Indexed Petters by Order

Order NoEngine NoModelDateDescription
AB08/82805PA111054211952-08-15In preservation 2017.
ABOB.85122A115260791954-06-28Mk III supplied with 5 x 4.5 pulley.
ABOB/81364A115444001963-10-19In preservation 2017
ABOB/81364A115444011963-10-19In preservation 2017
ABOB/81364A115444021963-10-19In preservation 2017
ABOB/81364A115444031963-10-19In preservation 2017
ABOR/80957A115432841952-05-06In preservation 2018.
ABOR/81927A1S215117351952-02-11Petrol, clockwise.
ABOS/81367A115443991963-10-18In preservation 2017
F1249PU2F26871937-10-14No. 208 P-L set. o/s piston 20/03/1945.
F625PU2F19271934-12-21No. 208 P-L set built to P141.
GO1567VA521141927-12-20No. 3 pump set with Evans pump.
GO70VZA41691928-03-24Handyman. In preservation 2013
SNS183A1 Series 215059001951-02-09Petrol
SO114VS8326681923-01-10with special Vickers-Petter sign.
SO1426PVZU79621931-05-08In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Part of compressor set, originally sent to the Bath & West Show in 1931 and again in 1932.
SO1849PVA648761932-06-08In preservation 2018.
SO2457SPVFU764341933-04-21Hopper. Wakefield grease gun.
SO2553VZU102781934-03-01Hopper cooled
SO28SPVF466411919 cylinder head (Victory). Drip lubrication.
SO2928VA659011934-10-23In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
SO3077VZ110471935-12-24Engine records missing.
SO3302VZU112541935-09-04Hopper. O/s piston supplied 05/06/1943.
SO3809VZ120321936-09-29In Preservation 2018. With pump.
SO617VS122017391928-04-02Wooden underbase for engine and water tank. Then resold under order number 25068.
SO996VZU90621931-03-31Hopper cooled
TO1330TU2211111937-07-30In preservation 2018. No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO1335TU2211281934-09-07Rebored 03/03/1947. No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO1366TU2211071934-07-26No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO1452TT2211771934-10-13No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO187T25/32200051931-04-01In preservation 2018. Rebored +1/16" 10/7/1946
TO1995TT2216511935-07-10In preservation 2016. No further detail for Trade Orders
TO2193TX12225301936-03-06No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO2518TU2222351936-01-16Trade Order so no detailed records.
TO2746TU2226751936-04-02Rebored 27/11/1946 No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO2749TU2226731936-05-23Preserved at Internal Fire Museum of Power. Trade Order so no detailed records.
TO2815TU2227101936-07-09No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO2866TU2226881936-05-25Trade Order so no detailed records
TO2867TX12232961936-06-30In preservation at Internal Fire Museum of Power. Trade order so no detailed records. Ex Petter factory collection
TO2977/2980TU2228921936-07-14No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO3004TX32227411936-08-10Rebored 21/4/1949 On loan to Internal Fire Museum of Power. Trade order so no detailed records.
TO3059TX42233441937-02-04No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO3134TT2228401936-09-07Marked as Rebored. Came as part of the Petter Collection. Trade Order so no further details.
TO3219TX12232991936-11-03No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO3223TT2230671936-10-27In preservation 2018. Trade Order so no detailed records.
TO3271TT2230881936-11-16No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO3353TX22233411937-02-26Trade Order so no detailed records. Rebored 16/01/1952
TO3374TU2232291937-01-07No detailed records for Trade Orders.
TO3388TT2228411937-01-18Trade Order so no detailed records. Probably hopper cooled for Fowlers.
TO3604TX32236031937-05-03No detailed records for (TO) Trade Orders).
TO3778TU2238031937-07-09In preservation 2018 (FB). No more detail for Trade Orders.
TO4148TUS2246481938-02-15Trade Order so no detailed records. Rebored 07/06/1951
TO4253TTS2246101938-04-23In preservation 2016. Trade Order so no detail in archive.
TO888T52206021933-12-11In preservation 2018 (FB). No other details for Trade Orders. Rebored cylinder 23/03/1957.
4/10501PU8F31421939-10-09Built to bulletin 1137.
4/12418A3361951944-07-13Specification same as for Gascoignes Ltd. Heavy flywheel, no pulley. Part of a large batch.
4/14579A3437621945-02-14Std. Pulley.
4/14600PU8F227520000-00-00Plate only Ebay 8/2022, with REME plate dated 1966. Supplied with Burgess air filter.
4/20264VZU135341939-11-161.5-2 bhp. No detailed records for this engine. Order filled by Loughborough after formation of ABOE.
4/20264VZ136581939-12-29Scrapped donor parts helping others.
4/20264VZ136671939-12-29In preservation 2017. No detailed records.
4/20455VF786211942-04-10One of a batch of 13 the same all sent to Evans. Built at Loughborough. No detailed records.
4/20457VF786331942-05-08Cistern hopper. Preserved at Internal Fire
4/20464VF786321942-06-08No detailed records for late Loughborough engines. One of the very last VF built.
4/20952VZ136801940-02-071.5-2bhp. One of a batch of eight the same. Other large batches in December 1939 and January 1940. No detailed records for late engines sent from Loughborough. The last VZ made was 13711.
4/30227TUS22252981939-06-23In preservation in NZ 2016
4/30386TTS2251711940-05-02Sold from Loughborough and those records missing.
4/30400TV2249591939-12-0415hp Atomic single cylinder. In preservation and installed at internal Fire
4/30471TTS2255191941-04-11No detailed records for engines this late.
4/30625TV22256361941-09-01Twin cylinder Atomic diesel.
4/30639TU2255631941-02-12In preservation 2017. No detailed records. Fitted with Pilgrim lubricator.
08/33017A15478061949-04-14No pulley. Petrol. ( G 06/05/1949 meaning not clear.)
08/34758A15556471949-12-22Supplied with 5 x 4.5 pulley. Petrol
09/45204SS6RA9921951-07-06Six cylinder right hand engine with anti-clockwise rotation
13VA500171917-08-15With dynamo and radiator.
24/50248SS4RA6471948-10-27Still in a Malta waterworks in 2018
29/12083A Series 25008751946-04-25Solex 24V carb. No pulley, Mk1.
29/13040A Series 25172451947-05-08TVO, Vokes Filters, Starting handle to follow.
29/14935A Series 25223281947-07-09TVO, NOT Paraffin. They are different. Brass gears, Aluminuium covers.
29/177342LTA4012411947-10-02Zenith carb, Std. pulley 7" x 7".
29/20131SS6RA4921947-07-09SS Codes 2,3,4,5,6 = no of cylinders R,L = right or left hand C,A = clockwise or anti-clock rotation P,S = Port or starboard for marine engines
31PVF401171913-10-21No detailed records for early engines.
36VF401201913-10-24In preservation 2017. No detailed records.
52VA500551917-11-07In preservation 2018.
56VA500621917-10-31with dynamo.
79VF401731913-11-14Rebuilt under the GO. No detailed records for early VF.
96VF401391913-11-10No detailed records for early engines.
129VF401751913-11-24In preservation 2017.
152VG313121920-05-19WO 347.
154VZ10961922-08-241922 model. In preservation 2016.
163SPVA501811918-11-26In preservation 2013.
172VZ11731923-11-07In preservation 2014
174SPVZ11281922-10-13Supplied as pump set. 1922 type lubrication. Series 1.
183VA501301918-06-17Set in preservation 2013.
209VF402001913-12-08rebuilt 05/02/1917 General Order GO2405, rebuilt as PVF 24/09/1919 GO9098,rebuilt yet again 05/03/1930 under GO4151.
214VZ11871922-11-09Hopper cover and water tank.
220VA501841918-11-272.5BHP Petter Junior Safety Oil Engine. In preservation 2018
247VF403371914-01-30Rebuilt with build changes under GO 3356 and resold on 24/03/1920 to W Robinson. No detailed records survive.
266VZ12671923-00-00The reference to cancellation is incorrect and is based on misreading the serial 1257 which was cancelled.
326VZ13671923-08-29In preservation 2014
339AVZ13361922-04-06In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
355VZ14061923-04-20No 2 Pump Set
359VZ14191923-04-27Converted to Tank-cooled 04/07/1923
383VZ14381923-05-08Hopper. 1923 model.
399VA503081919-06-23In preservation 2016 Additional instructions:- Customers name to be stencilled on tank
406VA503161920-01-06Plus Crompton direct-coupled dynamo and baseplate. Disc type (solid) flywheels.
411VA502881919-06-12In preservation 2018. Sent to Winchester Station.
422VZ14931923-06-13In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
462VZ15391923-07-17No.2 pump., belt, fast & loose pulleys, Foot valve strainer, striking gear, cast iron base.
465VZ15921923-08-22Air Cooled.
465VZ15941923-08-23One of a batch of seven air-cooled. Pictures show the transitional, between S1 and S2, feed to main bearing rather than to the well. I've seen one other.
502VZ15651923-08-13In preservation at Internal Fire
551VA505081920-02-12Victory model. In preservation, (Ebay)2016.
557VZ16691923-10-11Glass lubricator. No. 0a PL set.
562VZ15431923-09-27No. 0 P-L set 50/70 vdc. Engine in preservation 2015.
583VZ19261924-04-09Air cooled 50/70vdc P-L set
600VZ17001923-11-02Replaces engine 1149 VZ Lighting set. With base.
648VZ17091923-12-05engine only In Preservation 2015.
656VZ17711923-11-30Glass lubricator. P-L ste 25-37vdc.
666VZ18731923-12-13Workshop set.
674VE2316301922-06-29In preservation 2016
721VZ18741924-02-053/4 KW. 50/70vdc.
721VZ17581926-05-29Supplied as part of pump set
723VZ18791924-01-11No. 0a P-L set 50/70vdc.
725VZ18971924-02-20Hopper. In preservation 2016.
738VF407361914-09-30No detailed records survive.
779VZ17421924-03-19Hopper cooled.
797VA506251920-05-21In preservation 2018. To run on petrol special cylinder head. CAV magneto.
807VZ18331924-05-20In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
854SPVZ16751924-06-18In preservation 2017 but fitted with incorrect CI oiler.
865PVZ16801924-05-12Little Pet series 2. Show Finished, Glass lubricator.
869SPVZ18201924-05-07In preservation 2013
875VA506311920-05-20CAV magneto.
919PVZ19761924-05-25Hopper cooled. Glass lubricator. In preservation 2018. Resold under order number 979.
929VF409261915-01-02Sadly no detailed records. The build is right for the serial
949PVF409661915-01-05No detailed records for this serial.
983VZ19291924-07-01Air cooled, with fan and guard, belt, and pulley.
1006VZ20361924-07-10In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Supplied as pump set
1009PVF409651915-01-09Sadly there are no detailed records for engines with order nos. less than 2700. Modified under General Order 7019 on 12/05/1919. That would often have meant updating to 1919 (Victory) build.
1010SPVZ20601924-07-231923 Model. Hopper. Glass lubricator
1012PVZ20391924-07-15Supplied with trolley, road wheels and drawbar. Hopper cooled.
1018VZ20861924-08-18Tank cooled No. 0A P-L set 50/70vdc. Wineglass lubricator.
1067VZ18831924-08-19No. 0 P-L set, 25/37vdc. Glass lubricator, Petter auto switchboard, Customer's name on base of switchboard. GO5392 28/09/1938 rebored cylinder & o/s piston. PL records only indexed if exists.
1076VZ21151924-08-01In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
1077VF402371915-03-17Previously sold to H & A Flint on 27/11/1913 under order no. 109. Many early engines were returned and modified. No detailed records.
1111SPVZ21601924-09-061923 Model Junior Safety Engine
1130VZ21971924-09-20Glass lubricator.
1142VZ & VA20891924-09-30No. 0a PL set 50/70VDC. Glass lubricator, Cast Iron base.
1190VZ22851924-11-07No.2 Pumping set. Glass lubricator. . Foot valve, striking gear , fast & loose pulleys.
1214VA510291920-09-22Old Type exhaust silencer. Pulley side flywheel crowned.
1221VZ22681924-11-06No. 0 P-L 25-37vdc
1259VZ22791924-12-22In preservation. Glass lubricator. Coupling and bolts
1362SPVZ24111925-01-21Glass lubricator.
1377VZ24451925-02-041923 model. Glass lubricator.
1380CM1000281926-07-21SE1077 supplied with electric flywheel
1417VZ25641925-03-11With Evans pump. In preservation 2013
1447VZ25541925-03-12Centrifugal pumping set. Twin flywheel. In preservation 2013
1453VA509341921-12-06CAV magneto. Victory model. Sold and then rebuilt twice, lastly as a 1922 model, for the same Co. see Daybook entry.
1480VA512271920-11-13In preservation 2016.
1526SPVA512111921-04-04No.1 Petter-Light set. With water pipes, belt, switchboard fuse and instruction card. And export spares. Test sheet for dynamo sets missing.
1529VZ26871925-04-211923 Model Petter Junior Safety oil engine. Twelve engines the same: Engine Numbers 2605, 2740, 2743, 2605, 2640, 2653, 2722, 2755, 2761, 2619, 2681, 2711.
1536SPVZ27471925-04-20O/s piston 25/05/1943. Also spares for a VS8.
1547SPVF416631916-03-03No detailed records for the earliest VF.
1568VZ27691925-05-13Two same 2769 and 2771 (in preservation in NZ - single solid flywheel direct coupled top Reavell compresser on common base. Probably starting set.
1568VZ27711925-05-13Two same 2769 and 2771 (in preservation in NZ - single solid flywheel direct coupled top Reavell compressor on common base. Probably starting set.
1599VA510501920-10-20Hopper Victory model. Two engines the same. 51112 and 51050.
1599VA511121920-09-16Hopper Victory model. Two engines the same. 51112 and 51050.
1605VZ25651925-05-21No 101 P-L set. NOTE as usual for GEC sets no P-L no allocated.
1654VZ26801925-06-10In preservation 2013.
1664VZ27781925-06-26Hopper. In preservation in NZ 2016. Batch of six, 2778, 2817, 2814, 2816, 2780, 2782.
1664VZ27821925-06-26See 2778.
1685PVF416371916-02-21No detailed records for early VF.
1705VZ28111925-06-30Petter Junior Safety Oil Engine In preservation 2018
1712VZ25361925-07-28Engine in preservation 2018.
1744SPVA516931921-04-06Dynamo and board in preservation 2013. Engine appeared on Ebay 2018.
1746SPVA516901921-03-22Engine in preservation 2017. Originally part of a No1 Petter-Light set.
1755VZ28701925-07-24Engine on Ebay is single flywheel for direct coupling.
1792VA516151921-02-201919 (Victory) head, See also 52242 for batch packing sheet
1801SPVA516951921-04-06PL records not indexed unless set exists. Now with incorrect much later Universal Hopper head.
1853VA517881921-04-00No1 P-L. in preservation 2014.
1913VA518261921-04-23One of a batch. In preservation in NZ 2016
1956SPVZ31401925-10-16Glass lubricator.
2009PVB607981931-11-03In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
2077VZ31621925-11-21No 101A P-L. rebore & o/s piston 13/12/1923.
2112SPVA519661921-07-09Victory model. Hopper head new type. Show Finish.
2124VZ32651925-12-21Twenty engines the same; 3238,3234,3257,3254,3250,3256,3245,3260,3260,3253,3259,3263,3265,3272,3269,3252,3251,3285,3284,3273. Instruction card in English & Spanish.
2180SPVF419791916-08-11In preservation. GO 03/08/1917, GO 03/10/1918. No detailed records.
2267VZ34561926-02-10No. 101 P-L. 50vdc.
2276VZ25451926-03-05No. 51 Alpha-Petter set. Slide rails and bolts going direct.
2314SPVZA35841926-03-11Handyman. One of six the same.
2318VZ36191926-04-07No 101 PL set
2332SPVZA36101926-03-08In preservation 2016. Handyman on skids fitted with Wineglass lubricator.
2467VA523901921-09-22Hopper head and 1922 type lubrication. Batch follows. In preservation 2017.
2471PVA518281921-10-15Victory model
2472PVA523721921-10-21In preservation 2018.
2485VA525161921-10-20Victory model, New type lubrication. Flywheel crowned on magneto side.
2485VF2423401917-01-27Used two serials 42340 and 42341. No detailed records. 02/03/1918 loose crankshaft. 05/03/1918 broken crankshaft.Remained broken for 100 years and ran on one cylinder driving a feed mill.
2515VA525621921-11-03One of a batch including 52568 which is in preservation.
2515VA525681921-10-18In preservation 2016. BTH magneto
2521PVA522921921-11-03in preservation 2014.
2564VZ39921926-05-18With machined base. made into d/c compressor set.Set in preservation in NZ 2016. Special flywheel to drg. ????
2606VA526290000-00-001922 model with 5hp size cooling tank. Agent's name and address very hard to transcribe.
2650VZ25851926-08-24No. 101 P-L set 50vdc. 1923 model. With Petter centrifugal pump, foot valve and strainer.
2656VZA40081926-09-18Handyman. Thirteen engines the same. Air strainer.
2657VZ37821926-08-26In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
2662VA526581921-12-24In preservation 2016.
2664PVA526041922-01-191922 model.
2715VZA32471925-12-12In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
2715VZA32481925-12-12One of three ordered at the same time for Dumbrill.
2717VA526821922-07-271922 Model Junior In preservation 2017
2741VA524601922-02-15In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
2767VZ40411926-10-06Dynamo & board and a base in preservation 2018
2829VZ34191926-11-02In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
2845VZ41531926-11-02No. 100 PL set 50vdc.
2855VA529321922-04-05In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
2861VZ33961926-10-21No 100 P-L set, dynamo and base in preservation 2016,
2873VZ41741926-11-04In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
2875VA527381922-04-12No. 1A Petter-Light set, with VF water tank.
2903VA527081922-05-031922 lubrication system.
2910SPVA527951922-05-02No. 3 Pump set.
2923VA529461922-05-09In preservation 2017.
2931VZ43531926-12-16No. 101 P-L set. 50vdc.
2948VZA42601926-11-26Handyman.Probably made into pumping set by L-H. Later returned and overhauled under General Order 019461 and resold on 17/08/1929 to Mr. A Purchase, Contractor of 2 Hill Street, Brockley, Bilston Staffs.
2953VA530341922-05-08Petrol head.
2959VZ43551926-12-30No. 40 Alpha-Petter. 32vdc
2969SPVZA42461926-12-16In preservation 2018.
3029VZ44331927-01-13Installed to pump water from well at a school near Bristol
3031SPVA526361922-05-011922 model. In preservation 2013
3068PVA530801922-06-22In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
3076VA531261922-07-11No. 4 P-l set. 1922 model (pressure lubrication feed to both mains.)
3086AP1MK115094941951-12-17TVO NOT Paraffin. 850rpm. 5" x 41/2" pulley
3091VA527771922-06-30No.1a Petter Light set.
3094VZ43811927-02-15Set with Evans pump and baseplate. Engine in preservation 2018. Rebored 05/07/1937.
3095VZ45081927-02-18No 101a PL Set
3148VZA46621927-03-23In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
3150VA531651922-09-05In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
3157VA532071922-07-31In preservation 2013. 1922 model.
3178VA531801922-07-26In preservation 2014. Petrol head.
3206VA531521922-07-18With "Bridge pattern" Petter patent switchboard no. 367. Dynamo in preservation 2013
3229PVF428371917-07-27In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
3253SPVZA46891927-05-03Batch of three the same: 4673, 4689, 4604.
3279VA533181922-09-14Cast iron base, Adjusting ???? & block. Compression cock
3323VZ53411927-11-17In preservation 2017
3346PVA533561922-09-21In preservation 2018. 1922 model.
3362SPVZA49821927-06-24Now fitted with non-original fabricated exhaust.
3397VZ45501927-07-13P-L records not indexed unless set exists. Tank cooled. 50vdc.
3398VZA50861927-08-10Handyman. Batch of 20 engines the same. See 5094 for full details.
3402VA534741922-11-041923 model. No1A P-LEngine in preservation 2018 Now paired with PL3812.
3405SPVZA49391927-07-15Handyman, Petrol head.
3433SPVZA46581927-07-29Handyman with Petrol head.
3471SPVZA31551927-05-18Originally sold under order 2027 to A W Dumbrill on 05/11/1925. Previous records destroyed by Petters as their usual practice.
3482VZA50741927-08-30Three engines the same: 5046, 5074 and 5079 in preservation 2018.
3482VZ50791927-08-30in preservation 2018. See serial 5074 for details.
3492VA535171922-11-03Petrol head. 1923 model.
3536VZ50381927-10-06101 P-L set. Mechanical lubricator (Empire??).Engine in preservation 2016.
3582PVF436111918-06-06In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
3586PVF431361917-12-29In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
3588VA537111923-01-23No.1a P-L 25/31vdc.
3606SPVF432841918-01-22In preservation 2018. Hunt & Mitton Oiler. Originally bulit with Petter Imp magneto.
3607VA536311922-12-08Engine in preservation 2017. Originally supplied as partf Petter-Light No 1a set
3611VZA49981927-11-18Belt driven Centrifugal Pumping set (Pulsometer) Engine in preservation 2016.
3620VZ51831927-10-25Tank cooled. BTH magneto. In preservation 2014. 10" dia. pulley
3671PVA537411922-12-281923 Victory Model.
3681VZU52211927-11-16Detailed records misfiled or missing.
3682VF432541918-02-26Petter (Imp) magneto 243.
3689VZA49781927-11-23In preservation 2006 in Argentina. One of a batch including 5073 in preservation. Special nameplate.
3689VZA50731927-11-23In preservation in Argentina in 2006. See 4978.
3695VZA50481927-11-28In presrvation 2017. Handyman
3714VZU53481927-12-05In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
3724VA536201922-12-29Dynamo and switchboard in preservation 2013. No.1 P-L 37vdc
3744VZU54251927-12-01In preservation 2018.
3756PVF431901918-01-09In preservation 2016. Petter (Imp) magneto. 1916 cylinder head. Hunt & Mitton Lubricator.
3764VA537651923-01-16In preservation 2013
3767VZA46101928-01-02Handyman. One of a batch of ten.
3767VZA54541928-01-02In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Handyman. See 4610 for details.
3805VZ52631928-01-19In preservation 2015. Tank cooled. Presumed incorporated in a pumping set since Evans' business was pumps.
3844VZ56031928-03-20In preservation 2018
3853VA538721923-02-27No 1A P-L. in preservation 2014.
3857VF434321918-11-20Sold 29/04/1918 and returned after repair under GO 6298 on 30/08/1918. In preservation 2016.
3881VA532121923-02-27In preservation 2014. Supplied with cast base and compression cock only.
3902VF434901918-05-23Part of large batch for MoM. Batch continues to end of reel 37A and on into reel 38A
3902VZ54651928-03-1325vdc Alpha Petter-Light P-L 8180
3920VA540371923-03-081923 Model.
4017VA540511923-04-181923 Model Petter Junior In preservation 2017
4070VZU59361928-06-1520 engines in batch.
4070VZU59381928-06-15One of a batch of 20 engines, See 5936 for details which also survives from the same batch. Search 5936 to get the Packing Sheet etc.
4070VZU59411928-06-15One of a large batch. See 5937 for details.
4081VA538291923-05-16Engine only in preservation in NZ 2016. P-L set and no 2 pump set .
4084VZ59031928-06-05Twelve engines the same including 5903. Extended crank
4084VZ59111928-06-05One of a batch of twelve the same. See 5903.
4131VA541871923-05-22o/s rings 24/11/1934. In preservation 2017.
4151VF439061918-04-30Last of a batch of >300 engines beginning on reel 37A. At least one in preservation in Ghana, formerly Gold Coast - see Wiki for details of enlightened post WW1 governer. #43490 indexed.
4159VA537141923-05-2850/70 volts, 1kw. Dynamo plate only.
4182VZ33831926-07-28Engine rebored & o/s piston 12/02/1934
4193VA543121923-07-02Pulley side flywheel crowned. In preservation (ebay) 2016.
4193VA533121923-07-02Pulley side flywheel crowned.
In preservation (ebay) 2016.
4205VZ60741928-07-27In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
4227VA542461923-06-19Hopper cooled. In preservation in USA 2000.
4292VA517561923-07-07No1 P-L 25-37vdc. Engine in preservation 2018.
4299VZ61741928-09-06In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
4334VA535981923-07-18In preservation 2013
4336VZU63961928-11-06Part of large order
4394VA543941923-08-13In preservation 2016.
4403VA543001923-08-221923 model No. 3 Pumping set.
4406VZU66681929-02-08Petrol head. Twenty engines the same including 6668. Air Filter, Screwed plug in main bearings, special cover on hopper, brass tap in cylinder. All except 2 converted to BTH magnetos on 14/10/1947.
4456VZ65291928-12-12Part of large order
4480VA543711923-09-03In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
4504VA542011923-11-06Dynamo and Board only, with engine no. 55040 since 2006.
4506VA546851923-09-04Packing sheet missing.
4512VA546221923-09-17See Pl records for further set details. Engine in preservation 2015 though incomplete.
4520VZ64781928-12-05Wall type switchboard & Brackets
4542PVZU63481928-12-06In preservation 2018.
4548VZ65081928-12-12in preservation 2016. Fitted with petrol head and Wico replaced by BTH at factory
4551VZ52501929-07-12In preservation 2018 (FB & Ebay). Previously sold under o/no3738 to Glanville Garage on 16/12/1927
4564VZ65071925-12-14In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
4573SPVF442041919-02-20Sent by GWR to Otterhall (?) Station.
4629VAU58751928-05-23Petrol head and carb. In preservation 2014. Non-original magneto.
4791VZU80121930-04-29hopper cooled and sectioned. In preservation 2016.
4794PVF441401919-01-16Cast Iron lubricator.
4795VA548741923-12-10In preservation 2018 (Ebay). Wineglass lubricator.
4826VA547651924-01-11No. 1A P-L. Complete set and cells in preservation 2016.
4828VA547511924-01-01Hopper. One of a batch
4842VZ53281929-06-05Rebored +1/32" 16/01/1934.
4854PVF442331919-03-21Step pulley.
4878VZ70791929-06-28110/140vdc Alpha-Petter set.
4938VA551411924-02-08In preservation 2017.
4941VZ70811929-06-24In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
4947VZAuto74511930-02-25101 PL 110vdc. Rad-cooled and fitted with air filter. In preservation in Oz 2015.
4957PVZU71511929-07-15and pump on trolley with engine and waterproof sheet.
4989VZU70951929-07-04In preservation 2018
4994VZ68461933-01-16In preservation 2018.
5005VZU71671929-07-13& No. 1 Evans Pump. Baseplate , foot valve striking gear, Pulleys & belt. +0.020" oversize supplied GO 10141, 26/09/1954.
5032VZ71791929-07-27Two engines the same 7179 & 7169.
5059VZ73051929-00-271KW 32-44vdc. set in preservation 2015.
5064VA552721924-03-25In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
5077SPVZ70831929-08-28One of a batch. For full details of an identical engine see 6949 in the same order.
5087VF446611919-07-24Disc type flywheels and crowned. Supplied with Export spares. In preservation 2016
5103VA554471924-07-06In preservation 2013
5109VZ71211929-08-23Engine in preservation 2016
5122VZU72761929-09-06Batch of 7276, 7274, 7272 all the same.
5122VZU72741929-09-06Fitted with homebrew hopper extension. See 7276.
5129VF444791919-06-04In preservation 2015.
5137VZ63321929-09-02Plant 101. In preservation 2017
5143VZU72191929-09-17No.1 Pump set. Evans pump. on Baseplate.
5147VZU73521929-09-24Three the same: 7342, 7354, 7352. Air filter, Plugs in bearings, Petrol hopper head.
5150SPVF444271919-06-041916 model.
5158VA553481924-10-29Hopper cooled.
5165PVF444821919-06-141916 model.
5178VZ73831929-10-01with Pulsometer pump (sent direct).
5182VZU73511929-10-02In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
5197VA554621934-09-19In preservation 2018 (Ebay). 1923 model
5230VA541811924-05-22No. 1A P-L set. Dynamo and board in preservation 2017 with engine serial 57253.
5236SPVF454581919-12-15Victory model.
5262VA554091924-06-16Petter-Light Set 1A on cast iron base. Engine only in preservation 2013. Now fitted with Appletop hopper.
5267PVA550401924-05-15Now paired with PL2294 dynamo & board originally with eng. 54201. O/s piston now fitted. Originally supplied under a Show order to the Petter Stand at Bath & West show, Taunton. Show finished.
5275VZU75451929-11-06Hopper cooled, in preservation 2018. Four the same 7546, 7544, 7547, 7545. Painted green. Petrol.
5288VA552511924-08-16No. 3 (Evans) pump set with cast iron base fast & loose pulleys and striking gear. In preservation 2018 (Ebay-still in Bridport).
5300VZ71481929-11-20No.2a lighting set.Supplied with Petter Automatic switchboard. GEC switchboard no. G390 afterwards fitted
5312VA553001924-07-01No. 3 pump set on base. Hopper cooled. Engine in preservation 2016
5316SPVF456471920-01-20In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
5369VZ72951929-12-13In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
5376VZU77661930-01-09Petrol. Special half coupling. Customers clutch disc to be bolted outside of coupling.
5387VZ77561930-01-15Auxiliary silencer and distance piece. In preservation 2017.
5431SPVF450281919-10-15Victory Model.
5534VA560261924-12-04No. 1A P-L set 50/70vdc. 1923 model. Metropolitan Vickers name on base.
5549VA555991924-10-03Hopper cooled. One of a batch which also included 55601 (in preservation 2016).
5554VZ77801930-04-17Engine only in preservation 2018 (Ebay). No. 101 Petter-light. 50vdc.
5563VZU81081930-05-12Large batch. Petrol. Hopper. Head drains and air filter.
5563VZU80371930-04-25One of a batch of 50 engines. See 8108 for details.
5588SPVF449491919-09-16Victory model. In preservation 2018 (Ebay).
5594SPVF449891919-10-17In preservation 2017.
5595VZ73001930-04-09450 rpm compressor set on machined stepped base.
5612SPVF449041919-09-15Victory Model
5618VZ77061930-04-11Plant 80 Alpha-Petter set.
5623SPVF449481919-09-19Victory model
5650VA557191924-10-24No. 1A P-L set 50/70vdc.
5651PVA558951924-11-03Hopper cooled. With 22ft of 2 1/2" x 3 ply belting.
5669SPVZU80771930-05-15Hopper. Petrol engine so no paraffin ring fitted.
5671VZU80561930-05-14Hopper head.
5676VZU82271930-06-13In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
5700VA556901924-11-24Show finished. Set in preservation 2016. No1A PL set.
5733VA557391924-12-11No.1A Petter-Light set supplied with pulley on starting side and gear pump. Rebored + 1/16" GO3327 25/09/1936. P-L records will be indexed if set exists.
5765VA560541925-02-03No. 102 P-L 50/70vdc. Exhibition finish. Engine in preservation 2016.
5777VZU82411930-06-30Petrol. In preservation 2018 (Ebay).
5797VZ83121930-07-10Tank cooled. Hopper cover.
5851SPVF452891919-11-14Victory model.
5854VA561621925-02-02No 1A P-L set 100/140 vdc. Engine in preservation 2018.
5876VF451221919-11-12Victory model, disc flywheels. In preservation 2018 (Ebay).
5883VA561681925-02-05No. 102A P-L set. 50-70vdc.
5912PVF453061919-11-14Victory model. In preservation 2017.
5957VZU84061930-09-29Hopper. In preservation 2016.
5958SPVF453581919-11-21Victory model. Despatched to ??? Edwards, Quarthill farm, ????.
5960VA563951925-03-12with 1 set of General Order spares GO6053.
6028VF453821919-12-08Victory Model.
6048PVZU79821930-11-00In preservation 2018 (Ebay). Hopper-cooled. 9" dia. pulley. Going direct: circular saw strong iron frame with 26 x 18" planed top, fast & loose pulleys, striking gear, 14" saw.
6055VF453501919-11-28In preservation 2016 Smithfield Show, Royal Agricultural Show, Islington
6072VZU88801930-11-21In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
6077VZ88871930-11-28No. 101 Petter-Light set 50/70vdc,.
6097VZU86431930-12-02Oversize piston supplied under G.O. 41048 07/11/1933. In preservation 2016.
6111VA557221925-06-18dynamo in preservation 2018. No. 1A P-L
6136VZ86571930-12-02Extended shaft pulley side.
6148SPVF454481919-12-22In preservation 2017.
6149VZU87121931-01-12In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Marked as "Special" in Day Book
6149VF449651920-01-01Rebuilt to 1923 standard 19/04/1928 under GO 2986.
6200VZU87561931-01-28Hopper cooled.
6221PVF457591920-02-04Victory model.
6228VZ88891931-02-10Pulley, set slide rails.
6246VZU89931931-04-23Detailed records missing or misfiled prior to or during filming.
6263VA565641925-07-21Detailed records missing or misfiled in 1952.
6275VZU89981931-03-20With hopper cover. One of a batch of three the same: 8998, 8962, 8961.
6275VZ89621931-03-20One of a batch of three see 8998.
6283VZU90411931-03-28List on reverse not filed but 9137 (in preservation 2018) in same batch. Drains to crankcase, base fuel tank & Hopper. Screwed plugs to oil wells, air filter drg# 33749, Extended special shafts.
6283VZU91371931-07-10In preservation 2018. One of a large batch to Fowlers. See 9140 for details.
6284VA563591925-07-29No. 3 Pump set with footvalve, baseplate, fast & loose pulleys & striking gear. Hopper cooled.
6299VZ90091931-04-16In preservation in Sweden 2018 (FB). Also 9008. Short circuiting cap on magneto
6303SPVA565511925-08-12Glass lubricator. Show finished. Incomplete, bent crank, very rusty and well beyond restoration. Broken for the few usable parts.
6366SPVF457561920-01-27In preservation 2018 (FB). Victory Model
6387VZ90211931-05-19In preservation 2015.
6407VZ92741931-07-28With baseplate for dynamo, air filter.
6431VZ91711931-10-27With d/c compressor on base. William Kent built engines under licence branded 'Le Pratic'.
6432VZU84141931-06-11Hopper. In preservation 2015.
6448PVF456821920-01-21Victory model. In preservation 2016.
6475VF461611920-04-19Victory Model, in preservation 2017 Supplied to Heston and Sons, Electrical Engineers and Contractors, 158 Fenchurch St, London EC3. Supplied with all pipe fittings, foundation bolts etc
6476SPVF457461920-01-31Victory Model, in Presrvation 2018 (FB).
6481SPVAA569111925-10-18In preservation 2018 (Ebay).
6482VA568171925-12-31Direct-coupled lighting set 75vdc. Single disc (solid) flywheel.
6488VZAuto88171931-08-10100vdc Auto lighting set. Radiator cooled. Single sold flywheel. direct coupled to dynamo on base.
6553VZ92331931-10-02No. 101 PL set. Ray engineering switchboard.
6604VZ94581932-03-08No. 80 50vdc Alpha-Petter set with drive side pulley for Evans double-acting brass-lined water pump. Outer bearing and pedestal. Extended crank both sides.
6616VZ93761931-12-02In preservation 2018 (FB).
6629VA568251926-01-1350-75vdc vdc 1.25KW.
6633VAA570251925-12-24In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
6638VZ94401932-01-08Special ball and roller bearings. In preservation 2016
6667VA568491926-01-07No. 102 P-L 50vdc.
6683VA549351925-08-18in preservation 2014. Overhauled into stock.
6688VF463551920-05-13Victory Model. Stepped pulleys.
6696VA570921926-01-273 BHP Petter Junior Safety Oil Engine In preservation 2017
6727SPVF459521920-02-27In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
6730VZU95371932-09-15On display at Internal Fire Museum of Power
6736VZU96531932-05-31Twenty engines the same. Fowler spec. Hopper cooled. Best & Lloyd lubricator.
6739VZU95681932-04-19New type Hopper. Fowler spec. Six engines the same.
6751PVF459781920-03-03Victory model.
6769VZ88381932-06-13In preservation 2014. 8838 & 8832 same.
6806VF462531920-04-19Victory Model. With Export spares.
6820VF462721920-04-19In preservation 2018.
6826VA572531926-03-24Engine in preservation 2017. Replacing serial 54181 on PL2323 (qv).
6844SPVF465361920-06-021919 (Victory) model.
6894VA573441926-06-07Direct-coupled set, 50vdc, with baseplate dynamo, coupling, switchboard and dynamo.
6943VA574751926-06-07In preservation 2013
6951VZU98611932-12-11In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
6977VAA574441926-06-18Handyman with hopper petrol head. In preservation 2016.
6978VZ98101933-01-16In preservation 2018.
7002VA573081926-07-09In preservation 2018 (Ebay).
7022VZU99751933-03-21Petrol, Hopper cooled. One of a batch of which 9992 is preserved.
7022VZU99921933-03-21Appletop. One of a batch of 12, See 9975.
7033VA571931926-07-09No. 3 pump set, Lee Howl pump with belt, striking gear, foot valve stariner and belt. All on Base Plate.
7036VZ102141934-05-17Plant 101a. Set in preservation 2017.
7042VA576031926-07-1450/70vdc 1.25KW
7065VZ99911933-09-07200 d/c set in preservation 2016.
7087VAA573181926-08-09In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
7095VA577211926-08-25In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
7138VZ100001933-07-24Wakefield grease gun.
7140VZU100941933-07-25In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
7169SPVF463921920-05-05In preservation 2018
7184VF465671920-09-13Victory model. No.2 P-L. Rebored and converted to ring oiled at the same time. 29/04/1931. Changed to BTH magneto 08/04/1927
7225VZU102031933-12-06Hopper. Petter horizontal double acting pumping set with fast and loose pulleys, strinking gear, baseplate belt, and special No.3 pump.
7230VZU102401933-11-23Hopper. Full Fowler spec. Twelve engines same: 10229, 10230, 10231, 10232, 10233, 10234, 10235, 10236, 10237, 10238, 10239, 10240 (in preservation.
7232VZU102251933-12-06Dynamo & Board in preservation 2018.
7271VZU8850A1934-01-08Hopper. With No. 1 Thomas pump with fast and loose pulley, foot valve and strainer, and foundation bolts.
7288VZU96871934-01-03Winget spec(P116). Six same; 9690,9687, 10265, 10302, 10303, 10304. In preservation 2014.
7289VZU103691934-04-18Batch of six engines: 10369, 10371, 10373, 10372 (preserved), 10370, 10368.
7301VZU103451934-02-19Hopper shape not specified. In preservation 2018. To full Fowler spec. Six engines the same: 10345, 10346, 10347, 10348, 10350 and (10349 in preservation 2018).
7301VZU103491934-02-19In preservation 2018. One of a batch of 6. See 10345 for full details.
7323SPVF473241921-05-10Victory model engine crated on stretcher with water tank In preservation 2017
7327VA579571926-10-30Replaced 55401 driving PL set 25/01/1937. New base sent with engine.
7343VA581761926-12-18Show finish. No dynamo set test sheet.
7349PVZU104191934-03-18In preservation 2017 Acquired in spring of 2009 from The London Borough of Redbridge ,Leys Road ,Ilford. Hopper-cooled. Badged Merryweather. On trolley, road wheels, with Petter Horizontal double acting pump, fast & loose pulleys and striking gear.
7370VA576771926-11-16One of a large batch with this order no. including 57968 which is in preservation in Oz.
7370VA579681926-11-16In preservation in Oz 2018 (FB). See also 57677 for detailed record. Part of a large batch under o/no 7370.
7379VZ104431934-05-15Ball and Roller. In preservation 2016.
7389SPVF466311920-06-15Thompson-Bennett magneto.
7391SPVF479991920-11-24In preservation (Ebay) 2016.
7399SPVF467561920-08-30Victory model.
7403VZU105111934-06-02Twelve engine the same. 10511 in preservation and 10509, 10510, 10516, 10512, 10515,10513, 10517, 10514, 10533, 10534, 10518. All to Fowler spec. as defined herein.
7424VZU97331934-04-14Hopper. In preservation in UK 2017.
7459SPVAA580761926-12-15Handyman. In preservation 2013
7465VZU105721934-07-28With pump fast & loose pulleys and striking gear. Hopper.
7488VF468691920-07-05In preservation 2016. Rest of record missing. Pulley side flywheel crowned.
7492VZU105351934-08-28In preservation 2018. Hopper cooled.
7493VZ104061934-09-03In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
7501VZU106721934-10-30Hopper cooled. In preservation 2015.
7515VA582161927-01-12No. 102 Petter-Light set. Dynamo and switchboard in preservation 2016.
7535VZU106991934-10-10Hopper cooled. Twelve engines same 10702, 10705, 10706 (in preservation 2018), 10707, 10708, 10709, 10710, 10702, 10700, 10704, 10699, 10701.
7535VZU107061934-10-10Fowler spec. One of a batch of twelve See #10699 for details.
7567SPVF466191920-07-08In preservation 2016. Missing piston and rod.
7576VA586251927-06-11+1 starting collar to be fitted on opposite side to Standard. In preservation 2016.
7584VF467981920-07-08In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
7585SPVF468981920-07-07In preservation 2018 (FB).
7629SPVF467931920-07-14Victory Model with export spares. Six patents plate 10699. A picture suggests this is a 1916 model with a Victory (1919) head.The erection sheet shows 1919 head with NO priming cup. Probably not 46793.
7651SPVAA581241927-03-16Badly filmed in 1955. In preservation 2016.
7652PVZ108921935-02-08In preservation 1995. Extended crank pulley side. Petrol
7657VZU109211935-02-19One of a batch of three: 10921, 10886, 10888. Extended crank on pulley side.
7659VA583471927-04-02d/c lighting set. in preservation 2014.
7670VZU109191935-03-06With: horizontal pump, belt, striking gear, foot valve, and strainer. Hopper cooled.
7692VZU109591935-03-26also 10958. Hopper, extended crank pulley side
7706PVF469201920-07-28In preservation 2014
7735VZ111271935-06-14Built as tank cooled.
7759VZU110061935-06-27No. 2 direct-coupled set. 50/70 volts DC. 1932 Model.
7768VZU111361935-06-19Hopper cooled (Apple) Engine numbers 11068, 11065, 11094, 11093, 11136 and 11666
7779SPVA585681927-04-20In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
7782VZU111381935-07-02Hopper. Six engines the same: 11139, 11142, 11143, 11138, 11145, 11140.
7789VZU112131935-07-0911219 In preservation 2018. Extended crank on pulley side. Twelve engines the same; 11214, 11217, 11216, 11218, 11220, 11221, 11223, 11219, 11224, 11213, 11215, 11222.
7789VZ112191935-07-19In preservation 2018 (FB). Extended crank on pulley side. See 11213.
7793VZU111571935-07-25set in preservation 2010. Plant 101A P-L. 3/4KW 50/70vdc.
7797VA585671927-05-05In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
7798VAA584701927-05-05In preservation 2018. Tank Cooled Handyman.
7820VZ17791926-04-11Petter-Light set No 0
7835VZU110211935-05-22Hopper cooled. Supplied with gear type pump, fast and loose pulleys, and strainer.
7841VZ112261935-08-29Batch of 12 engines. 11123, 11149, 11225, 11242, 11226, 11256, 11286, 11290, 11291(in preservation), 11288, 11289, 11287. Nameplate and Extended crank on pulley side.
7847SPVZU111831935-08-26Hopper. In preservation 2016.
7882VZU113751935-10-14Hopper. With horizontal double acting pumping plant
7896B3201901-10-29No detail available.
7912VZ114121935-11-12In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Extended crank pulley end
7938VZU115241935-12-31Extended crank on pulley side. Twelve engine same. Others in batch: 11519, 11523, 11520,11522, 11529, 11530, 11528, 11526, 11525, 14527.
7964VF475471920-09-29In preservation.
7966SPVAA588461927-08-22Handyman. Batch of 5 engines the same: 58847, 58848, 58849, 58850, 58853.
7981VZ114551936-01-22and Pump. (o/s Piston 23/02/1950.)
7993VA586361927-08-15One N.E W. circular saw sent direct.. (Note The N.E.W sawbench was made by Denings of Chard),
8000VAA588701927-09-02In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Fitted new type cyl head and compression plate
8001PVF474941920-11-22In preservation 2016.
8002VZ115061936-02-15In preservation 2017. Detailed records missing and appear to have been misfiled during filming.
8009SPVAA584751927-08-20Handyman on skids.
8018VZU116081936-03-06Hopper. Extended crank pulley side, nameplate.
8025SPVF474251920-10-06Victory Model In preservation 2017
8038VZU106601926-03-28Two engines 10660 (in preservation 2018) & 10739. Extended crank and air strainer. Hopper cooled.
8048VAU117781936-08-31Hopper cooled. Set in preservation 2018 (FB). Engine d/c to Hamworthy compressor on base.
8054VZU116071936-04-03Hopper cooled.
8061VZU116451936-04-09Appletop hopper. In preservation 12/2013
8077PVF479811924-12-16In preservation 2013
8090VZU117351936-05-21Six engines despatched, 11770, 11721, 11817, 11618, 11735, 11652
8091VZU116501936-06-30In preservation 2016.
8116VZ117901936-05-22In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
8142VF470361926-01-15GO4227 15/01/1926 brought up to date (1923 standard).
8143PVAA591111927-10-14Petrol Handyman.
8161VZ119101936-07-01In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
8184VA591781927-10-28Lubricator 94431 sent Jan 59.
8188VAU591021927-10-28In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
8196VF483991920-11-09Flywheel crowned on pulley side.
8208VAA588971927-11-09In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
8214VZ120361936-09-221932 model. No.101 P-L set. 50/70vdc.
8290VZU121981936-11-27extended crank. Batch comprising 12209, 12206, 12200, 12208 (in preservation, 12199, 12207, 12201, 12205, 12203, 12202, 12198.
8290VZ122081936-11-27See 12198 for details. One of a batch of 12 the same.
8299SPVAU593101927-12-05Petrol Engine. No tank mentioned.
8301VZ122331936-12-16In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
8318VZU122601937-01-06Extended crank both ends, air filter. Plunger type starting handle. Spares sent under GO Z1340.
8319VAA593681927-11-30two the same 59360, and 59368, the latter in preservation (Ebay)Hopper.
8326VAU593891927-12-13Petrol engine. Air filter.
8326VZ121931937-01-12In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
8328VZU123631934-02-05In preservation 2014. Three same
8328VA593791927-12-17Batch probably included 59370 which remained in the UK and is preserved, However one engine was renumbered and the original docs scrapped.
8328VAA593671927-12-19In preservation 2017. Handyman. One of a batch. No detailed records.
8338SPVZU113051936-12-12Hopper. Previously sold under Show Order 3873.
8363VA594841927-12-30see letter on facing page. Later not applicable
8372VA592381928-01-04Petrol head.
8380VF476861920-11-12In preservation 2016.
8382VF472351920-11-12In preservation 2016.
8385VA595561928-01-13Two engines same 58668 & 59556. Special extension shaft & Air Filter.
8394VZ122661937-03-15In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
8417VZ122781937-04-02No detailed records for order no 8417.
8427VAA595881928-05-24Handyman. One of a batch which included 59605 (in preservation 2019). Air filter, drain cocks and screwed oil well covers.
8427VA596051928-08-24Hopper cooled. One of a batch See 59588.
8436VAU593971928-01-25Petrol head.
8459VZ123731937-09-2412 engines the same; 12655, 12487, 13657, 12744, 12747, 12748, 12749, 12750, 12751, 12373. All extended crank on pulley side
8467SPVZU124991937-03-19In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Hopper cooled
8472VA599071928-04-00In preservation in Aus 2014. d/c 32v set, one of a batch of 9 GEC sets. See succeeding 38 records for rest of batch and shipping details
8506VZU126131937-07-051932 model. Hopper. With; baseplate, pump, belt, fast and loose pulleys. Engine in preservation 2016.
8512VZ129881938-02-24GPO Rural Exchange charging set. Detailed records for order no. 8512 missing.
8512VZ129911938-03-01Direct-coupled Reverse rotation. No detailed records for o/no 8512. GPO set. More general info in various PO archives.
8512VZ130201938-05-17Direct coupled and reverse rotation. No detailed records for order no. 8512.
8512VZ130221938-12-16In preservation 2018. Direct-coupled reverse rotation. Part of a very large batch for which the detailed records are missing.
8521SPVZU125291937-07-02In preservation 2014.
8526PVZU110221935-04-30Hopper cooling
8537VZU124151937-07-27Hopper cooling Twelve engines same;12415, 12418, 12700, 12698, 12697, 12707, 12699, 12696, 12702, 12514, 12512, 12557.
8548VZU127271917-05-01In preservation 2013. The whole batch of 275 engines supplied to Benfords over more than a year. 13186, 13109 and 13088 also in preservation. Date given is only approximate. No other detail for batch.
8548VZ130881937-12-31New type hopper etc. See #12727
8548VZ130941938-02-28In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
8548VZ131861938-04-25In preservation 2017. One of a batch of 275 supplied under this order no. over 1937-8. No detailed records. Special Hopper etc. for Benford.
8548VZ132041938-06-28In preservation 2018.
8548VZ133411938-08-18See 12727
8548VZ133701938-08-18o/s piston 07/12/1954. One of a batch of 25, see serial 12727. 13370 also extant.
8569VZU126581937-08-22Three engines same; 12658, 12660, 12676 Hopper cooled, Engine parts box and agent's nameplate.
8569VZ126601937-08-30For details of batch see 12658.
8577SPVZU126941937-08-29Hopper cooled. Extended crank pulley side?
8642VA595231928-04-26Dynamo and board in preservation. Now paired with 53474.
8651VZU128481937-12-00Hopper. In preservation 2013.
8675VA597221928-05-31Rebored + 1/16".
8677VAU597931928-05-07In preservation 2013
8717VZ136261938-04-05One of a large batch.
8728VZU122241938-03-28Hopper cooled. Standard starting collar.
8750SPVF479931921-02-10No. 2 P-L set. PL records not indexed unless exist. Victory Model.
8767VZ13504Back of Packing sheet. Lists all engines in batch.
8767VZ134551938-10-21In preservation 2018. One of a large batch. See 13504 for detailed record.
8767VZ134591938-10-21One of a batch of 15 engines. See 13504.
8771VA599201928-07-10In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
8778VZU133071938-06-23Hopper cooled. In preservation in Canada in 2018. Fitted with crankshaft pulley drg. #47678 (extant). Spare ????? ring.
8779VF486271921-02-12One of a batch 20 engines the same of which 48490 is in preservation. 47133,47928,47891,47481,47834,47861,47992,47847,47999,47080,47305,49109,48162,47814,48490,48111,47811,47985,48627,48128.
8799VZU133971938-07-28Hopper cooled. No test sheet. In preservation <2000.
8808VZU133491938-09-01Hopper cooled. No test sheet. In preservation 1984
8823VZU132711938-10-20Hopper cooled.
8877VF471281921-03-16In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
8886VF472621921-04-18One of a batch of 25 engines the same. 47870 and 47816 and 48354 in preservation.
8886VF478161921-04-18One of a batch of 25. See 47262.
8886VF478701921-04-08In preservation 2018. One of a large batch See 47262.
8886VF483541921-04-18One of a batch of 25. See 47262 for details.
8887VA599341928-08-02No. 102P-L.
8918PD13021905-08-26No detailed records.
8929VA616051928-09-24and 61609.
8929VA616091928-09-01and 61609.
8933VA614141928-08-28Lee Howl pump with belt, strinking gear, fast and loose pulleys, and footvalve + strainer. With foundation bolts but no base.
8974VF473071921-04-26In preservation 2017. o/s piston 01/10/192?
8992VAU635951930-04-25In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
9002SPVF485921921-05-11Two the same 48630 and 48592. The latter in preservation (FB) 2016
9005PVF471391921-05-11Victory Model
9028VF480071921-05-01In preservation 2002. No2 P-L set
9130VAU618351928-11-30Petrol head.
9151VA617381928-11-19102 P-L 50vdc. Engine in preservation 2016.
9152VAU619221928-11-27Petrol head. 12" dia. x 6" face pulley supplied under GO 38130 on 23/09/1933.
9170VA619501928-11-30In preservation 2016.
9173VAU617531928-12-03Supplied with petrol head. Engine numbers 61808 & 61836 on same order
9174VA621701929-01-15Engine in preservation 2015. cylinder and flywheels found to badly cracked. Those parts replaced by parts from 54622 (qv).
9178VF483151921-07-20Supplied to Warner & Son Engineers, 23 Market St, Kings Lynn. in preservation 2017 Victory Model
9248VA621191929-01-08Pulley on Governor side for 1/2" Whittle belt
9254SPVF480061921-08-23Greased main Victory model when built. Engine pictured on Ebay in 2021 has a 1923 ring-oiled build and plain Paraffin head.
9288VA622621929-02-22o/s piston 09/01/1943. Lineshafting etc. ordered and going direct.
9292VAU620901929-01-23Whittle belt pulley and standard pulley
9302SPVA598761929-02-01Petrol head.
9353VA622891924-03-25Petrol head. In preservation 2014
9400PVAU621931929-03-24Listed as Petrol head and without tank. Wioth sawbench & accessories.
9402VF489361921-12-01detailed records missing.
9435SPVF489331921-11-02In preservation 2017.
9519VA626201929-06-00In preservation 2016. Extended crank both sides, special starting handle.
9526SPVF490431921-12-03Brought up to 1923 model spec.
9532SPVF490401921-12-07In preservation 2018 (Ebay). Extra Pulley on starting side with starting collar. 1922 type lubrication
9556VF487931921-12-15No.2 Petter-Light set. 1922 model.
9560PHF19841906-10-23No other records
9569VAU597621929-06-10In preservation 2018. Petrol head.
9587PVA622821929-06-15Petrol head.
9635VAU621921929-09-06In preservation 2014. Petrol head but not noted as hopper until the Packing dept. memo.. Noting that is the norm.
9642VAU624511929-07-24Extended crank both sides.
9642VAU624481929-07-24Extended crank both sides.
9677VAAU581251929-07-23Handyman Appletop painted red and in preservation. Originally supplied on 05/01/1927 order no. 7424.
9678VAU625731929-07-23Appletop painted red. Not noted as either hopper or Handyman but no water tank listed.
9742VAU630501929-10-18In preservation 2017.
9868VAU631241929-11-22In preservation 2013
9874VAU630601929-10-23Later converted to 3bhp under GO 4615. In preservation 2014.
9905SPVF493511921-05-30Previously SO64. Show finish. 1922 lubrication.
9935VF492721922-07-20Not skid or trolley mounted.
9971VA631511929-12-18With Lee Howl Pump , baseplate, striking gear and foot valves. Engine only in preservation (Ebay) 2016. Converted to Best & Lloyd lubricator G.O. 6921,l8/03/1931.
10000VA627441930-01-15GEC badged baseplate. No P=L no. Allocated. No.3 direct-coupled set.
10045VF491421922-09-15Customers name stencilled on tank. Engine in preservation 2016
10046VF491441922-09-15Customer's name stencilled on tank. Crichtons were millwrights with premises across Scotland. They took a lot of engines over the years.
10047VAU619061930-01-31Universal with long crank. Argentinian plate.
10095VAU635971930-06-0510 the same. Hopper.
10141VF491431922-10-19Dynamo in preservation 2015.
10223VF498251922-12-13Said to be an Appletop with flywheels serial 77528 BUT The first VF Appletop hopper was made in 1927. 77528 was hopper-cooled. 77825 was a Calibrater model. No pics provided.
10227SPVAU635761930-04-14Petrol hopper head engine with compression ring and joint.
10245VF497451922-11-231923 model.
10293VF497441922-12-14Fifteen engines the same. 49830 in preservation.
10293VF498301922-12-14One of a batch of 15. See 49744 for details.
10312VAU637321930-06-11Petrol head. Compression (paraffin) ring and joint. With Trolley ironwork.
10320VAU637331930-06-12Small governor side pulley suitable for Whittle belt. Engine in non-original build in preservation 2016.
10340VAU641141931-01-08Hopper. Fowler spec.
10340VAU640991931-01-08For detailed records see 64114.
10392VF495081922-11-081923 model, Hopper head. Re-ereceted and re-tested.
10451VF499661923-02-26Four engines the same49971, 49961, 49966, 49987.
10498VF498901923-03-09Compression cock, machined base.
10517VA639381930-10-07In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
10518VA640281934-10-29Dynamo slides, 4 hold down bolts and exhaust extension.
10555VA634491930-11-14102 PL.
10643PVAU640951931-01-05Hopper. Wheels and trolley added
10645VAU641011930-12-31In preservation 2016. Hopper.
10664VAU642981931-03-05Hopper. One of a batch of 12 engines the same. Fowler spec: Screwed oil well plugs, drain cocks to hopper and base tank, air filter. Best & Lloyd lubricator.
10693SPVAU640061931-01-31In preservation 2016
10736VA642181931-03-09Fitted with one screwed flange on engine for exhaust pipe. i.e. NO exhaust pot supplied! In preservation 2014.
10748B100591908-07-21In preservation 2015
10757VS5327121923-07-06Show finish. Show foundation for engine and tank. Separate fuel tank and starters.
10763VF703771923-07-11Five same: 70378, 70377, 70370, 70327, 70380.
10795VAU642061931-05-29Best & Lloyd lubricator.
10797VAU638721931-04-15Hopper cooled. In preservation 2018.
10832VAU641631931-05-07Hopper. Engine in preservation 2016.
10839VS5328731923-10-1811" pulley supplied GO3569, 1/12/26
10842VAU639211931-05-15Hopper cooled
10884SPVAU643321931-06-10Hopper. Logsaw set, special skids.
10889VS5326471923-07-10Show finish. 1923 type lubrication.
10957VAU645451931-08-18Fowler spec: Extended shaft pulley side, Air filter, 3 drain cocks.
10977VF700761923-00-00No.2 PL set Partially in preservation 2016.
10978VAU644481931-09-08Hopper. In preservation 2017. Compression ring removed and not sent as intended for high altitude.
11036VAU642831931-11-03Hopper. In preservation 2016.
11140VAU645201932-02-10Wineglass lubricator. Hopper.
11149VF707951923-12-061923 Model Petter Junior Safety Oil Engine. Crowned flywheels. Glass lubricator. In preservation 2018
11161VAU647411932-03-06Supplied with compression ring and therefore tested on Paraffin.
11194PVF705391923-11-21In preservation 2017.
11196VS5328931923-12-15No.2 PL 50/70vdc Baseplate with GEC Dynamo and Petter switchboard. In preservation 2014. Delivered to E Kiersey Esq., The General Stores, Kilmacthomas, Co Waterford. As Kilmacthomas at that time had a station it was probably delivered by train.
11262VA649221932-04-22In preservation 2018 (FB).
11272VS5328591923-11-30In preservation 1999. Exhibition Finish, Std. Rotation.
11343VF705341923-12-241923 model.
11381VAU649501932-11-11Hopper. Extended shaft pulley side.
11395SPVAU649841932-11-11Hopper. Logsaw set, special skids. Show finished. Transferred from "sale & return" to "firm sale".
11397VF709161924-01-31Distance piece & extra silencer. Blue paint.
11463VS5328881924-02-16No. 2A P-L 100/140vdc.
11520VA651881933-04-20102 PL 50vdc.
11525VS5334251924-08-01Overhauled 01/09/1941. In preservation 2013.
11531VAU653141933-06-14Hopper. Fowler spec: long crank both sides, air filter tecalimet greasers, Ball and roller mains.
11578VAU652851933-07-17Hopper. Wakefield grease gun.
11601VA653191933-09-12No. 3 d/c set with wall type board. Set in preservation 2015.
11608VAU653661933-08-25with pump and accessories.
11610PVF709781924-03-31Ended its working days on a sawbench on Box Hill nr. Dorking, Surrey.
11624VAU653451933-09-06In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
11662VF707351924-04-29See also 70236 supplied under same order number and its Packing sheet should also show 70735.
11689VS5334831924-05-19In preservation 2013. Double scroll crank, glass lubricator and Exhibition finish. Sent with 33553 and a tin of starters. All to Rotterdam.
11760VS6M337901924-06-12Motor Yacht Mary Gold, rebored and calibrater fitted. In preservation at Internal Fire Museum of Power
11901VF712451924-07-22Supplied with tank not hopper.
11925VAU657571934-09-12Air Filter, extended crank both sides. Petrol. Hopper
11937VAU658101934-09-25Hopper, In preservation 2013
11970VS5342111924-07-08Batch of three; 34217, 34211, 34214. 34217 in preservation.
11972VA656001934-12-03Engine only in preservation 2018 (Ebay). Direct-coupled lighting set 100/140vdc.
11984VA657671934-11-06In preservation 2014
12045VAU659701935-01-09Hopper cooled, in preservation 2017
12099VA660271935-04-15110vdc, Radiator cooled Direct-coupled set. Engine in preservation in NZ 2016.
12106VAU661131935-03-29Petter Light No 102 50-70vdc.
12141VS5345541924-10-08In preservation 2016 Standard oversize piston fitted under GO5319 04/07/34 Originally fitted with Petter Patent Lubricator, replaced with Madison Kipp
12154VAU661751935-05-29Hopper. Whittle belt pulley.
12169SPVS5350501925-01-14In preservation near Ottery. Fitted with Petter patent mech. lubricator.
12181VA661531935-06-06Not built to Fowler mixer spec.
12227VF713431924-10-29Two engines the same 71342 and 71343.
12267VF713601923-07-06Dynamo and base in preservation 2002.
12291VA656131935-09-24In preservation 2016. Extended crank on pulley side. Hopper.
12317VAA664441935-12-30Hopper. Six engines the same: 66441,66439, 66440, 66443, 66444, 66442. Wittle belt pulley
12317VAA663781935-10-12Hopper. Six engines the same: 66441,66439, 66440, 66443, 66444, 66442. Wittle belt pulley. Long crank pulley side.
12317VAA663761935-10-12Hopper. Six engines the same: 66441,66439, 66440, 66443, 66444, 66442. Wittle belt pulley. Long crank pulley side.
12322VF713021924-11-241923 model, glass lubricator.
12336VAU664561935-11-12Air Filter, 2 adaptors and 4 studs. (this suggests it replaced an earlier engine on a Petter-Light or pump set or other plant on base).
12350VAU664021935-11-13In preservation 2017.
12401VAU665571936-03-03Batch of five. 66556, 66542, 66559, 66614, and 66557. Hopper cooled. Shuttle belt pulley.
12411VAU665271936-01-31Extended crank, hopper cooled. In preservation 2017 Crank drawing 70598 xh ports filed to 3 11/64 to top of cylinder
12428VS5346201925-01-07One of a batch of six engines each fitted with Petter Patent lubricator. 34620, 35059, 35049 (in Preservation), 34950, 35015, 34987.
12436VA665501936-02-06In preservation 2016.
12440SPVF714341925-01-08No engine sheet. Glass lubricator, drain pipe and tap.
12473VA664171936-03-28Engine in preservation 2016. Set appears to have been sold before in 1935. See test sheets. Originally built with GEC Petter patent switchboard
12499SPVF715501925-02-12In preservation 2018 (FB). With glass lubricator , drain pipe & tap.
12548VAU667841936-05-11Order no incorrectly transposed. Last in batch all to same spec. see image 316 for first. In preservation 2015. No evidence of it being "De-Luxe".
12561VA668101936-05-27In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Special Crank
12632VA669631936-07-27In preservation 2017.
12654VA669421936-08-08In preservation 2018. +1/16" o/s piston supplied 03/02/1943.
12683VA669981936-09-28No. 102 Petter_light set.
12685VA669801936-09-14Extended crank pulley side. First in batch. Crank mounted pulleys made by Dening & Co. of Chard. In preservation in Oz 2015.
12688VAU670111936-09-10Hopper. In preservation 2018 (FB).
12755VA648801936-10-29In Preservation 2018 (Ebay) previously sold under Show order 1902.
12799VA671671936-12-09Combined governor cover and Whittle belt pulley. Hopper cooled.
12808VS5333001925-07-03Updated to Maddison-Kipp Lubricator.
12853VA672781937-03-21Extended Crank. In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
12869VAU674001937-03-10One of a batch of three. This set in preservation 2015.
12971PVA672571937-05-06Hopper. Portable.
12994VA675691937-06-07In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
13015VF717561925-08-29Show finished. In preservation 2016.
13016VS5359691925-12-09Single feed M-K. In preservation 2013
13062VF720321925-10-26One of two the same; 72032 & 71907. Supplied with base only. 72032 in preservation in NZ 2017.
13086VA676041937-09-16Universal hopper engine, in preservation 2016
13123VF719981925-10-08One of a batch five the same: 71824, 72014, 71929, 71998, 72021.
13146VAU677481937-11-18Hopper. In preservation 2016 (Ebay).
13192VAU678101938-06-25Petrol engine. Benford hopper.
13192VA678231938-03-31In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
13270SPVF721191925-11-19Glass Lubricator.
13275VF721321925-11-20In preservation 2018 (Ebay).
13611VF724221926-03-30Badged Merryweather.
13678VF721371926-05-20In preservation 2016 (Ebay). 103 P-L 50vdc.
13712VF721241926-06-15No. 103 P-L 50vdc.
13761VF723351926-02-24No. 104 Petter-Light. Packing sheet missing.
13816SPVFA723961926-07-30Twelve engines same: 72675 in preservation. Fitted with air strainer. On wood skids
13816VFA726751926-07-30Handyman. 12 engines the same see 72396.
13868SPVFA725391926-07-23Handyman, Hopper head. On wood skids. In preservation 2016.
13882VS5376551926-10-09In preservation 2017. No test sheet.
13944SPVFA725171926-08-31Handyman see engine sheet.
14048VS5382551926-11-22Lab engine; special starting collar, indicator gear and fittings. Water cooled brake drum
14099VS5372131926-10-18M-K lubricator, rebored 23/09/1930 under GO 4813 and resold on 29/06/1934
14169SPVFA730011926-12-10One of a batch of 6: 73007, 73009, 73003, 73001, 72999, 73006.
14213PVFA730251926-11-25and sawbench.
14345VS5386431927-01-17In preservation 2014
14391VS5387051927-02-01In preservation.
14490VF732031927-03-12No engine sheet. Very late serial for; Greased mains, a Victory head and cast iron oiler. Build pictured is roughly 1918-1921.
14662VJ301971913-02-22On display at Internal Fire
14731SPVS5394231927-06-21Skid mounted. In preservation 2017.
14740AVF736531927-08-18Petrol headed lab engine. In preservation 2016.
14790SPVFA734431927-07-22Handyman. Six engines the same: 73434, 73474, 73444, 73443, 73467, 73466.
14875VS5399951927-08-09In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
14941VS52004781927-09-30Three engines the same: 200478, 200419, 200411. M-K lubricator.
14991VS52004211927-10-20Two same 200421 & 200428 (latter in preservation 2017)
15075VS2007861927-12-19Direct coupled electric generating plant. GO 29251 9/9/35 11" pulley supplied GO 3828 new fuel pump supplied 26/5/38
15091VF736811928-11-22104A P-L 100vdc. Dynamo and board in preservation 2018 (ebay).
15251VFU738891928-01-19Petrol only, (so no drain in carb or Paraffin ring).
15388VS52015711928-03-22In preservation 2013
15536PVF740411928-04-30In preservation 2013.
15605VS52021191928-05-31In preservation 2015.
15624VS52022441928-07-09In preservation 2016.
15642VFU742131928-07-31One of a batch of 11.
15822VS52026031928-08-31No starting lamp or brackets supplied.Tins of starters were.
15837VS52026221928-09-10Originally sold under WO 15837. Returned and resold under WO17752. In preservations since 1999.
15975VS52032251928-11-02One of a batch of four. 203222 (in preservation 2016), 203223, and 203218.
15998VF736641928-11-0750vdc 103 P-L. Wall distance piece for exhaust.
16080VFU745741929-02-01Fowler spec: Air Filter, Drain Cocks and screwed plugs on bearings.
16132VF746221929-01-0315" dia, Pulley.
16213VF746301929-03-08In preservation 2014
16400VS5383031929-05-28In preservation 2013
16505VS52048491929-06-07In preservation 2016.
16565VS52043731929-07-24Fitted with non-Petter extra oil tank. One of a batch of 4, see 204315 for full details.
16630VF746941929-08-16In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
16728VS52043381929-09-18In preservation 2016.
16825MM128921914-04-04No detailed records. 6-7 1/2hp.
16882VS52060061929-11-20Extended crank both sides. Fuel tank with cock, drain tap, gauge glass, connecting pipe, tank supports and hook bolts.
16918PVS5328561929-11-23Secondhand. Reconditioned. Supplied on trolley with green waterproof sheet. As usual previous sale records destroyed.
17021VF753011930-01-20* collars with labels attached (?)
17026VFU752531930-01-28In preservation 2018 (Ebay. Petrol engine but compression plate supplied. Not shown here as hopper-cooled.
17089VFU755091930-03-19Engine only in preservation 2018 (Ebay). Hopper-cooled. Direct-coupled Evans pumping set on baseplate. Lever for operating fuel inner tube (drain). Disc type Flywheel (ie Solid).
17152PVF754411930-05-03Special Trolley. Pulsometer pump and accessories. Extended crank both sides.
17193VF750611930-04-09No. 104 Petter-Light set.
17263VF751031930-05-29No5 P-L. in preservation 2014. GEC made board
17357PVFU755281930-07-08Hopper. In preservation 2016.
17414VF754691930-09-03In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
17502SPVF756241930-09-19Now in preservation in the USA (2013)
17564FP2133021915-07-30In preservation 2018.
17575PVFU756091930-10-16In preservation 2018.
17689SVD305521915-11-09In preservation 2013
17704VFU756471930-12-19Hopper cooled
17809VS52082671931-02-24Two Air Filters.
17972VFU759181931-06-10Hopper cooled engine in preservation, no other info available as sheets missing from end of reel.
17986VFU759191931-03-16Hopper cooled. Petrol engine and supplied with Paraffin ring.
18010VS62070231931-08-12No. 5A P-L 100-140vdc direct coupled. To Allen Plucknett Electrical engineer, Sidcup Kent Cooling tank 44" x 30". Show finish. Complete set in preservation 2012. Believed to have been originally installed in Romsey cinema, and later used
18263VFU760021931-12-16Universal Hopper with ball & roller main bearings and a Calibrater lubricator.
18340VS52091711932-02-24In Preservation 2018. Pulley supplied under general; Order 25/04/1933.
18353VF758091932-06-09Extended crank on governor side. Glass lubricator. Reverse rotation with strating collar fitted on opposite side. VS5 exhaust outlet nozzle with 2.5" - 3" increasing socket. Reducing nipple to water inlet. Plain bearings.
18391VF761371932-04-21In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
18469VF762371932-06-10In preservation
18497VF764981933-09-12Wakefields greaser, air filter.
18540VF762671932-09-06Hopper cooled. In preservation 2016. Delivery details
18567VF761201932-10-20In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
18636VS5209146Ex water pumping station. In preservation 2015. Extended crank both ends but may have been crossed through.
18658VFU760631931-09-29Hopper. 0.01" shim under magneto.
18679PVF763011932-12-13Packing sheet missing.
18693VFU763291933-01-11Hopper. CVocks fitted to fuel base and crankcase. Tecalemit greae nipples. Chain sprocket to go direct from J Fowler. Air filter.
18698VS52099071932-09-26In preservation 2015.
18778VF764251933-05-22In preservation 2015. Plant 127 build
18836VS52101791933-05-0212" pulley supplied 12/12/1935. In preservation 2015. Tested on diesel and adv set to 23 deg.
18935PVBL601011919-02-21In preservation 2013
19068SPVF766571933-12-02In preservation 2014.
19087VB603691920-11-10Fitted with 12" pulley and T-B magneto. In preservation 2016.
19137VC312031920-04-29In preservation 2014. Supplied to Bootle education committee for demonstration and instruction. Painted green and supppied with hand compressor, oil heater, indicator gear, and Brake wheel.
19154VFU765291933-03-13Hopper. Extended crank on pulley side. In preservation in NZ 2016.
19184VF766791934-05-01In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
19333VF767731934-07-13Tank Cooled. (Not hopper).
19360VFU767921934-11-01Hopper cooled (Apple). 4 engines in batch.
19472VB602261920-08-25In preservation 2017.
19665SPVF770501935-07-31In preservation 2016 (Ebay).
19730SPVB604741920-11-12In preservation 2014.
19830SPVF772901935-12-31In preservation with earlier exhaust 2018 (FB). Extended crankshaft on pulley side.
19830VB606321921-01-21One of a batch of 12 which included 60629 which is preserved but whose records are incomplete.
19830VB606291920-12-17In preservation 2018
19841VF772871935-12-23In preservation 2018 (FB). Supplied with pair of channel adaptors. So probably a replacement on a Petter-Light set.
19846VF773081936-01-04Extended crank on driving side. Two the same 77308 and 77309 the latter in preservation in Ireland 2017.
19846VF77309Extended crank. See 77308 for detailed records.
19860VS62105361936-01-13Reverse rotation. Not built as a portable, nopr fitted with lamp stand or lamp. In preservation as portable 2015.
19867VS52116781936-02-12In preservation. Extended crank on pulley side. Tested on Balik fuel
19902VD323811921-05-19Preserved in running order at Internal Fire Museum of Power.
19905VB606931921-03-14One of a batch.
19920VF775131936-05-21Set in preservation 2018. Single solid flywheel. Ball & roller main bearings.
19937SPVB606961934-09-10On wood skids. Date illegible. Rebuilt under a General Order.
19987VF775291936-05-05Last worked at a sawmill in N Devon then exported to New Zealand.
19993VS62118331936-05-15Extended crank on pulley side. Tested on Balak Papan fuel oil.
20022VB607901921-08-09In preservation in NZ 2016.
20069VFU775461935-08-29Engine in preservation 2018. Supplied with engine coupling and casting for pump coupling
20083VB607801921-10-14In preservation 2001. Fitted with crankshaft from 60718.
20159VFU774841936-10-23In preservation 2015. Hopper cooled. sold on again 2018.
20193VF776711936-12-14In preservation 2014.
20202VS62120001937-05-22In preservation 2018. Extended crank on pulley side. Pawls for LH starting supplied 07/07/1937.
20280VB609651922-09-08Disc (solid) flywheel and coupling.
20287VBC325531922-11-27Exhibition Finished. Crowned flywheels.
20289VBC325371922-11-18In preservation 2002.
20413VF778101937-02-06Took two hours to find this one! In preservation 2015. Supplied with two flywheel balance weights. Long crank pulley side. Alu piston. Flywheels drilled and balanced.
20416VB610341933-09-18BTH impulse magneto. CI lubricator. The records are not wholly clear. However it appears that the engine was sold on and later returned to the works and refurbished under General Order 37522.
20503VFU779991937-06-09 Built to Bulletin 637. Also 77998 in preservation in SA 2018. Supplied with air filter and agent's nameplate.
20503VF779981937-08-30In preservation in RSA 2018. Built to Bulletin 637. See 77999.
20534VB610441923-06-07In preservation 2003
20534VFU778161937-02-06In preservation 2018 (FB). Built as tank-cooled and converted to hopper-cooled 02/10/1937 prior to sale. Built as paraffin and converted to petrol before sale.
20584VF782321937-11-22Hopper cooled VF, retested 6bhp @ 720 rpm on 25.1.38, on paraffin. In preservation 2018, Shelsley Walsh Watermill Society
20652VF782821938-03-24In preservation 2016. Screwed greaers for mains. and NOTE governor cover.
20675VF771921935-09-23Screwed grease lubricators. Flywheel crowned on pulley side.
20705PHS12329471924-02-14Friction clutch & portable type chimney, radiator, fan and brackets & stay. Water pump and driving pulley. Trolley not sent.
20747VS62124581938-12-14In preservation 2014
20747AVS8330321923-10-23In preservation 2016.
20782VF784171938-12-19Crowned flywheel on pulley side.
20849VB611971923-12-18Rebored cylinder to 6.026" under GO25261 on 03/02/1933. with Dynamo on CI base.
20925VS12331961924-02-02Preserved at Internal Fire Museum of Power
21072VS8335761924-03-25In preservation 2016. Rebored +1/16" 02/05/1936
21318VS8340811924-06-10In preservation 2016. Packing sheet missing. Tested on Gas Oil.
21320HS12329541924-09-09In preservation USA 2013
21354VS8341061924-07-16No hay or straw to be used in packing. Oil feeder.
21359VS8341151924-07-24In preservation 2014
21455VS12343211924-09-15Plate now on Ebay 27/05/2021.
21917VS8354111925-03-26Fitted with Petter patent lubricator. In preservation in UK 2015. Pulley sent 29/08/1936.
21934VS8356791925-03-27Supplied with starters and not a lamp. In preservation 2014.
22003VS18359251925-05-22Reverse rotation.
22350VST36369161926-01-152 gallons Green finishing paint (dark). Cast iron baseplate, coupling and bolts dynamo no. 135349.
22456VS8360561925-12-18Fitteds with single feed Madison Kipp lubricator
22470VS12366811925-12-11In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
22775VS8374761926-05-20Agents nameplate. Still fitted?
22985VS8377651926-09-00In preservation 2013
23036VS8378461926-08-17In preservation 2018 in RSA.
23093VS12379091926-09-03With agent's nameplate.
23380VS12385511927-01-04In preservation 2018 (FB). Reverse rotation. Pulley with friction clutch.
23512VS8387611927-02-22Water pump driving pulley, Air filters.
23730HS12385731927-04-25In preservation 2018 in UK. LH starting handle. Portable type exhaust bend. Water pump driving pulley. Copper water pipes. So supplied as bare engine for mounting on local trolley.
23854VS8393121927-05-16In preservation 2016.
24213VS8398621927-09-16engine in preservation 2016. d/c dynamo set. Electric heater plug. Previously sent out as Show Engine see next set of images.
24275VS82002851927-11-22Fitted with Electric type vaporiser with 6v heater plug. In preservation 2017.
24545VS82009891927-12-29In preservation 2016.
24556VS122010571928-02-09In preservation USA 2013. + Flather dynamo
25059VS82020171928-07-23 In preservation 2014.
25295VS122029271928-09-05In preservation 2014.
25413VS122031021928-10-19With agent's nameplate. In preservation 2016.
25623VS122040011929-01-01In preservation 2016.
25958VS8204981929-06-17Rebored and new piston 24/09/1957. I preservation in NZ 2016
25996VS122045751929-05-25In preservation 2018. Another batch to same buyer under order number 25995.
26076VS82050111929-07-08One of a batch of three.
26191VS122052671929-07-29In preservation 2015
26242VS82051591929-08-19Special nameplate. In preservation in Holland 2014. One of a batch of 20 sent to Argentina aboard the SS Avila Star. For shipping details and other serial see 404 and 405.tiff on this reel.
27123VS122078101930-09-12In preservation 2018 as part of pumping set. Reverse (LH) rotation.
27370VS122077901931-01-15In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.
27503VS182081341931-03-24in preservation 2017
27803VS82086731931-10-24Rebored cylinder and o/s piston 26/06.1944. Air filters. Plunger type starting handle.
28117VS182096851932-08-25Set in preservation 2017. Reverse rotation. Fitted with starting & charging valve.
28210VS182098251932-11-08In preservation 2017
28426VS102102451933-06-14Brass plugs in bearing oil wells. In preservation 2017.
28763VS212109561934-09-18In preservation 2017. Reverse rotation. Drilled for Tundish. Special stepped pulley 15 x 10 & 12 x 4.
28803VS152106431934-08-30Later Fitted with 12" x 10" pulley. In preservation 2013
28963VS152112201935-04-29Reverse rotation.
29005VS102110691935-08-30Supplied with extended crankshaft on pulley side. Engine test on Balak Papan fuel oil and supplied with agents nameplate.
29125VS12M2118111936-05-07In preservation.
29174VS102115531936-04-17Plate stamped 8.75bhp and lower rpm. Pulley side flywheel crowned.
29250VS102119161936-07-31In preservation 2017.
29261VS152117391936-09-01In preservation 2018.
29302VS152116531936-11-12Minus engine bed. + Agent's nameplate.
29477VS212125391937-11-11Starting & charging valve to follow.
29511VS12M2124231938-04-13with Petter reverse gear no. 255.
207331VS122082841930-12-08In preservation 2017. Tested on diesel at 12 degrees advance.