlet ElbowVST36Petters Ltd
44488VC Piston RIng Special WidthVCPetters Ltd
44489Gov Casing Inspection CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44490Air Plate Disc ScrewsT40Petters Ltd
44490Air Plate Disc ScrewsT40Petters Ltd
44491Breather Body (ex 703)VS5Petters Ltd
44492Breather Cap Ex 703VS5Petters Ltd
44493Thrust Bearing CapVS10MPetters Ltd
44494Special CountershaftVS8Petters Ltd
44495Half CouplingVS10MPetters Ltd
44496Thrust Bearing Retaining ScrewVS10MPetters Ltd
44497Special Arrangement of 31/4 bhp Hopper Cooled 'Universal' Engine d/c to dynamoVAPetters Ltd
44498Arrangement of 2 bhp Hopper Cooled 'Universal' Engine d/c to dynamoVZPetters Ltd
44499Half Coupling KeyVS10MPetters Ltd
44500Nameplate for Gov Control HandwheelVSPetters Ltd
44501Collar for Extended Gov Control ShaftVSPetters Ltd
44502Coupling for Extended Gov Control ShaftVSPetters Ltd
44505Bracket for Extended Governor ControlVS18MPetters Ltd
44507Special Half CouplingT25Petters Ltd
44508Arrangement of 5 bhp Petter S type Oil Engine Direct Coupled to DynamoVS5Petters Ltd
44510Release Valve CollarT7Petters Ltd
44511Release Valve Cotter PinT6Petters Ltd
44511Release Valve Cotter PinT6Petters Ltd
44512Cold Starter PlugT6Petters Ltd
44513Cold Starter Plug HandleT6Petters Ltd
44514Release Vlave SpringT7Petters Ltd
44515Cold Starter Plug LockT6Petters Ltd
44516Conn Rod BoltT7Petters Ltd
2-44516Conn Rod BoltT7Petters Ltd
44517Special Stud TubesT6Petters Ltd
44519Joint for Bearing CoverT7Petters Ltd
44520Box SpannerT7Petters Ltd
44525Piston PinT6Petters Ltd
44528WP Connecting RodT12/2MPetters Ltd
44529Water Pump Conn PinsT12/2MPetters Ltd
44530Compressor Conn RodT12/2MPetters Ltd
44533Water Pump StudT12/2MPetters Ltd
44534Proposed Drip Shield AssemblyT18/2MPetters Ltd
44534Air Starter CasingT12/2MPetters Ltd
44535Air Starter Inlet NippleT12/2MPetters Ltd
44536CA Starter PlungerT12/2MPetters Ltd
44536ACA Starter Plunger Reverse DirectionT12/2MPetters Ltd
445396 inch bore exhaust pipeT25Petters Ltd
44539A6 inch bore exhaust pipeT25Petters Ltd
Not Indexed6 inch bore exhaust bendPetters Ltd
44540A6 inch bore exhaust bendPetters Ltd
445416 inch bore exhaust bendT25Petters Ltd
44542????? Packing platesPetters Ltd
44543Water Pipe to EngineT25Petters Ltd
44544Flywheel Coupling BoltsT25Petters Ltd
445456 inch bore flexible exhaust pipeT25Petters Ltd
44546Ford Casing DipstickPetters Ltd
44547Plunger for lube oil pumpT12/2MPetters Ltd
44548Plunger Pin Slipper - Lub Oil PumpT12/2MPetters Ltd
44549Plunger Pin Oil PumpT12/2MPetters Ltd
44550Oil Pump LeverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44551Fulcrum Pin - Lub oil pumpT12/2MPetters Ltd
44553Reverse Clutch KeyT12/2MN/A
44556Eccentric Rod BoltsT12/2MPetters Ltd
44555Eccentric Rod Oil PumpT12/2MPetters Ltd
Not IndexedUnreadablePetters Ltd
44559Delivery PipeT12/2MPetters Ltd
44560Suction Valve Body - Oil PumpT12/2MPetters Ltd
44561Delivery Valve Body - Oil PumpT12/2MPetters Ltd
44562Ball Retaining PlugT12/2MPetters Ltd
44563Relief Valve BodyT12/2MPetters Ltd
44564Sprayer SpringTVPetters Ltd
44565Relief Valve Adjusting PlugT12/2MPetters Ltd
44566Relief Valve Lock NutT12/2MPetters Ltd
44567Fibre WasherT12/2MPetters Ltd
44568StrainerT18/2MPetters Ltd
44569Relief PipeT12/2MPetters Ltd
44570UnreadablePetters Ltd
44573Exhaust Outlet PipeVAPetters Ltd
44575Petter Atomic Diesel Oil Engine. Arrangement of 160bhp oil engine d/c to 80kw alternaterTPetters Ltd
44576Sp Exhaust BendVS18Petters Ltd
44578Packing Shim for CrankshaftACEPetters Ltd
44579Packing Strip for Chain TensionerACEPetters Ltd
44580Exhaust Silencer AssemblyVAPetters Ltd
44581Silencer AssemblyVFPetters Ltd
44582Tailshaft half coupling (special)T25Petters Ltd
44583Standard Arrangement of petter Universal Engine with Extended Crankshaft on COncreteVAPetters Ltd
44584Petter Atomic Diesel Oil Engine. Arrangement of 80bhp Oil Engine d/c to 40 kw AlternatorTPetters Ltd
44585Barring Gear BracketT40Petters Ltd
44586Special Half CouplingT40Petters Ltd
44587Special Copper Water PipeT40Petters Ltd
44588Coupling BoltT40Petters Ltd
44589Special Extension ShaftT25Petters Ltd
44590Sp Exhaust FlangeVS12Petters Ltd
44590ASp Exhaust FlangeVS12Petters Ltd
44592Dowel pinT12/2MPetters Ltd
44594Water Cooled SilencerT12/2MPetters Ltd
44595Storage Fuel TankVS18MPetters Ltd
44596Priming Lever Pin Stop - collarT6Petters Ltd
44597Priming Lever Pin Stop - pegT6Petters Ltd
44599Stair Hand RailT65Petters Ltd
44600Stair Hand Rail StandardT65Petters Ltd
44601Stair Rod Socket (bottom)T65Petters Ltd
44601AStair Rod Socket (bottom)T65Petters Ltd
44602Platform StepT65Petters Ltd
44603Handrail knobT65Petters Ltd
44604Fuel Pump SpringT25Petters Ltd
44605Special Drilling for Engine and Toolbox on PHS8 TrolleyPHS8Petters Ltd
44605Special Exhaust PipeVS18Petters Ltd
44607Special Exhaust BendVS18Petters Ltd
44608Water Pipe to EngineT25Petters Ltd
44608Arrangement of fuel tanksVST36MPetters Ltd
44610Assembly of Fuel TankVST36MPetters Ltd
Not IndexedFuel ????? BADPetters Ltd
44611End COver Joint - Exhaust ManifoldT18/2MPetters Ltd
44611Fuel TankT18/2MPetters Ltd
44612Special Extension ShaftT40Petters Ltd
44615FP Roller PinT7Petters Ltd
44617Joint for Bearing Oil Retaining PlateT6Petters Ltd
44619Portable SawbenchVFPetters Ltd
Not IndexedArrangement 5 bhp S type Petter Oil EngineSPetters Ltd
44621Tee Connection for Fuel HeaterT65Petters Ltd
44622Locking spring for FP roller pinT7Petters Ltd
44623Stop Pin for FP HandleT6Petters Ltd
44624Fuel Filter JointT7Petters Ltd
44625Special Hook BoltVAPetters Ltd
44626Assembly Drawing of Fuel tankT25Petters Ltd
44626Assembly of Fuel tankT25Petters Ltd
44627Paralleling Switch ConnectionsNLPetters Ltd
44628Arrangement of Outer Bearing and Stool on Generator Extension ShaftPetters Ltd
44632Reverse Gear Casing CoverT12Petters Ltd
44633Thrust NutT12/2Petters Ltd
44634Thrust WasherT12/2MPetters Ltd
44636Thrust Bearing CapT12/2MPetters Ltd
44636BThrust Bearing CapT12/2MPetters Ltd
44637Feeler PlugT12/2MPetters Ltd
44638Thrust ShaftT12/2MPetters Ltd
44639Lock NutPetters Ltd
44640Coupling NutT12/2MPetters Ltd
44641Coupling Nut Locking PlungerT12/2MPetters Ltd
44642Coupling Nut Locking ScrewT12/2MPetters Ltd
44643Reverse coupling keyPetters Ltd
44647Control LeverVST36MPetters Ltd
44657Insulatring Washer for Electric PumpSPetters Ltd
44648Special ???? Engine??? (Engine Room Layout)Petters Ltd
44649Reverse Gear Operating LeverVST24MPetters Ltd
44650Hand Operating Lever for Reverse GearVST24MPetters Ltd
44651Cover Grid for Air StrainerPHS18Petters Ltd
44652Body Grid for Air StrainerPHS18Petters Ltd
44653Petter Electric Starting Plug AssemblySPetters Ltd
44656Element HolderSPetters Ltd
44658Electric Plug washer 9bright)SPetters Ltd
446595/8 Whit x 5 studT18/2MPetters Ltd
44660Main bearing Bush L H BearingT65Petters Ltd
44660AMain Bearing Bush - LH Bottom halfT65Petters Ltd
44660BMain Bearing Bush - LH Bottom half Gov endT65Petters Ltd
44661AMain Bearing Bush - RH Bottom halfT65Petters Ltd
44661BMain Bearing Bush - RH Bottom half Gov EndT65Petters Ltd
44662Shaft for Reverse GearVST24MPetters Ltd
44663Packing for Supply Gland TapT65Petters Ltd
44664Operating Lever ConnectionVST36MPetters Ltd
44665Cam for CA StarterT25Petters Ltd
44666Cam for CA StarterT25Petters Ltd
44667Operating Rod for LubricatorT25Petters Ltd
44668Special Water TanksVS8Petters Ltd
44669Connection ClampVST36MPetters Ltd
44670Connection WasherVST36MPetters Ltd
44671Special Coupling for Layshaft Bearing ConnectionT40Petters Ltd
44672Bearing for Extended Control ShaftVST24MPetters Ltd
44673Sight Feed ValveVFPetters Ltd
44674Atmosphere Pipe SupportVS18Petters Ltd
44676Flanged Tee - COmpressor water outlet pipe to silencer outlet pipe T40Petters Ltd
44677Pin for Control GearVST24MPetters Ltd
44678Fuel Pump Handle Adjusting ScrewVS18MPetters Ltd
44679Bedplate bottom core coverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44679ABedplate bottom core coverT12/2MPetters Ltd
44680CAS Cam KeyT25Petters Ltd
44681Flange for 11/4 OD 11/16 bore copper air pipeT40Petters Ltd
44682Joint Pin for circulating pumpT40Petters Ltd
44683Priming Handle for FPT25Petters Ltd
44684Back Cover for Fuel Pump BracketT25Petters Ltd
44685Crankcase Oil Drain CoverT25Petters Ltd
44686Top Water PipeVZAutoPetters Ltd
44687Starting HandleVFPetters Ltd
44689Lub Operating Rod (aft)T40Petters Ltd
44691Jack ScrewT40Petters Ltd
44692Special Boss N type Extension ShaftT25Petters Ltd
44693PulleyVS12Petters Ltd
44695Reverse Gear Brake LeverT25Petters Ltd
44696Bracket for 1/2 Albany PumpVS8Petters Ltd
44697Bracket for 3/8 Albany PumpVS5Petters Ltd
44698Tailshaft Coupling BoltT25Petters Ltd
44699Pressure release cock to silencerPVS12Petters Ltd
44703assembly of Water InletT25Petters Ltd
44705Water Inlet FittingT25Petters Ltd
44706Sketch showing pipe from Air Release Valve Body to Exhaust SilencerPetters Ltd
44702Special Exhaust PipeT40Petters Ltd
44701Flywheel Coupling BoltsT40Petters Ltd
44707Atomiser StudT12/2MPetters Ltd
44709Lub Oil Pump EccentricT25Petters Ltd
44709ALub Oil Pump Eccentric SheaveT25Petters Ltd
44709BLub Oil Pump Eccentric SheaveT25Petters Ltd
44710Vokes Air FilterT65Petters Ltd
44711Vokes Air FilterT40Petters Ltd
44712Vokes Air FilterT40Petters Ltd
44713Piston Pin SpringT12/2MPetters Ltd
44714UnreadablePetters Ltd
44715Arrangement of 11/2 bhp Petter M type oil EngineMPetters Ltd
4471611/2 bdp Wheel ValveT25Petters Ltd
44718Fot Valve - supporting CoverT25Petters Ltd
44720Special Water Circulating Pump Driving PulleyNLPetters Ltd
44721Fuel Filter BodyT12/2MPetters Ltd
44722Fuel Filter NippleT12/2MPetters Ltd
44723Washer For Lub Priming ShaftT7Petters Ltd
44724Water TankT65Petters Ltd
34002Special Exhaust PipeVS18Petters Ltd
44726Bracket for 1/2 Albany PumpVS8Petters Ltd
44727Thrust ShaftT40Petters Ltd
44728Governor Lubricator AssemblyTPetters Ltd
44729Governor LubricatorTPetters Ltd
44730Lubricator LocknutTPetters Ltd
44731Governor Lubricator CapTPetters Ltd
44732Pad Piece for 5/8 o/dia Copper PipePVS12Petters Ltd
44733Priming ShaftVS8Petters Ltd
44734Special Exhaust PipeVS18Petters Ltd
44735Flexible BendT25Petters Ltd
44736Foundation Arrangements of STD GEC Dynamos with Slide Rails on ConcreteVAPetters Ltd
44739Spewcial Baseplate for VS8 D/C to Reveal CompressorVS8Petters Ltd
44740Silencer SupportVS8Petters Ltd
44741Air Strainer BodyVZPetters Ltd
44742Reverse Gear Half CouplingVS6MPetters Ltd
44743Thrust Bearing Bracket CapVS6MPetters Ltd
44745Thrust Bearing Bush (bottom half)VS6MPetters Ltd
44745AThrust Bearing Bush (top half)VS6MPetters Ltd
44746Thrust Bearing Retaining ScrewVS6MPetters Ltd
44748Arrangement of Albany MC Patt. Pump overhanging PulleyPetters Ltd
44748Arrangement of Albany MC Patt. Pump overhanging PulleyPetters Ltd
44750Air Release Valve BodyTPetters Ltd
44750VaporiserVS5Petters Ltd
44752VaporiserVS8Petters Ltd
44753VaporiserVS12Petters Ltd
44754VaporiserVS18Petters Ltd
44755Vaporiser for electric starting with rotating sprayerNLPetters Ltd
44756Dip Stick HandleT40Petters Ltd
44757Air Starting Control Cam top halfT12/2MPetters Ltd
44758Air Starting Control Cam bott halfT12/2MPetters Ltd
447595/16 Split Taper PinPetters Ltd
44760Diagram of T type Large EndTPetters Ltd
44761Special Exhaust BendVEPetters Ltd
34002Special Exhaust PipeVST18Petters Ltd
44763Chain GaurdVS8Petters Ltd
44764Half Coupling KeyVS6MPetters Ltd
44765Air Strainer BodyVFPetters Ltd
44766Washer for Holding CablePetters Ltd
44767Plug ConnectorVST24Petters Ltd
44768Plug ConnectorVST36Petters Ltd
44769Plug ConnectorNLPetters Ltd
44770Plug ConnectorNLPetters Ltd
44771Plug ConnectorNLPetters Ltd
44772Guide COver for Dip StickT40Petters Ltd
44772ALubricating Pump filter coverT40Petters Ltd
44773Guide Bush for DipstickT40Petters Ltd
44774DipstickT40Petters Ltd
44775Special Arrangement of 3 bh?? with Extern????Petters Ltd
44776Flywheel Coupling BoltsT25Petters Ltd
44777Air Receiver StrapsT25
44778Wood Block for ReceiverT25Petters Ltd
44781Fuel Tank StrapMCPetters Ltd
44782Assembly of Permatine valves and seats for Water PumpsT12/2MPetters Ltd
44783PulleyPetters Ltd
44785Diagram showing relative position of Oil Tank and Best Oil Pump (VZ automatic set)Petters Ltd
44786Flange for Fuel TankT25Petters Ltd
44788Water TankVFPetters Ltd
44789Special SpannerT40Petters Ltd
44791Special Exhaust BendVST24Petters Ltd
44792Baseplate DetailsPetters Ltd
44793Special Piston for engines operating on light loadVZPetters Ltd
44794Petter Engine BedplatePetters Ltd
44795Bobbin Type Extension shaftT65Petters Ltd
44795Bobbin Type Extension shaftT65Petters Ltd
44796Bobbin Type Extension shaftT40Petters Ltd
44796ABobbin Type Extension shaftT40Petters Ltd
44797Bobbin Type Extension shaftT25Petters Ltd
44797ABobbin Type Extension shaftT25Petters Ltd
44797BExtension shaftT25Petters Ltd
44798Control Valve Pipe FlangeT40Petters Ltd
44799Swivel BracketPVFPetters Ltd
44800Axle BracketsPVFPetters Ltd
44801Pipe Flange for use with Lee Howl PumpT65Petters Ltd
44802Reverse Gear Casing Cover (for tachometer)T25Petters Ltd
44803Dipstick guideT12/2MPetters Ltd
44803ADipstick guideT12/2MPetters Ltd
44804Arrangement of Exhaust Pipe Supplied for 11/2 kw Petter Light Set WO 10550VAPetters Ltd
44805WP Eccentric StrapT12/2MPetters Ltd
44806Special Bobbin Type extension ShaftT25Petters Ltd
44807Reverse Gear Casing Cover (plain)T25Petters Ltd
44808Flywheel Bolts shortT12/2MPetters Ltd
44809Barring Hole CoverT25Petters Ltd
44809ABarring hole blank coverT25Petters Ltd
44810Swivel PinPVFPetters Ltd
44811PulleyVS12Petters Ltd
44814Sketch of VF Bearing Cover showing elbow in positionVFPetters Ltd
44815Crankcase CoverT25Petters Ltd
44816Crankcase CoverT40Petters Ltd
44819Chequer PlatePetters Ltd
44817Crankcase coverT65Petters Ltd
44818Air Port CoverT40Petters Ltd
44820Water Tank CoverVZPetters Ltd
44821Sprayer NeedleTPetters Ltd
38190ASprayer BodyT25Petters Ltd
44823Cylinder Head Cover JointT25Petters Ltd
44824Exhaust Pipe StrapPetters Ltd
44825Lubricating Oil Drain PotVS5Petters Ltd
44826Lubricating Oil Drain Pot CoverVS5Petters Ltd
44827Flexible Metalic Drain TubeVS12Petters Ltd
44828Lub Drain Pot Air VentSPetters Ltd
44829Atomiser NippleT25Petters Ltd
44830Exhaust Silencer End Cover with drain and facing for flangeT40Petters Ltd
44832Key Locking Screw (tach)T25Petters Ltd
44834Thrust adjusting nutT25Petters Ltd
44835Pad T25Petters Ltd
44836Pipe AdaptorMCPetters Ltd
44837Portable Ventilating SetVFPetters Ltd
448381/2 fitted boltT12/2MPetters Ltd
44839Compression Release Valve CoverT7Petters Ltd
44840Air Strainer CoverPHS18Petters Ltd
44841Exhaust ManifoldT40Petters Ltd
44842Distance Piece for Exhaust ManifoldT40Petters Ltd
44843Tank Cover CupVZPetters Ltd
44844Special Tee PieceT40Petters Ltd
44845Cylinder Head CoverT7Petters Ltd
42436Lub Oil Pump PlungerT40Petters Ltd
44847Release ValveT7Petters Ltd
44848Release Valve GuideT6Petters Ltd
44849Release Valve SleeveT6Petters Ltd
44850Release Valve BushT6Petters Ltd
44851ECompression Release HandleTTPetters Ltd
44851ADecompressor LeverPetters Ltd
44851CDecompressor LeverTUPetters Ltd
44851Compression release handleT7Petters Ltd
44851ACompression release handleT12Petters Ltd
44851DCompression release handleTUPetters Ltd
44851BCompression release handleT7Petters Ltd
44852Compression release handleT7Petters Ltd
44853Compression release fingerT7Petters Ltd
44854Cylinder Head Cover JointT7Petters Ltd
44855Cylinder Head Water JointT7Petters Ltd
44856Joint ??? release valve sleeveT7Petters Ltd
44857Atomiser SleeveT7Petters Ltd
44858Fuel StrainerT40Petters Ltd
44858Fuel StrainerT40Petters Ltd
44858Fuel StrainerT40Petters Ltd
44859Fuel tankT40Petters Ltd
44860Gov Operating CamT40Petters Ltd
44861Hopper StayVS5Petters Ltd
44862Pipe Arrangement for VS8 d/cVS8Petters Ltd
44863Atomiser BodyT25Petters Ltd
44864Atomiser NozzleT25Petters Ltd
44865Atomiser Fluted PlugT25Petters Ltd
44866S A Non Return Valve BodyT12/2MPetters Ltd
44867S A Non Return Valve BodyT12/2MPetters Ltd
44868Spring Cap, Non Return SA Valve BodyT12/2MPetters Ltd
44869SA Non Return Valve SpringT12/2MPetters Ltd
44871Silencer SupportPHS18Petters Ltd
44874CAS Cam SetscrewT12/2MPetters Ltd
44875Water Pump Driving PulleyVS5Petters Ltd
44876Water Pump Driving PulleyVS5Petters Ltd
44875BWater Pump Driving PulleyVAPetters Ltd
44875CWater Pump Driving PulleyTTPetters Ltd
44876Water Pump PulleyPetters Ltd
44876A1/4 &3/8 Albany Pumps Water Pump PulleyPetters Ltd