Recent Objects

Object Name Description Date Manufacturer
UAX13 A Rack UAX13 subscriber rack, cream 1957-03-01 GEC Telecommunications Ltd
UAX13 C Rack UAX13 C rack, cream, modified 1957-03-01 GEC Telecommunications Ltd
Triumph Speed Twin New (unregistered) Triumph Speed Twin 1200cc motorcycle 2019-08-02 Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
Triumph Trophy 1200cc Triumph Trophy 1200cc motorcycle 0000-00-00 Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
Triumph 3SW Single cylinder side valve motorcycle, capacity 250cc
Bore/Stroke: 70mm / 89mm (2.76in / 3.5in)
Compression: 5.3 : 1
Length: 2083mm (82in)
Width: 724mm (28.5in)
Seat Height: 686mm (27in)
Wheelbase: 1334mm (52.5in)
Dry Weight: 143.8kg (317.1lb)
Fuel Tank: 14.2litres (3.1galUK - 3.75galUS)
1938-01-01 Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
Matchless G3LS Single cylinder OHV motorcycle, capacity 350cc
1954-01-01 Associated Motorcycles Ltd
Lambretta Scooter 175cc two-stroke scooter 1965-01-01 Lambretta
Kent Venturi Water Meter Originally installed at Peckforton Pumping Station, Cheshire 1952-01-01 George Kent Ltd
Ericsson N2204A Telephone Emergency phone from Peckforton Pumping Station 1955-07-20 Ericsson Ltd
Armstrong Injector Tester Injector test from workshop at Peckforton Pumping Station 1955-07-25 Armstrong
Venturi Meter Instruction Book 1953-01-23 George Kent Ltd
Station Log Book Log book for the 5 diesel engines at Peckforton 1967-11-04 Peckforton Pumping Station
Engineering Bulletin House magazine for LSE 1964-07-01 Laurence, Scott and Electromotors Ltd
Automatic Carbon Pile Voltage Regulators Operation, care and maintenance book 0000-00-00 Newton Brothers (Derby) Ltd
Operating Instructions for Allen Gwynnes Pumping Plant Instructions for installation at Tattenhall Pumping Station, Cheshire 1972-01-26 Allen Gwynnes Pumps Ltd
Parts Lists
Spare Parts List E Type Engines Parts book for the E range diesel engines 1955-01-01 Russell Newbury and Co. Ltd
Working Instructions for Allen Two-Stroke Diesel Engines Instructions book for the inline two-stroke diesel 1953-02-01 W. H. Allen Sons and Co. Ltd
Working Instructions for Allen Two-Stroke Diesel Engines Instructions book for the inline two-stroke diesel. Engine Numbers K2/92817, K2-92818, K2-92819 1952-06-01 W. H. Allen Sons and Co. Ltd
Wiring Diagram, 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 cycles, 4 wire Diagram for Borehole pumpe 1 to 3 1968-03-13 The Harland Engineering Co. Ltd
Stream-Line Filter General Arrangement Large stream-line as installed at Coopers Green Pumping Station 1955-01-12 Stream-Line Filters Ltd
George Kent's Catalogue of Apparatus for the Measurement of Water Catalogue of various water meters and systems 1901-01-01 George Kent Ltd
Ringer 44A Post Office ringing machine Small Electric Motors Ltd
Monarch PABX Two cabinet desktop electronic PABX BT Communications Systems Division
ATM 25 line PAX 50 volt pre 2000 extensible pax 0000-00-00 Automatic Telephone & Electric Co. Ltd