Reel 22D
Object ID4770
Works No22D
Accession NoIF:2013:040
Category 16mm Microfilm
Collection IDPetter Collection
Made ByPetters Ltd
Made InYeovil, England
DescriptionPetter drawings, 45881, 46725 drawings
LocationArchive C3-1
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Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

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Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

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Petter Storemans Manual, B2, B3, B4 Series II

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National AH1 Service Manual

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Reel B3-F1A

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Reel 1-6BE

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Reel 67D

Reel 68D

Reel 69D

Reel 70D

Reel 71D

Reel 72D

Reel 73D

Reel 74D

Reel 75D

Reel 76D

Reel 2A-ATL

Reel 1_46Y545

Reel B5-1B

Reel 2_2A

Reel B5-2

Reel 2-6BE

Reel B3-4

Reel 1RC-ATL

Reel B3-6A

Reel B3-7

Reel B3-8

Reel B3-9

Reel B3-10

Reel 11-3

Reel 23F

Reel B3-24

Reel B3-28

Reel 1RC

Reel 2cards

Reel 2A

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Reel 8A

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Reel 1A

Reel 12A

Reel 13RC

Reel 13A

Reel 14A

Reel 15A

Reel 16A

Reel 17A

Reel 18A

Reel 19A

Reel 20A

Reel 21A

Reel 22A

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Reel 24A

Reel 25A

Reel 26A

Reel 27A

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Reel 90A

Reel 91A

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Reel 95A

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Reel 97A

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Reel 101A

Reel 102A

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Reel 112A

Reel 113A

Reel 114A

Reel 157RC

Reel 158RC

Reel 159RC

Reel 173RC

Reel 181RC

Reel 182RC

Reel 189RC

Reel 190RC

Reel 199RC

Reel 200RC

Reel 1K

Reel 2K

Reel 3K

Reel 4K

Reel 5K

Reel 6K

Reel 7K

Reel 8K

Reel 9K

Reel 10K

Reel 11K

Reel 12K

Reel 13K

Reel 14K

Reel 15K

Reel 16K

Reel 17K

Reel 18K

Reel 19K

Reel 20K

Reel 21K

Reel 22K

Reel 25K

Reel 26K

Reel 27K

Reel 27K-CONT

Reel 29K

Reel 28K

Reel 120RC

Reel 5AK

Reel 79D

Reel 1cards

Reel 3cards

Reel 4cards

Reel 5cards

Reel 6cards

Reel 7cards

Reel 12RC

Reel 2RC

Reel 86RC

Reel 160RC


Reel R2_250379

Reel R3_257262

Reel R3_AC205

Reel R4_190211

Reel R4_203170

Reel R5_190808

Reel R5_190808_staines

Reel R5_201906

Reel R6_2-194006

Reel R6_250997

Reel R6_270012

Reel Spec22e-40ex

Reel 11A

Reel 30A

Reel 53A

Tugs Volunteer and John King

Petter AA1 driving pump

Petter Single Cylinder Air-Cooled

Crane Powered By Petter Single Water Cooled Diesel

Petter Powered 3 Wheel Truck

Petter AVA2 Powered Dumper

Petter AVA2 Diesels

Petter AB1 Powered Plant

Petter AA1

Petter Diesel

Pyronaut Engine Room

Tug John King Engine Room

Pyronaut at Bristol

Petter A1 Generating Set

Petter Superscavenge

Petter VJ1

Petter air-cooled engine

Marine Diesels Type MCV

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

Four Stroke Diesel Engines (Bates Design)

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

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Film Listing

45882ACompression valve camshaftACEPetters Ltd
458833/16" plain washerACEPetters Ltd
45885Chain end main bearing housingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45886 main shaft sprocket wheelAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45886 main shaft sprocket wheelAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45888 Scavenge pump main bearingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45889Compression release valve tappetPetters Ltd
45889Compression release valve tappetTUPetters Ltd
45890Scavenge pump chain end bearing housingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45891Scavenge pump connecting rod capAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45892Scavenge pump connecting rodAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45893Scavenge pump connecting rod forgingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45895Balance weight studAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45896Sprocket wheel keyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45896Sprocket wheel retaining screw.AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45898C.A.S. CamAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45898AWeight for overspeed cut outPetters Ltd
45899Key for C.A.S. camPetters Ltd
45900 C.A.S. cam retaining screwAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45901 Coupling boltsAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45902Crankpin plugAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45903LE oil catcherAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45904Chain tensioner sprocketAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45905Main bearing locating pegAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45906Main bearing cap studsAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45907Scav pump Main bearing cap studsAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45911Scavenge pump chainAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45916Bed plate end cover (flywheel end, Scavenge pump)AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45918F.P. sump cover chain sideAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45919Bedplate sump level gaugeAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
459223/4" BSF studAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
459235/8" BSF studAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
459255/8" BSF studAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45929Crank sump coverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
459305/16" whit studAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45931Scav crank sump coverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45932Bedplate sump strainer.AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
459331/2" whit studAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
459363/8" dia. dowelAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45938Tensioner linkAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45939 Chain Tensioner springAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45940spring collarAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45941Tensioner cotterAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45942Tensioner sprocket spindleAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45943WasherAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45944Tensioner lever spindleAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45945WasherAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45946Tensioner adjuster spindleAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45947FeatherAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45948Scav. sprocket retaining plateAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45949Governor link springAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45950Distance pieceAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45951Distance pieceAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45953Key for fuel camAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45954Adjusting screw for fuel camAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45955Locknut for fuel cam Adjusting screw AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45956Locking screw for fuel cam AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45957Link washerAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45958Governor driving gearwheelAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45959Governor gearwheel keyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45960Oil pump driving gearwheelAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45961Oil pump gear keyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45962Oil pump gear retaining plateAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45963LUbricator driving pegAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45964Main piston compression ring (iron piston)AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45965piston ring stop pinsAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45966Main piston scraper ring (iron piston)AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45967piston pinAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45968piston pin setscrewAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45969Main small end bushAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45969AMain small end bush bottom halfAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45970scav pump scraper ringAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45971Piston pin keyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45972Sketch showing dimensions required GEC dynamo QD 21 x 18 x 9AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45973Main Conn. rod bolts AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45974Set screw for small end bush AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45975Main piston compression ring - alloy pistonAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45976Main piston scraper ring - alloy pistonAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45977Scav pump piston pinAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45978Branch pieceAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45978ABranch pieceAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45979End flangeAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45980Scavenge pump piston ring.AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45981Scavenge pump small end bushAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45982Scavenge pump conrod boltsAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45983Scavenge pump small end retaining screwAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45988Crankcase cylinder studsAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45989Crankcase tie boltsAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45990Crankcase tie bolt nutAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
459915/8" BSF studAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
459923/8" whit studAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
459971/2" whit setscrewAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
459981/2" whit setscrewAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
45999Spring guideAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46000Lub pump gear keyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46001Filter handleAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46002Main conn rod shimsAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46003Cut out weight pinAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46004Inlet flange to main railAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46005Cut out gov springAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46006washer for Cut out springAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46007Curt out trip leverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46008Curt out release valveAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46009Cut out lever spindleAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46010CotterAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46011Non return valve bodyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46012Cut out adjusting screwAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46014FP sump cover (scav pump side)AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46015Governor adjusting handwheelAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46016Fuel cock & fittingsAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
460171/2" setscrewAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46018Governor thrust bushAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46020Chain case cover main shaft sideAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46022Top cover scav shaft endAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46024chain case coverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
460265/16" studAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
460271/4" BSF studAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46028Cover for C A S casingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46030Operating valve for CAS gearAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46031Plunger for CAS casingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46031Plunger for CAS casingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46032Water pump chain tensioner flange jointACE4MPetters Ltd
46033Ball valve guideAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46034Scav pump bearing locating pegAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46035Scav pump crankshaft plugAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46036Stud for CAS casingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46039CAS lever return springAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46040Forward and intermediate main bearing capACE4MPetters Ltd
46042Branch pieceAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46043Scaveng pump manifold coverACE4MPetters Ltd
46044Scraper ringsACEPetters Ltd
46045Crankcase end coverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46047Compressor & CAS coverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46048Lub. pump body dowelACEPetters Ltd
46049Lub. pump body stud (special)ACEPetters Ltd
46051Scavenge pump scraper ringACEPetters Ltd
46053Generator shaftPetters Ltd
46055Fuel pump chain case cover (small)ACE4MPetters Ltd
46055AFuel pump chain case cover (small)ACE4MPetters Ltd
46056Diagram of fuel pumps & pipingACE4MPetters Ltd
46057Diagram of controls on reverse gearACE4MPetters Ltd
46058Centre and aft main bearing capACE4MPetters Ltd
46059Fuel pump driving shaftACE4MPetters Ltd
46060Fuel pump driving shaft nutACE4MPetters Ltd
46062Scavenge pump oil dipperACEPetters Ltd
46063Scav pump tensioner sprocketACE4MPetters Ltd
46064Key for fuel pump driving shaftACEPetters Ltd
46065Dimensions of reduction gear couplingACE4MPetters Ltd
46066Fuel pump plumger guideAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46067Fuel pump spill valve guideAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46068Plunger guide locking keyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46070End cover plate exhaust manifoldACE4MPetters Ltd
46070AEnd cover plate exhaust manifoldACE4MPetters Ltd
46071Cover plate exhaust manifoldACE4MPetters Ltd
46072Support bracket exhaust manifoldACE4MPetters Ltd
46073Plug for oil sumpACEPetters Ltd
46075Fuel pump driving shaft collarACE4MPetters Ltd
46076Fuel pump plungerAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46077Fuel pump spill valveAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46078Fuel pump plunger springAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46079Fuel pump spill valve springAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46081Fuel pump delivery chamberAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46082Fuel pump delivery chamber plugAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46083Fuel pump suction valve plugAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46084Fuel pump spill valve plugAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46085Fuel pump supply hole plugAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46086Fuel pump supply nippleAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
46089Baseplate for fuel and oil filters flywheel casingACE4MPetters Ltd
46090Baffle plate flywheel casingACE4MPetters Ltd
46091Starter motor strapACE4MPetters Ltd
46092Starter motor bracket (port)ACE4MPetters Ltd
46092AStarter motor bracket (port)ACE4MPetters Ltd
46093Conn rod L.E. brass shimACE4MPetters Ltd
46094Scav pump conn rodACE4MPetters Ltd
46095Scav pump conn rod capACE4MPetters Ltd
46096Scav pump conn rod small end bearingACE4MPetters Ltd
46097Combustion spaceACEPetters Ltd
46098Oil filler neck and barring fulcrum flywheel casingACE4MPetters Ltd
46099Oil filler cap flywheel casingACE4MPetters Ltd
46100Barring ironACE4MPetters Ltd
46101Joint for scavenge pump flangeACE4MPetters Ltd
46102Crank case breather coverACE4MPetters Ltd
46103Starter motor bracket (starboard)ACE4MPetters Ltd
46103AStarter motor bracket (starboard)ACE4MPetters Ltd
46104Starter motor pinion cover flywheel casingACE4MPetters Ltd
46105plug flywheel casingACE4MPetters Ltd
46106half inch BSF Stud 5" longACE4MPetters Ltd
46107half inch BSF Stud three and seven eighths inches longACE4MPetters Ltd
46108Joint for flywheel casing coverACE4MPetters Ltd
46109Joint for starter motor pinion coverACE4MPetters Ltd
46110Joint for oil filler neckACE4MPetters Ltd
46111Joint for oil filler capACE4MPetters Ltd
46112Joint for end cover plate of exhaust manifoldACE4MPetters Ltd
46113Joint for cover plates of exhaust manifoldACE4MPetters Ltd
46116Scavenge pump chain tensioner spindleACE4MPetters Ltd
46117Scavenge pump chain tensioner bearingACE4MPetters Ltd
46118Scavenge pump chain tensioner holderACE4MPetters Ltd
46119Chain tensioner adjuster scavenge pumpACEPetters Ltd
46120Scavenge pump chain tensioner flange ACE4MPetters Ltd
46121Joint for scavenge pump tensioner flange ACE4MPetters Ltd
46122Scavenge pump tensioner slide block ACEPetters Ltd
46123Scavenge pump tensioner holder pinACEPetters Ltd
46124Scavenge pump ?? tensioner ???ACE4MPetters Ltd
46124Chain tensioner for scaveng & fuel pump driveACE4MPetters Ltd
46126Fuel pump tensioner holderACEPetters Ltd
46127Water pump chain tensioner sprocketACE4MPetters Ltd
46128Water pump chain tensioner spindleACE4MPetters Ltd
46129Fuel pump tensioner slide blockACEPetters Ltd
46130Water pump chain tensioner bearingACE4MPetters Ltd
46131Fuel pump tensioner holder pinACEPetters Ltd
46132Water pump chain tensioner flange port engineACE4MPetters Ltd
46132AWater pump chain tensioner flange starboard engineACE4MPetters Ltd
46133Adjusting screw for engine couplingT25Petters Ltd
46134Coupling keyT25Petters Ltd
46135Back cover plate for fuel pump bracket T25Petters Ltd
46136Special water tankVST24Petters Ltd
46137Special water tankVST24Petters Ltd
46138Special water tankVST24Petters Ltd
46139Special water tankVST24Petters Ltd
46140Fuel oil strainer flangeT40Petters Ltd
46141Exhaust outlet cowlT65Petters Ltd
46142Silencer connecting pipeT65Petters Ltd
46144SupportT40Petters Ltd
46145Pulley support barT40Petters Ltd
46146Pulley T40Petters Ltd
46147Pulley holderT40Petters Ltd
46148Pulley holder for cylinder headT40Petters Ltd
46149Pin for Pulley holder T40Petters Ltd
46150Pin for Pulley holder (cyl head)T40Petters Ltd
46152Governor gear wheel key T25Petters Ltd
46151Crankwasher springT12/2MPetters Ltd
46153Water pump ecc: sheave keyT25Petters Ltd
46154Air compressor ecc: sheave keyT25Petters Ltd
46155Lub ecc: sheave keyT25Petters Ltd
46156Bolts for ecc: sheave (Lubricator)T25Petters Ltd
46157Ecc. strap bolts (Lubricator)T25Petters Ltd
46158Name platePetters Ltd
46159seven sixteenth whit studs water pump conn rodT25Petters Ltd
46160Diagram of three-way plug cock 2" BSP flanged equal (right hand)T40Petters Ltd
46161Diagram of three-way plug cock 2" BSP flanged equal (left hand)T40Petters Ltd
46165Small end bushPU4Petters Ltd
46166Connecting rod boltPU4Petters Ltd
46162Crankwasher springT40Petters Ltd
2-46162gudgeon pinPUPetters Ltd
46164Main bearing bushPU4Petters Ltd
46169Water pump small end pin capT18/2MPetters Ltd
46170Water pump conn rod pinsT25Petters Ltd
46172Compressor valve coverT12/2MPetters Ltd
46174Compressor delivery valve seatT12/2MPetters Ltd
46179Compressor valve springT12/2MPetters Ltd
46181Compressor cylinder head jointT12/2MPetters Ltd
46182Compressor valve cover jointT12/2MPetters Ltd
46183Compressor suction valve capT12/2MPetters Ltd
46184Compressor suction valve lifter guideT12/2MPetters Ltd
46186Compressor suction valve lifter springT12/2MPetters Ltd
46188Air filterT12/2MPetters Ltd
46189Reverse gear casing cover jointT25Petters Ltd
46190Blank cover jointT25Petters Ltd
46191Joint for forward casing covers (top & bott)T25Petters Ltd
46192Joint for forward casing covers (centre)T25Petters Ltd
46193Reverse gear casing jointT25Petters Ltd
46194Joint for forward end coverT25Petters Ltd
46195Starting screw for M.B. capsT25Petters Ltd
46197Bolts for fuel pump bracketT25Petters Ltd
46198Compressor suction lifter handleT12/2MPetters Ltd
46199Compressor suction lifter cam pinT12/2MPetters Ltd
46201Arrangement of 24bhp oil engine driving through accelerating gear & clutch deep well pumpVST24Petters Ltd
46202Arrangement of 24bhp oil engine driving through accelerating gear & clutch deep well pumpVST24Petters Ltd
46204special flywheel for centrifugal clutchPVST24Petters Ltd
46205Layout of governing 4 feed lubricatorT25Petters Ltd
46206Dynamo driving shaft.ACEPetters Ltd
46207Water pump coverACEPetters Ltd
46208Water pump bracketACEPetters Ltd
46209Water pump spindleACEPetters Ltd
46210Water pump impellerACEPetters Ltd
46211Nut for Water pump spindleACEPetters Ltd
46212AWater pump bearing bushACEPetters Ltd
48212Special pipe flange for air system three quarter inch flange to take quarter inch bore pipeTPetters Ltd
46213Water pump gland bushACEPetters Ltd
46214Water pump gland nutACEPetters Ltd
46215Flanged elbow (W.P, inlet)ACEPetters Ltd
46216Joint for guide bracket - water pumpT25Petters Ltd
46217Bracket for auto-klean strainerT40Petters Ltd
46218Fuel release elbowT65Petters Ltd
46219Lubricator operating rod flywheel endT65Petters Ltd
46219Water pump driving pulley rimT65Petters Ltd
46221Lubricator drive eccentric sheave (large half)T65Petters Ltd
46222Lubricator drive eccentric sheave (small half)T65Petters Ltd
46224quarter inch BSF studACEPetters Ltd
46226Joint for W.P. bracketACEPetters Ltd
46227Water pump cover jointACEPetters Ltd
2-46230Fuel pump priming leverTXPetters Ltd
46230Fuel pump priming leverT25Petters Ltd
46228Water pump coupling Simms 'pump coupling' typeACEPetters Ltd
46229Dowel for water pump ACEPetters Ltd
46233Crankcase coverT18/2MPetters Ltd
2-46233Crankcase coverTWPetters Ltd
46234Screwed flange for fuel transfer strainerT40Petters Ltd
46235Flange for fuel transfer strainerT40Petters Ltd
46236Fuel oil transfer strainer barrelT40Petters Ltd
46237Fuel oil transfer strainer adaptorT40Petters Ltd
46238Fuel oil transfer strainerT40Petters Ltd
46240washerT12/2MPetters Ltd
46241five eighths whit cap nutT12/2MPetters Ltd
46243Spring guide for C A valveT40Petters Ltd
46244Piston pinPetters Ltd
46245Piston springPower rammerPetters Ltd
46246Fuel pump bodyPower rammerPetters Ltd
46247Fuel pump strikerPower rammerPetters Ltd
46248Piston rod strapPower rammerPetters Ltd
46250Chain guard stayVST24Petters Ltd
46252Compressor suction valve lifter camT12/2MPetters Ltd
46254ABottom half bearing bush (outside)T18/2MPetters Ltd
46254Bottom half bearing bush (outside)T18/2MPetters Ltd
46255Bottom half bearing bushT18/2MPetters Ltd
46256AMain bearing (top)T18/2MPetters Ltd
46255BBearing bush bottomT18/2MPetters Ltd
46255ABearing bush, bottom centreT18/2MPetters Ltd
46256Top half main bearingT18/2MPetters Ltd
2-46256AMain bearing TopT18/2Petters Ltd
46257Top half main bearing bush T18/2MPetters Ltd
46258Aft bearing cap T18/2MPetters Ltd
46258AForward bearing cap T18/2MPetters Ltd
46259Intermediate M.B. capTWPetters Ltd
462603/8" Albany rotary pump (showing special gland and locknut)VS5Petters Ltd
46261Release valveT6Petters Ltd
46262Water inlet elbowVZAutoPetters Ltd
46263Oil pump bracketVST24Petters Ltd
46264Extension shaftT65Petters Ltd
46265Oil throwerT40Petters Ltd
46266Special water inlet ?Petters Ltd
46267Special teePVST24Petters Ltd
37576Petter S type engine 8 BHP with extended crank standard engine room arrangementVS8Petters Ltd
46269Pulley end coverT40Petters Ltd
46270Name plateVZAutoPetters Ltd
46272Handrails for pulley & ??wheelT40Petters Ltd
46275Sketch of piston shewing piston ring groovesPetters Ltd
46276F.P. priming handlePower rammerPetters Ltd
46277Fuel pump plungerPower rammerPetters Ltd
46278Fuel pump plunger springPower rammerPetters Ltd
46279Sprayer holderPower rammerPetters Ltd
46280Sprayer bodyPower rammerPetters Ltd
46281Gland sleevePower rammerPetters Ltd
46282HandlePower rammerPetters Ltd
46283Handle gripPower rammerPetters Ltd
46284F. P. inlet nipplePower rammerPetters Ltd
46285Fuel tank outlet nipplePower rammerPetters Ltd
46286Filler plugPower rammerPetters Ltd
46287Flexible pipeT40Petters Ltd
46288Proposed arrangement of water tanksT40Petters Ltd
46289Relief cock assemblyVST24Petters Ltd
46290Special conePetters Ltd
46291Special exhaust bendT25Petters Ltd
46293exhaust pipe supportT25Petters Ltd
46294Clip for exhaust pipe supportT25Petters Ltd
46300 exhaust sielncer end cover (8" std, flange facing)T25Petters Ltd
46301 exhaust pipeT65Petters Ltd
46302Special combined water pump & fan driving pulleyPetters Ltd
46303Special pump bracket (showing method of fixing to trolley.PVST24Petters Ltd
46306Tappet rodPU4Petters Ltd
46308Assembly of Kinghorn valveT40Petters Ltd
46309Tappet lever rodPU4Petters Ltd
46310Pipe - Tee piece to small end connectionNLPetters Ltd
46311Sketch showing cyl. and small end lubricating conn. on NL enginesNLPetters Ltd
46312Driving plate for crankwasherT40Petters Ltd
46313Collar for tappet lever rod (short)PU4Petters Ltd
46314Collar for tappet lever rod (long)PU4Petters Ltd
46315Valve guard - for Kinghorn valve - for circulating pumpT40Petters Ltd
46316Valve guard sleeve - for Kinghorn valve - for circulating pumpT40Petters Ltd
46317Standard water tankT25Petters Ltd
46318FlywheelT25Petters Ltd
46321Balance weight (aft)T18/2MPetters Ltd
46321ABalance weight (for'd.)T18/2MPetters Ltd
46322Centrifugal oilerT18/2MPetters Ltd
46323CrankwasherT18/2MPetters Ltd
46324Crankwasher leatherT18/2MPetters Ltd
46325Crankwasher springT18/2MPetters Ltd
46327Crankshaft gearT18/2MPetters Ltd
46327Crankshaft gearT18/2MPetters Ltd
46328Key for Crankshaft gearT18/2MPetters Ltd
46329Water pump eccentric top halfT18/2MPetters Ltd
46330Water pump eccentric bottom halfT18/2MPetters Ltd
46331Reverse gear keyT18/2MPetters Ltd
46332Sketch showing modification to Cylr. lubr. pipe for small end lubrication.T18/2MPetters Ltd
46334Valve spring for circulating pumpT40Petters Ltd
46335Diagram of Lub and crankcase oil pump conn. valvesPetters Ltd
46337CrankwasherT25Petters Ltd
46338Crankwasher driving plateT25Petters Ltd
46340Arrangement of air receiversT40Petters Ltd
46341AFlange induction and exhaust pipesPU4Petters Ltd
46342Locking handle for control shaftT40Petters Ltd
46343Fuel pump spindle washerT12/2MPetters Ltd
46345Coupling boltPU4Petters Ltd
46349Special foundation plateT40Petters Ltd
46350Automatic Petter-Light control switchVZAutoPetters Ltd
46351Roof supportPVST24Petters Ltd
46352Roof support bracketPVST24Petters Ltd
46353Proposed arrangement of exhaust pipe, fuel tank and air receiver for 24bhp engineVST24Petters Ltd
46354Special air receiver cradlePVST24Petters Ltd
46355Special exhaust bendVST24Petters Ltd
46358Valve split collarPU4Petters Ltd
246358Valve split collarPU4Petters Ltd
46357Special piston for engines operating on light loadVFPetters Ltd
46357Special piston for engines operating on light loadVAPetters Ltd
46358Split collarPU4Petters Ltd
46359Cylinder head jointT18/2MPetters Ltd
46360Cylinder lub. tube (long)T18/2MPetters Ltd
46361Cylinder lub. tube (short)T18/2MPetters Ltd
46366Cylinder lub. tube (short)T65Petters Ltd
46368Special piston ringACEPetters Ltd
46369Special piston ringACEPetters Ltd
46372Control shaft (starbd.)T40Petters Ltd
46370Crankwasher driving barT12/2MPetters Ltd
46373Scroll cam for air distributor gear starboard.T40Petters Ltd
46375Fulcrum bracket for fuel control lever.T40Petters Ltd
46376Governor lever - starboardT40Petters Ltd
46379Lub pipe to inter gear shaft.Petters Ltd
46380Fuel oil filter bracket (starboard)T40Petters Ltd
46381General arrangement of 2 3/8" bore x 2" stroke air compressor with suction unloader.Petters Ltd
46382Valve (Kinghorn) for circulating pump.Petters Ltd
46385Seating plan for 12bhp marine engine single cyl @ 525rpmVS12MPetters Ltd
46386Cam extractor.T7Petters Ltd
46387Arrgt. of 100KW alternating setPetters Ltd
463882" check valveT40Petters Ltd
46389Special water inlet pipeT65Petters Ltd
46392Details of radiator fan pulleyPVST24Petters Ltd
46393Water pipe branch bossT65Petters Ltd
46395Arrangement of 5hp S type petter engine with 24" dia pulley & outer bearingVS5Petters Ltd
46396Marine tachometer with seven figure reversible counter R.H. drive offset baseT40Petters Ltd
46397L.H. drive Marine tachometer with seven figure reversible counter T25Petters Ltd
46399Crankcase oil drain coverT25Petters Ltd
46399ACrankcase oil drain coverT25Petters Ltd
46400Special side curtain cupPVST24Petters Ltd
46401Auxiliary silencer drain plugVZAutoPetters Ltd
46402SP piston ringVGPetters Ltd
46403Assembly of 2" BSP three way cock showing position of stopsT65Petters Ltd
46404Magneto gear wheelVAPetters Ltd
46404AMagneto gear wheelVAPetters Ltd
46405Driven sprocketPetters Ltd
46406Distance piece for tachometerT25Petters Ltd
46407oil sealing ring forward casingT12/2MPetters Ltd
46409Chain for tach driveT25Petters Ltd
46410Pit packing plateT25Petters Ltd
46411Exhaust bendT25Petters Ltd
46412Special bendT40Petters Ltd
46413Air bottle for lub oil systemT40Petters Ltd
46414Adaptor for pressure gaugeT40Petters Ltd
46415Tee piece for air bottle on lubricating systemT40Petters Ltd
46416Fulcrum pinT25Petters Ltd
46417Release valve jointT7Petters Ltd
46418Packing piece for compressorPVST24Petters Ltd
46419Packing piece for water pumpPVST24Petters Ltd
46420Arrangement of 3 BHP Petter Junior oil engine on concrete with tropical capacity tankVAPetters Ltd
46421Cross shaftT25Petters Ltd
46422Cross shaft keyT25Petters Ltd
46423Special bendT40Petters Ltd
46424Magneto driving pinionPUPetters Ltd
46424Magneto driving pinionPU4Petters Ltd
3-46424Governor driving sprocketPU2Petters Ltd
46425Governor & magneto driven sprocketPU4Petters Ltd
46426Modification to bed extensionT40Petters Ltd
46427Girders for baseplateVST24Petters Ltd
46428Valve springPU4Petters Ltd
46429Special washerPVST24Petters Ltd
46430Special water outlet assemblyPVST24Petters Ltd
46431Crankeasher springsT25Petters Ltd
46432Exhaust drain tankPetters Ltd
46433Exhaust drain tank coverPetters Ltd
46434Water pump pinionT25Petters Ltd
46435Water pump driving wheelT25Petters Ltd
46436Water pump driving wheelT40Petters Ltd
46437Water pump driving wheelT40Petters Ltd
46438pump driving pulleyVS5Petters Ltd
46438Water pump driven pulleyVS5Petters Ltd
46440Arrangement of 5bhp "S" type to drive????? Rotoplunge circ. pump.VS5Petters Ltd
46441Oil FilterPU4Petters Ltd
46442Special trolley frameVZPetters Ltd
46443Bolt for reverse gear leverT25Petters Ltd
46444Starter ringVS8MPetters Ltd
46447Friction plate for friction clutchVZPetters Ltd
46448Driving disc for friction clutchVZPetters Ltd
46449clutch liningVZPetters Ltd
46450Sprocket pinion for friction clutchVZPetters Ltd
46451Sprocket wheelVZPetters Ltd
46452Special coupling pulleyVAPetters Ltd
46453L E bush PU4Petters Ltd
46454Crankshaft stud for friction clutchVZPetters Ltd
46455Sprocket collar for friction clutchVZPetters Ltd
46456Handrailing (for British Industries Fair 1931)T40Petters Ltd
46457Lub. oil - suction pipeT25Petters Ltd
46458Lub. oil - foot valve casingT25Petters Ltd
46459foot valve stopT25Petters Ltd
46460Cylinder head cowlPU4Petters Ltd
46461Saddle piece for silencerT25Petters Ltd
46463Magneto coupling discPU4Petters Ltd
2-46463Magneto coupling discPU4Petters Ltd
46465Tee connectionT40Petters Ltd
46467Special nippleT40Petters Ltd
2-46469Fuel pump gearT18/2MPetters Ltd
46469Fuel pump gearT18/2MPetters Ltd
46470Engine coupling boltT40Petters Ltd
46471Generator coupling boltT40Petters Ltd
46472Key for engine half couplingT40Petters Ltd
46473Key for generator half couplingT40Petters Ltd
46474Baseplate coupling boltsT40Petters Ltd
46475Baseplate coupling boltsT40Petters Ltd
46476Baseplate coupling fitted boltsT40Petters Ltd
46477Arrangement of fuel pipingT40Petters Ltd
46478Arrangement of 100hp direct reversing marine engine Petter Atomic diesel engineT25Petters Ltd
46478Arrangement of Petter Atomic diesel marine engine - 260bhp @275rpmT65Petters Ltd
46480Fuel tankT40Petters Ltd
46481Bedplate end cover (aft end)T18/2MPetters Ltd
46482Arrangement showing angle of drive for air compressor.T65Petters Ltd
46483Flywheel blank capT12/2MPetters Ltd
46484Bolt for circulating pump eccentric strap.T40Petters Ltd
46484Bolt for circulating pump eccentric strap.T40Petters Ltd
46485Lub. relief valve adjusting screwT40Petters Ltd
46486Gear setting instruction plate (crankshaft)T40Petters Ltd
46487Gear setting instruction plate (layshaft)T40Petters Ltd
46488Crankcase cover jointT18/2Petters Ltd
46489Cyl. to exhaust jointT18/2MPetters Ltd
46490Air plate disc jointT18/2MPetters Ltd
46491Water inlet jointT18/2MPetters Ltd
46492BreatherT7Petters Ltd
46493Cylinder to crankcase studT18/2MPetters Ltd
46494Crankshaft oil throwerT18/2MPetters Ltd
46495Crankshaft distance pieceT18/2MPetters Ltd
46496Oil drain tankAT4Petters Ltd
46497Aft gearcase studT18/2MPetters Ltd
46498Inspection coverPU4Petters Ltd
46499Inspection cover platePU4Petters Ltd
46500Inspection cover jointPU4Petters Ltd
46500Inspection cover jointPU4Petters Ltd
46502Key for pinionPU4Petters Ltd
46503Stop pin for bearing bushPU4Petters Ltd
46505Oil strainer capPU4Petters Ltd
46506Special water tanksPetters Ltd
46507Extension shaftT25Petters Ltd
46509Exhaust silencer baffle plateT40Petters Ltd
46510StudPU4Petters Ltd
46511StudPU4Petters Ltd
46512StudPU4Petters Ltd
46513StudPU4Petters Ltd
46514SetscrewPU4Petters Ltd
46515SetscrewPU4Petters Ltd
46516SetscrewPU4Petters Ltd
46517Crankcase sump discharge pipeT18/2MPetters Ltd
46519Strap for air receiversPetters Ltd
46520CStarting handleT7Petters Ltd
46520BStarting handleT12Petters Ltd
46521Air starting control cam (top half)T18/2MPetters Ltd
46522Air starting control cam (bottom half)T18/2MPetters Ltd
46523Flywheel blank flangePetters Ltd
46525Speed control rodT18/2MPetters Ltd
46526Valve capPU4Petters Ltd
46526Valve capPU4Petters Ltd
46527StudPU4Petters Ltd
46528StudPU4Petters Ltd
46529Oil filling coverT18/2MPetters Ltd
46531Fuel pump leverT18/2MPetters Ltd
46533Fuel pump lever bracketT18/2MPetters Ltd
46534Fuel pump lever pinT18/2MPetters Ltd
46536Joint cylinder crankcasePU4Petters Ltd
46537Joint for main bearing coverPU4Petters Ltd
46538Joint for camshaft bearing coverPU4Petters Ltd
2-46539Joint for governor casingPU4Petters Ltd
3-46539Joint for governor casingPU4Petters Ltd
46541Joint for oil retaining platePU4Petters Ltd
46542Piston ring retaining pinPU4Petters Ltd
46543Special exhaust bendVST24Petters Ltd
46544BOil drain tankT25Petters Ltd
46545Lub. oil pump plungerT18/2MPetters Ltd
46585Obtuse bend 2" BSPT18/2MPetters Ltd
46586Roof stayPVST24Petters Ltd
S-46587Governor weight carrier stamping drawingPUPetters Ltd
46587Governor ball carrier PU4Petters Ltd
2-46587Governor ball carrier PUPetters Ltd
4-46587Governor ball carrier PUPetters Ltd
3-46587Governor ball carrier PUPetters Ltd
5-46587Governor ball carrier PUPetters Ltd
6-46587Governor ball carrier PUPetters Ltd
46588Governor weightPUPetters Ltd
3-46589Governor sleevePUPetters Ltd
46589Governor sleevePU4Petters Ltd
2-46589Governor sleevePU4Petters Ltd
46590Governor sleevePU4Petters Ltd
46591Governor thrust leverPU4Petters Ltd
46592Governor thrust lever bushPU4Petters Ltd
46593Governor thrust lever endPU4Petters Ltd
46594Governor ball pinPU4Petters Ltd
46595Governor leverPU4Petters Ltd
46596Governor lever pinPU4Petters Ltd
46597Governor coupling rodPU4Petters Ltd
46598Governor coupling rod endPU4Petters Ltd
46599Governor springPU4Petters Ltd
46600Governor control screwPU4Petters Ltd
46601Governor bearing carrierPU4Petters Ltd
2-46601Governor bearing carrierPUPetters Ltd
3-46601Governor bearing carrierPUPetters Ltd
4-46601Governor bearing carrierPUPetters Ltd
46602Carburettor lever pinPU4Petters Ltd
2-46603Magneto coupling spindlePU2Petters Ltd
5-46601Governor bearing carrierPUPetters Ltd
3-46603Magneto coupling spindlePUPetters Ltd
46603Magneto coupling spindlePUPetters Ltd
4-46603Magneto coupling spindlePUPetters Ltd
46604Magneto couplingPU4Petters Ltd
2-46604Magneto couplingPUPetters Ltd
5-46603Magneto coupling spindlePUPetters Ltd
46606SetscrewPU4Petters Ltd
46605Felt washerPU4Petters Ltd
46605Felt washerPU4Petters Ltd
2-46607Governor bearing carrier jointPU2Petters Ltd
46607Governor bearing carrier jointPU4Petters Ltd
46611End cover jointT18/2MPetters Ltd
46613Water flange jointT18/2MPetters Ltd
46614Magneto coupling pegsPU4Petters Ltd
46615Crankwasher leatherT25Petters Ltd
46616Special outer bearing stoolT25Petters Ltd
46620Extension shaft particularsT25Petters Ltd
46621Special extension shaftPetters Ltd
46621Special extension shaftT40Petters Ltd
46622Governor end plateT7Petters Ltd
46623Knob for lub. priming pumpT40Petters Ltd
466241 1/2" BSP locknut L.H. threadT40Petters Ltd
46626Indicator pulley armVS8Petters Ltd
46627Governor weightT7Petters Ltd
46627Governor weightT7Petters Ltd
46627BGovernor weightT7Petters Ltd
46628Governor spindleT12Petters Ltd
46629Fuel filter outlet nipple and gauzeT7Petters Ltd
46630Asmall end bushT8Petters Ltd
46630Connecting rod small end bushT8Petters Ltd
4-46630small end bushTUPetters Ltd
2-46630small end bushTUPetters Ltd
46631distance collar for gov. spindle.T7Petters Ltd
46632Fuel filter - inlet nippleT7Petters Ltd
46633Gov weight pinT7Petters Ltd
46634Keep ring Govr end plate weight pinT7Petters Ltd
46635Gov sleeve - stop pinT7Petters Ltd
46636Lubricator driving eccentricT7Petters Ltd
46637Distance pieceT6Petters Ltd
46638Water pump delivery elbowT12/2MPetters Ltd
46639Pipe plugT12/2MPetters Ltd
3-46630Small end bushTUPetters Ltd
3-46630Small end bushTUPetters Ltd
46640Water inlet pipe assemblyT12Petters Ltd
46641Plug for lub. distributing railT12/2MPetters Ltd
46641Plug for lub. distributing railT12/2MPetters Ltd
46641APlug for lub. distributing railT12/2MPetters Ltd
46643Cover plateT40Petters Ltd
46644Cover plateT40Petters Ltd
46645Fuel pump link pinT12/2MPetters Ltd
46646BossT40Petters Ltd
46647Proposed arrangement of T25 d/c generator and Auto Petter setT25Petters Ltd
46648Clip for W.P ecc. lub. tubeT40Petters Ltd
46650Spacing washerACEPetters Ltd
46652DSpecial oval flangeVST36Petters Ltd
46651Radiator outletACEPetters Ltd
46652Water pipe flangeACEPetters Ltd
46652CFlangeACE4MPetters Ltd
46653W.P. suction hoseACEPetters Ltd
46654Water pump valve extracting nutT40Petters Ltd
46655Water pump valve extracting barT40Petters Ltd
46657Cylinder head cover washerT18/2Petters Ltd
46658Cylinder head studT18/2Petters Ltd
46659Cylinder head stud (long)T18/2Petters Ltd
46660Cylinder head stud (short)T18/2Petters Ltd
46660ACylinder head stud (short)T18/2Petters Ltd
46661Cylinder head cover jointT18/2Petters Ltd
46662Cold starter plugT7Petters Ltd
46663Cold starter plug handleT7Petters Ltd
46664Studs for release valve coverT7Petters Ltd
46665Cam for Compressed Air StarterT25Petters Ltd
46665ACam for Compressed Air StarterT25Petters Ltd
46668Distance RingACEPetters Ltd
46671Fuel Pump Priming ShaftT25Petters Ltd
46672Roller Lever PinT25Petters Ltd
46673Spill Valve Lever PinT25Petters Ltd
46679Water Flange JointT18/2MPetters Ltd
46680Compression Release Plug HolderT18/2MPetters Ltd
46681Water Pump Eccentric StudsT18/2MPetters Ltd
46682Air Plate BarT18/2MPetters Ltd
466831/4" BSF SetscrewPetters Ltd
46685Lubricator Operating RodT18/2MPetters Ltd
46689Unknown arm, possibly T series fuel pumpPetters Ltd
46690Oil Sealing RingT18/2MPetters Ltd
46691Governor Cone StandardTPetters Ltd
46691AGovernor Thrust Lever StandardT7Petters Ltd
46691BGovernor Cone StandardT7Petters Ltd
46692Adaptor for CockT7Petters Ltd
46695Speeding ConeT7Petters Ltd
46696Key - UnknownT7Petters Ltd
46697Left Hand Bearing Cover AssemblyVZAutoPetters Ltd
46698Exhaust SilencerPU4Petters Ltd
46699Exhaust Outlet PipePU4Petters Ltd
46701Special Flywheel - Governor SideVST24Petters Ltd
46702Special Radiator SupportVST24Petters Ltd
46703Special Key GuardVST24Petters Ltd
46704Arrangement of 6BHP S Type Engine with Outer BearingVS5Petters Ltd
46705Governor Fixing BoltVST24Petters Ltd
46706Arrangement of Petter 3BHP Universal Oil Engine Belt Driving 4 1/2" x 6" Stroke Single Ram PumpVAPetters Ltd
46707Thrust ShaftT18/2MPetters Ltd
46708Thrust NutT18/2MPetters Ltd
46709Thrust Bearing CapT18/2MPetters Ltd
46710Ratchet Arm for LubricatorT7Petters Ltd
46709AThrust Bearing CapT18/2MPetters Ltd
46711PistonNLPetters Ltd
46712Water Pump Con RodT12/2MPetters Ltd
46713BWater Pipe Flange for 1 3/8" OD PipeTVPetters Ltd
46713BWater Pipe Flange for 1 3/8" OD PipeTVPetters Ltd
46713Water Pipe FlangeT18/2MPetters Ltd
46713CWater Pipe FlangeTWPetters Ltd
46713AWater Pipe FlangeT18/2MPetters Ltd
467142 1/2" Flexible CouplingVST36MPetters Ltd
46715ABlank FlangeTWPetters Ltd
46715Water Outlet Blank FlangeT18/2MPetters Ltd
46716Pipe - Dist Tee to Cylinder ConnectionNLPetters Ltd