Reel 24D
Object ID4772
Works No24D
Accession NoIF:2013:042
Category 16mm Microfilm
Collection IDPetter Collection
Made ByPetters Ltd
Made InYeovil, England
DescriptionPetter drawings, 47472,48273 drawings
LocationArchive C3-1
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Petter Atomic Diesel, Sizes 120hp - 450bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel, 15, 30 and 50bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel Engines, Stationary Type

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Petter Diesel Engines PJ1-2

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Petter Diesel Engines PJ1-2

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Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V

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Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Oil Engines (NL Type)

Petter Storemans Manual, B2, B3, B4 Series II

Petter Storemans Manual, PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4

Petter Storemans Manual, PD, PDV, PDM, PDVM

Petter Storemans Manual, AS1, AS2, AS3

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

Petter Harmonic Induction Engine

Petter - 50 Points of Service

The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1956

The Journal of the Brush Group, Sept 1956

The Journal of the Brush Group, Dec 1956

The Journal of the Brush Group, Feb 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Mar 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Apr 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Jul and Aug 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Jan 1958

The Journal of the Brush Group, Mar 1958

The Journal of the Brush Group, Apr 1958

The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1958

McLaren Type M Mark II Oil Engine

McLaren Type M Mark 1A Oil Engine

McLaren Type M Mark 1A Oil Engine

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McLaren Type DH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type FH Horizonal Oil Engine

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McLaren Type FH2 Horizonal Oil Engine

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Engine Instruction by Film Strip

Power - BRABO

Lightweight Diesel Power

Horse Power

Petter Drawing Book - Alterations

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Associated British Oil Engines - Service Information

Armstrong Siddeley Technical Vade Mecum

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Fowler Series B Diesel Engine

Fowler Series B Diesel Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine

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Petter Harmonic Diesel Engine

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Petter Atomic Diesel Engine, Industrial

Petter Atomic Diesel Engines, 30 & 50 bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel Engines, 5 to 10 and 20 bhp

Petter Oil Engines (Semi-Diesel)

"The Calibrater" Parts List

Vickers-Petter C Type Heavy Oil Engine

Vickers Petter Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engines

Petter Oil Engines (Semi-Diesel)

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

Bates KWH Oil Engine

Bates Vertical Diesel

Bates KWH Oil Engine

Bates Heavy Oil Engine

Bates Heavy Oil Engine

Fowler Marine Diesel Engines Type 2DY

Fowler Diesel Engines Series D

Armstrong Siddeley 6-8

Armstrong Siddeley AS

Armstrong Siddeley 20-33 Diesel

Armstrong Siddeley 6-11, 14-22

Armstrong Siddeley 6-11, 14-22

McLaren Type M.R. Oil Engine

McLaren M MkII Oil Engine

National AH1 Service Manual

National AH1 Service Manual

McLaren Type LE Diesel Engines

Atlantic Oil Engines

Reel 65A

Reel 66A

Reel 77A

Reel Atlantic1

Reel Atlantic1a

Reel Atlantic2

Reel Atlantic2a

Reel Atlantic3

Reel Atlantic4

Reel Atlantic5

Reel Atlantic6

Reel Atlantic7

Reel B3-F1A

Reel 2RC-ATL

Reel B2-F3

Reel B3-F5

Reel 1-6BE

Reel 1D

Reel 2D

Reel 3D

Reel 4D

Reel 5D

Reel 6D

Reel 7D

Reel 8D

Reel 9D

Reel 10D

Reel 11D

Reel 12D

Reel 13D

Reel 14D

Reel 15D

Reel 16D

Reel 17D

Reel 18D

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Reel 26D

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Reel 30D

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Reel 32D

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Reel 45D

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Reel 55D

Reel 56D

Reel 57D

Reel 58D

Reel 59D

Reel 60D

Reel 61D

Reel 62D

Reel 63D

Reel 64D

Reel 65D

Reel 66D

Reel 67D

Reel 68D

Reel 69D

Reel 70D

Reel 71D

Reel 72D

Reel 73D

Reel 74D

Reel 75D

Reel 76D

Reel 2A-ATL

Reel 1_46Y545

Reel B5-1B

Reel 2_2A

Reel B5-2

Reel 2-6BE

Reel B3-4

Reel 1RC-ATL

Reel B3-6A

Reel B3-7

Reel B3-8

Reel B3-9

Reel B3-10

Reel 11-3

Reel 23F

Reel B3-24

Reel B3-28

Reel 1RC

Reel 2cards

Reel 2A

Reel 3RC

Reel 3A

Reel 4RC

Reel 4A

Reel 5RC

Reel 5A

Reel 6RC

Reel 6A

Reel 7RC

Reel 7A

Reel 8

Reel 8A

Reel 9RC

Reel 9A

Reel 10RC

Reel 10A

Reel 11RC

Reel 1A

Reel 12A

Reel 13RC

Reel 13A

Reel 14A

Reel 15A

Reel 16A

Reel 17A

Reel 18A

Reel 19A

Reel 20A

Reel 21A

Reel 22A

Reel 23A

Reel 24A

Reel 25A

Reel 26A

Reel 27A

Reel 28A

Reel 29A

Reel 31A

Reel 32A

Reel 33A

Reel 34A

Reel 35A

Reel 36A

Reel 37A

Reel 38A

Reel 39A

Reel 40A

Reel 41A

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Reel 45A

Reel 46A

Reel 47A

Reel 48A

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Reel 53RC

Reel 54RC

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Reel 55A

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Reel 56A

Reel 57RC

Reel 57A

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Reel 59A

Reel 60RC

Reel 60A

Reel 61RC

Reel 61A

Reel 62RC

Reel 62A

Reel 63RC

Reel 63A

Reel 64RC

Reel 64A

Reel 67A

Reel 68A

Reel 69A

Reel 70A

Reel 71RC

Reel 71A

Reel 72RC

Reel 72A

Reel 73A

Reel 74A

Reel 75A

Reel 76A

Reel 77RC

Reel 78RC

Reel 78A

Reel 79RC

Reel 79A

Reel 80A

Reel 81A

Reel 82A

Reel 84A

Reel 85A

Reel 86A

Reel 87A

Reel 88A

Reel 89A

Reel 90A

Reel 91A

Reel 92A

Reel 93A

Reel 94A

Reel 95A

Reel 96A

Reel 97A

Reel 98RC

Reel 98A

Reel 99RC

Reel 99A

Reel 100RC

Reel 100A

Reel 101A

Reel 102A

Reel 103A

Reel 104A

Reel 105A

Reel 106A

Reel 107A

Reel 108A

Reel 109A

Reel 110A

Reel 111A

Reel 112A

Reel 113A

Reel 114A

Reel 157RC

Reel 158RC

Reel 159RC

Reel 173RC

Reel 181RC

Reel 182RC

Reel 189RC

Reel 190RC

Reel 199RC

Reel 200RC

Reel 1K

Reel 2K

Reel 3K

Reel 4K

Reel 5K

Reel 6K

Reel 7K

Reel 8K

Reel 9K

Reel 10K

Reel 11K

Reel 12K

Reel 13K

Reel 14K

Reel 15K

Reel 16K

Reel 17K

Reel 18K

Reel 19K

Reel 20K

Reel 21K

Reel 22K

Reel 25K

Reel 26K

Reel 27K

Reel 27K-CONT

Reel 29K

Reel 28K

Reel 120RC

Reel 5AK

Reel 79D

Reel 1cards

Reel 3cards

Reel 4cards

Reel 5cards

Reel 6cards

Reel 7cards

Reel 12RC

Reel 2RC

Reel 86RC

Reel 160RC


Reel R2_250379

Reel R3_257262

Reel R3_AC205

Reel R4_190211

Reel R4_203170

Reel R5_190808

Reel R5_190808_staines

Reel R5_201906

Reel R6_2-194006

Reel R6_250997

Reel R6_270012

Reel Spec22e-40ex

Reel 11A

Reel 30A

Reel 53A

Tugs Volunteer and John King

Petter AA1 driving pump

Petter Single Cylinder Air-Cooled

Crane Powered By Petter Single Water Cooled Diesel

Petter Powered 3 Wheel Truck

Petter AVA2 Powered Dumper

Petter AVA2 Diesels

Petter AB1 Powered Plant

Petter AA1

Petter Diesel

Pyronaut Engine Room

Tug John King Engine Room

Pyronaut at Bristol

Petter A1 Generating Set

Petter Superscavenge

Petter VJ1

Petter air-cooled engine

Marine Diesels Type MCV

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

Four Stroke Diesel Engines (Bates Design)

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

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Film Listing

47472StopT25Petters Ltd
47473Special Dynamo CouplingT65Petters Ltd
47474FlangeT25Petters Ltd
47474AFlangeT25Petters Ltd
47474BFlange TXPetters Ltd
47476Sketch Showing Required Particulars for Clutch Operating GearT65Petters Ltd
47478Bottom CoverT25Petters Ltd
47479Forward End CoverT25Petters Ltd
47480Forward End Cover (Split)T25Petters Ltd
47481Special Nipple (Short)T25Petters Ltd
47482Crankcase drain VSPetters Ltd
47483End PlateT25Petters Ltd
47484Special Water Inlet PipeT65Petters Ltd
47487Bracket for StrainerT40Petters Ltd
47488Special PlugT40Petters Ltd
47490DipstickT25Petters Ltd
47491Special BoltT25Petters Ltd
47493JointT25Petters Ltd
47494JointT25Petters Ltd
47495Sketch of Flywheel BossVS12Petters Ltd
47496Pump EccentricVST24Petters Ltd
47497Governor Fixing BoltVST24Petters Ltd
47498Special Water TankVS8Petters Ltd
47499Sketch of Battery RoomVS8Petters Ltd
47500Crankcase Oil Suction PipeT25Petters Ltd
47501Crankcase Oil Suction Valve CasingT25Petters Ltd
47503Special LeverVS5Petters Ltd
47504Special BracketVS5Petters Ltd
47505Special Fulcrum PinVS5Petters Ltd
47506Special NippleT25Petters Ltd
47508SetscrewT25Petters Ltd
47509Special SetscrewT25Petters Ltd
47510WP Conn. Rod BushT25Petters Ltd
47511Coupling BoltsT25Petters Ltd
47512PlugT25Petters Ltd
47513Method of Rmoving Valves and SeatsT25Petters Ltd
47532AEnd CoverT25Petters Ltd
47524Gear Setting Instruction Plate (Crankshaft)T25Petters Ltd
47525Pump Connecting PipeT25Petters Ltd
47526Rubber Insertion JointT25Petters Ltd
47527Change Over PipeT25Petters Ltd
47528SetscrewT25Petters Ltd
47529FP Manifold AdaptorTPetters Ltd
47530VaporiserPetters Ltd
47531Arrangement of Standard Auxiliary SilencerPetters Ltd
47532JointT25Petters Ltd
47533Special Water TanksVS18Petters Ltd
57534Reducing BushTPetters Ltd
47535Handrails Around FlywheelsT40Petters Ltd
47536Proposed Re-arrangement of ExhaustPetters Ltd
47537Special Extension ShaftT40Petters Ltd
47538Special Trolley FramePVAPetters Ltd
47539Exhaust PipeT65Petters Ltd
47540Exhaust PipeT65Petters Ltd
47541Exhaust PipeT65Petters Ltd
47542Fuel Oil Filter BracketT25Petters Ltd
47543Special Exhaust BendT40Petters Ltd
47544Exhaust PipeT65Petters Ltd
47546Special Foundation PlanT6Petters Ltd
47547Arrangement of Exhaust PitT6Petters Ltd
47458RH Drive Marine TachometerT25Petters Ltd
47550Proposed Layout for Secondary SilencerPetters Ltd
47551Pump Casing SetscrewT25Petters Ltd
47552Connecting Rod StampingPU4Petters Ltd
47553Bobbin Type Extension ShaftT65Petters Ltd
47555Water Outlet FlangeT65Petters Ltd
47556Water Pipe BranchT65Petters Ltd
47556ASpecial Water Pipe BranchT65Petters Ltd
47557Fuel Tank ConnectionT25Petters Ltd
47558Special Water \PipeT40Petters Ltd
47559Governor LeverPU4Petters Ltd
47560Governor Ball PinPU4Petters Ltd
47561Governor Coupling RodPU4Petters Ltd
47563Governor Ball CarrierPU4Petters Ltd
47565Gov.Spring RollerPU4Petters Ltd
47566Gov. Spring Roller PinPU4Petters Ltd
47567CCamshaft End CoverPU4MPetters Ltd
47567Camshaft End CoverPU4Petters Ltd
46567ACamshaft End CoverPU4Petters Ltd
47567BCamshaft End CoverPU4MPetters Ltd
47568Show BaseVAPetters Ltd
47569Assembly of Lub.Oil Drain PotVS5Petters Ltd
47570Lub.Oil Drain PotVS5Petters Ltd
47571Cover for Lub. Oil Drain PotVS5Petters Ltd
47572Knob for Lub.Oil Drain PotVS5Petters Ltd
47573BaffleVS5Petters Ltd
47574Return PipeVS5Petters Ltd
47575Induction Pipe Gland NutPU4Petters Ltd
47576Barring Gear SetscrewT25Petters Ltd
47577SupportVS12MPetters Ltd
47578Diagramatic Arrangement of Pump with Special Foot ValvePetters Ltd
47579Special Meter BoardVZAutoPetters Ltd
47580Governor Control Shaft (Horizontal)VS12MPetters Ltd
47581Pivot PinVS12MPetters Ltd
475823/4" Whit StudVS12MPetters Ltd
47583AMain Bearing (Top R.H. Outside)T40Petters Ltd
47584Thrust RingT40Petters Ltd
47585Induction Pipe (R.H.)PU4Petters Ltd
47587Cyl.Head JointPU4Petters Ltd
2-47587Cylinder Head JointPUPetters Ltd
47588Valve Cap JointPU4Petters Ltd
47589Oil Retaining Cover (Bottom Half)T40Petters Ltd
47590Oil Retaining Plate (Top Half)T40Petters Ltd
47591Proposed Arrangement of Exhaust SystemRPetters Ltd
47592Special Water Pump BracketVS10MPetters Ltd
47593Special Lubricator Eccentric SheaveVS8Petters Ltd
47595Alteration to Pump ShaftVS8Petters Ltd
47596Oil Scraper RingT25Petters Ltd
47497Jack ScrewT25Petters Ltd
47598Special Fuel TankVZPetters Ltd
47600Special Coupling BoltT25Petters Ltd
47602Special Exhaust PipeT65Petters Ltd
47604Water Trickle CoolerPVS12Petters Ltd
47605Magneto Gear Guard & Lub.BracketVAPetters Ltd
47607BracketT25Petters Ltd
47607BracketT25Petters Ltd
47609ValvePU4Petters Ltd
47608Special Chain GuardVS8Petters Ltd
47610Extension ShaftT25Petters Ltd
47611Reverse Gear Casing CoverT25Petters Ltd
47612Lever T25Petters Ltd
47613Sketch Showing Required Diamensions on GEC GeneratorT65Petters Ltd
47614Position of CofG of FlywheelVST24Petters Ltd
47615PinVS12MPetters Ltd
47616Spill Valve Lever PinT25Petters Ltd
47616ASpill Valve Lever PinT25Petters Ltd
47617Long Ecc. BushT25Petters Ltd
47618Middle Ecc. BushT25Petters Ltd
47619End Eccentric BushT25Petters Ltd
47620Thrust ShaftVS18MPetters Ltd
47621Pattern for Pump BodyPetters Ltd
47622Pump BodyPetters Ltd
47623Set SleevePetters Ltd
47624Set WormPetters Ltd
47625Set Worm HeadT25Petters Ltd
47626Set Worm BracketPetters Ltd
47627Proposed Setting for Governed Calibrater LubricatorPetters Ltd
47628Special PulleyVZPetters Ltd
47629Flange JointPU4Petters Ltd
47630Driving PinionPUPetters Ltd
3-47630Driving PinionPUPetters Ltd
47630Driving PinionPU4Petters Ltd
47631Driven GearPU4Petters Ltd
2-47631Camshaft Gear WheelPUPetters Ltd
47632Cross ShaftT25Petters Ltd
47633Oil Retainig PlatePU4Petters Ltd
47633AOil Retaining PlatePU8Petters Ltd
47634Valve TappetPU4Petters Ltd
47636Lubricator Pump BodyPU4Petters Ltd
47637PlungerPU4Petters Ltd
47638Suction ConnectionPU4Petters Ltd
2-47638Suction ConnectionPUPetters Ltd
2-47640Delivery ConnectionPUPetters Ltd
47640Delivery ConnectionPUPetters Ltd
47642Lub.Pump SpringPU4Petters Ltd
47646Tell tale Valve CapPU4Petters Ltd
47648Special Air Intake PipeT40Petters Ltd
47649SupportT40Petters Ltd
47650SaddleT25Petters Ltd
47651Thrust ShaftNLPetters Ltd
47652KointT65Petters Ltd
47653Pipe from Water PumpT25Petters Ltd
47654Delivery PipeT25Petters Ltd
47656Oil Retaining ValvePU4Petters Ltd
47657Breasther ValvePU4Petters Ltd
47658Cover for Breather Valve and Petrol Pump BodyPetters Ltd
47659KeyPU4Petters Ltd
2-47661Magneto Packing StripPU4Petters Ltd
47661Magneto Packing StripPU4Petters Ltd
47663Camshaft End Cover JointPU4Petters Ltd
47664JointPU4Petters Ltd
47666JointPU4Petters Ltd
47667Reverse Gear Distance PieceVS12MPetters Ltd
47668AEccentric Casing (Bottom Half)T25Petters Ltd
47668Eccentric Casing (Top Half)T25Petters Ltd
47669Position of Extension Shaft & Outer BearingVST24Petters Ltd
47670Trip LeverT65Petters Ltd
47671Special Lubricator Adaptor PlateVS18Petters Ltd
47672OIl Retaining RingT25Petters Ltd
47673BossT25Petters Ltd
47674Special Pump PipeCM3Petters Ltd
29411.6Disc FlywheelVS12Petters Ltd
47676Cylinder HeadVZPetters Ltd
2-47676Cylinder HeadVZPetters Ltd
47677Cent. Oiler Priming Valve BodyT40Petters Ltd
47678PulleyPU4Petters Ltd
47682Special Lubricator BracketVAPetters Ltd
47683Worm Bracket ScrewPetters Ltd
47685Exhaust Flange InboardVZPetters Ltd
47686Exhaust Flange OutboardVZPetters Ltd
47687WasherPU4Petters Ltd
47688CGovernor Driving GearPetters Ltd
47688AGovernor Driving GearT25Petters Ltd
47688BGovernor Driving GearT40Petters Ltd
47688Governor Driving GearT25Petters Ltd
47691Governor PinionT40Petters Ltd
47692Governor Pinion HolderT40Petters Ltd
47693Outer Key RingT40Petters Ltd
47694Inner Key RingT40Petters Ltd
47695Spring CarrierT40Petters Ltd
476965/16" Whit Locking ScrewT40Petters Ltd
47697Reversible Cush Governor PinionT40Petters Ltd
47698Special R.H.Bearing cover Oil PlateVAPetters Ltd
47700Releasse LeverT65Petters Ltd
47701Fuel Release LeverT65Petters Ltd
47702Fuel Release LeverT65Petters Ltd
47703Trip Lever ShaftT25Petters Ltd
47704Distance CollarTPetters Ltd
47706Reverse Gear Casing Cover (Tachometer)T25Petters Ltd
47708Switchboard Cut-out CoverVZPetters Ltd
47709Arrangement of Sludge Sump on Fuel TankPetters Ltd
47711Starting Handle StampingPU4Petters Ltd
47712Starting HandlePU4Petters Ltd
47713Special Dynamo Half CouplingVS12Petters Ltd
47714Chain for Tacho DriveT25Hans Reynold
47716Copper Water PipeT65Petters Ltd
47717Water Delivery pipeT65Petters Ltd
47718Hose NozzlePetters Ltd
47719Special AdaptorPetters Ltd
47220Piston RingPU4Petters Ltd
477221Arrangement of Low Pressure Car Washing PlantPetters Ltd
47722Strainer PipePetters Ltd
47723PulleyVS18Petters Ltd
47724Special Pipe FlangeT25Petters Ltd
47225Grooved Pin (Mills GP3)TPetters Ltd
47725AGrooved Dowel PinACEPetters Ltd
47727Special Pipe FlangeT25Petters Ltd
47728No 3 Woodruff Key
47729Weight PinVS8Petters Ltd
47730Distance CollarVS8Petters Ltd
47731Cush Pinion Driving PinT40Petters Ltd
47732Cush Pinion Damping SpringT40Petters Ltd
47733Fuel Pump CamNLPetters Ltd
47734Flywheel CarrierNLPetters Ltd
47735Flywheel Carrier KeyNLPetters Ltd
47736Cluth LiningVS8Petters Ltd
47738Pulley KeyVS18Petters Ltd
47739Bearing Cover CapVAPetters Ltd
47740WasherT25Petters Ltd
47441Governor Thrust Block SleeveVAPetters Ltd
47742Packing Ring(Inner)VAPetters Ltd
47743Packing Ring(Outer)VAPetters Ltd
47744Crankshaft CollarVAPetters Ltd
47747Magneto Crank Gear Wheel KeyVAPetters Ltd
47748Governor LeverVAPetters Ltd
47749Governor Lever( Thrust Block)VAPetters Ltd
47750Governor Lever Link (Short)VAPetters Ltd
47751Governor Lever Link (Long)VAPetters Ltd
47752Fulcrum PinVAPetters Ltd
47753Lubricator BracketVAPetters Ltd
47754Bearing Cover Cap (Left Hand)VAPetters Ltd
47755Special Solid Cone EndVS12Petters Ltd
47756Speeding Cam R.H.NLPetters Ltd
47757Speeding Cam L.H.NLPetters Ltd
47758Magneto Driving ChainPU4Renold
47759Fuel Pump CoverVAPetters Ltd
47760CollarT25Petters Ltd
47761Special End WasherT25Petters Ltd
47762Layshaft BracketT25Petters Ltd
47763Bearing Cover Cap JointVAPetters Ltd
47764Fuel Oil Strainer FlangeT25Petters Ltd
47765Fuel Oil Strainer FlangeT25Petters Ltd
47766Fuel Oil Strainer Flange JointT25Petters Ltd
47768Water Pump Suction PipeVS6MPetters Ltd
47770Special Bracket VZPetters Ltd
47771Sketch Showing DrillingsVZPetters Ltd
47772Special Canvas End CurtainsVZPetters Ltd
47774Special Pump PulleyNLPetters Ltd
46774Speed Control EccentricVS12MPetters Ltd
47773Carburetter Type 24UHPU4Zenith
47775Special FlywheelVS8Petters Ltd
47776Air Compressor FlywheelT7Petters Ltd
47777Centrifugal OilerVAPetters Ltd
47778Wedge FlangeT40Petters Ltd
47779Special Bearing Cover BreatherVAPetters Ltd
47780Compressor Valve CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
47781PistonPU4Petters Ltd
47782Centifugal Clutch WeightT7Petters Ltd
47783SpringT7Petters Ltd
47784SpindleT25Petters Ltd
47785BushT25Petters Ltd
47786Water Pump Delivery FlangeT65Petters Ltd
47787Lubrication Drain PotVS18Petters Ltd
47788ACoverVST24Petters Ltd
47788Cover VS18Petters Ltd
47790Return PipeVS18Petters Ltd
47792JointT25Petters Ltd
2-47793Oil DipperPU4Petters Ltd
47794Breather Outlet PipePU4Petters Ltd
47797Compressor Suction Valve Lifter PinT12/2MPetters Ltd
47798Compressor Suction Valve HolderT12/2MPetters Ltd
47799Compressor Suction Valve SeatT12/2MPetters Ltd
47796JointT25Petters Ltd
47800Compressor Delivery Valve HolderT12/2MPetters Ltd
47801Compressor Delivery Valve StudT12/2MPetters Ltd
47802Compressor ValveT12/2MPetters Ltd
47803Compressor Delivery Valve Retaining ScrewT12/2MPetters Ltd
47804Compressor Suction Valve Retaining ScrewT12/2MPetters Ltd
47805Compressor Suction Lifter PlungerT12/2MPetters Ltd
47806Delivery Valve SeatT12/2MPetters Ltd
47807Chain GuardT40Petters Ltd
47808Arrangement of 3HP Universal EngineVAPetters Ltd
47809Baseplate Fitted BoltT65Petters Ltd
47810Baseplate Cupling BoltT65Petters Ltd
47811Flywheel Coupling BoltT65Petters Ltd
47812Generator Coupling BoltT65Petters Ltd
47813Flanged Water PipeT25Petters Ltd
47814Governor RodVAPetters Ltd
47813Calibrater Camshaft BushVAPetters Ltd
47818After Cooling Water TankT65Petters Ltd
47820Special Exhaust BendT40Petters Ltd
47821Special Exhaust BendT40Petters Ltd
47822Exhaust Pipe SpecialT40Petters Ltd
47823Exhaust Pipe SpecialT40Petters Ltd
47826PulleyVS18Petters Ltd
47827Special Extension ShaftT65Petters Ltd
47827Special Extension ShaftT65Petters Ltd
47828Air Plate Disc DowelTPetters Ltd
47829Thermometer ClipT40Petters Ltd
47830HandrailsT40Petters Ltd
47831Special NippleT25Petters Ltd
47832LH Drive Marine Tachometer T25Petters Ltd
47833RH Drive Marine TachometerT25Petters Ltd
47834Special Arrangement of 1.1/2BHP Petter Universal Engine VZPetters Ltd
47835Piston PinT7Petters Ltd
47836Piston Pin KeyT7Petters Ltd
47836Piston Pin KeyT7Petters Ltd
47837Piston Pin SetscrewT7Petters Ltd
47838Special Driving PulleyT65Petters Ltd
47839Special Pulley KeyT65Petters Ltd
47840Special Driving PulleyT65Petters Ltd
47841Special Pulley KeyT65Petters Ltd
47842Air Receiver 8" x 4'0"T25Petters Ltd
47843Pump Driving ShaftT25Petters Ltd
47844Pump Driving ShaftT25Petters Ltd
47845JointT65Petters Ltd
47846Special Dynamo PulleyVZPetters Ltd
47847Top Joint CoverT40Petters Ltd
47848Pipe Flange JointT40Petters Ltd
47849Guide Cover JointT40Petters Ltd
47850Water Inlet FlangeT40Petters Ltd
47851Standard JointT40Petters Ltd
47852Water Outlet Flange JointT40Petters Ltd
47853Piston PinT6Petters Ltd
47854Cover VS5Petters Ltd
47855CoverVS18Petters Ltd
47856Arrangement of 24BHP Petter Marine Oil EngineVST24MPetters Ltd
47857Arrangement of 24BHP Petter Marine Oil EngineVST24MPetters Ltd
47858SetscrewT40Petters Ltd
47859SetscrewT40Petters Ltd
47860BoltT40Petters Ltd
47862Arrangement of Chain GuardT40Petters Ltd
47864StampingPU4Petters Ltd
47865Reverse Gear Coupling BoltVS12MPetters Ltd
47866Coupling Flange (Brazed Type)T25Petters Ltd
47866Coupling Flange (Brazed Type)T25Petters Ltd
47867Special 7/16"Whit x 1.5/8" StudT25Petters Ltd
47868VaporiserVS18Petters Ltd
47869Retaining PlateT65Petters Ltd
47869Retaining PlateT65Petters Ltd
47870Oil ThrowerT65Petters Ltd
47871Eccentric Sheave KeyT40Petters Ltd
47872Trip Lever BracketT65Petters Ltd
47873Special End CoverT65Petters Ltd
47874Special End Cover BushT65Petters Ltd
47875Trip Lever ShaftT65Petters Ltd
47876JointT35/1Petters Ltd
47879Distance CollarT65Petters Ltd
47881Barrel BushVS8Petters Ltd
47882Eccentric StrapVS8Petters Ltd
47883Piston Pin SetscrewT7Petters Ltd
47885Valve SpringVS8Petters Ltd
47887Valve NutVS8Petters Ltd
47888Suction Valve CoverVS8Petters Ltd
47888Suction Valve CoverVS8Petters Ltd
47890Air VesselVS8Petters Ltd
47891Nipple for Air VesselVS8Petters Ltd
47893Valve Cover JointVS8Petters Ltd
47894ValveVS8Petters Ltd
47895Fixing ScrewVS8Petters Ltd
47896Special BedVS8Petters Ltd
47897Eccentric Strap StudVS8Petters Ltd
47898Foundations for T65/3 EnginePetters Ltd
47901Show BaseVZPetters Ltd
47902Special Water Pipe AssemblyT40Petters Ltd
47903CouplingT65Petters Ltd
47904Bobbin ShaftT65Petters Ltd
47904ASketch showing Modification to Extansion ShaftT65Petters Ltd
47905Split RingT65Petters Ltd
47906CouplingT65Petters Ltd
47907Clutch ShaftT65Petters Ltd
47908Extension Shaft BoltsVS12Petters Ltd
47909PlungerPU4Petters Ltd
47910CamPU4Petters Ltd
47911Pump RockerPU4Petters Ltd
47912Pump LeverPU4Petters Ltd
47913NipplePU4Petters Ltd
47915Special Water TanksVS18Petters Ltd
47316Stop PegT65Petters Ltd
47917Exhaust Silencer End CapPU4Petters Ltd
47919Plunger SprimgPU4Petters Ltd
47920Flexible Metalic Drain TubeVS5Petters Ltd
47621Flexible Metalic Drain TubeVS12Petters Ltd
47922Piston RingVS18Petters Ltd
47923BAtomiser BridgeTTPetters Ltd
47923Atomiser BridgeT7Petters Ltd
47923AAtomiser Bridge CANCELLEDT5Petters Ltd
47925Non Return Valve BodyT25Petters Ltd
47926N.R.Valve CapTXPetters Ltd
47927SupportVST36MPetters Ltd
47928Arrangement of Chain Drive for PumpT40Petters Ltd
47929Stamping for Pump LeverPU4Petters Ltd
47930Exhaust Outlet PipeT65Petters Ltd
47931Extension ShaftT65Petters Ltd
47932AEnd CoverT40Petters Ltd
47932End CoverT40Petters Ltd
47933Silencer End CoverT25Petters Ltd
47934Special NippleT25Petters Ltd
47935Trickle Cooling TankPVS5Petters Ltd
47936Trickle Cooling TankPVS8Petters Ltd
47937Water Trickle CoolerPVS12Petters Ltd
47938Water Trickle CoolerPVS18Petters Ltd
47939Trickle Cooling TankPVST24Petters Ltd
47940Cleaning CoverT40Petters Ltd
47941Arrangement of Left Hand Ball BearingVAPetters Ltd
47942Main Bearing Cap Dowel PinT40Petters Ltd
47943Frame for TrolleyPVFPetters Ltd
47945Special Outer Bearing StoolT25Petters Ltd
47947Air Receiver RailT25Petters Ltd
47948Air Reciver StrapsT25Petters Ltd
47949Air Receiver Block (Front)T25Petters Ltd
47950Wood Block for Air receiversT25Petters Ltd
47951Exhaust Manifold Water Jacket CoverT40Petters Ltd
2-47951Exhaust Manifold Water Jacket CoverT40Petters Ltd
47952JointT40Petters Ltd
47953End CoverT40Petters Ltd
47955Expansion Joint PipeT25Petters Ltd
47956Expansion Joint BodyT25Petters Ltd
47957Expansion Joint GlandT25Petters Ltd
47958Arrangement of Expansion JointT25Petters Ltd
47959Ring SpannerPU4Petters Ltd
47960Masco Packing RingVZPetters Ltd
47961Lub Pot BracketVZPetters Ltd
47962Weed StrainerT25Petters Ltd
47964Special Arrangement of 3BHP Petter Universal EngineVAPetters Ltd
47965Special Arrangement of 3BHP Petter Universal EngineVAPetters Ltd
47966Vacuum Pump Breather BodyVAPetters Ltd
47967Vacuum Pump Breather CoverVAPetters Ltd
47968Exhaust BendT25Petters Ltd
47969Safety Valve PlugTPetters Ltd
47970Special FlywheelT7Petters Ltd
47971Flywheel NutT7Petters Ltd
47972JointT40Petters Ltd
47973Exhaust Flange JointT40Petters Ltd
47974BoltT25Petters Ltd
47975Water Inlet FittingT25Petters Ltd
47975Water Inlet FittingT25Petters Ltd
47976JointT40Petters Ltd
47977Special Arrangement of 5BHP Universal Type EngineVFUPetters Ltd
47978Special Arrangement of 5BHP S Type EngineVS5Petters Ltd
47980Filling PlugVZPetters Ltd
47981Filling CapVZPetters Ltd
47982Arrangment of 2-3BHP Petter Universal Tank Cooled Engine in HouseVAPetters Ltd
47983Show Base T7Petters Ltd
47984Detail of Drilling T65Petters Ltd
47985Piston Ring (oversize)T65Petters Ltd
47987Piston Ring (oversize)T40Petters Ltd
47989Piston RingVS18Petters Ltd
47990Piston RingVS18Petters Ltd
47991Piston Ring (oversize)T25Wellworthy
47994Special Exhaust BendVS18Petters Ltd
47995-6Special Exhaust PipesVS18Petters Ltd
47997-8Chequer PlatePetters Ltd
47999Chequer PlatePetters Ltd
48001Special PulleyVS12Petters Ltd
48003Special Water TankVS18Petters Ltd
48004Syphon PipeT25Petters Ltd
48005Coupling BoltCM3Petters Ltd
48007Special SpannerPU4Petters Ltd
48008Body for BreatherTMPetters Ltd
48009CapTMPetters Ltd
48010Breather BaffleTMPetters Ltd
48011Breather Baffle PlateTMPetters Ltd
48014Water Outlet Flange JointT40Petters Ltd
48015Dynamo & OB ShimsT65Petters Ltd
48016Special Governor Side PulleyVS5Petters Ltd
48017Special Starting CollarVS5Petters Ltd
48018Special Pulley KeyVS5Petters Ltd
48021Atmosphere Pipe SupportT65Petters Ltd
48022ClipT65Petters Ltd
48024Valve SpringT25Petters Ltd
48025Valve GuardT25Petters Ltd
48026Oil Sump Bottom CoverT40Petters Ltd
48027Frame for GauzeVAPetters Ltd
48028Water Pipe Branch BossT65Petters Ltd
48031Breather AssemblyTMPetters Ltd
48032ALub Oil Suction Pipe CoverT40Petters Ltd
48034Arrangement of Chain DriveT40Petters Ltd
48035Arrangement of Chain DriveT25Petters Ltd
48036Stair RodT65Petters Ltd
48037Clutch Shaft Coupling BoltT65Petters Ltd
48038Compressor Coupling BoltT65Petters Ltd
48039Crankshaft StampingVAPetters Ltd
48040Oil Sump CoverT40Petters Ltd
48041Silencer Water Seat Drain PotVS18Petters Ltd
48042Silencer Water Seal Drain Pot CoverVS18Petters Ltd
48043Drain PipeVS18Petters Ltd
48044Relief Valve PipeTPetters Ltd
48045Fuel Filter Body CapVS18Petters Ltd
48046Fuel Filter Cap Die CastingMBrush Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd
48047Platform Flooring (Stairs End)T65Petters Ltd
48048Atmosphere Pipe Wall ClipVS18Petters Ltd
48049Special Base T25Petters Ltd
48050Engine Holding Down BoltPetters Ltd
48051Outer Bearing H.D.BoltsPetters Ltd
48052Generator H.D. BoltPetters Ltd
48053Generator DowelsPetters Ltd
2-48054Cylinder HeadVAPetters Ltd
48054Cylinder HeadVAPetters Ltd
48055Engine HD BoltsPetters Ltd
48056Petter Atomic Diesel Marine EngineT12/2MPetters Ltd
48057Petter Atomic Diesel Marine EngineT18/2MPetters Ltd
48058BedVAPetters Ltd
48059Magneto Gear GuardVAPetters Ltd
48060Atmosphere Pipe Wall Clip BoltVS18Petters Ltd
48061SpannerVAPetters Ltd
48062Instruction PlateSPetters Ltd
48066ACamshaft Bearing Cover BushPU4Petters Ltd
48067Camshaft Bearing Bush (Short)PU4Petters Ltd
48068Silencer Water Seal Drain PotVS18Petters Ltd
48069Silencer Water Seal Dtrain Pot CoverT25Petters Ltd
48070WP Eccentric & Governor Casing CarrierVST24Petters Ltd
48071Watewr pump Eccentric StrapVST24Petters Ltd
48072Water Pump Eccentric KeyVST24Petters Ltd
48073Sump T40Petters Ltd
48074Water Pump Ecc. Straps StudVST24Petters Ltd
48075Camshaft BearingVAPetters Ltd
48076Governor LeverVAPetters Ltd
2-48076Goveror LeverVAPetters Ltd
48077Exhaust Silencer Cover (Plain)T25Petters Ltd
48078Delivery Valve PlugT12/2MPetters Ltd
48079JointT12/2MPetters Ltd
48080Holding Down BoltsT65Petters Ltd
48081Water Inlet FittingT25Petters Ltd
48082Pipe ClipT65Petters Ltd
48084Crankshaft Stamping (Extended)VAPetters Ltd
48086Special BendT25Petters Ltd
48087Fuel Pump Priming Handle (Starboard)T25Petters Ltd
48097ATop MB Bush (Aft)Petters Ltd
48097Top Main BearingT65Petters Ltd
48088Bottom Main BearingT65Petters Ltd
48090Bottom Main Bearing (Aft)T65Petters Ltd
48091Bottom Main Bearing (Aft)T65Petters Ltd
48092Compressor Suction Valve CapT12/2MPetters Ltd
48093Compressor Delivery Valve Retainig ScrewT12/2MPetters Ltd
48094Compressor suction lifter plungerT12/2MPetters Ltd
48096Top Main Bearing (Aft)T65Petters Ltd
48099Water Trickle CoolerPVS12Petters Ltd
48100Arrangemant of Holding Down Bolts on 100BHP Marine EngineT25Petters Ltd
48101Belt GuideVZPetters Ltd
48102Proposed Modification to Exhaust Silencer PitT40Petters Ltd
48103Air Receiver StrapsT25Petters Ltd
48104Thermometer Adaptor (Water Outlet)T65Petters Ltd
48105Engine Dowel PinsT65Petters Ltd
48106Outer Bearing Dowel PinsT65Petters Ltd
48107Barring Gear DowelsT65Petters Ltd
48108Barring Gear HD BoltsT65Petters Ltd
48109BedVFPetters Ltd
48109BBedTTPetters Ltd
48110Bearing Covert CapVFPetters Ltd
48111Joint WasherVFPetters Ltd
48112Joint WasherVFPetters Ltd
48115Cylinder HeadVFPetters Ltd
2-48115Cylinder HeadVFPetters Ltd
48117Governor LeverVFPetters Ltd
2-48117Governor LeverVFPetters Ltd
48118Crsankshaft Nut SpannerVFPetters Ltd
48122Crankshaft StampigVFPetters Ltd
48123Crankshaft Stamping (Extended)VFPetters Ltd
48125Fuel Pump Delivery NipplePetters Ltd
48126Special Water TanksVS18Petters Ltd
48128Governor Thrust Block SleeveVFPetters Ltd
48129Governor Thrust BlockVFPetters Ltd
48130Drain TubeVZAutoPetters Ltd
48133Thrust ShaftT65Petters Ltd
48136Thruat SAhaftT65Petters Ltd
48140Suction Valve StopT65Petters Ltd
48141Lub.Oil Suction Pipe ConnectionT65Petters Ltd
48142Lub.Oil Suction PipeT65Petters Ltd
48144Roller Pin BushT25Petters Ltd
48144Roller Pin BushT25Petters Ltd
48146Magneto Gear GuardVFPetters Ltd
48145Fuel Pump RollerT25Petters Ltd
48147 Coupling BoltVS8Petters Ltd
48149Lub.Oil Suction Pipe CoverT65Petters Ltd
48149AGuide CoverT65Petters Ltd
48150Generating SetPetters Ltd
48151Special BaseVFPetters Ltd
48152Proposed Arrangement of HandrailsT65Petters Ltd
48153Clutch Driving PlateVFPetters Ltd
48154Clutch Friction DiscVFPetters Ltd
48155Clutch Driven PlateVFPetters Ltd
48156Clutch Toggle SleeveVFPetters Ltd
48257Clutch ToggleVFPetters Ltd
48158Clutch Toggle LinkVFPetters Ltd
48159Link Pin (Short)VFPetters Ltd
48160Clutch Toggle SlideVFPetters Ltd
48161Retainig Collar for Clutch Toggle SleeveVFPetters Ltd
48162Clutch Operating LeverVFPetters Ltd
48163Fulcrum PinVFPetters Ltd
48165Driving Plate for CrankwasherPetters Ltd
48166T65Petters Ltd
48167Crankshaft Stamping (Extended)VZPetters Ltd
48170Gov. Thrust Block SleeveVZPetters Ltd
48174Bearing Cover RHVZPetters Ltd
48175Bearing Covert Cap RHVZPetters Ltd
48176RH Bearing Cover JointVZPetters Ltd
48177Inner \Packing RingVZPetters Ltd
48178Outer Packing RingVZPetters Ltd
48180LH Bearing Cover Cap JointVZPetters Ltd
2-48180LH Bearing Cover Cap JointVZPetters Ltd
48181Mag Geart GuardVZPetters Ltd
48182Wood BlockT65Petters Ltd
48185Air Receiver RailT65Petters Ltd
48187Breather CoverVAPetters Ltd
48188Engine HD Bolts (Long)T65Petters Ltd
48189Dowel PinT65Petters Ltd
48190Governor Lever GudgeonVZPetters Ltd
48191Governor LeverVZPetters Ltd
48191Governor LeverVZPetters Ltd
2-48191Governor LeverVZPetters Ltd
48192Crankshaft Nut SpannerVZPetters Ltd
48193Breather BodyVAPetters Ltd
48194Breather PlateVAPetters Ltd
48195SetscrewVAPetters Ltd
48196Arrangement of Petter Atomic Diesel Marine Oil Engine 75BHP at 400RPMT25Petters Ltd
48197Long Eccentric BushT40Petters Ltd
48198End Eccentric Bush (Starbd)T40Petters Ltd
48199Crasnkshaft StampingVZPetters Ltd
48200Adaptor for Starting HandleVS12Petters Ltd
48201Special BendT25Petters Ltd
48203Arrangement of 3BHP Marine EngineVAPetters Ltd
48204Relief Valve ConnectionTPetters Ltd
48205Air ReceiverTPetters Ltd
482061" Bore Air ValveTPetters Ltd
482071" Dia Connection for Air ReceiverT Petters Ltd
48207A1" Dia Connection for Air ReceiverTPetters Ltd
48208Connecting Air Rail 18" & 8" ReceiversTPetters Ltd
48209Special Tee Piece for Air SystemTPetters Ltd
48210Pipe FlangeTPetters Ltd
48210APipe FlangePetters Ltd
48211Air Receiver Straps 18" & 8" Dia ReceiversTPetters Ltd
2-48213Flywheel (Pulley Side)VZPetters Ltd
48213AFlywheel (Plunger Pump Sets)VZPetters Ltd
3-48213Flywheel (Pulley Side)VZPetters Ltd
48215Layshaft Bearing Bush BottomT65Petters Ltd
48215ALayshaft Bearing Bush TopT65Petters Ltd
48215BLayshaft Bearing Bush (Bottom) ForwardT65Petters Ltd
48215CLayshaft Bearing Bush Top ForwardT65Petters Ltd
48219Layshaft Bearing Cap (Forward)T65Petters Ltd
48221Driving SprocketT65Petters Ltd
48223Driving & Layshaft Pinion WheelT65Petters Ltd
48224Intermediate Gear WheelT65Petters Ltd
48225JointTPetters Ltd
48226Reverse Control Shaft?VS18MPetters Ltd
48227Reverse Control ShaftVS18MPetters Ltd
48242Outer Packing Ring & Inner Packing Ring(VA)VFPetters Ltd
48231Spindle for Extended Gov. ControlVS18MPetters Ltd
48235Lubricator Pipe ClipVAPetters Ltd
48236BaseplateVAPetters Ltd
48237Pin foe Weed Strainer Eye BoltsTPetters Ltd
48238Eye Bolt for Weed StrainerTPetters Ltd
48239JointTPetters Ltd
48240Grid for Strainer BoxTPetters Ltd
48241Strainer Box CoverTPetters Ltd
48243Inner Packing RingVFPetters Ltd
48244Arrangement of Air RailT25Petters Ltd
48245Chain Guide PulleyVS8Petters Ltd
48246Speeding ConeT7Petters Ltd
48247Flange for Air Inlet PipeT65Petters Ltd
48248Air Inlet PipeT65Petters Ltd
48249Control Link PinVS18MPetters Ltd
48250Magneto BracketVZPetters Ltd
48251NameplateVZPetters Ltd
48252NameplateVAPetters Ltd
48253NameplateVFPetters Ltd
48254CrankwasherNLPetters Ltd
48255Crankwasher SpringNLBrush Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd
48256Crankwasher Driving BarNLPetters Ltd
48257Special Offset for 3" BSPVF5Petters Ltd
48258Atmosphere Pipe Wall ClipVF5Petters Ltd
48259Special Tee ConnectionNLPetters Ltd
48260Flywheel Fixing BoltT25Petters Ltd
48260Flywheel Fixing BoltT25Petters Ltd
48261Flywheel Fixing BoltsT25Petters Ltd
48262Flywheel Fixxing BoltT65Petters Ltd
48263Flywheel Fixing BoltT65Petters Ltd
48264Flywheel Locating BoltT65Petters Ltd
48265Flywheel Fixing BoltsT40Petters Ltd
48266Assembly of Priming ConnectionPetters Ltd
48267Tundish AdaptorNLPetters Ltd
48268Governor RodVZPetters Ltd
48269Air Receiver StrapPetters Ltd
48270Arrangement of Marine SilencerT40Petters Ltd
48271Air Receiver RailPetters Ltd
48272Governor Side Pulley 10"Dia X 4"VAPetters Ltd
48273Steel Fuel TankSPetters Ltd