Reel 33D
Object ID4781
Works No33D
Accession NoIF:2013:051
Category 16mm Microfilm
Collection IDPetter Collection
Made ByPetters Ltd
Made InYeovil, England
DescriptionPetter drawings, 57193,58313 drawings
LocationArchive C3-1
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Petter Diesels Flag

Petter Atomic Diesel, Sizes 120hp - 450bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel, 15, 30 and 50bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel Engines, Stationary Type

Petter Technical Vade Mecum

Petter Diesel Electric Generating Sets with Automatic Controls

Petter Diesel Engines PJ1-2

Petter Diesel Engines PJ

Petter Diesel Engines PJW

Petter Diesel Engines PJ1-2

Petter Diesel Engines PJW

Petter Diesel Engines PJ1-2

Petter Atomic Diesel, Sizes 120hp - 450bhp

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

Petter Technical Vade Mecum

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V, Mark 1

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series V, Mark 2

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series I, II, III and IV

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Diesel Oil Engines Atomic

Petter Oil Engines (NL Type)

Petter Storemans Manual, B2, B3, B4 Series II

Petter Storemans Manual, PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4

Petter Storemans Manual, PD, PDV, PDM, PDVM

Petter Storemans Manual, AS1, AS2, AS3

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines

Petter Harmonic Induction Engine

Petter - 50 Points of Service

The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1956

The Journal of the Brush Group, Sept 1956

The Journal of the Brush Group, Dec 1956

The Journal of the Brush Group, Feb 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Mar 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Apr 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Jul and Aug 1957

The Journal of the Brush Group, Jan 1958

The Journal of the Brush Group, Mar 1958

The Journal of the Brush Group, Apr 1958

The Journal of the Brush Group, May 1958

McLaren Type M Mark II Oil Engine

McLaren Type M Mark 1A Oil Engine

McLaren Type M Mark 1A Oil Engine

McLaren Type MR Mark II Oil Engine

McLaren Type DH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type EH Mark 1A Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type FH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type DH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type DH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type FH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type FH Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type FH2 Horizonal Oil Engine

McLaren Type EH Mk 1A Horizonal Oil Engine

Engine Instruction by Film Strip

Power - BRABO

Lightweight Diesel Power

Horse Power

Petter Drawing Book - Alterations

Petter Assembly Detail Reference Book

Associated British Oil Engines - Service Information

Armstrong Siddeley Technical Vade Mecum

Armstrong Siddeley 6 - 8 Diesel Engine

Fowler Series B Diesel Engine

Fowler Series B Diesel Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine

Cub Oil Engine Brochure

Petter Harmonic Diesel Engine

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines

Petter Superscavenge Oil Engines, Series I, II, III, IV

Petter Superscavenge Diesel Engines, Series IV

Petter Marine Engines, 120 to 300 bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel Marine Engines

Petter Atomic Diesel Engine, Industrial

Petter Atomic Diesel Engines, 30 & 50 bhp

Petter Atomic Diesel Engines, 5 to 10 and 20 bhp

Petter Oil Engines (Semi-Diesel)

"The Calibrater" Parts List

Vickers-Petter C Type Heavy Oil Engine

Vickers Petter Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engines

Petter Oil Engines (Semi-Diesel)

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter-Fielding Semi-Diesel Crude Oil Engine

Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

Petter Service Notes Book

Bates KWH Oil Engine

Bates Vertical Diesel

Bates KWH Oil Engine

Bates Heavy Oil Engine

Bates Heavy Oil Engine

Fowler Marine Diesel Engines Type 2DY

Fowler Diesel Engines Series D

Armstrong Siddeley 6-8

Armstrong Siddeley AS

Armstrong Siddeley 20-33 Diesel

Armstrong Siddeley 6-11, 14-22

Armstrong Siddeley 6-11, 14-22

McLaren Type M.R. Oil Engine

McLaren M MkII Oil Engine

National AH1 Service Manual

National AH1 Service Manual

McLaren Type LE Diesel Engines

Atlantic Oil Engines

Reel 65A

Reel 66A

Reel 77A

Reel Atlantic1

Reel Atlantic1a

Reel Atlantic2

Reel Atlantic2a

Reel Atlantic3

Reel Atlantic4

Reel Atlantic5

Reel Atlantic6

Reel Atlantic7

Reel B3-F1A

Reel 2RC-ATL

Reel B2-F3

Reel B3-F5

Reel 1-6BE

Reel 1D

Reel 2D

Reel 3D

Reel 4D

Reel 5D

Reel 6D

Reel 7D

Reel 8D

Reel 9D

Reel 10D

Reel 11D

Reel 12D

Reel 13D

Reel 14D

Reel 15D

Reel 16D

Reel 17D

Reel 18D

Reel 19D

Reel 20D

Reel 21D

Reel 22D

Reel 23D

Reel 24D

Reel 25D

Reel 26D

Reel 27D

Reel 28D

Reel 29D

Reel 30D

Reel 31D

Reel 32D

Reel 33D

Reel 34D

Reel 35D

Reel 36D

Reel 37D

Reel 38D

Reel 39D

Reel 40D

Reel 41D

Reel 42D

Reel 43D

Reel 44D

Reel 45D

Reel 46D

Reel 47D

Reel 48D

Reel 49D

Reel 50D

Reel 51D

Reel 52D

Reel 53D

Reel 54D

Reel 55D

Reel 56D

Reel 57D

Reel 58D

Reel 59D

Reel 60D

Reel 61D

Reel 62D

Reel 63D

Reel 64D

Reel 65D

Reel 66D

Reel 67D

Reel 68D

Reel 69D

Reel 70D

Reel 71D

Reel 72D

Reel 73D

Reel 74D

Reel 75D

Reel 76D

Reel 2A-ATL

Reel 1_46Y545

Reel B5-1B

Reel 2_2A

Reel B5-2

Reel 2-6BE

Reel B3-4

Reel 1RC-ATL

Reel B3-6A

Reel B3-7

Reel B3-8

Reel B3-9

Reel B3-10

Reel 11-3

Reel 23F

Reel B3-24

Reel B3-28

Reel 1RC

Reel 2cards

Reel 2A

Reel 3RC

Reel 3A

Reel 4RC

Reel 4A

Reel 5RC

Reel 5A

Reel 6RC

Reel 6A

Reel 7RC

Reel 7A

Reel 8

Reel 8A

Reel 9RC

Reel 9A

Reel 10RC

Reel 10A

Reel 11RC

Reel 1A

Reel 12A

Reel 13RC

Reel 13A

Reel 14A

Reel 15A

Reel 16A

Reel 17A

Reel 18A

Reel 19A

Reel 20A

Reel 21A

Reel 22A

Reel 23A

Reel 24A

Reel 25A

Reel 26A

Reel 27A

Reel 28A

Reel 29A

Reel 31A

Reel 32A

Reel 33A

Reel 34A

Reel 35A

Reel 36A

Reel 37A

Reel 38A

Reel 39A

Reel 40A

Reel 41A

Reel 42A

Reel 43A

Reel 44A

Reel 45A

Reel 46A

Reel 47A

Reel 48A

Reel 49A

Reel 50A

Reel 51A

Reel 52A

Reel 53RC

Reel 54RC

Reel 54A

Reel 55RC

Reel 55A

Reel 56RC

Reel 56A

Reel 57RC

Reel 57A

Reel 58RC

Reel 58A

Reel 59RC

Reel 59A

Reel 60RC

Reel 60A

Reel 61RC

Reel 61A

Reel 62RC

Reel 62A

Reel 63RC

Reel 63A

Reel 64RC

Reel 64A

Reel 67A

Reel 68A

Reel 69A

Reel 70A

Reel 71RC

Reel 71A

Reel 72RC

Reel 72A

Reel 73A

Reel 74A

Reel 75A

Reel 76A

Reel 77RC

Reel 78RC

Reel 78A

Reel 79RC

Reel 79A

Reel 80A

Reel 81A

Reel 82A

Reel 84A

Reel 85A

Reel 86A

Reel 87A

Reel 88A

Reel 89A

Reel 90A

Reel 91A

Reel 92A

Reel 93A

Reel 94A

Reel 95A

Reel 96A

Reel 97A

Reel 98RC

Reel 98A

Reel 99RC

Reel 99A

Reel 100RC

Reel 100A

Reel 101A

Reel 102A

Reel 103A

Reel 104A

Reel 105A

Reel 106A

Reel 107A

Reel 108A

Reel 109A

Reel 110A

Reel 111A

Reel 112A

Reel 113A

Reel 114A

Reel 157RC

Reel 158RC

Reel 159RC

Reel 173RC

Reel 181RC

Reel 182RC

Reel 189RC

Reel 190RC

Reel 199RC

Reel 200RC

Reel 1K

Reel 2K

Reel 3K

Reel 4K

Reel 5K

Reel 6K

Reel 7K

Reel 8K

Reel 9K

Reel 10K

Reel 11K

Reel 12K

Reel 13K

Reel 14K

Reel 15K

Reel 16K

Reel 17K

Reel 18K

Reel 19K

Reel 20K

Reel 21K

Reel 22K

Reel 25K

Reel 26K

Reel 27K

Reel 27K-CONT

Reel 29K

Reel 28K

Reel 120RC

Reel 5AK

Reel 79D

Reel 1cards

Reel 3cards

Reel 4cards

Reel 5cards

Reel 6cards

Reel 7cards

Reel 12RC

Reel 2RC

Reel 86RC

Reel 160RC


Reel R2_250379

Reel R3_257262

Reel R3_AC205

Reel R4_190211

Reel R4_203170

Reel R5_190808

Reel R5_190808_staines

Reel R5_201906

Reel R6_2-194006

Reel R6_250997

Reel R6_270012

Reel Spec22e-40ex

Reel 11A

Reel 30A

Reel 53A

Tugs Volunteer and John King

Petter AA1 driving pump

Petter Single Cylinder Air-Cooled

Crane Powered By Petter Single Water Cooled Diesel

Petter Powered 3 Wheel Truck

Petter AVA2 Powered Dumper

Petter AVA2 Diesels

Petter AB1 Powered Plant

Petter AA1

Petter Diesel

Pyronaut Engine Room

Tug John King Engine Room

Pyronaut at Bristol

Petter A1 Generating Set

Petter Superscavenge

Petter VJ1

Petter air-cooled engine

Marine Diesels Type MCV

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

Four Stroke Diesel Engines (Bates Design)

Bates Vertical Diesel Oil Engines

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Film Listing

57193Sleeve for Water Spray ValveT40Petters Ltd
57199Special Water Pipe- Pump to EngineT25Petters Ltd
57201Front CoverTTPetters Ltd
57203Special Exhaust PipeT25Petters Ltd
57205Mercury ContainerTPetters Ltd
57207Flanged TeePetters Ltd
57208Water TanksVST24Petters Ltd
57212Air Port Cover (Side)TTPetters Ltd
57215Inspection CoverTTPetters Ltd
57215ACoverTWPetters Ltd
57215BInspection CoverTTPetters Ltd
57215C/57216Bottom Cover for Cylinder. 57216 -Fuel Filter BracketTTPetters Ltd
2-57216Bracket for Fuel FilterQGPetters Ltd
57217Water Pump Driving PulleyTVPetters Ltd
57218Governor Weight StampingTPetters Ltd
57219Air Port Cover Joint (Side)TTPetters Ltd
57220Air Port CoverTUPetters Ltd
57222Front CoverTUPetters Ltd
57229Control Quadrant PedestalPetters Ltd
57230Control Quadrant JointPetters Ltd
57231Control Quadrant StayPetters Ltd
57233Locking Handle StudPetters Ltd
57235Deck Operasting LeverPetters Ltd
57237Deck Bracket ShaftPetters Ltd
57238Ball Race Lock NutPetters Ltd
57239Ball Race Retaining CapPetters Ltd
57240Control Shaft Bearing BracketPetters Ltd
57242Control ShaftPetters Ltd
57244Small Interlock PlatePetters Ltd
57245Control Sprocket Stub ShaftPetters Ltd
57247Air Port Cover (Side)TTPetters Ltd
57248Governor Weight Ball Bearing Distance PieceTPetters Ltd
57250Chain AdaptorPetters Ltd
57252AFuel Pump Priming LeverTXPetters Ltd
57252Fuel Pump Priming LeverTXPetters Ltd
57254Flywheel Fuel Pump SideT12Petters Ltd
57255Flywheel Pulley SideTVPetters Ltd
57256Fuel Transfer Pump Valve StopT40Petters Ltd
57259Outline of Fuel Pump (Bosch Type PF4B 10mm PlungersTWPetters Ltd
57261Special Extension ShaftTZPetters Ltd
57262AFuel Pump Priming LeverT25Petters Ltd
57264Cyl.Lube Tube(Short)T12/2Petters Ltd
57265Cylinder Lube Tube (Long)T18/2Petters Ltd
57266Element Cage Bottom PlateTUPetters Ltd
57268Special 5/16" Whit StudTTPetters Ltd
57269Special ElbowPetters Ltd
57270Modification to 24'-4 Arm Rim ClutchTXPetters Ltd
57271Special Coupling PulleyVS8Petters Ltd
57274Tachometer Drive Split Deck FittingPetters Ltd
57275Deck Fitting Split GlandPetters Ltd
57278Setscrew for Oil Seal StrapTVPetters Ltd
57279Special Tee PieceVS18Petters Ltd
57282Front CoverTTPetters Ltd
57283Grease Gun Nipple PU4 TractorPU4Petters Ltd
57284End CapTWPetters Ltd
57285Air Compressor PulleyTWPetters Ltd
57295Fuel Tank Inlet Filter D/C EngineVS18Petters Ltd
57296Fuel Tank Outlet Filter D/C EngineVS18Petters Ltd
57299Water Pump Driving PulleyTWPetters Ltd
57300Special Exhaust PipeT65Petters Ltd
57301Special Exhaust BendT40Petters Ltd
57302Connecting Pipe between Silencer and Outlet BendT40Petters Ltd
57303Diaphragm PlateTTPetters Ltd
57304BedVS8Petters Ltd
57310Special Lub. Pipe ConnectionVZPetters Ltd
57311Expansion Joint Stuffing BoxPetters Ltd
57312Expansion Joint GlandPetters Ltd
57313Expansion Joint StudPetters Ltd
57314Air Bulkhead FittingPetters Ltd
57315Pressure Gauge AdaptorPetters Ltd
57316Pressure Gauge BracketPetters Ltd
57319Radiator Driving Pulley D/C EngineVS8Petters Ltd
57320Arrangement of Flywheel and ShaftPetters Ltd
57322Coupling BoltT7Petters Ltd
57324Bryce Fuel PumpT7MBryce
57326Special Oil Retaining CoverT65Petters Ltd
57329Special BaseplateT12Petters Ltd
57331Assembly of Second SilencerPetters Ltd
57333Special Belt Tensioning PulleyT7Petters Ltd
57335Ball Race Retaining PlateT7Petters Ltd
57339Special Thrust CoverT65Petters Ltd
57340Guide Bush for Oil Scaper PlungerT65Petters Ltd
57341Oil Scraper PlungerT65Petters Ltd
57342Oil Scraper PlateT65Petters Ltd
57343Water Outlet BrachPetters Ltd
57344Special Set ScrewT65Petters Ltd
57345Pulley Retaining CollarPU2Petters Ltd
57347SP Half CouplingT12Petters Ltd
57348Coupling BoltT12Petters Ltd
57352Special Engine Half CouplingT12Petters Ltd
57355Piston PinT25Petters Ltd
57356Piston Pin Cap (Large)TXPetters Ltd
57356APiston Pin Cap (Small)TXPetters Ltd
57357Piston PinT40Petters Ltd
57358Piston Pin Cap (Large)TYPetters Ltd
57358APiston Pin Cap (Small)TYPetters Ltd
57359Distance Piece for Thrust PedestalT12Petters Ltd
57360CrankwasherVS12MPetters Ltd
57362Crankwasher SpringVS12MPetters Ltd
57363Crankwasher Driving BarVS12MPetters Ltd
57364Plug for Fuel NozzleVAPetters Ltd
57367Exhaust AdaptorPetters Ltd
57370Top Cover for Gov. CasingTVPetters Ltd
57371Top Cover BreatherTVPetters Ltd
57371ATop Cover BreatherTTPetters Ltd
57372Governor Speeding ScrewTVPetters Ltd
57373Governor Speeding NutTVPetters Ltd
57374Spindle for Goveror Idler WheelT12/2Petters Ltd
57375Fuel Tank for D/C EngineVST36Petters Ltd
57378Bedplate End Cover JointTVPetters Ltd
57379Top to Bottom Cover JointTVPetters Ltd
57381Arrangement of Coupling 1512 D/C EngineVS12Petters Ltd
57382Gov. Speeding Screw StampingTVPetters Ltd
57383Assembly of VS Fuel PumpVSPetters Ltd
57385Water Outlet FlangePetters Ltd
57386Blank FlangePetters Ltd
57387Gland CockPU4MPetters Ltd
57388Schedule of PipingPetters Ltd
57389Copper Fuel Pipes for 5BHP Universal Oil EngineVFPetters Ltd
57393Extension ShaftVFPetters Ltd
57394Delivery NippleTTPetters Ltd
57396Fuel Oil Storage TankPetters Ltd
57396Fuel Oil Storage TankPetters Ltd
57397Exhaust Outlet FlangeACE4MPetters Ltd
57399Oil CatcherTVPetters Ltd
57400Water Pump Driving PulleyVST36Petters Ltd
57401Oil Level Gauge BodyTVPetters Ltd
57402Gauge Glass CasingTVPetters Ltd
57403Gauge Glass PlugTVPetters Ltd
57404Gauge GlassTVPetters Ltd
57406Exhaust PipePetters Ltd
57408Special Water TankPetters Ltd
57409Top Water BendTTPetters Ltd
57412Water Inlet Flange JointTXPetters Ltd
57413Lead WasherPetters Ltd
574151" Albany Pump Adaptor FlangeVST36Petters Ltd
57416Oil Level GaugeTVPetters Ltd
57421Water Circ.Pump Bracket for D/C EngineVST36Petters Ltd
57422Water Circ.Pump Pulley for D/C EngineVST36Petters Ltd
57424Charging Release ValveTVPetters Ltd
57425Valve Guide (Charging)TVPetters Ltd
57426Valve Seat (Charging)TVPetters Ltd
57429Brake Band ShaftT25Petters Ltd
57433Manifold CoverT18/2Petters Ltd
57435Pulley KeyVST24Petters Ltd
57436PulleyPetters Ltd
2-57438Air Inlet PipeTXPetters Ltd
57439Flange for Air Inlet PipeTXPetters Ltd
57440Fuel Oil Service TankTVPetters Ltd
57442Oil Catcher for Left Hand Bearing CoverVS10Petters Ltd
57443Proposed Gear DriveTVPetters Ltd
57445Drain Box Facing FlangeTVPetters Ltd
57447Ball Race Dust ShieldVAPetters Ltd
57451Spring CollarTVPetters Ltd
57452Water TankTPetters Ltd
57454Charging Valve Operating PlungerTVPetters Ltd
57455Atomiser NozzleTTBosch
57456Cylinder Lubricator ConnectionTTPetters Ltd
57456ACylinder Lubrication ConnectionTTPetters Ltd
57457Union Nut for Fuel PipeTVPetters Ltd
574581/4"x3/8" Steel NippleTVPetters Ltd
57459Nozzle Cleaning WiresBrush Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd
57463Charging Plunger GuideTVPetters Ltd
57464Charging Valve SeatTWPetters Ltd
57465Charging ValveTWPetters Ltd
57466Split CollarMPetters Ltd
57468Special Extension ShaftTVPetters Ltd
57470Gov. Oil FeederTVPetters Ltd
2-57470/3-57470Governor Oil Feeder. 3-57470-Governor Oil FeederTVPetters Ltd
57471Developement of Gov. Oil FeederTVPetters Ltd
57476Special Bedplate for T13 EngineT13Petters Ltd
57477Eccentric Strap for Circulating Water PumpT13Petters Ltd
57478Driving PulleyVS10Petters Ltd
57479Adjusting BarTVPetters Ltd
57481Adjusting StudTVPetters Ltd
57482Special FlywheelT25Petters Ltd
57483Special WasherTVPetters Ltd
57484Ball Seating for HandwheelTVPetters Ltd
57485Driving Pulley KeyPetters Ltd
57486Plunger for Fuel Cut-OutTVPetters Ltd
57487Special Water TankVS8Petters Ltd
57488Guide for Fuel Cut-Out PlungerTVPetters Ltd
57489Locking PinTVPetters Ltd
57490HandwheelTVPetters Ltd
57491Flywheel Coupling BoltT25Petters Ltd
57492Release Valve SpringTVPetters Ltd
57493Special Air PipeTVPetters Ltd
574951/2" Gland CockPU4MPetters Ltd
57496Watert ScoopPU4MPetters Ltd
57497Special Screwed Tee PieceVST36Petters Ltd
57498Special StudPU4MPetters Ltd
57499Oval Flange for 5/8"o/d Copper PipeVST36Petters Ltd
57501Governor SleeveT5Petters Ltd
575058"Bore Exhaust PipeT25Petters Ltd
575068"Bore Exhaust PipeT25Petters Ltd
57509Clutch Toggle PinT0Petters Ltd
57511Valve SpringPU4Petters Ltd
57513Special Dynamo PulleyPetters Ltd
57514Shaft Coupling BoltT18/2MPetters Ltd
57517Cylinder Head JointTTPetters Ltd
57518Cylinder Head JointTUCoopers Mechanical Joints Ltd
57519Circ.Water Pump GlandVS8Petters Ltd
57520Water Pump EccentricT12Petters Ltd
57521Special Starting CollarT13Petters Ltd
57522Cancelled Never UsedT8
57524Special StudTWPetters Ltd
57525Valve GuideTWPetters Ltd
57526Air ReceiverTYPetters Ltd
57528Flange for Fuel PipeVST24Petters Ltd
57532WasherTWPetters Ltd
57533Cyl.Charging Body SetscrewTWPetters Ltd
57534Collar for Clutch GearT25Petters Ltd
57535Fitting Bolt for Clutch CollarT25Petters Ltd
57537Assembly of Charging and Fuel Cut-OutTWPetters Ltd
57541Air Starter Casing CoverTVPetters Ltd
57542Air Starter ConnectionTVPetters Ltd
57544Water Pipe FlangesPetters Ltd
57545Tee PiecePetters Ltd
57546Special Water PipePetters Ltd
57547Fuel PumpT18/2Petters Ltd
57548Particulars of Reavells Compressors
57549JointTWPetters Ltd
57550WasherTVPetters Ltd
57553Fuel Filter BracketPetters Ltd
57556Drawing Showing Modification to Plunger Guide on Circulating Pump (Special)T12/2Petters Ltd
57557Special Eccentric Strap for Circulating Water PumpT12/2Petters Ltd
57558Eccentric for Circulating Water PumpT12/2Petters Ltd
57559Fitting BoltT12/2Petters Ltd
57562Washer for Gov.Idler SpindleTVPetters Ltd
57564Monel Cloth for Fuel Filters
57567Distance PiecePU4Petters Ltd
57570Extension ShaftPetters Ltd
57571Water Pipe to EngineTXPetters Ltd
575737/8"BossTXPetters Ltd
57574Water Pump Driving PulleyTXPetters Ltd
57575Tachometer Driving PulleyTXPetters Ltd
57578Flywheel ElectricalTYPetters Ltd
575791" DF Connection for Air ReceiverTXPetters Ltd
57582Special SetscrewTXPetters Ltd
57586Outer Bearing StoolT12/2Petters Ltd
57588Extension Shaft (Special)T12/2Petters Ltd
57589Gov.Casing DowelTVPetters Ltd
57592Air Receiver Connector PipeVST36Petters Ltd
57595Air Receiver RailTXPetters Ltd
57596Reverse Gear BushPU4Petters Ltd
57597Blank FlangeTXPetters Ltd
57598Baseplate for Compressor SetVFPetters Ltd
57599Driving Pulley KeyTYPetters Ltd
57603Manifold Support BracketT25Petters Ltd
57603AManifold Support BracketT25Petters Ltd
57606Plunger for Water PumpT13Petters Ltd
57608Flywheel ElectricalTXPetters Ltd
57609Water TankTPetters Ltd
57610Flange for Water PumpTXPetters Ltd
57611Water Pump Chain GuardVFPetters Ltd
57613Special Extension Shaft BoltT12Petters Ltd
57614Water TankTPetters Ltd
57615Coupling KeyTXPetters Ltd
57616FlywheelTXPetters Ltd
57618Insulating CollarPU4Petters Ltd
2-57618Valve Spring Insulating CollarPUPetters Ltd
57619Extension ShaftTXPetters Ltd
57620Piston & Inlet ValveVFCompressorPetters Ltd
57622Extractor PlugTTPetters Ltd
2-57622Extractor SleeveTTPetters Ltd
57623Washer for Extractor StudTTPetters Ltd
57624Assembly of Cyl.Head Cover ExtractorTTPetters Ltd
57625Nut for Governor LubricatorSPetters Ltd
57628Sketch of 3 Way CockPetters Ltd
57629Special Fitting Bolt for Bed Extension for Burns GearsT40Petters Ltd
57630H.D.Bolt for Burn GearT40Petters Ltd
57631Operasting Lever PinPU4Petters Ltd
57632Bowden Cable ClipPU4MPetters Ltd
57633Fuel TankT40Petters Ltd
57635Assembly of Valve and Seats D/C to Circulating Water PumpVS13Petters Ltd
57636Special Air VesselPetters Ltd
57637Special ElbowPetters Ltd
57638Special Exhuast BendTXPetters Ltd
57639Drip Nipple for Water Circulating PumpT12Petters Ltd
57640Bush for Coupling Pins for D/C EngineVAPetters Ltd
57641Coupling Pins for D/C EngineVAPetters Ltd
2-57642Tell TalePURotherham
57644Reverse Gear Driving Gear-RingTWPetters Ltd
57645Reverse Gear Pinnion (Long)TWPetters Ltd
57646Reverse Gear Pinnion (Short)TWPetters Ltd
57647Reverse Gear Driven Gear RingTWPetters Ltd
57648Sketch of Shaft Extension to take Crofts ClutchPetters Ltd
57655Distance CollarT7Petters Ltd
57661Eccentric Strap for Water PumpT7Petters Ltd
57665WP Driving Shaft Bearing CoverPetters Ltd
57666Water Pump Shaft Bearing BushPetters Ltd
57667Water Pump Driving ShaftPetters Ltd
57668WP Pinnion Retaining PlatePetters Ltd
57669WP Shaft Bush Retaining PinPetters Ltd
57670Special Governor Spring OuterT7Petters Ltd
57671Special Governor Spring InnerT7Petters Ltd
57672Special Governor Spring Thrust BlockT7Petters Ltd
57673Special Governor Speeding Thrust BlockT7Petters Ltd
57674Governor Spindle BushT7Petters Ltd
57675Governor Spindle Distance PieceT7Petters Ltd
57676Govenor Thrust Block StopT7Petters Ltd
57677Special Governor Control ArmT7Petters Ltd
57678Bush for Special Fuel Transfer PumpT25Petters Ltd
57680Link PinTWPetters Ltd
57681Ball Locking Clip for Reverse GearT25Petters Ltd
57682CrankwasherVS18MPetters Ltd
57682ACrankwasherVS18MPetters Ltd
57683Crankwasher SpringVS18MPetters Ltd
57684Assembly of Valves and Seats for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
57689Toggle Fulcrum PinTWPetters Ltd
57691Clutch Plunger for Reverse GearTWPetters Ltd
57692Driven Disc for Reverse GearTWPetters Ltd
57693Dowel for ? Gear RingTWPetters Ltd
57694Engine Coupling Disc for Reverse GearTWPetters Ltd
57695Pinion Bush for Reverse GearTWPetters Ltd
57697Cage Bearing Bush for Reverse Gear (Forward)TWPetters Ltd
57696Thrust Shaft Driving SleeveTWPetters Ltd
57698Cage Bearing Bush for Reverse Gear (Aft)TWPetters Ltd
57699Drum Bearing Bush for Reverse Gear TWPetters Ltd
57700Reverse Gear Clutch Driving DiscTWPetters Ltd
57701Reverse Gear Clutch Pressure PlateTWPetters Ltd
57702Reverse Gear Driven Ring ScrewsTWPetters Ltd
57704Water Pipe to EngineTXPetters Ltd
57726Generator Half CouplingTXPetters Ltd
57726AGenerator Half CouplingTXPetters Ltd
57727CrankwasherNLPetters Ltd
57736Operating CollarTWPetters Ltd
57737Reverse Gear Clutch Toggle (Meehanite P8)TWPetters Ltd
57738Reverse Gear Control LeverTWPetters Ltd
57739Proposed Marine Tachometer with 7 Figure Reversable CounterTYPetters Ltd
57741Thrust ShaftTYPetters Ltd
57743Adaptor for Ball Valve (Special)Petters Ltd
57744Drain Plug (Special)Petters Ltd
57752Operating Yoke for Reverse GearTWPetters Ltd
57553Brake Toggle for Reverse GearTWPetters Ltd
57754Brake Toggle link (Meehanite P8)TWPetters Ltd
57757Reverse Gear Brake Adjusting BoltsTWPetters Ltd
2-57758Reverse Gear Toggle ArmTWPetters Ltd
57759Pump Adaptor Flange (D/C Engine)VST36Petters Ltd
57760Release Valve Collar PinT6Petters Ltd
57761Valve Pin for Water PumpVS10MPetters Ltd
57762Valve Spring for Water PumpVS10MPetters Ltd
57763Pump Valve for water PumpVS10MPetters Ltd
57764Valve |Guard for Water PumpVS10MPetters Ltd
57769Gear Setting Instruction Plate (Layshaft)T25Petters Ltd
57771Brake Band Link for Reverse Gear (Meehanite P8)TWPetters Ltd
57776Toggle Arm PinTWPetters Ltd
57782Intermediate Main Bearing CapTWPetters Ltd
57782BIntermediate Main Bearing CapTWPetters Ltd
57782AFor'd |Main Bearing CapTWPetters Ltd
57783ATop Half Bearing BushTWPetters Ltd
57783BTop Half Bearing Bush Aft (For'd Half)TWPetters Ltd
57783CTop Half Bearing Bush (Aft.Aft Half)TWPetters Ltd
57784ATop Half Bearing Bush (For'd End)TWPetters Ltd
57885ABottom Half Bearing BushTWPetters Ltd
57787Governor Spring InnerT7Petters Ltd
57790Securing PlateTWPetters Ltd
57792Washer for Fulcrum PinTWPetters Ltd
57793Pin for Long PinionTWPetters Ltd
57794Pin for Short PinionTWPetters Ltd
57795End Plug for Pinion PinTWPetters Ltd
57796Roller Bearing CoverTWPetters Ltd
57797Cross ShaftTWPetters Ltd
57799Operasting Collar BoltTWPetters Ltd
57800Fork Lever ScrewTWPetters Ltd
57801Driving Gear Ring BoltsTWPetters Ltd
57802Cover PlateT7Petters Ltd
57803Sight GlassT7Petters Ltd
57804Joint for Sight GlassT7Petters Ltd
57806Retaining CollarT40Petters Ltd
57807Main Bearing Retaining ScrewTWPetters Ltd
57808Special Extension ShaftTXPetters Ltd
57809Cylinder Head CoverTWPetters Ltd
57815Exhaust ConnectorVS5Petters Ltd
57816FP Governor Control Arm Fork for Bryce PumpT7Petters Ltd
37816ABalance WeightT40Petters Ltd
57817Reverse Gear ShaftTWPetters Ltd
57818Coupling NutTWPetters Ltd
57819Thrust Locking WasherTWPetters Ltd
57820Masco Packing RingTWPetters Ltd
57821Thrust Locking FingerTWPetters Ltd
57824Thrust NutTWPetters Ltd
57826Card Joint for Thrust CasingTWPetters Ltd
57827Paper Joint for Thrust CasingTWPetters Ltd
57830Governor LeverPU2Petters Ltd
57830Piston RingVZPetters Ltd
57833FlywheelTWPetters Ltd
57834Cylinder Head Cover WasherTWPetters Ltd
57836Airport Cover JointTWPetters Ltd
57839Main Bearing Cap NutTWPetters Ltd
57840Main Bearing DowelTWPetters Ltd
57841M.B Retaining Cover Top Half (F'ord End)TWPetters Ltd
57842M.B Retaining Cover Bottom Half (F'ord End)TWPetters Ltd
57843Cylinder Lubricating Tube (Long) Also Detail 57844 Cylinder Lubricating Tube (Short)TWPetters Ltd
57845CrankwasherTWPetters Ltd
57846Fuel Tank BracketPU2Petters Ltd
57848Main Bearing Cover (F'ord End)TWPetters Ltd
57850Block for Bottom CoverTWPetters Ltd
57852Crankcase Non-Return ValveTWPetters Ltd
57854Bosch Type Fuel Pump TappetTTBosch
57855Baseplate for GEC.PM.CB9 Frame Size Generator for D/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
57856BFlywheel for D/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
3-57856Flywheel for D/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
57857Coupling forD/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
57857DCoupling for D/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
2-57857Coupling for D/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
3-57857Coupling for D/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
57858Key for Flywheel for D/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
57859Coupling Bolt for D/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
57859ACoupling Bolt for D/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
57860Flywheel BoltTWPetters Ltd
57861Crankwasher Driving BarTWPetters Ltd
57863Water Pump Eccentric KeyTWPetters Ltd
57864Aft End CollarTWPetters Ltd
57865Special SetscrewTWPetters Ltd
57868Camshaft Chain SprocketTWPetters Ltd
2-57868Crankshaft Chain SprocketTWPetters Ltd
57870AAft Main Bearing (Thrust) Bottom HalfTWPetters Ltd
57874Special Governor CasingVS5Petters Ltd
57875Governor CarrierPetters Ltd
2-57876Governor Spindle for D/C EngineVSPetters Ltd
57877Governor Driving GearVS10MPetters Ltd
57877AGovernor Driving GearVS10MPetters Ltd
57878Governor PinionVS10MPetters Ltd
57879Governor Distance PiecePetters Ltd
57983Crankshaft PackingTYPetters Ltd
57883Governor LeverVS10MPetters Ltd
57884ASpeed Control LeverVS10MPetters Ltd
57885Fuel Pump Cam Fixing BoltsVS10MPetters Ltd
57886Thrust ShaftVS10MPetters Ltd
57887Half CouplingVS10MPetters Ltd
2-57887Half CouplingVS10MPetters Ltd
57888Reverse Gear Cross ShaftVS10MPetters Ltd
57889Bearing Retaining Screw R.H.VS10MPetters Ltd
57891Special Engine Starting Sprockets & ChainVS5Petters Ltd
57894Special Locking Block for Eccentric Bush 33527VS5Petters Ltd
57896Special ChainguardVS5Petters Ltd
57897Special Governor Casing CarrierVS5Petters Ltd
57902Lub.Pump PlungerTWPetters Ltd
57905Suction Valve SeatTWPetters Ltd
57907Lub.Pump Delivery ValveTWPetters Ltd
57910Water Pump Support Bracket Direct CoupledTVPetters Ltd
57912Starting Collar for D/C EngineT8Petters Ltd
57916Fuel TankPetters Ltd
57917Lub. Oil Suction PipeTWPetters Ltd
57918Water Pump LinkTWPetters Ltd
57919Pin for Lub. Oil Pump Conn. LinkTWPetters Ltd
57920Bush for Lub.Oil Pump LinkTWPetters Ltd
57921Lub.Oil Pump LinkTWPetters Ltd
57922Breather Valve CoverPU2Petters Ltd
57924Special Extension ShaftT7Petters Ltd
57926Eccentric for Plunger PumpT7Petters Ltd
57927Water Pump Ecc.StrapT7Petters Ltd
57928Water Circ.Pump BracketT7Petters Ltd
57929Starting Collar PulleyVS8Petters Ltd
57931Pulley(Driver for 1/2"Albany Pump)TZPetters Ltd
57932Front Oil Rail(Main Bearing Sumps)TZPetters Ltd
57933Thrust ShaftTZPetters Ltd
57935Governor Thrust Lever PinVS10MPetters Ltd
57937Key GuardVS10MPetters Ltd
57938Speed Control Eccentric ShaftVS10MPetters Ltd
57940Governor Spring (Inner)VS10MPetters Ltd
57941Governor Spring (Outer)VS10MPetters Ltd
57944Cooling Rail Pipe Connection (Governor End)TZPetters Ltd
57945Cooling Rail Pipe Connection(Flywheel End)TZPetters Ltd
57946GlandTZPetters Ltd
57947Gland BodyTZPetters Ltd
57955R.H Drive Marine Tachometer with 7 Figure Reversable CounterTZPetters Ltd
57957Oil ScraperTWPetters Ltd
57958Water Pipe to EngineTXPetters Ltd
57972CA Starter PlungerTWPetters Ltd
57973Plunger Guide PinTWPetters Ltd
57975Camshaft Bearing Cover BushPU4Petters Ltd
57977Special Locknut for Gov.Lever LinkTPetters Ltd
57976Governor Lever BlockTPetters Ltd
57978Spring Collar for Gov.Lever LinkTPetters Ltd
57980Starting Gear Pawl SpecialVS5Petters Ltd
57981Special 3/4"x7/8" NippleTWPetters Ltd
57982Crankwasher PackingTZPetters Ltd
57984Crankwasher PackingTXPetters Ltd
57985Crankwasher PackingTWPetters Ltd
57986Crankwasher PackingTVPetters Ltd
57987Bedplate Aft End CoverTWPetters Ltd
57989Radiator-Reliance CR/32PVS21Reliance Mfg Co
57996Fan Drive Pulley (Large)PHS18Petters Ltd
57997Fan Drive Pulley (Small)PHS12Petters Ltd
57998Water Pump Driving PulleyPVS21Petters Ltd
58001Extension ShaftTXPetters Ltd
58003Valve Box Cover for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58004Barrel Cover for Water pumpTWPetters Ltd
58005Special Water Pump PulleyPetters Ltd
58006Special FlywheelPetters Ltd
58007Alterations to Air Charging & Fuel Cut-Out BodyTWPetters Ltd
58008Proposed Pump Valves & SeatsTVPetters Ltd
58014Standard Fuel Filter with Tecalmit ElementPetters Ltd
58015Joint RingTWPetters Ltd
58016Special Governor Side PulleyTVPetters Ltd
58017Chian Pad PlateTWPetters Ltd
58018Chain Plate BracketTWPetters Ltd
58021Fuel TankPU2Petters Ltd
58024Special Stud Direct Coupled AutoTUPetters Ltd
58025Thrust Bearing AssemblyPetters Ltd
58026Distance Piece for Ball Bearing ThrustPetters Ltd
58027Plunger Pin CirclipTWPetters Ltd
58028Snug Pin for PinionTWPetters Ltd
58029BCoupling for D/C EngineTUPetters Ltd
58029BCoupling Direct CoupledTUPetters Ltd
58830Compression Release Bracket See Image No759TTPetters Ltd
58330Compression Release BracketTTPetters Ltd
58830BCompression Release BracketTTPetters Ltd
58031Fuel Filter BracketTWPetters Ltd
58034Fuel Pump SprocketTWPetters Ltd
58035/6Key for Fuel Pump Driving Shaft. 58036 Chain Tensioner SprocketTWPetters Ltd
58037Chain Tensioner LeverTWPetters Ltd
58038Pin for Tensioner SprocketTWPetters Ltd
58039Chain Tensioner ForkTWPetters Ltd
58040Chain Tensioner PinTWPetters Ltd
58041Adjusting ScrewTWPetters Ltd
58042Distance PieceTWPetters Ltd
58043Chain Tensioner Bracket PinTWPetters Ltd
58044Lock-nut (Special)TWPetters Ltd
58048Chain Wheel for D/C EngineTVPetters Ltd
58049Chain Wheel for D/C EngineTVPetters Ltd
57880Fuel Pump Cam BushVS10MPetters Ltd
57882Governor LinkVS10MPetters Ltd
57881Governor Spindle NutVS10MPetters Ltd
57881Governor Spindle NutVS10MPetters Ltd
58050Chain Wheel for D/C EngineTVPetters Ltd
58051Chain Tensioner Pin WasherTWPetters Ltd
58052Fork Pin WasherTWPetters Ltd
58056Ball Bearing Retaining PlateTWPetters Ltd
58057Ball Bearing CoverTWPetters Ltd
58058Water Pump Link BushTWPetters Ltd
58059WP Link WasherTWPetters Ltd
58060Lub.Pump Link WasherTWPetters Ltd
58063Flywheel for Direct CouplingVS10Petters Ltd
2-58064Fuel Pump Driving Shaft(LH Prop)TWPetters Ltd
58064Fuel Pump Driving Shaft Port Engine (LH Prop)TWPetters Ltd
58066Ball Bearing Cover JointTWPetters Ltd
58067Fuel Pump Driving Shaft CollarTWPetters Ltd
58068Joint for Chain Case CoverTWPetters Ltd
58069Chain Plate Bracket JointTWPetters Ltd
580705/16" Dowel PinTWPetters Ltd
58074Join for Chain Tensioner BracketTWPetters Ltd
58075Bush for Lub. Pump LinkTWPetters Ltd
58076Water Pump Link PinTWPetters Ltd
58077Joint for W.Pump and Air CompressorTWPetters Ltd
58078Lub.Pump JointTWPetters Ltd
58079Compressor Conn.RodTWPetters Ltd
580821/2"Whit Stud for Waterr PumpTWPetters Ltd
58084Air Plate DiscTWPetters Ltd
58085Air Plate Disc CoverTWPetters Ltd
58066ACover PlateTVPetters Ltd
58086Cover PlateTWPetters Ltd
58090Lub. Oil Pot Cover for D/C EngineTVPetters Ltd
58093Chain Guard for D/C EngineTVPetters Ltd
58094Chain Guard for D/C EngineTVPetters Ltd
58096Special Extension ShaftSIH2Petters Ltd
58098Special Reducing SocketTVPetters Ltd
58099Special Lub.Oil Return Rail ConnectionTVPetters Ltd
58100Special Flange for Oil Return RailTVPetters Ltd
58102Spill Valve Plunger BushT40Petters Ltd
58104Atomiser BridgeTWPetters Ltd
58105Plug for End of Lub. Oil DischargeT12/2Petters Ltd
58106A.B.CPacking Plates for D/V EngineTVPetters Ltd
58109Main Bearing Cap StudTWPetters Ltd
58113Stud for CrankcasingTWPetters Ltd
58114Thro. Bolt for CrankcasingTWPetters Ltd
58115Fitting Bolt for RG CasingTWPetters Ltd
58116DipstickTWPetters Ltd
58119Barrel Liner for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58120Gland for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58121Special FlywheelVS18Petters Ltd
58122Joint Crankcase to BedplateTWPetters Ltd
58123Joint AC Casing to BedplateTWPetters Ltd
58124Joint RG Casing to BedplateTWPetters Ltd
58125Joint For'd End Cover to BedplateTWPetters Ltd
58126Joint. Crank Non-Return Valve CoverTWPetters Ltd
58127Joint. Bottom Cover to BedplateTWPetters Ltd
58130Joint. WP Casing to RG CasingTWPetters Ltd
58131Joint. For'd End MB Cover to crankcasingTWPetters Ltd
58132Joint.MB Cover Plates to CrankcasingTWPetters Ltd
58133Joint.Air Plates to CrankcasingTWPetters Ltd
58134Joint.WP Casing to CrankcasingTWPetters Ltd
58135Inner Sleeve for Water Pump Piston RodTWPetters Ltd
58136Outer Sleeve for Water Pump Piston Rod TWPetters Ltd
58137Air Plate BarTWPetters Ltd
58138Special Main Bearing Lub.Oil Tee PieceTVPetters Ltd
58139Oil Drain TankTXPetters Ltd
58140Oil Drain TankTXPetters Ltd
58141RH Non-Return Valve BodyTPetters Ltd
58142LH Non-Return Valve BodyTPetters Ltd
58145Expansion Joint GlandTVPetters Ltd
58146Expansion Joint Stuffing BoxTVPetters Ltd
58148Centrifugal Oiler ConnectionTWPetters Ltd
58149Non-Return Valve PlugTPetters Ltd
58153Special Distance PiecePetters Ltd
58159Sp Rad Pump PulleysVS21Petters Ltd
58160Carburettor CoverPU2Petters Ltd
58161Foot Valve & Suction Pipe AssyTVPetters Ltd
58162Foot Valve Connection (for 1/2"o/d Copper pipe)TVPetters Ltd
58163Foot Valve SeatingTVPetters Ltd
Not IndexedAir Starting Cam (Starb'd Engine RH Prop)TWPetters Ltd
58171Overflow PipeTXPetters Ltd
58172Special 1"BSP PLugTWPetters Ltd
58174FlywheelTZPetters Ltd
58175Special Tee PiecePetters Ltd
58176Special BoltTZPetters Ltd
58179MB Lub RailTWPetters Ltd
581803/8"BSP Boss for Lub RailTWPetters Ltd
581851/2"BSP Boss for Lub.RailTWPetters Ltd
58186Hawthorn Leslie TO803 Ship No591 Pipes & Fittings for Machinery SpacePetters Ltd
58187Hawthorn Leslie TO803 Ship No591 Pipes & Fittings for Machinery SpacePetters Ltd
58189Special Nipple for Oil DrainTPetters Ltd
58190Syphon TubeTPetters Ltd
58191Overflow PipeTXPetters Ltd
58192Overflow PipeTXPetters Ltd
58193Overflow Pipe NippleTPetters Ltd
58194Ball Valve SpringTPetters Ltd
58195Piston for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58196Fuel Cam CarrierT40Petters Ltd
58197Fuel Cam PieceT40Petters Ltd
58198Fuel Pump PlungerT40Petters Ltd
58199Arrangment of 6BHP Petter Atomic Diesel EngineTTPetters Ltd
58200Overflow PipeTXPetters Ltd
58201Valve Seat (Delivery) for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58202Valve Seat(Suction) for Water \PumpTWPetters Ltd
58203Valve Guard for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58204Valve \Bolt for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58205Special WasherTYPetters Ltd
58202Crankcase Drain BendTYPetters Ltd
58225Crankcase Drain BendTXPetters Ltd
58226Crankcase Drain BendTXPetters Ltd
58227Crankcase Drain BendTYPetters Ltd
58228Crankcase Drain BendTXPetters Ltd
58229Water TankTPetters Ltd
58230Water TankTPetters Ltd
58231Oil Drain Tank RingTPetters Ltd
58234Crankcase Drain Flange JointTPetters Ltd
58239Exhaust Manifold JointTWPetters Ltd
58240Silencer Cleaning Cover JointT12/2MPetters Ltd
58241Valve Extractor for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58244Relief Plug for Bilge PumpTWPetters Ltd
58245Indicator Roller PinTTPetters Ltd
58246/7Indicator Driving Pin 58247 SP Starting CollarTTPetters Ltd
58249Pad for Drain Plug on 57810Petters Ltd
58250Piston Rod for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58252Special Fuel Pump Cam(for use with 10m/m Bore Pump)TWPetters Ltd
58253Special SetscrewVG2MPetters Ltd
58254Special ScrewVG2MPetters Ltd
58255Roller Bearing Housing (Special)VG2MPetters Ltd
58256Special Shaft ExtensionVG2MPetters Ltd
58257Special Starting HandlePU2Petters Ltd
58267Special Nipple for D/C EngineVS10Petters Ltd
58268Water Inlet Pipe ConnectionTWPetters Ltd
58269Special Retaining WasherTXPetters Ltd
58271Modification to Lub.Oil Pump Relief Valve BodyT65Petters Ltd
58272Piston Rod Pin for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58273Circlip for Piston Rod Pin for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58274Water TankTPetters Ltd
58275Water TankTPetters Ltd
58282Ball Bearing Distance PieceTWPetters Ltd
58283Distance CollarTWPetters Ltd
58291Fuel Filter CoverTWPetters Ltd
58292Pump Valve Seat (for Oil Pump)TZPetters Ltd
58293Ball Valve StopTZPetters Ltd
58294Joint for Sleeve for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58301Auto-Klean Strainer UnitTWAuto-Klean
58302Cancelled Not UsedTWPetters Ltd
58305Lubricator Drive Gear Cover(Port)TWPetters Ltd
58308Special Water Tanks D/C EnginesVS10Petters Ltd
58311Valve Box Joint for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58312Barrel Cover Joint for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd
58313Oval Flange Joint for Water PumpTWPetters Ltd