Recent Objects

Object Name Description Date Manufacturer
Line Finder for UAX13 (Cream) Line Finder for UAX13 (Cream) 1957-03-01 GEC Telecommunications Ltd
UAX13 A Rack UAX13 subscriber rack, cream 1957-03-01 GEC Telecommunications Ltd
UAX13 C Rack UAX13 C rack, cream, modified 1957-03-01 GEC Telecommunications Ltd
Triumph Speed Twin New (unregistered) Triumph Speed Twin 1200cc motorcycle 2019-08-02 Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
Triumph Trophy 1200cc Triumph Trophy 1200cc motorcycle 0000-00-00 Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
Triumph 3SW Single cylinder side valve motorcycle, capacity 250cc
Bore/Stroke: 70mm / 89mm (2.76in / 3.5in)
Compression: 5.3 : 1
Length: 2083mm (82in)
Width: 724mm (28.5in)
Seat Height: 686mm (27in)
Wheelbase: 1334mm (52.5in)
Dry Weight: 143.8kg (317.1lb)
Fuel Tank: 14.2litres (3.1galUK - 3.75galUS)
1938-01-01 Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
Matchless G3LS Single cylinder OHV motorcycle, capacity 350cc
1954-01-01 Associated Motorcycles Ltd
Lambretta Scooter 175cc two-stroke scooter 1965-01-01 Lambretta
Kent Venturi Water Meter Originally installed at Peckforton Pumping Station, Cheshire 1952-01-01 George Kent Ltd
Ericsson N2204A Telephone Emergency phone from Peckforton Pumping Station 1955-07-20 Ericsson Ltd
Armstrong Injector Tester Injector test from workshop at Peckforton Pumping Station 1955-07-25 Armstrong
Venturi Meter Instruction Book 1953-01-23 George Kent Ltd
Station Log Book Log book for the 5 diesel engines at Peckforton 1967-11-04 Peckforton Pumping Station
Engineering Bulletin House magazine for LSE 1964-07-01 Laurence, Scott and Electromotors Ltd
Automatic Carbon Pile Voltage Regulators Operation, care and maintenance book 0000-00-00 Newton Brothers (Derby) Ltd
Operating Instructions for Allen Gwynnes Pumping Plant Instructions for installation at Tattenhall Pumping Station, Cheshire 1972-01-26 Allen Gwynnes Pumps Ltd
Parts Lists
Spare Parts List E Type Engines Parts book for the E range diesel engines 1955-01-01 Russell Newbury and Co. Ltd
Working Instructions for Allen Two-Stroke Diesel Engines Instructions book for the inline two-stroke diesel 1953-02-01 W. H. Allen Sons and Co. Ltd
Working Instructions for Allen Two-Stroke Diesel Engines Instructions book for the inline two-stroke diesel. Engine Numbers K2/92817, K2-92818, K2-92819 1952-06-01 W. H. Allen Sons and Co. Ltd
Wiring Diagram, 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 cycles, 4 wire Diagram for Borehole pumpe 1 to 3 1968-03-13 The Harland Engineering Co. Ltd
Stream-Line Filter General Arrangement Large stream-line as installed at Coopers Green Pumping Station 1955-01-12 Stream-Line Filters Ltd
George Kent's Catalogue of Apparatus for the Measurement of Water Catalogue of various water meters and systems 1901-01-01 George Kent Ltd
Ringer 44A Post Office ringing machine Small Electric Motors Ltd
Monarch PABX Two cabinet desktop electronic PABX BT Communications Systems Division