Reel 28D
Object ID4776
Works No28D
Accession NoIF:2013:046
Category 16mm Microfilm
Collection IDPetter Collection
Made ByPetters Ltd
Made InYeovil, England
DescriptionPetter drawings, 50763,52174E drawings
LocationArchive C3-1
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Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

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Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

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Petter Storemans Manual, B2, B3, B4 Series II

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Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

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Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

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Bates Heavy Oil Engine

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Armstrong Siddeley 6-11, 14-22

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National AH1 Service Manual

McLaren Type LE Diesel Engines

Atlantic Oil Engines

Reel 65A

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Reel Atlantic1

Reel Atlantic1a

Reel Atlantic2

Reel Atlantic2a

Reel Atlantic3

Reel Atlantic4

Reel Atlantic5

Reel Atlantic6

Reel Atlantic7

Reel B3-F1A

Reel 2RC-ATL

Reel B2-F3

Reel B3-F5

Reel 1-6BE

Reel 1D

Reel 2D

Reel 3D

Reel 4D

Reel 5D

Reel 6D

Reel 7D

Reel 8D

Reel 9D

Reel 10D

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Reel 58D

Reel 59D

Reel 60D

Reel 61D

Reel 62D

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Reel 64D

Reel 65D

Reel 66D

Reel 67D

Reel 68D

Reel 69D

Reel 70D

Reel 71D

Reel 72D

Reel 73D

Reel 74D

Reel 75D

Reel 76D

Reel 2A-ATL

Reel 1_46Y545

Reel B5-1B

Reel 2_2A

Reel B5-2

Reel 2-6BE

Reel B3-4

Reel 1RC-ATL

Reel B3-6A

Reel B3-7

Reel B3-8

Reel B3-9

Reel B3-10

Reel 11-3

Reel 23F

Reel B3-24

Reel B3-28

Reel 1RC

Reel 2cards

Reel 2A

Reel 3RC

Reel 3A

Reel 4RC

Reel 4A

Reel 5RC

Reel 5A

Reel 6RC

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Reel 7RC

Reel 7A

Reel 8

Reel 8A

Reel 9RC

Reel 9A

Reel 10RC

Reel 10A

Reel 11RC

Reel 1A

Reel 12A

Reel 13RC

Reel 13A

Reel 14A

Reel 15A

Reel 16A

Reel 17A

Reel 18A

Reel 19A

Reel 20A

Reel 21A

Reel 22A

Reel 23A

Reel 24A

Reel 25A

Reel 26A

Reel 27A

Reel 28A

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Reel 31A

Reel 32A

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Reel 71A

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Reel 72A

Reel 73A

Reel 74A

Reel 75A

Reel 76A

Reel 77RC

Reel 78RC

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Reel 79A

Reel 80A

Reel 81A

Reel 82A

Reel 84A

Reel 85A

Reel 86A

Reel 87A

Reel 88A

Reel 89A

Reel 90A

Reel 91A

Reel 92A

Reel 93A

Reel 94A

Reel 95A

Reel 96A

Reel 97A

Reel 98RC

Reel 98A

Reel 99RC

Reel 99A

Reel 100RC

Reel 100A

Reel 101A

Reel 102A

Reel 103A

Reel 104A

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Reel 106A

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Reel 111A

Reel 112A

Reel 113A

Reel 114A

Reel 157RC

Reel 158RC

Reel 159RC

Reel 173RC

Reel 181RC

Reel 182RC

Reel 189RC

Reel 190RC

Reel 199RC

Reel 200RC

Reel 1K

Reel 2K

Reel 3K

Reel 4K

Reel 5K

Reel 6K

Reel 7K

Reel 8K

Reel 9K

Reel 10K

Reel 11K

Reel 12K

Reel 13K

Reel 14K

Reel 15K

Reel 16K

Reel 17K

Reel 18K

Reel 19K

Reel 20K

Reel 21K

Reel 22K

Reel 25K

Reel 26K

Reel 27K

Reel 27K-CONT

Reel 29K

Reel 28K

Reel 120RC

Reel 5AK

Reel 79D

Reel 1cards

Reel 3cards

Reel 4cards

Reel 5cards

Reel 6cards

Reel 7cards

Reel 12RC

Reel 2RC

Reel 86RC

Reel 160RC


Reel R2_250379

Reel R3_257262

Reel R3_AC205

Reel R4_190211

Reel R4_203170

Reel R5_190808

Reel R5_190808_staines

Reel R5_201906

Reel R6_2-194006

Reel R6_250997

Reel R6_270012

Reel Spec22e-40ex

Reel 11A

Reel 30A

Reel 53A

Tugs Volunteer and John King

Petter AA1 driving pump

Petter Single Cylinder Air-Cooled

Crane Powered By Petter Single Water Cooled Diesel

Petter Powered 3 Wheel Truck

Petter AVA2 Powered Dumper

Petter AVA2 Diesels

Petter AB1 Powered Plant

Petter AA1

Petter Diesel

Pyronaut Engine Room

Tug John King Engine Room

Pyronaut at Bristol

Petter A1 Generating Set

Petter Superscavenge

Petter VJ1

Petter air-cooled engine

Marine Diesels Type MCV

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

Four Stroke Diesel Engines (Bates Design)

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

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Film Listing

50763Fork Lever (Long Side) For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
2-50763Fork Lever (Long Side)VS12MPetters Ltd
50764Brake Band Link For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
2-50764Brake Band Link For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
50765Link Pin For Reverse GearPetters Ltd
50766Brake Band For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
50767Cam Shaft For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
50768Cam Shaft NutP255Petters Ltd
50770Cam Shoe For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
50771Cam Roller For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
50772Cam Roller Pin For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
50774Lever Cam Block For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
50775Cam Lever Pin For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
50776Lever Stud For Reverse GearVS12MPetters Ltd
50777Extension ShaftT40Petters Ltd
50778Clutch Lever Bracket For Log SawVAPetters Ltd
50779Adjustment For Layshaft Bracket For Log SawVAPetters Ltd
50782Cover For Breather ValvePU4Petters Ltd
50784Lub Oil Suction PipePetters Ltd
50785Water Regulating Cock BushT12/2Petters Ltd
50786Mag Gear GuardVZPetters Ltd
50787Expansion Joint PipeT40Petters Ltd
50788Expansion Joint BodyT40Petters Ltd
50789Expansion Joint GlandT40Petters Ltd
50790Arrangement Of 10" Expansion JointT40Petters Ltd
50791Governor Control ArmT12Petters Ltd
50792Governor Control Arm (Stamping)T12Petters Ltd
50793Fuel Pump Gov Control ArmT12Petters Ltd
50794Special Cooling Water TankT40Petters Ltd
50795Arrangement Of 1.1/2BHP Universal Engine D/C To Reavell SA 2.3/8" x 2.3/4" Air CompressorVZPetters Ltd
50797Lubricator Adaptor Plate (3 To 6 Feed)VS18Petters Ltd
50799Fuel Control Wheel Index Plate (Starboard)T40Petters Ltd
50800Fuel Control Indicator Plate (Starboard)T40Petters Ltd
50801Piston Pin Retaining RingPU4Petters Ltd
50802Clutch Spring Stud For Log SawVAPetters Ltd
50804Special SpannerT65Petters Ltd
50805Clutch Set Collar For Log SawVAPetters Ltd
50806Water Pump Valve Extractor BarT65Petters Ltd
50807Bracket For 1/2" Albany PumpVS8Petters Ltd
50809Setscrew For forward CasingT65Petters Ltd
50808Water Tube JointT12/2MPetters Ltd
50810Dynamo Half CouplingVS8Petters Ltd
50811H.D. Bolt 7/8" WhitT12/2MPetters Ltd
50812Arrangement Showing 1.1/2BHP Engine Driving Compressor & DynamoT65Petters Ltd
50813Special Inlet Water PipeT65Petters Ltd
50814Special Tee Connecrtion - Cyl To Delivery Pipe From PumpT65Petters Ltd
50816Diagram Of Timing AdjustmentT7Petters Ltd
50818Baseplate & Foundation Arrangement For 2BHP Aircooled Petter Eng & PumpPU2Petters Ltd
50819Cover For Exhaust SilencerVST24Petters Ltd
50821Lub Oil Suction PipeT65Petters Ltd
50822Lub Oil Suction PipeT25Petters Ltd
50825Special Baseplate (Solo 2D/C To Crompton Parkinson S.P. Gen)PU2Petters Ltd
50826Lubricator Bracket (L.H.)VS6MPetters Ltd
50827Speed Control Bracket (L.H.)VS6MPetters Ltd
50828Fuel Pump Bracket BushT25Petters Ltd
50828AFuel Pump Bracket BushT40Petters Ltd
50828BFuel Pump Bracket BushT65Petters Ltd
50829Air Plate Disc CoverT12/2MPetters Ltd
50830Air Plate Disc CoverT18/2MPetters Ltd
50831Coventry Chain CouplingVS18Petters Ltd
50833Pump PedestalsPU4Petters Ltd
50834Sketch Of Propellor AperturePetters Ltd
50837Full Load Stop SetscrewT7Petters Ltd
50841Set Plate For Layshaft Bracket For Log SawVAPetters Ltd
508432BHP Petter Petrol Engine Driving Evans 3" x 5" No 2 PumpPU2Petters Ltd
50844Arrangement Of Petter Twin Four Engine D/C To 2.1/2" GP Type PumpPU4Petters Ltd
50845Spring Adjuster For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50846Splash Guide Reverse RotationT18/2MPetters Ltd
50847Proposed Arrg't Of Coupling For Centrifugal PumpPU4Petters Ltd
50848Trolley For Solo Two And Evans No2 PumpPU2Petters Ltd
50850ARotary Starting & Charging Valve Body (R.H.Cylinder)SPetters Ltd
50851Charging And Release Valve BodySPetters Ltd
50850Rotary Starting And Charging Valve BodySPetters Ltd
50852Hand Starting Valve BodySPetters Ltd
50853Chatging Spindle BodySPetters Ltd
50854Charging Valve Gland BushSPetters Ltd
50855Release Valve BodySPetters Ltd
50856Hand Starting ValveSPetters Ltd
50857Release Valve SpindleSPetters Ltd
50860Charging Valve SpindleSPetters Ltd
50861Special Driven SprocketT7Petters Ltd
50863Bearing Lub Wheel BracketT12Petters Ltd
50864Bearing Lub Wheel BracketT7Petters Ltd
50864ABearing Lub Wheel BracketT7Petters Ltd
50865Special FlywheelPetters Ltd
50869Special Flywheel For T7 With Centrifugal ClutchT7Petters Ltd
50870Flywheel Key For T7 D.C. With Centrifugal ClutchT7Petters Ltd
50871Sketch Showing Layout Of Engine And Dynamo For Hans-Renold Chain DrivePetters Ltd
50872Fuel Pump Roller Lever PinT7Petters Ltd
50873Arrangement Of 2BHP Petter Petrol Engine Belt Driving Plunger 3" x 5" D.A. PumpPU2Petters Ltd
50874Baseplate For D.C. Compressor SetT7Petters Ltd
50878Special Water TanksVS12Petters Ltd
50879Spring For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50880Special Oil Level Rail For T25/2 Main BearingsT25Petters Ltd
50881Spring Pin For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50882Bearing Lub Wheel ArmT7Petters Ltd
50884Special Foundation BoltT40Petters Ltd
50888Drilling In Baseplate For Woven Wire Guard (62342)VZPetters Ltd
50889Key For Engine PinionVS12Petters Ltd
50890Key For Dynamo SprocketVS12Petters Ltd
50891Outline Arrangement Of Petter Atomic Diesel Marine Engine 195 BHP At 275RPMT65Petters Ltd
50892Outline Arrangement Of Petter Atomic Diesel Marine Engine 300 BHP At 300RPMT65Petters Ltd
5089450BHP Petter Atomic Diesel Engine Chain Driving Type 48C Hotchkiss Internal Cone PropellorT25Petters Ltd
50896Spoecial Distance Collar For type T7 D.C. CrankshaftT7Petters Ltd
50898Weights For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50889Weight Fulcrum Pin For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50900Clutch Weight Lining For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50901Lining Screw For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50910Special BendT25Petters Ltd
50911Compressor Piston RingT25Petters Ltd
50914Oil Colleting PipeT25Petters Ltd
50915Spacing Collar For F.P. CamT65Petters Ltd
50917Fusible PlugT12/2MPetters Ltd
50918Compressor Flywheel For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50919Stop Pin For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50920Chain GuardT7Petters Ltd
50921Chain WheelT40Petters Ltd
50922Pinion (For Tachometer)T40Petters Ltd
50923Chain GuardT40Petters Ltd
50924Chain Guard SupportT40Petters Ltd
50925Chain Guard SupportT40Petters Ltd
50926Chain Wheel KeyT40Petters Ltd
50927Flange For SupportT40Petters Ltd
50928Outline Arrangement Of Petter Atomic Diesel Marine Oil Engine 195 BHP 375RPMTYPetters Ltd
50929Outline Arrangement Of Petter Atomic Diesel Marine Oil Engine 120 BHP 450RPMTXPetters Ltd
50930Outline Arrangement Of Petter Atomic Diesel Marine Oil Engine 145 BHP 375RPMT40Petters Ltd
50931Flywheel Of VS5 Engine For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50933Special StudT25Petters Ltd
50934Sketch Of Lanfdon Reverse Gear To Transmit 28BHP At 400RPMVD2MPetters Ltd
50935L. H. Bearing Cover JointT12Petters Ltd
50936L. H. Bearing Cover JointT12Petters Ltd
50937R. H. Bearing Cover JointT12Petters Ltd
50938Bearing Lub WheelT12Petters Ltd
50939Clip For Pipe StaysPetters Ltd
50940Special Water Pipe (Silencer To Valve)T40Petters Ltd
50941Special Water Pipe (Valve To Rail)T40Petters Ltd
50942Bearing Lub WheelT12Petters Ltd
50943Bosch Atomiser BodyT5Petters Ltd
50944AAtomiser NozzleACEPetters Ltd
50944Bosch Fuel Injection NozzleT12Petters Ltd
50945Packing Plate For Atmosphere & Exhaust Pipes VS12Petters Ltd
50946Arrangement Of Channel Irons For VS12 EngineVS12Petters Ltd
50947Water Inlet ElbowTPetters Ltd
50948Air Receivers StapTPetters Ltd
50950Air Receiver RailTPetters Ltd
50951Oil Pump LeverT12/2MPetters Ltd
50952Trolley For 4BHP Engine And Gwynnes PumpPU4Petters Ltd
50953Draw BarPetters Ltd
50954Front AxlePVFPetters Ltd
50955Splash Plate For CompressorT25Petters Ltd
50956Proposed Arrangement Of T25/2 Atomic Diesel Oil EngineT25Petters Ltd
50957Holding Down StudsT12/2MPetters Ltd
50958Holding Down PlateT12/2MPetters Ltd
509593/8" SetscrewT12/2MPetters Ltd
50960Bosch Fuel Pump Nut (Special)T12/2MPetters Ltd
50900Clutch Weight Lining For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50901Lining Screw For Centrifugal ClutchVS5Petters Ltd
50961Standard Arrangement Of 4BHP Petter Petrol Engine D/C To 2.1/2" G.P. Type Pump On BaseplatePU4Petters Ltd
50963Special 4.1/2" Bore BendT12/2MPetters Ltd
50964Arrangement Of A.G.C. Reverse Gear CouplingPU4Petters Ltd
50965Reverse Gear CouplingPU4Petters Ltd
50966Fibre Bush For R.G. CouplingPU4Petters Ltd
50967Special Trolley For VF & Wills WinchVFPetters Ltd
50968Flexible Coupling AdaptorACEPetters Ltd
50969Special Half CouplingACEPetters Ltd
50970Distance Washer For Flexible CouplingACEPetters Ltd
50971Special Stud For Flexible CouplingACEPetters Ltd
50972Special Bolt For Flexible CouplingACEPetters Ltd
50973Fuel Pump Roller LeverT12Petters Ltd
50974Fuel Pump Roller Lever TappetT12Petters Ltd
50975Sketch Of Jockey WheelPetters Ltd
50977Sketch Of Camshaft JournalPU4Petters Ltd
50979Data Sheet For T Type EnginesTPetters Ltd
50981Arrangement Of 3BHP Petter Engine With Two Pullies (Left Hand Engine)VAPetters Ltd
50983Sketch Of Chain Drive For Gear Box (Short Centres)PU4Petters Ltd
50984Weights For Centrifugal ClutchVS12Petters Ltd
50985Spring For Centrifugal ClutchVS12Petters Ltd
50986Clutch Lining For Centrifugal ClutchVS12Petters Ltd
50987Weight Pin For Centrifugal ClutchVS12Petters Ltd
50988Stop For Centrifugal ClutchVS12Petters Ltd
50989Engine AdaptorVST36Petters Ltd
50991Adaptor For Outer BearingVST36Petters Ltd
50992Special Governor CarrierVS36Petters Ltd
50993Governor Carrier KeyVST36Petters Ltd
50994Special Exhaust ConnectorVST36Petters Ltd
50995Dynamo Half CouplingVST36Petters Ltd
50998Special Exhaust PipeVST36Petters Ltd
50999Special Coupling BoltVST36Petters Ltd
51001Scav Pump tensioner BearingACEPetters Ltd
51002AFuel Pump tensioner BearingACEPetters Ltd
51003Scavenge Pump Tensioner SpindleACEPetters Ltd
51004Fuel Pump Tensioner SpindleACEPetters Ltd
51005Scav Pump Tensioner KeyACEPetters Ltd
51006Fuel Pump Tensioner KeyACEPetters Ltd
51007Washer For Scav & Fuel Pump Tensioner SpindlesACEPetters Ltd
51008Bush For Scav & Fuel Pump Tensioner SpindlesACEPetters Ltd
51009Scavenge Pump Chain Tensioner AssemblyACEPetters Ltd
51010Fuel Pump Chain Tensioner AssemblyACEPetters Ltd
51011Air Plate Disc JointACE4MPetters Ltd
51012Joint For Air Plate Packing PieceACE4MPetters Ltd
51013SetscrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51014SetscrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51015SetscrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51016BScav Pump Tension HolderACEPetters Ltd
51017Lub Lever ClampAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51018Chain Adjuster End Cap Scavenge PumpAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51019Cylinder Head Spigot JointAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51020Cylinder Head JointAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51021Chain PadACE4MPetters Ltd
51022Chain PadACE4MPetters Ltd
51023Countersunk Head ScrewPetters Ltd
51025Sprocket Key (Scav Pump)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51026Water Pump Driing SprocketACEPetters Ltd
51027Sprocket Key (Circ Pump)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51028Water Pump ChainACEPetters Ltd
51029Coupling StudACE4MPetters Ltd
51030Crankpin PlugACE4MPetters Ltd
51031Chain Support KeyACE4MPetters Ltd
51032Special 5/16" BSF SetscrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51033Countersunk Head ScrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51034Water Pump Driven SprocketACE4MPetters Ltd
51034AWater Pump Driven SprocketACE4MPetters Ltd
51035End PlateAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51036Main Crankshaft PlugAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51037Scav Pump Rod L.E. PegAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51038Scav Pump S.E. Lub PipeAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51039Pipe ClipAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51040Counterweight For Scavenge Pump CrankshaftACEPetters Ltd
510411/2" BSF SetscrewACEPetters Ltd
51043Crankcase Chain Inspection CoverACEPetters Ltd
51044Joint Washer For Crankcase Chain Inspection CoverACEPetters Ltd
51045Atomiser SheathACE4MPetters Ltd
510483/8" Whit StudAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51049Link Eye (Top)AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51050Governor SpringAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51051Speed Control ScrewAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51052Speed Control BushAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51053Spill Valve Spring CollarAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51054Gov Lever KeyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51055Governor Thrust PinAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51056Governor LeverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51057Gov Spindle NutAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51058Gov Speed Control BracketAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51059Governor Link (Gov End)AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51060Speed Control PlungerAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51061Operating LeverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51062Fulcrum PinAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51063Cap For Control BracketAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51065Link PinAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51066Link Eye (Bottom)AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51067Roller LeverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51068Governor Link (F.P. End)AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51069Fuel Pump RollerAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51069Fuel Pump RollerAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51070Fuel Pump Roller PinAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51071Fuel Pump Plunger TappetAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51072Push piece For F.P. PlungerAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51073Spill Valve Push PieceAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51074Spill Valve TappetAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51075Roller Lever PinAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51076Roller Lever Adjusting ScrewAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51077Lubricator LinkAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51078F.P. Priming ShaftAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51079Governor WedgeAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51080Governor LinkAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51081F.P. Wedge Operating LeverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51082Wedge Operating Lever KeyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51083F.P. Gov TrunnionAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51084F.P. Governing SpindleAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51085F.P. Cut Out CamAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51086F.P. Cut Out Cam BushAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51087F.P. Bracket CoverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51088F.P> Wedge PinAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51089Fuel Pump Roller Pin Spring RingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51092Governor PinionAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51093Gvernor Pinion Holder AHS 60/3Petters Ltd
510947/16" BSF StudAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51096Speeding LeverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51098Roller Lever BushAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51099ImpellerACE4MPetters Ltd
51099ABilge Pump Impeller Starboard EngineACE4MPetters Ltd
51100Centrifugal Pump Packing WasherACE4MPetters Ltd
51101Side Cover For Chain CaseAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51102Forward Outboard Bearing CapACE4MPetters Ltd
51103Forward Outer Bearing BushACE4MPetters Ltd
51104AForward Scavenge Outer Bearing CapACE4MPetters Ltd
51105Bearing BoltACE4MPetters Ltd
51106Scav Pump Main Bearing Bush (Top Half)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51106AScav Pump Main Bearing Bush (Bottom Half)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51107Scav Pump Bearing Bush (Left Hand)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51108Governor Casing (Bearing Side) PortACE4MPetters Ltd
51109Governor Reverse LeverACE4MPetters Ltd
51110Governor Reverse Lever PinACE4MPetters Ltd
51111Special Governor LeverACE4MPetters Ltd
51112Special Governor Lever PinACE4MPetters Ltd
51112Special Governor Lever PinACE4MPetters Ltd
51113Special Governor Lever BlockACE4MPetters Ltd
51114Special Governor Lever Block PinACE4MPetters Ltd
51115Fuel Pump Joint (Port)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51116Fuel Pump Stand (Right Hand)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51117Fuel Pump Stand (Left Hand)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51118SetscrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51121Fuel Pump Joint (Starboard)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51122Governor Casing (Lever Side)ACEPetters Ltd
51123Lubricating Pump CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51126Scavenge Pump Outer Bearing BoltACE4MPetters Ltd
51127End Cover (Engine Side)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51128End Cover (Scavenge Pump)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51129Joint For Forward Brg. Bracket (Scavenge Side)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51130Joint For Forward Bearing (Engine Side)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51131Joint For Forward Bearing (Middle)ACE4MPetters Ltd
511321/4" BSF Cheese Head ScrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51133Studs For Cylinders 3/4" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51134Stud For Cylinder 1/2" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51137Union BallsAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51138Union BallAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51139Lub Filter To Rail AssyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51140Bedplate Lub Rail AssemblyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51142N.R. Valve SpringAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51143Spring Guide PlugAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51144Joint For End Cover (Engine Side)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51145Joint For End Cover (Scavenge Side)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51146Press Gauge ConnectionAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51147Blank Cover For Starter Motor BracketACEPetters Ltd
51148Con Rod L.E> Brass ShimACE4MPetters Ltd
51149Air Compressor Ecc KeyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51150Shaft End CollarACE4MPetters Ltd
51151Special ScrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51153Crankcase Door (Front)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51154Sump CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51154ASump CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51156Scavenge Pump Chain Tensioner End CapACE4MPetters Ltd
51157Scavenge Pump Chain Tensioner Holder PinACE4MPetters Ltd
51158Water Pump Chain Tensioner Holder PinACE4MPetters Ltd
51160Water Pump Chain Tensioner Spindle KeyACE4MPetters Ltd
51161Water Pump Chain Tensioner Spindle KeyACE4MPetters Ltd
51165Water Pump Chain Tensioner AdjusterACE4MPetters Ltd
51166Fuel Filter NippleAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51167Atomiser StudACE4MPetters Ltd
51169Bottom Cover For Lubricating PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51170Filter For Lubricating PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51171Cover For Crankshaft FlangeACE4MPetters Ltd
51172Oil Filler CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51173Joint For Crankcase Door (Back)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51174Crankcase Door (Front)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51175Joint For Crankcase Cover (Aft)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51176Joint For Chain CaseACE4MPetters Ltd
51179Joint For CylinderACE4MPetters Ltd
51180Tensioner Sprocket BushAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51182BushACE4MPetters Ltd
51182BBush for Water Pump SpindleACE4MPetters Ltd
51184ACirculating Pump BracketACE4MPetters Ltd
51185Centrifugal Pump SpindleACE4MPetters Ltd
51187Oil Gland For Water PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51188Circulating Pump ElbowACE4MPetters Ltd
51189Dipstick For Flywheel CasingACE4MPetters Ltd
51190Stud For Tensioner FlangeACE4MPetters Ltd
51191Stud For Chaincase 3/8" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51192Stud For Chaincase 3/8" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
511931/4" BSF StudACE4MPetters Ltd
51195Joint For Oil TroughACE4MPetters Ltd
51186End PlateACE4MPetters Ltd
51197CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
511985/16" DowelACE4MPetters Ltd
51199Special 5/16" BSF SetscrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51201Joint For Outer Bearing CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51202Spring HookAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51203Impeller KeyACE4MPetters Ltd
51206F.P. Priming HandleAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51207Priming Shaft SetscrewAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51209Sprocket Stop PinACE4MPetters Ltd
51211Crankcase Well CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51212Forward End CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51213Setscrew For CrankcaseACE4MPetters Ltd
51214Chain Pad ACE4MPetters Ltd
51215Setscrew 3/8" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51216Centrifugal Pump Neck BushACE4MPetters Ltd
51217Centrifugal Pump GlandACE4MPetters Ltd
51219Gland StudACE4MPetters Ltd
51220Centrifugal Pump Thrust WasherACE4MPetters Ltd
51222Nuts For Crankcase BoltsACE4MPetters Ltd
51224Crankcase Stud 7/16" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
512253/8" BSF StudACE4MPetters Ltd
51226Stud 1/2" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51227Stud 3/16" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51228Stud 7/16" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51229Stud 3/8" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51230Crankcase Stud 7/16" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51231Key For SprocketACE4MPetters Ltd
51232Oil Trower SpindleACE4MPetters Ltd
51233Stud 7/16" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51234Key For SprocketACE4MPetters Ltd
51235Crankcase Tie BoltACE4MPetters Ltd
51237Joint For CrankcaseACE4MPetters Ltd
51239Jint For Outer Bearing BracketACE4MPetters Ltd
51240Joint For Circ Water PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51241Joint For Sump CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51242Joint For Crankcase Well CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51243Bevel Gear Wheel For Lub. PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51245Spindle For Bevel Gear Wheel Lub PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51246Spindle For Driving Gear Lub PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51247Spindle For Driven Gear Lub PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51248Driven Gear For Lub PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51249Driving Gear For Lub PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51250Inspection Cover For Lub PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51251Dipstick Guide For Lub PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51253Distance Piece For Lub Pump Bearing BracketACE4MPetters Ltd
512541/4" BSF StudACE4MPetters Ltd
512555/16" BSF SetscrewACE4MPetters Ltd
512567/16" BSF StudACE4MPetters Ltd
51257Joint For Lubricating Pump BodyACE4MPetters Ltd
51258Joint For Lub Pump HeadPetters Ltd
51259Joint For Lubricating Pump CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51260Joint For Lubricating Pump Inspection CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51261Joint For Bearing Bracket (Lub Pump)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51262Plug 1/2" BSPACE4MPetters Ltd
512635/16" BSF NutACE4MPetters Ltd
51264ImpellerACE4MPetters Ltd
51264ABilge Pump Impeller Port EngineACE4MPetters Ltd
51265Centrifugal Pump Thrust WasherACE4MPetters Ltd
51266Plug 5/8" BSPACE4MPetters Ltd
51267Governor Link SpringAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51268Joint RingACE4MPetters Ltd
51269Joint RingACE4MPetters Ltd
51270Gov Lever KeyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51272Special 3/4" BSF Lock NutACE4MPetters Ltd
51273Key For Driving Gear Spindle Lub PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51274Key For Bevel Gear Spindle Lub PumpACE4MPetters Ltd
51275Csk Screw No4 BAACE4MPetters Ltd
51276S.P. Sump CoverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51277Setscrew 1/4" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51278Retaining ScrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51279Locating ScrewACE4MPetters Ltd
51280Cylinder Head StudsACEPetters Ltd
51281Joint For Forward End CoverACE4MPetters Ltd
51285Joint For Chain Pad BracketACE4MPetters Ltd
51286Joint For Cover (Fwd End)ACE4MPetters Ltd
51288Tensioner End PlateACEPetters Ltd
51289Scavenge Pump Tensioner BearingACEPetters Ltd
512907/16" BSF StudACE4MPetters Ltd
51291Locking WasherACE4MPetters Ltd
51292Water Pump Chain Tensioner HolderACE4MPetters Ltd
51293Box Spanner For Cam AdjustmentAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51294Oil ThrowerAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51295Air Starting Valve BodyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51296Air Starting ValveAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51297Air Starting Valve CasingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51298Air Starting Valve DummyAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51299Air Starting Valve Spring CollarAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51300Air Starting Valve SpringAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
513017/16" BSF StudAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
513027/16" BSF StudAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51304AAir Plate - ShortACEPetters Ltd
51305AAir Plate - LongACEPetters Ltd
51306Atomiser StudPetters Ltd
51307Scavenge Pump Rear End Bearing Bush (Top)ACEPetters Ltd
51308Scavenge Pump Rear End Bottom Half Bearing Bush ACEPetters Ltd
51309Scavenge Pump Locating Bearing Bush Top HalfACEPetters Ltd
51310Scavenge Pump Locating Bearing Bush Bottom HalfACEPetters Ltd
513111" Whit StudAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
513121.1/8" Whit StudAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
513131.1/8" Whit BoltAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51316Water Pump Gland NutACEPetters Ltd
51317Water Pump Gland StopACEPetters Ltd
51318Water Pump Thrust WasherACEPetters Ltd
51319Oil Level Gauge & Drain Cock Fuel Pump SumpAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51320Dynamo Coupling KeyACEPetters Ltd
51321W.P. Coupling KeyACEPetters Ltd
51322Lub Pump Pinion KeyACEPetters Ltd
51325Lubricting Pump SpindleACEPetters Ltd
51326Water Pump SpindleACEPetters Ltd
51327Scav Pump Oil DipperACE4MPetters Ltd
51328Scavenge Cyl JointACEPetters Ltd
51329Cylinder Head JointACEPetters Ltd
51330Pad For CylinderACEPetters Ltd
51331Pad For CylinderACEPetters Ltd
51332Gov Coupling KeyACEPetters Ltd
513343/8" BSP Equal NippleACEPetters Ltd
51335BreatherAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51336Breather CapAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51337Breather GauzeAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51338Lub Pump Driving GearACEPetters Ltd
51339Lub Pump Driven GearACEPetters Ltd
51340Plug For Cylinder HeadACE4MPetters Ltd
513411/4" BSF Plug For Scav CrankshaftACE4MPetters Ltd
513435/16" BSF PlugACE4MPetters Ltd
51345Lubricating Pump SpindleACEPetters Ltd
51346Lubricating Pump Driving GearACEPetters Ltd
51347Lubricating Pump Driven GearACEPetters Ltd
51348Sectional View Of Air Release Valve For Hand StartingACEPetters Ltd
51349Gov Main Spring CapACEPetters Ltd
51350Control Link ConnectionACEPetters Ltd
51351Man Governor Spring StudsACEPetters Ltd
51352Governor Spindle CollarACEPetters Ltd
51353Speed Control LeverACEPetters Ltd
51353ASpeed Control LeverACE4MPetters Ltd
51353ASpeed Control LeverACE4MPetters Ltd
51354Governor Main Spring RodACEPetters Ltd
51355Chain Pad PlateACEPetters Ltd
51356Chain Pad Support (Scav Pump End)ACEPetters Ltd
51357Chain Pad Support (Engine End)ACEPetters Ltd
51358Chain Pad Support BoltACEPetters Ltd
51359Chain Pad Bolts (To Support)ACEPetters Ltd
513621/4" BSP NippleACEPetters Ltd
51363Rail Pipe ClipACEPetters Ltd
51363Rail Pipe ClipACEPetters Ltd
513641/4" BSF StudACEPetters Ltd
51366Outline Arrangement Of Petter ACE Diesel EnginePetters Ltd
51367Special 1/2" BoltAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51368Stop Pawl For Fuel PumpACEPetters Ltd
51370Stop Pawl Holder Pin For Fuel PumpACEPetters Ltd
51370ABolt For Fuel Pump JointACE4MPetters Ltd
51371Fulcrum PinAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51372Clip For Lubricating Delivery PipeACEPetters Ltd
51373Filter CoverAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51374Water Pump BracketACEPetters Ltd
51375Water Pump Gland StopACEPetters Ltd
51377Cover For Flywheel CasingACE4MPetters Ltd
51378Bracket For Bosch FilterACE4MPetters Ltd
51379Cylinder Cleaning Cover LargeACE4MPetters Ltd
51379ACylinder Cleaning Cover LargeACE4MPetters Ltd
51379BCylinder Cleaning Cover ACE4MPetters Ltd
51381Cylinder Head Water Joint TubeACEPetters Ltd
51384Bolt 7/16" BSFACE4MPetters Ltd
51385Scav Pump Rear BearingACEPetters Ltd
51386Scav Pump Intermediate BearingACEPetters Ltd
51387Scavenge Pump Bearing Bolts (Cap)ACEPetters Ltd
51387Scavenge Pump Bearing Bolts (Cap)ACEPetters Ltd
51388Scavenge Pump Bearing Bolts ACEPetters Ltd
51389Flanged Elbow (W.P. Inlet)ACEPetters Ltd
51390Lub Pump Spindle KeyACEPetters Ltd
51391Oil Gallery End PieceACEPetters Ltd
513921/4" BSF StudAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
51394Chain Pad (For Scav Pump)ACEPetters Ltd
51394AChain Pad (For Scav Pump)ACEPetters Ltd
51395Chain Pad HolderACEPetters Ltd
51396Arrangement Of Chain PadACEPetters Ltd
51397Air FilterACEPetters Ltd
51398Packing piece For Scav Pump CylinderACEPetters Ltd
51411Neck RingAHS 60/3Petters Ltd
514221" BSF Eye NutSTPetters Ltd
51627Engine - Scav Pump SprocketACEPetters Ltd
51628Assembly Of Scav Pump Cush DriveACEPetters Ltd
51646Spring For Cush DriveACEPetters Ltd
51697Scav Pump Drive ChainACE4MPetters Ltd
51906 Valve Lever TappetACEPetters Ltd
2-51906Tappet Piece For Valve RockerQGPetters Ltd
51907Lever Fulcrum PinPetters Ltd
51908Valve Lever BushQGPetters Ltd
52002Special Extension ShaftPetters Ltd
52003Bedplate ChockT40Petters Ltd
52007H. D. BoltsT40Petters Ltd
52008H. D. Bolts (Fitted)T40Petters Ltd
520105/16" BSF StudPetters Ltd
52012Sketch Of Modification To A.G.L. Gear CasePU4MPetters Ltd
52014Water Connection To Silencer PU4MPetters Ltd
52015Oil Splash Plate For CompressorT25Petters Ltd
52017Flywheel For Compressor - Direct Coupled To VS12 Engine By Centrifugal ClutchVS12Petters Ltd
52018Special FlywheelT40Petters Ltd
52019Arrangement Of Outer Bearing And Extension ShaftVST24Petters Ltd
52020Cable End SupportPU4MPetters Ltd
52021Cable Adjusting NipplePU4MPetters Ltd
52022Driven SprocketPetters Ltd
52023Special Half CouplingT40Petters Ltd
52024Adaptor For Air Starting CockT12/2MPetters Ltd
52026Cent Oil Pipe (In Bedplate)T18/2MPetters Ltd
52028Sketch Of 'Simplex' CouplingPetters Ltd
52029Stirrup For Carburetter ControlPU4MPetters Ltd
52030Throttle LeverPU4MPetters Ltd
52032Water Inlet CoverT40Petters Ltd
52033Starting Handle SpindleT12Petters Ltd
52034Wood HandleT12Petters Ltd
52037Nipple (Special)T18/2MPetters Ltd
52040Piston Ring Stop PegTPetters Ltd
52039Arrangement Of 2BHP Petter Oil Engine With Single Disc Flywheel For Rigid Coupling ('M' Type)Petters Ltd
52042Jockey Wheel SpindleVS12Petters Ltd
52043Jockey Wheel Adjusting ScrewVS12Petters Ltd
52044Collar For Jockey Wheel SpindleVS12Petters Ltd
42045Cylinder Lub Connection (Long)T12Petters Ltd
52046Cylinder Lub Connection (Short)T12Petters Ltd
52048Locking Pin For Water Pump Gland NutT18/2MPetters Ltd
52049Flange BoltsT40Petters Ltd
52050Tachometer Driving PulleyT40Petters Ltd
52051Exhaust Pipe BendT40Petters Ltd
52052Piston Ring (Wellworthy)T25Petters Ltd
52053Piston Ring T25Petters Ltd
52054Piston Ring T40Petters Ltd
52055Piston Ring T65Petters Ltd
52056Drip TrayPU4MPetters Ltd
52058Elbow For Air Vessel On Fuel PumpT18/2MPetters Ltd
52059Air Receiver Connecting Rail T40Petters Ltd
52050Flange for Air Receiver Conn RailT40Petters Ltd
52061Pipe Union ConnectionT12/2MPetters Ltd
52063Sprayer NozzleT25Petters Ltd
52063Air Receiver Connecting RailT25Petters Ltd
52066Chart Of Clearances For Reverse GearsPetters Ltd
52067Bush For R.G. ShaftT25Petters Ltd
52068Forward End Casing Oil DuctT12/2MPetters Ltd
52071Piston Ring (1/8" Oversize) WellworthyT25Petters Ltd
52072Piston Ring (1/8" Oversize) T25Petters Ltd
52073Piston Ring (1/8" Oversize) T40Petters Ltd
52074Piston Ring (1/8" Oversize) T65Petters Ltd
52085Starting Handle AssemblyVZPetters Ltd
52086Special 6" Bore BendT18/2MPetters Ltd
52087Long Ecc Bush Foe Spill Valve Lever Pin (Stbd)T25Petters Ltd
52088Extension ShaftVFPetters Ltd
52088AS.P. Ext ShaftVFPetters Ltd
52089Extension Shaft Half CouplingVFPetters Ltd
52089ASp Half CouplingVFPetters Ltd
52090Governor Guard Half CouplingVFPetters Ltd
520916" Dia x 8"Face C.I. PulleyVFPetters Ltd
52092Governor Guard PulleyVFPetters Ltd
52093Outer Bearing SleeveVFPetters Ltd
52094Locating ScrewVFPetters Ltd
52095End Eccentric Bush (Stbd)T25Petters Ltd
52096End Cover For Exhaust ManifoldT25Petters Ltd
52097Joint For Exhaust Manifold End CoverT25Petters Ltd
52098Cleaning CoverT25Petters Ltd
52098AWater Inlet CoverT25Petters Ltd
52098BWater Conn CoverT25Petters Ltd
52098DWater Outlet Cover For Exhaust Manifold, Single SectionTWPetters Ltd
52098EWater Outlet Cover For Exhaust Manifold, Single SectionTWPetters Ltd
52098FCover For Bye-Pass ValveTXPetters Ltd
52099Joint For Manifold CoverT25Petters Ltd
52100Pump Pipe (Left Hand)T40Petters Ltd
52103Sleeve Locating PegVFPetters Ltd
52104Outlet Water AdaptorT40Petters Ltd
52105Piston Ring (1/32" Oversize) WellworthyT25Petters Ltd
52106Piston Ring (1/32" Oversize) T25Petters Ltd
52107Piston Ring (1/32" Oversize) T40Petters Ltd
52108Piston Ring (1/32" Oversize) T65Petters Ltd
52109Sketch Of Fuel Storage TankVS12Petters Ltd
52110Air Vessel For Fuel PumpT18/2MPetters Ltd
52111Adaptor For Air VesselT18/2MPetters Ltd
52112F.P. Full Load BracketT18/2MPetters Ltd
52113Priming Shaft HandleT7Petters Ltd
52114Connecting Air Rail For Air ReceiverT40Petters Ltd
52126Thrust Nut Locking BoltPetters Ltd
52131Piston Ring (1/16" Oversize) WellworthyT25Petters Ltd
52132Piston Ring (1/16" Oversize) T25Petters Ltd
52133Piston Ring (1/16" Oversize) T40Petters Ltd
52134Piston Ring (1/16" Oversize)T65Petters Ltd
52138Lubricator EccentricT12/2MPetters Ltd
52139Lubricator Eccentric PlateT12/2MPetters Ltd
52140Starting Handle AssemblyVFPetters Ltd
52141Joint For Manifold CoverT25Petters Ltd
52142Extension Shaft AssemblyPetters Ltd
52143Assembly Of Pulley & Outer BearingPetters Ltd
52144Gov Ball PinPU4Petters Ltd
52145Jacket Cleaning Cover Joint For Exhaust ManifoldT25Petters Ltd
52146Sketch Of Alteration To CrankshaftT25Petters Ltd
52147Cent Oiler PipeT12/2MPetters Ltd
52148Drip Tray FilterPU4Petters Ltd
52149Drip Tray PU4Petters Ltd
52150Drip Tray ScrewPU4Petters Ltd
52153Sketch Of Reverse Gear Handle Showing AlterationsPU4Petters Ltd
52156Spring For Centrifugal ClutchVS8Petters Ltd
52157Weight Pin For Centrifugal ClutchVS8Petters Ltd
52158Blank FlangeT40Petters Ltd
52159Hinge Pin For Flywheel Guard CoverT25Petters Ltd
52160Sp. Stud For Flywheel Guard CoverT25Petters Ltd
52101Plug Cock 3/4" BoreTPetters Ltd
52162Stop ValveT25Petters Ltd
52164Sp. Pad PieceT25Petters Ltd
52165Exhaust Pipe FlangeACEPetters Ltd
52166Sketch Showing Modification to Fuel Tank No H8922/2 Wm. Foster & CoVS12Petters Ltd
52168Layshaft For Governor ControlT25Petters Ltd
52169Block For Adjustable StopT25Petters Ltd
52170Stop For Governor Control HandleT25Petters Ltd
52171Special Flywheel For VS8 Engine Direct Coupled To Air Compressor By Centrifugal ClutchVS8Petters Ltd
52172Compressor Flywheel For Use With Centrifugal ClutchVS8Petters Ltd
52174Compressor Half CouplingVZPetters Ltd
52174ACompressor Half CouplingVZPetters Ltd
52174BCompressor Half CouplingVZPetters Ltd
52174CCompressor Half CouplingVZPetters Ltd
52174ECompressor Half Coupling For Air Pumps A.P.K.VZPetters Ltd