Petters in Preservation

VS831VST362VZ207VZ & VA1VZA24

Total Recorded = 1171
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Type Not Indexed

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type A1

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1543284A1In preservation 2018.1952-05-06
1544399A1In preservation 20171963-10-18
1544400A1In preservation 20171963-10-19
1544401A1In preservation 20171963-10-19
1544402A1In preservation 20171963-10-19
1544403A1In preservation 20171963-10-19

Type AFP1

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type B

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
10059BIn preservation 20151908-07-21

Type CH

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type CM

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
100028CMSE1077 supplied with electric flywheel1926-07-21

Type FP2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
13302FP2In preservation 20181915-07-30
2411FP2Pumping set1908-02-10

Type HS12

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32954HS12In preservation USA 20131924-09-09
38573HS12In preservation 2018 in UK. LH starting handle. Portable type exhaust bend. Water pump driving pulley. Copper water pipes. So supplied as bare engine for mounting on local trolley.1927-04-25

Type KK

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type MM

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
11080MMIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1910-11-12
12892MMNo detailed records. 6-7 1/2hp.1914-04-04

Type PA1

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1105421PA1In preservation 2017.1952-08-15

Type PD

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1302PDNo detailed records.1905-08-26

Type PHF

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1984PHFNo other records1906-10-23

Type PHS12

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32947PHS12Friction clutch & portable type chimney, radiator, fan and brackets & stay. Water pump and driving pulley. Trolley not sent.1924-02-14

Type PVA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
51828PVAVictory Model1921-10-15
52292PVAin preservation 2014.1921-11-03
53080PVAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1922-06-22
53356PVAIn preservation 20181922-09-21
53741PVA1923 Victory Model.1922-12-28
55040PVANow paired with PL2294 dynamo & board originally with eng. 54201. O/s piston now fitted. Originally supplied under a Show order to the Petter Stand at Bath & West show, Taunton. Show finished.1924-05-15
55895PVAHopper cooled. With 22ft of 2 1/2" x 3 ply belting.1924-11-03
62282PVAPetrol head.1929-06-15
64876PVAIn preservation 2018.1932-06-08


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
59111PVAAPetrol Handyman.1927-10-14


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
6348PVAUIn preservation 2018.1928-12-06
64006PVAUIn preservation 20161931-01-31

Type PVB

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
60798PVBIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1931-11-03


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
60101PVBLIn preservation 20131919-02-21

Type PVF

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
40117PVFNo detailed records for early engines.1913-10-21
40966PVFNo detailed records for this serial.1915-01-05
41637PVFNo detailed records for early VF.1916-02-21
42837PVFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1917-07-27
43136PVFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1917-12-29
43190PVFIn preservation 2016. Petter (Imp) magneto. 1916 cylinder head. Hunt & Mitton Lubricator.1918-01-09
43254PVF1//3/18 LJ. 21/2/19 ST. Presumably engineer visits?1918-03-06
43611PVFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1918-06-06
44233PVFStep pulley.1919-03-21
44482PVF1916 model.1919-06-14
45306PVFVictory model. In preservation 2017.1919-11-14
45682PVFVictory model. In preservation 2016.1920-01-21
45759PVFVictory model.1920-02-04
46920PVFIn preservation 20141920-07-28
47494PVFIn preservation 2016.1920-11-22
47981PVFIn preservation 20131924-12-16
70978PVFEnded its working days on a sawbench on Box Hill nr. Dorking, Surrey.1924-03-31
74041PVFIn preservation 2013.1928-04-30
76301PVFPacking sheet missing. 1932-12-13


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
73025PVFAand sawbench.1926-11-25


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
75528PVFUHopper cooled. In preservation 2016.1930-07-08
75609PVFUIn preservation 2018.1930-10-16

Type PVS12

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type PVS5

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32856PVS5First sold to W Dean & Co on 18/10/1023. Returned to works and rebuilt then sold to Portals Ltd. of Laverstoke Mills Hants. on 23/11/1929. Portable supplied with canvas cover.1923-10-18

Type PVS8

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
34081PVS8Supplied with trolley complete with water tank. In preservation 20161924-07-22

Type PVZ

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
10892PVZIn preservation 1995. Extended crank pulley side. Petrol1935-02-08
1680PVZLittle Pet series 2. Show Finished, Glass lubricator.1924-05-12
1976PVZHopper cooled. Glass lubricator. In preservation 2018. Resold under order number 979.1924-05-25


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
3933PVZAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-07-19


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
10419PVZUIn preservation 2017 Acquired in spring of 2009 from The London Borough of Redbridge ,Leys Road ,Ilford. Hopper-cooled. Badged Merryweather. On trolley, road wheels, with Petter Horizontal double acting pump, fast & loose pulleys and striking gear.1934-03-18
11022PVZUHopper cooling1935-04-30
6348PVZUIn preservation 2018.1928-12-06
7151PVZUand pump on trolley with engine and waterproof sheet.1929-07-15
7962PVZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Part of compressor set, originally sent to the Bath & West Show in 1931 and again in 1932.1931-05-08
7982PVZUIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1930-11-00


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
50181SPVAIn preservation 2013.1918-11-26
50956SPVAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1920-10-28
51211SPVANo.1 Petter-Light set. With water pipes, belt, switchboard fuse and instruction card. And export spares. Test sheet for dynamo sets missing.1921-04-04
51690SPVAEngine in preservation 2017. Originally part of a No1 Petter-Light set.1921-03-22
51693SPVADynamo and board in preservation 2013. Engine appeared on Ebay 2018.1921-04-06
51966SPVAVictory model. Hopper head new type. Show Finish.1921-07-09
52636SPVA1922 model. In preservation 20131921-11-17
52795SPVANo. 3 Pump set.1922-05-02
56551SPVAGlass lubricator. Show finished. Incomplete, bent crank, very rusty and well beyond restoration. Broken for the few usable parts.1925-08-12
58568SPVAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-04-20
59876SPVAPetrol head.1929-02-01


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
56911SPVAAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1925-10-18
57790SPVAAHandyman. 1926-10-07
58124SPVAABadly filmed in 1955. In preservation 2016. 1927-03-16
58475SPVAAHandyman on skids.1927-08-20


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
64006SPVAUIn preservation 20161931-01-31
64332SPVAUHopper. Logsaw set, special skids.1931-06-10
64984SPVAUHopper. Logsaw set, special skids. Show finished. Transferred from "sale & return" to "firm sale".1932-11-11


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
60474SPVBIn preservation 2014.1920-11-12
60696SPVBOn wood skids. Date illegible. Rebuilt under a General Order.0000-00-00


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
41663SPVFNo detailed records for the earliest VF.1916-03-03
41979SPVFIn preservation. GO 03/08/1917, GO 03/10/1918. No detailed records.1916-08-11
43284SPVFIn preservation 20181918-01-28
44427SPVF1916 model.1919-06-04
44949SPVFVictory model. In preservation 2018 (Ebay).1919-09-16
45028SPVFVictory Model.1919-10-15
45358SPVFVictory model. Despatched to ??? Edwards, Quarthill farm, ????.1919-11-21
45448SPVFIn preservation 20171919-12-22
45458SPVFVictory model. 1919-12-15
45647SPVFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1920-01-20
45746SPVFIn preservation 2018 (FB)1920-01-31
45756SPVFIn preservation 2018 (FB). Victory Model1920-01-27
45952SPVFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1920-02-27
46392SPVFIn preservation 20181920-05-05
46619SPVFIn preservation 2016. Missing piston and rod.1920-07-08
46641SPVF1919 cylinder head (Victory). Drip lubrication.0000-00-00
46681SPVFIn Preservation 2018.1920-09-07
46793SPVFVictory Model with export spares. Six patents plate 10699. A picture suggests this is a 1916 model with a Victory (1919) head.The erection sheet shows 1919 head with NO priming cup. Probably not 46793.1920-07-14
46898SPVFIn preservation 2018 (FB).1920-07-08
47324SPVFVictory model engine crated on stretcher with water tank In preservation 20171921-05-10
47425SPVFVictory Model In preservation 20171920-10-06
47999SPVFIn preservation (Ebay) 2016.1920-11-24
48006SPVFGreased main Victory model when built. Engine pictured on Ebay in 2021 has a 1923 ring-oiled build and plain Paraffin head.1921-08-23
48933SPVFIn preservation 2017.1921-11-02
49040SPVFin preservation 2018 (Ebay). 1921-12-07
49043SPVFBrought up to 1923 model spec.1921-12-03
70047SPVFPreviously sold to J Luckes & sons on 19/04/1923 under order number 10518.1925-05-04
71434SPVFNo engine sheet. Glass lubricator, drain pipe and tap.1925-01-08
71550SPVFIn preservation 2018 (FB).1925-02-12
72119SPVFGlass Lubricator.1925-11-19
75624SPVFNow in preservation in the USA (2013)1930-09-19
76657SPVFIn preservation 2014.1933-12-02
77290SPVFIn preservation with earlier exhaust 2018 (FB). Extended crankshaft on pulley side.1935-12-31


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
72396SPVFATwelve engines same: 72675 in preservation. Fitted with air strainer. On wood skids1926-07-30
72517SPVFAHandyman see engine sheet.1926-08-31
72539SPVFAHandyman, Hopper head. On wood skids. In preservation 2016. 1926-07-23
73001SPVFAOne of a batch of 6: 73007, 73009, 73003, 73001, 72999, 73006.1926-12-10
73443SPVFAHandyman. Six engines the same: 73434, 73474, 73444, 73443, 73467, 73466.1927-07-22

Type SPVS5

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
35050SPVS5In preservation near Ottery. Fitted with Petter patent mech. lubricator.1925-01-14
39423SPVS5Skid mounted. In preservation 2017.1927-06-21


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
1128SPVZSupplied as pump set. 1922 type lubrication. Series 1.1922-10-13
1675SPVZIn preservation 2017 but fitted with incorrect CI oiler.1924-06-18
1820SPVZIn preservation 20131924-05-07
2060SPVZ1923 Model. Hopper. Glass lubricator1924-07-23
2160SPVZ1923 Model Junior Safety Engine1924-09-06
2411SPVZGlass lubricator.1925-01-21
2747SPVZO/s piston 25/05/1943. Also spares for a VS8.1925-04-20
3140SPVZGlass lubricator.1925-10-16


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
3155SPVZAOriginally sold under order 2027 to A W Dumbrill on 05/11/1925. Previous records destroyed by Petters as their usual practice.1927-05-18
3610SPVZAIn preservation 2016. Handyman on skids fitted with Wineglass lubricator.1926-03-08
4246SPVZAIn preservation 2018.1926-12-16
4658SPVZAHandyman with Petrol head.1927-07-29
4660SPVZAHandyman. 1927-05-21
4689SPVZABatch of three the same: 4673, 4689, 4604.1927-05-03
4939SPVZAHandyman, Petrol head.1927-07-15
4982SPVZANow fitted with non-original fabricated exhaust.1927-06-24


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
11183SPVZUHopper. In preservation 2016.1935-08-26
11305SPVZUHopper. Previously sold under Show Order 3873.1936-12-12
12469SPVZUAlso 124701937-05-04
12499SPVZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Hopper cooled1937-03-19
12529SPVZUIn preservation 2014.1937-07-02
12694SPVZUHopper cooled. Extended crank pulley side?1937-08-29
5348SPVZUPetrol Universal. Hopper.1927-12-05
8077SPVZUHopper. Petrol engine so no paraffin ring fitted.1930-05-15

Type SVD

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
30552SVDIn preservation 20131915-11-09

Type T25/3

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
220005T25/3In preservation 2018. Rebored +1/16" 10/7/19461931-04-01

Type T5

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
220602T5In preservation 2018 (FB). No other details for Trade Orders. Rebored cylinder 23/03/1957.1933-12-11

Type T7

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
220086T7In preservation 2017, Greece1931-12-09

Type TT

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
221177TTNo detailed records for Trade Orders.1934-10-13
221651TTIn preservation 2016. No further detail for Trade Orders1935-07-10
222840TTMarked as Rebored. Came as part of the Petter Collection. Trade Order so no further details.1936-09-07
222841TTTrade Order so no detailed records. Probably hopper cooled for Fowlers.1937-01-18
223067TTIn preservation 2018. Trade Order so no detailed records.1936-10-27

Type TTS

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
224610TTSIn preservation 2016. Trade Order so no detail in archive.1938-04-23
225171TTSSold from Loughborough and those records missing.1940-05-02
225519TTSNo detailed records for engines this late.1941-04-11

Type TU

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
221107TUNo detailed records for Trade Orders.1934-07-26
221111TUIn preservation 2018. No detailed records for Trade Orders.1937-07-30
221128TURebored 03/03/1947. No detailed records for Trade Orders.1934-09-07
222235TUTrade Order so no detailed records.1936-01-16
222673TUPreserved at Internal Fire Museum of Power. Trade Order so no detailed records.1936-05-23
222675TURebored 27/11/1946 No detailed records for Trade Orders. 1936-04-02
222688TUTrade Order so no detailed records1936-05-25
222710TUNo detailed records for Trade Orders.1936-07-09
222892TUNo detailed records for Trade Orders.1936-07-14
223229TUNo detailed records for Trade Orders.1937-01-07
223803TUIn preservation 2018 (FB). No more detail for Trade Orders.1937-07-09
225563TUIn preservation 2017. No detailed records. Fitted with Pilgrim lubricator.1941-02-12

Type TUS

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
224648TUSTrade Order so no detailed records. Rebored 07/06/19511938-02-15

Type TUS2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
225298TUS2In preservation in NZ 20161939-06-23

Type TV

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
221499TVRebored. 1935-01-02
224959TV15hp Atomic single cylinder. In preservation and installed at internal Fire1939-12-04

Type TV2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
225636TV2Twin cylinder Atomic diesel.1941-09-01

Type TX1

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
223296TX1In preservation at Internal Fire Museum of Power. Trade order so no detailed records. Ex Petter factory collection1936-06-30
223299TX1No detailed records for Trade Orders.1936-11-03

Type TX2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
223341TX2Trade Order so no detailed records. Rebored 16/01/19521937-02-26

Type TX3

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
222741TX3Rebored 21/4/1949 On loan to Internal Fire Museum of Power. Trade order so no detailed records.1936-08-10
223603TX3No detailed records for (TO) Trade Orders).1937-05-03

Type VA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
50017VAwith BTH dynamo and radiator.1917-08-15
50055VAIn preservation 2018.1917-11-07
50130VASet in preservation 2013.1918-06-17
50167VAPlus Dynamo.1918-09-13
50184VA2.5BHP Petter Junior Safety Oil Engine. In preservation 20181918-11-27
50288VAIn preservation 2018. Sent to Winchester Station.1919-06-12
50316VAPlus Crompton direct-coupled dynamo and baseplate. Disc type (solid) flywheels.1920-01-06
50388VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. With dynamo.1920-01-02
50508VAVictory model. In preservation, (Ebay)2016.1920-02-12
50625VAIn preservation 2018.1920-05-21
50631VACAV magneto.1920-05-20
50934VAReturned twice and rebuilt under General Orders 10387 (23/09/1921) & 12937 (06/12/1921)1920-11-13
51050VAHopper Victory model. Two engines the same. 51112 and 51050. 1920-10-20
51112VAHopper Victory model. Two engines the same. 51112 and 51050. 1920-09-16
51211VANo. 1 Lighting set.1921-04-04
51615VA1919 (Victory) head, See also 52242 for batch packing sheet1921-02-20
51690VAEngine in preservation 2017. Originally part of a NO. 1 Lighting set.1921-03-22
51693VA1KW 25/37vdc. 1921-04-06
51756VAEngine only in preservation. Previously sold see daybook.1923-07-07
51788VANo1 P-L. in preservation 2014.1921-04-00
51826VAOne of a batch. In preservation in NZ 20161921-04-23
52114VANo. 3 pump set with Evans pump.1927-12-20
52460VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1922-02-15
52568VAIn preservation 2016. BTH magneto1921-10-18
52658VAIn preservation 2016.1921-12-24
52682VA1922 Model Junior In preservation 20171922-07-27
52708VA1922 lubrication system.1922-05-03
52738VANo. 1A Petter-Light set, with VF water tank.1922-04-12
52795VANo 3 Pump set.1922-05-02
52932VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1922-04-05
53034VAPetrol head. 1922-05-08
53126VANo. 4 P-L. (This is incorrect as the Packing sheet refrs to a Pump set and there is no trace of a P-L.1922-07-11
53152VAWith "Bridge pattern" Petter patent switchboard no. 367. Dynamo in preservation 20131922-07-18
53165VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1922-09-05
53180VAIn preservation 2014. Petrol head.1922-07-26
53207VAIn preservation 2013.1922-07-31
53212VAIn preservation 2014. Supplied with cast base and compression cock only.1923-02-27
53312VAPulley side flywheel crowned.
In preservation (ebay) 2016.
53318VARebored. Later SE685 on 06/12/1924.1922-09-14
53474VA1923 model. No1A P-LEngine in preservation 2018 Now paired with PL3812.1922-11-04
53598VAIn preservation 20131923-07-18
53620VADynamo and switchboard in preservation 2013. No.1 P-L 37vdc1922-12-29
53631VAEngine in preservation 2017. Originally supplied as partf Petter-Light No 1a set1922-12-08
53711VANo. 1A P-L1923-01-23
53714VA50/70 volts, 1kw. Dynamo plate only.1923-05-28
53765VAIn preservation 20131923-01-16
53829VAEngine only in preservation in NZ 2016. P-L set and no 2 pump set .1923-05-16
53872VANo 1A P-L. in preservation 2014.1923-02-27
54051VA1923 Model Petter Junior In preservation 20171923-04-18
54181VADynmao & board in preservation with engine serial 57253.1924-05-22
54187VAo/s rings 24/11/1934. In preservation 2017.1923-05-22
54201VADynamo & board in preservation with engine serial 550401923-11-06
54246VAHopper cooled. In preservation in USA 2000.1923-06-19
54312VAPulley side flywheel crowned. In preservation (ebay) 2016. 1923-07-02
54371VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1923-09-03
54622VASee Pl records for further set details. Engine in preservation 2015 though incomplete.1923-09-17
54751VAHopper type.1924-01-01
54765VANo. 1A P-L. Complete set and cells in preservation 2016.1924-01-11
54874VAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1923-12-10
55040VANow paired with PL2294 dynamo & board1924-05-15
55141VAIn preservation 20171924-02-08
55251VANo. 3 (Evans) pump set with cast iron base fast & loose pulleys and striking gear. In preservation 2018 (Ebay-still in Bridport).1924-08-16
55272VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1924-03-25
55409VAPetter-Light Set 1A on cast iron base. Engine only in preservation 2013. Now fitted with Appletop hopper.1924-06-16
55447VAIn preservation 20131924-07-06
55462VAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay). Rebored.1924-06-06
55599VAHopper cooled. One of a batch which also included 55601 (in preservation 2016).1924-10-03
55690VAShow finished. Set in preservation 2016. No1A PL set.1924-11-24
55719VAPetter-Light set1924-10-24
55722VAdynamo in preservation 2018. No. 1A P-L1925-06-18
55739VASupplied as No 1a Petter-Light set(Rebored +1/16"). Picture shows post 1930 Universal head.1924-12-11
56026VANo. 1a Petter-Light.1924-12-04
56054VANo. 102 P-L 50/70vdc. Exhibition finish. Engine in preservation 2016.1925-02-03
56161VANo. 1A PL.1925-05-29
56162VANo 1A P-L set 100/140 vdc. Engine in preservation 2018.1925-02-02
56168VA50/75cdv 1 1/4KW.1925-02-05
56359VANo. 3 Pump set with footvalve, baseplate, fast a& loose pulleys & striking gear. Hopper cooled.1925-07-29
56564VADetailed records missing or misfiled in 1952.1925-07-21
56817VADirect-coupled lighting set 75vdc. Single disc (solid) flywheel.1925-12-31
56825VA50-75vdc vdc 1.25KW.1926-01-13
56849VANo. 102a P-L.1926-01-07
57092VA3 BHP Petter Junior Safety Oil Engine In preservation 20171926-01-27
57193VANo. 3 pump set, Lee Howl pump with belt, striking gear, foot valve stariner and belt. All on Base Plate.1926-07-09
57253VAEngine in preservation 2017. Replacing serial 54181 on PL2323 (qv).1926-03-24
57308VAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1926-07-09
57475VAIn preservation 20131926-06-07
57603VA50/70vdc 1.25KW1926-07-14
57721VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-08-25
57957VACylinder head and inspection plate 14/01/1947 1926-10-30
57968VAIn preservation in Oz 2018 (FB). See also 57677 for detailed record. Part of a large batch under o/no 7370.1926-11-16
58112VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-02-07
58216VANo. 102 Petter-Light set. Dynamo and switchboard in preservation 2016.1927-01-12
58347VAd/c lighting set. in preservation 2014.1927-04-02
58567VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-05-05
58625VA+1 starting collar to be fitted on opposite side to Standard. In preservation 2016.1927-06-11
59178VALubricator 94431 sent Jan 59.1927-10-28
59379VABatch probably included 59370 which remained in the UK and is preserved, However one engine was renumbered and the original docs scrapped. 1927-12-17
59484VAsee letter on facing page. Later not applicable1927-12-30
59523VAP-L set 1 1/4 KW and 50/70vdc. Dynamo & board in preservation with eng. #53474.1928-04-26
59556VATwo engines same 58668 & 59556. Special extension shaft & Air Filter. 1928-01-13
59605VAHopper cooled. One of a batch See 59588.1928-08-24
59722VARebored + 1/16".1928-05-31
59907VAIn preservation in Aus 2014. d/c 32v set, one of a batch of 9 GEC sets. See succeeding 38 records for rest of batch and shipping details1928-04-00
59920VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1928-07-10
59934VANo. 102P-L.1928-08-02
59975VABaseplate dynamo and board in preservation 2018.1928-07-31
61609VAand 61609.1928-09-01
61738VA102 P-L 50vdc. Engine in preservation 2016.1928-11-19
61950VAIn preservation 2016. 1928-11-30
62170VAEngine in preservation 2015. cylinder and flywheels found to badly cracked. Those parts replaced by parts from 54622 (qv). 1929-01-15
62289VAPetrol head. In preservation 20141924-03-25
62620VAIn preservation 2016. Extended crank both sides, special starting handle.1929-06-00
62744VAdirect-coupled Lighting set.1930-01-15
63151VAWith Lee Howl Pump , baseplate, striking gear and foot valves. Engine only in preservation (Ebay) 2016. Converted to Best & Lloyd lubricator G.O. 6921,l8/03/1931.1929-12-18
63449VAPL records not indexed unless it exists.1930-04-14
63840VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. O/S piston 90051 28/3/470000-00-00
63938VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-10-07
64218VAFitted with one screwed flange on engine for exhaust pipe. i.e. NO exhaust pot supplied! In preservation 2014.1931-03-09
64880VAIn Preservation 2018 (Ebay) previously sold under Show order 1902. 1936-10-29
64922VAIn preservation 2018 (FB).1932-04-22
65188VA102 Petterlight set1933-04-20
65319VANo. 3 d/c set with wall type board. Set in preservation 2015.1933-09-12
65600VAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay). 1934-12-03
65613VAIn preservation 2016. Extended crank on pulley side. Hopper.1935-09-24
65633VAPreviously at the Devon County Show on 10/05/1934 under Show Order 2589.1934-09-06
65767VAIn preservation 20141934-11-06
65901VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1934-10-23
66027VA110vdc, Radiator cooled Direct-coupled set. Engine in preservation in NZ 2016.1935-04-15
66417VAEngine in preservation 2016. Set appears to have been sold before in 1935. See test sheets. Originally built with GEC Petter patent switchboard1936-03-28
66527VAExtended crank, hopper cooled. In preservation 2017 Crank drawing 70598 xh ports filed to 3 11/64 to top of cylinder1936-01-31
66810VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Special Crank1936-05-27
66942VAIn preservation 2018. +1/16" o/s piston supplied 03/02/1943.1936-08-08
66963VAIn preservation 2017. 1936-07-27
66980VAExtended crank pulley side. First in batch. Crank mounted pulleys made by Dening & Co. of Chard. In preservation in Oz 2015.1936-09-14
66998VANo. 102 Petter_light set.1936-09-28
67011VAIn preservation 2018 (FB). Extended crank 1936-09-10
67167VACombined governor cover and Whittle belt pulley. Hopper cooled.1936-12-09
67278VAExtended Crank. In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1937-03-21
67332VAExtended crank pulley end.1937-08-13
67462VAOrder no. is incorrect. Should be 130701937-08-24
67569VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1937-06-07
67604VAIn preservation 20161937-09-16
67638VAExtended crank pulley end.1937-09-21
67823VAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1938-03-31

Type VAA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
56911VAAIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1925-10-18
57005VAAHandyman. One of a batch.1925-12-11
57025VAAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1925-12-24
57318VAAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-08-09
57444VAAHandyman with hopper petrol head. In preservation 2016.1926-06-18
58470VAAIn preservation 2018. Tank Cooled Handyman.1927-05-05
58870VAAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Fitted new type cyl head and compression plate1927-09-02
58897VAAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-11-09
59367VAAIn preservation 2017. Handyman. One of a batch. No detailed records. 1927-12-19
59368VAAtwo the same 59360, and 59368, the latter in preservation (Ebay)Hopper.1927-11-30
59588VAAHandyman. One of a batch which included 59605 (in preservation 2019). Air filter, drain cocks and screwed oil well covers.1928-05-24
66376VAAHopper. Six engines the same: 66441,66439, 66440, 66443, 66444, 66442. Wittle belt pulley. Long crank pulley side.1935-10-12
66378VAAHopper. Six engines the same: 66441,66439, 66440, 66443, 66444, 66442. Wittle belt pulley. Long crank pulley side.1935-10-12
66444VAAHopper. Six engines the same: 66441,66439, 66440, 66443, 66444, 66442. Wittle belt pulley1935-12-30


EngineModelDescriptionDate No
58125VAAUHandyman Appletop painted red and in preservation. Originally supplied on 05/01/1927 order no. 7424. 1929-07-23

Type VAU

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
11778VAUHopper cooled. Set in preservation 2018 (FB). Engine d/c to Hamworthy compressor on base.1936-08-31
5875VAUPetrol head and carb. In preservation 2014. Non-original magneto.1928-05-23
59102VAUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-10-28
59397VAUPetrol head.1928-01-25
59762VAUIn preservation 2018. Petrol head.1929-06-10
59793VAUIn preservation 20131928-05-15
61835VAUPetrol head.1928-11-30
62090VAUWhittle belt pulley and standard pulley1929-01-23
62192VAUIn preservation 2014. Petrol head noted as hopper only on packing dept. memo.1929-09-06
62448VAUExtended crank both sides.1929-07-24
62451VAUExtended crank both sides.1929-07-24
62573VAUAppletop painted red. Not noted as either hopper or Handyman but no water tank listed.1929-07-23
63050VAUIn preservation 2017.1929-10-18
63060VAULater converted to 3bhp under GO 4615. In preservation 2014.1929-10-23
63124VAUIn preservation 20131929-11-22
63595VAUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-04-25
63732VAUPetrol head. Compression (paraffin) ring and joint. With Trolley ironwork.1930-06-11
63733VAUSmall governor side pulley suitable for Whittle belt. Engine in non-original build in preservation 2016.1930-06-12
63872VAUHopper cooled. In preservation 2018.1931-04-15
63921VAUHopper cooled1931-05-15
64099VAUFor detailed records see 64114.1931-01-08
64101VAUIn preservation 2016.1930-12-31
64114VAUHopper. Fowler spec.1931-01-08
64163VAUHopper. Engine in preservation 2016.1931-05-07
64206VAUBest & Lloyd lubricator.1931-05-29
64283VAUHopper. In preservation 2016.1931-11-03
64332VAUand Logsaw. Previously sold on 10/06/1931 to Joshua Hosier then returned and overhauled.1931-11-19
64448VAUHopper. In preservation 2017. Compression ring removed and not sent as intended for high altitude.1931-09-08
64520VAUWineglass lubricator. Hopper.1932-02-10
64922VAUIn preservation in Sweden 2018 (FB). See 647731932-06-08
64950VAUHopper. Extended shaft pulley side.1932-11-11
65285VAUHopper. Wakefield grease gun.1933-07-17
65314VAUExtended crank. Full Fowler spec.1933-10-02
65345VAUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1933-09-06
65366VAUwith pump and accessories.1933-08-25
65432VAUHopper. 1933-12-13
65757VAUExtended crank both ends. Oversize piston & rebore.1934-09-12
65810VAUHopper, In preservation 20131934-09-25
65970VAUHopper cooled, in preservation 20171935-01-09
66113VAUPetter Light No 102 50-70vdc.1935-03-29
66305VAUBroken for parts as badly frosted and seized0000-00-00
66557VAUBatch of five. 66556, 66542, 66559, 66614, and 66557. Hopper cooled. Shuttle belt pulley.1936-03-03
66784VAUOrder no incorrectly transposed. Last in batch all to same spec. see image 316 for first. In preservation 2015. No evidence of it being "De-Luxe".1936-05-11
67011VAUHopper. In preservation 2018 (FB).1936-09-10
67400VAUOne of a batch of three. This set in preservation 2015.1937-03-10
67748VAUHopper. In preservation 2016 (Ebay). 1937-11-18
67810VAUPetrol engine. Benford hopper.1938-06-25

Type VB

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
60226VBIn preservation 2017. Pully fitted1920-08-16
60369VBFitted with 12" pulley and T-B magneto. In preservation 2016.1920-11-10
60629VBIn preservation 2018 1920-12-17
60632VBOne of a batch of 12 which included 60629 which is preserved but whose records are incomplete.1921-01-21
60693VBOne of a batch.1921-03-14
60696VBOn wood skids. Converted to ring oiled lubrication, BTH magneto1921-05-05
60780VBIn preservation 2001. Fitted with crankshaft from 60718.1921-10-14
60790VBIn preservation in NZ 2016.1921-08-09
60965VBDisc (solid) flywheel and coupling.1922-09-08
61044VBIn preservation. Reconditioned under GO 2234 on 19/07/1958. Oversize piston and rings. Engine lineredd back to standard in 2014.1924-07-01
61197VBRebored cylinder to 6.026" under GO25261 on 03/02/1933. with Dynamo on CI base.1923-12-18
61290VBRB? rebored perhaps so maybe previously sold and returned for recon?? The last VB sold. In preservation 2017.1928-11-02

Type VBC

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32537VBCIn preservation 2002.1922-11-18

Type VBL

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type VC

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type VCA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32495VCAConverted from scrolled crankshaft. 4 feed Empire lubricator. In preservation 27/11/2012.1922-10-17

Type VD

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
32381VDPreserved in running order at Internal Fire Museum of Power.1921-05-19

Type VE

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
30884VEIn preservation at a museum, externally stored, frost damaged, poor condition (2013)1917-02-06

Type VE2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
31630VE2In preservation 20161922-06-29

Type VF

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
40120VFIn preservation 2017. No detailed records.1913-10-24
40139VFNo detailed records for early engines.1913-11-10
40173VFRebuilt under the GO. No detailed records for early VF.1913-11-14
40175VFIn preservation 2017.1913-11-24
40200VFrebuilt 05/02/1917 General Order GO2405, rebuilt as PVF 24/09/1919 GO9098,rebuilt yet again 05/03/1930 under GO4151.1913-12-08
40237VFPreviously sold to H & A Flint on 27/11/1913 under order no. 109. Many early engines were returned and modified. No detailed records. 1915-03-17
40337VFRebuilt with build changes under GO 3356 and resold on 24/03/1920 to W Robinson. No detailed records survive.1914-01-30
40926VFSadly no detailed records. The build is right for the serial1915-01-02
43254VFPetter (Imp) magneto 243.1918-02-26
43432VFSold 29/04/1918 and returned after repair under GO 6298 on 30/08/1918. In preservation 2016.1918-11-20
43490VFPart of large batch for MoM. Appeared on a forum preserved in Ghana with another. Hamworthy circulating pump and driving pulley on crankshaft. Brass governor springs and special long piston. New type sprayer balanced flywheels.1918-05-23
43906VFLast of a batch of >300 engines beginning on reel 37A. At least one in preservation in Ghana, formerly Gold Coast - see Wiki for details of enlightened post WW1 governer. #43490 indexed.1918-04-30
44479VFIn preservation 2015.1919-06-04
44965VFRebuilt to 1923 standard 19/04/1928 under GO 2986.1920-01-01
45122VFIn preservation 2018 disc flywheels (Ebay). 1919-11-12
45350VFIn preservation 2016 Smithfield Show, Royal Agricultural Show, Islington1919-11-28
46161VFVictory Model, in preservation 2017 Supplied to Heston and Sons, Electrical Engineers and Contractors, 158 Fenchurch St, London EC3. Supplied with all pipe fittings, foundation bolts etc1920-04-19
46253VFVictory Model. With Export spares.1920-04-19
46272VFIn preservation 2018.1920-04-19
46355VFVictory Model. Stepped pulleys.1920-05-13
46567VFRebored, GO 9170 29/04/19311920-09-13
46798VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1920-07-08
46869VFIn preservation 2016. Rest of record missing. Pulley side flywheel crowned.1920-07-05
47036VFGO4227 15/01/1926 brought up to date (1923 standard).1926-01-15
47128VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1921-03-16
47262VFOne of a batch of 25 engines the same. 47870 and 47816 and 48354 in preservation.1921-04-18
47686VFIn preservation 2016. 1920-11-12
47816VFOne of a batch of 25. See 47262.1921-04-18
47870VFIn preservation 2018. One of a large batch See 47262.1921-04-08
47954VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
47989VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
48315VFSupplied to Warner & Son Engineers, 23 Market St, Kings Lynn. in preservation 2017 Victory Model1921-07-20
48354VFOne of a batch of 25. See 47262 for details.1921-04-18
48627VFOne of a batch 20 engines the same of which 48490 is in preservation. 47133,47928,47891,47481,47834,47861,47992,47847,47999,47080,47305,49109,48162,47814,48490,48111,47811,47985,48627,48128.1921-02-12
48858VFNo. 2 P-L. Previously sold under order no. 9429 on 29/10/1921.1922-10-03
48936VFdetailed records missing.1921-12-01
49142VFIn preservation 2016.1922-09-15
49143VFDynamo in preservation 2015.1922-10-19
49272VFNot skid or trolley mounted.1922-07-20
49744VFFifteen engines the same. 49830 in preservation.1922-12-14
49825VFSaid to be an Appletop with flywheels serial 77528 BUT The first VF Appletop hopper was made in 1927. 77528 was hopper-cooled and Calibrater model. 1922-12-13
49830VFOne of a batch of 15. See 49744 for details.1922-12-14
49890VFRebored + 1/16"1923-03-09
49966VFFour engines the same49971, 49961, 49966, 49987.1923-02-26
70377VF5 engines the same.1923-07-11
70418VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1923-09-13
70795VF1923 Model Junior. In preservation 20181923-12-06
70916VFDistance piece & extra silencer. Blue paint.1924-01-31
71010VFNo 2A Petter Light Set1924-12-02
71343VFTwo engines the same 71342 and 71343.1924-10-29
71360VFDynamo & base in preservation 20021924-11-08
71756VFShow finished. In preservation 2016.1925-08-29
72032VFOne of two the same; 72032 & 71907. Supplied with base only. 72032 in preservation in NZ 2017. 1925-10-26
72124VF50/70vdc 2.25KW1926-06-10
72132VFIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1925-11-20
72137VFIn preservation 2016 (Ebay). 103 P-L 50vdc.1926-05-20
72335VFNo. 104 Petter-Light. Packing sheet missing.1926-02-24
72422VFBadged Merryweather.1926-03-30
72517VFPreviously sold to Assoc. Power Co.1926-08-31
73653VFPetrol headed lab engine. In preservation 2016.1927-08-18
73664VF50vdc 103 P-L. Wall distance piece for exhaust.1928-11-07
73681VFDynamo and board in preservation 2018 (Ebay).1928-11-22
74622VF15" dia, Pulley.1929-01-03
74630VFIn preservation 20141929-03-08
74694VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1929-08-16
75061VFNo. 104 P-L.1930-04-09
75103VFNo5 P-L. in preservation 2014. GEC made board1930-05-29
75301VF* collars with labels attached (?)1930-01-20
75469VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-09-03
76120VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1932-10-20
76137VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
76237VFIn preservation1932-06-10
76267VFHopper cooled. In preservation 2016. Delivery details1932-09-06
76425VFIn preservation 2015. Plant 127 build1933-05-22
76679VFIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1934-05-01
77192VFScrewed grease lubricators. Flywheel crowned on pulley side.1935-09-23
77287VFIn preservation 2018 (FB). Extended crank1935-12-23
77290VFIn preservation with earlier exhaust 2018 (FB). Extended crankshaft.1935-12-31
77309VFExtended crank. See 77308 for detailed records.0000-00-00
77447VFExtended crank1936-07-15
77484VFIn preservation 20151936-10-29
77513VFSet in preservation 2018 (FB). Hamworthy compressor set.1936-05-21
77529VFLast worked at a sawmill in N Devon then exported to New Zealand.1936-05-05
77546VFIn preservation 20181936-08-26
77671VFIn preservation 2014.1936-12-14
77810VFTook two hours to find this one! In preservation 2015. Supplied with two flywheel balance weights. Long crank pulley side. Alu piston. Flywheels drilled and balanced.1937-02-06
77816VFIn preservation 20181937-12-04
77998VFIn preservation in RSA 2018. Built to Bulletin 637. See 77999. 1937-08-30
78232VFHopper cooled VF, retested 6bhp @ 720 rpm on 25.1.38, on paraffin. In preservation 2018, Shelsley Walsh Watermill Society1938-03-02
78282VFIn preservation 2016. Screwed greaers for mains. and NOTE governor cover.1938-03-24
78417VFCrowned flywheel on pulley side.1938-12-19
78632VFNo detailed records for late Loughborough engines. One of the very last VF built.1942-06-08
78633VFCistern hopper. Preserved at Internal Fire 1942-05-08

Type VF2

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
42340VF2Used two serials 42340 and 42341. No detailed records. 02/03/1918 loose crankshaft. 05/03/1918 broken crankshaft.Remained broken for 100 years and ran on one cylinder driving a feed mill.1917-01-27

Type VFA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
72675VFAHandyman. 12 engines the same see 72396.1926-07-30
73001VFAHandyman hopper cooled1926-11-10

Type VFU

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
74213VFUOne of a batch of 11.1928-07-31
75253VFUIn preservation 2018 (Ebay).1930-01-28
75509VFUEngine only in preservation 2018 (Ebay). Hopper-cooled. Direct-coupled Evans pumping set on baseplate. Lever for operating fuel inner tube (drain). Disc type Flywheel (ie Solid).1930-03-19
75918VFUHopper cooled engine in preservation, no other info available as sheets missing from end of reel.1931-06-10
76002VFUUniversal Hopper with ball & roller main bearings and a Calibrater lubricator.1931-12-16
76063VFUHopper. 0.01" shim under magneto.1931-09-29
76329VFUHopper. CVocks fitted to fuel base and crankcase. Tecalemit greae nipples. Chain sprocket to go direct from J Fowler. Air filter.1933-01-11
76529VFUHopper. Extended crank on pulley side. In preservation 2016.1934-04-25
76792VFUHopper cooled (Apple). 4 engines in batch.1934-11-01
77025VFUpreviously Petters for Devon County Show SO3005 on 13/05/19351935-06-19
77484VFUIn preservation 2015. Hopper cooled. sold on again 2018.1936-10-23
77546VFUEngine in preservation 2018. Supplied with engine coupling and casting for pump coupling1935-08-29
77816VFUIn preservation 2018 (FB). Built as tank-cooled and converted to hopper-cooled 02/10/1937 prior to sale. Built as paraffin and converted to petrol before sale.1937-02-06
77999VFU Built to Bulletin 637. Also 77998 in preservation in SA 2018. Supplied with air filter and agent's nameplate.1937-06-09

Type VG

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
31312VGWO 347.1920-05-19

Type VJ

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
30197VJSupplied for the new Portishead Power Station installed by Christy1913-02-22

Type VS10

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
210245VS10Brass plugs in bearing oil wells. In preservation 2017.1933-06-14
211069VS10In preservation 2018. Extended crank at pulley end1935-08-30
211553VS10Plate stamped 8.75bhp and lower rpm. Pulley side flywheel crowned.1936-04-17
211916VS10In preservation 2017.1936-07-31
212360VS1016 degrees advance1937-05-05

Type VS10M

EngineModelDescriptionDate No

Type VS12

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
201057VS12In preservation USA 2013. + Flather dynamo 1928-02-09
201739VS12Previously shown by Petters at the Dublin Agricultural Show.1928-02-12
202927VS12In preservation 2014.1928-09-05
203102VS12With agent's nameplate. In preservation 2016.1928-10-19
204001VS12In preservation 2016.1929-01-01
204575VS12In preservation 2018. Another batch to same buyer under order number 25995.1929-05-25
205267VS12In preservation 20151929-07-29
207378VS12In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-07-07
207790VS12In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1931-01-15
207810VS12Direct-coupled set in preservation 2018.1930-09-12
208284VS12In preservation 2017. Tested on diesel at 12 degrees advance.1930-12-08
33196VS12Preserved at Internal Fire Museum of Power1924-02-02
34321VS12Plate now on Ebay 27/05/2021.1924-09-15
36681VS12In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1925-12-11
37909VS12With agent's nameplate.1926-09-03
38551VS12In preservation 2018 (FB). Reverse rotation. Pulley with friction clutch. 1927-01-04

Type VS12M

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
212423VS12Mwith Petter reverse gear no. 255.1938-04-13

Type VS15

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
210643VS15Later Fitted with 12" x 10" pulley. In preservation 20131934-08-30
211653VS15Minus engine bed. + Agent's nameplate.1936-11-12
211739VS15In preservation 2018. Previously sold to: Petters Ltd. on 19/06/1936 under order no SO3582 for the Royal Show. Then on 01/09/1936 under order 29261 to Palestine Eng. Co Tel Aviv.1939-03-30

Type VS18

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
208134VS18Fuel Pump 57383, Rebored 3/32" O/S In preservation 20171931-03-24
209685VS18Set in preservation 2017. Reverse rotation. Fitted with starting & charging valve. 1932-08-25
209825VS18In preservation 20171932-11-08

Type VS21

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
210956VS21In preservation 2017. Reverse rotation. Drilled for Tundish. Special stepped pulley 15 x 10 & 12 x 4.1934-09-18
212534VS21No detailed records. 1937-09-14

Type VS5

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
200421VS5Two same 200421 & 200428 (latter in preservation 2017)1927-10-20
200478VS5Three engines the same: 200478, 200419, 200411. M-K lubricator.1927-09-30
200786VS5In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Rebored +1/16"1927-12-19
201571VS5In preservation 20131928-03-22
202119VS5In preservation 2015.1928-05-31
202244VS5Rebored + 1/16" 26/08/1946.1928-07-09
202622VS5Originally sold under WO 15837. Returned and resold under WO17752. In preservations since 1999.1928-09-10
203225VS5One of a batch of four. 203222 (in preservation 2016), 203223, and 203218.1928-11-02
204338VS5In preservation 2016.1929-09-18
204849VS5In preservation 2016.1929-06-07
204850VS5Batch of 10 engines 204612 204850 204884 204890 204871 204603 204624 204613 204600. 204875 Fitted with Cia Argentina de Motores Petter nameplate. Sent with both lamps and cold starters. 1929-06-27
206006VS5Sold on to North Farm dairy 1929-11-20
209146VS5Ex water pumping station. In preservation 2015. Extended crank both ends but may have been crossed through.0000-00-00
209171VS5In preservation 2018. 1932-02-24
209907VS5In preservation 2015.1932-09-26
210179VS512" pulley supplied 12/12/1935. In preservation 2015. Tested on diesel and adv set to 23 deg.1933-05-02
211678VS5In preservation. Extended crank on pulley side. Tested on Balik fuel1936-02-12
32712VS5Show finish. Show foundation for engine and tank. Separate fuel tank and starters.1923-07-06
32888VS5 1924-02-16
32893VS5No.2 PL 50/70vdc Baseplate with GEC Dynamo and Petter switchboard. In preservation 2014. Delivered to E Kiersey Esq., The General Stores, Kilmacthomas, Co Waterford. As Kilmacthomas at that time had a station it was probably delivered by train. 1923-12-15
33425VS5Overhauled 01/09/1941. In preservation 2013.1924-08-01
33483VS5In preservation 2013. Double scroll crank, glass lubricator and Exhibition finish. Sent with 33553 and a tin of starters. All to Rotterdam.1924-05-19
34211VS5Batch of three; 34217, 34211, 34214. 34217 in preservation.1924-07-08
34554VS5In preservation 2016 Standard oversize piston fitted under GO5319 04/07/34 Originally fitted with Petter Patent Lubricator, replaced with Madison Kipp1924-10-08
34620VS5One of a batch of six engines each fitted with Petter Patent lubricator. 34620, 35059, 35049 (in Preservation), 34950, 35015, 34987.1925-01-07
35969VS5Single feed M-K. In preservation 20131925-12-09
37213VS5Rebored 23/09/1930.1926-10-18
37655VS5In preservation 2017. No test sheet.1926-10-09
38255VS5Lab engine; special starting collar, indicator gear and fittings. Water cooled brake drum1926-11-22
38303VS5In preservation 20131929-05-28
38643VS5In preservation 20141927-01-17
38705VS5In preservation.1927-02-01
39995VS5In preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-08-09

Type VS6

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
207023VS6No. 5A P-L 100-140vdc direct coupled. To Allen Plucknett Electrical engineer, Sidcup Kent Cooling tank 44" x 30". Show finish. Complete set in preservation 2012.1931-08-12
210536VS6Reverse rotation. Not built as a portable, nor fitted with lamp stand or lamp. In preservation as portable 2015.1936-01-13
211833VS6Extended crank on pulley side. Tested on Balak Papan fuel oil.1936-05-15
212000VS6Extended crank on pulley side production No. 536 (aka Bulletin)1937-05-22
212458VS6In preservation 20141938-12-14

Type VS6M

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
33790VS6MRebored + 1/16" & Calibrater fitted. Motor Yacht Mary Gold.1924-06-12

Type VS8

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
200285VS8Fitted with Electric type vaporiser with 6v heater plug. In preservation 2017.1927-11-22
200989VS8In preservation 2016.1927-12-29
202017VS8 In preservation 2014.1928-07-23
20498VS8Rebored and new piston 24/09/1957. I preservation in NZ 20161929-06-17
205042VS8Date also entered in order no. Which means a LONG manual search through thousands of records which are not in serial sequence. Finally found it after 3 years. Huzzah!1929-08-02
205159VS8Special nameplate. In preservation in Holland 2014. One of a batch of 20 sent to Argentina aboard the SS Avila Star. For shipping details and other serial see 404 and 405.tiff on this reel.1929-08-19
208673VS8Rebored + 1/16". 1931-10-24
32668VS8with special Vickers-Petter sign.1923-01-10
33032VS8In preservation 2016.1923-10-23
33576VS8In preservation 2016. Rebored +1/16" 02/05/19361924-03-25
34081VS8In preservation 2016. Packing sheet missing. Tested on Gas Oil.1924-06-10
34115VS8In preservation 20141924-07-24
35411VS8Fitted with Petter patent lubricator. In preservation in UK 2015. Pulley sent 29/08/1936.1925-03-26
35679VS8Supplied with starters and not a lamp. In preservation 2014.1925-03-27
36056VS8Fitteds with single feed Madison Kipp lubricator1925-12-18
37765VS8In preservation 20131926-09-00
37846VS8In preservation 2018 in RSA.1926-08-17
38761VS8Water pump driving pulley, Air filters.1927-02-22
39312VS8In preservation 2016.1927-05-16
39862VS8engine in preservation 2016. d/c dynamo set. Electric heater plug. Previously sent out as Show Engine see next set of images.1927-09-16

Type VST36

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
36916VST362 gallons Green finishing paint (dark). Cast iron baseplate, coupling and bolts dynamo no. 135349.1926-01-15

Type VZ

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
10214VZPlant 101a. Set in preservation 2017.1934-05-17
10225VZDynamo & Board in preservation 2018. 101 P-L set.1933-12-06
10406VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1934-09-03
10419VZIn preservation 2017. Merryweather pumping set, No.3 Thomas pump. 1934-04-18
10443VZBall and Roller. In preservation 2016.1934-05-15
1096VZ1922 model. In preservation 2016.1922-08-24
11021VZOverhauled. 1935-07-26
11047VZEngine records missing.1935-12-24
11219VZIn preservation 2018 (FB). Extended crank on pulley side. See 11213. 1935-07-19
11226VZBatch of 12 engines. 11123, 11149, 11225, 11242, 11226, 11256, 11286, 11290, 11291(in preservation), 11288, 11289, 11287. Nameplate and Extended crank on pulley side.1935-08-29
11248VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1935-08-12
1128VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Supplied as pump set. 1922 type lubrication.1922-10-13
11375VZ& Pump1935-10-14
11412VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Extended crank pulley end1935-11-12
11506VZIn preservation 2017. Detailed records missing and appear to have been misfiled during filming.1936-02-15
11608VZExtended crankshaft.1936-03-06
1173VZIn preservation 20141923-11-07
11778VZSet in preservation 2018. (FB)1936-08-31
11790VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1936-05-22
11910VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1936-07-01
12032VZIn Preservation 2018. With pump.1936-09-29
12036VZ101 P-L.1936-09-22
12193VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1937-01-12
12233VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1936-12-16
12260VZExtended crank both ends.1937-01-06
12266VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1937-03-15
12278VZNo detailed records for order no 8417.1937-04-02
12373VZExtended crank pulley side1937-09-24
12415VZExtended crank to drawing 70597.1937-07-27
12529VZIn preservation 2014.1937-07-02
12988VZGPO Rural Exchange charging set. Detailed records for order no. 8512 missing.1938-02-24
12991VZDirect-coupled Reverse rotation. No detailed records for o/no 8512. GPO set. More general info in various PO archives.1938-03-01
13020VZDirect coupled and reverse rotation. No detailed records for order no. 8512.1938-05-17
13022VZIn preservation 2018. Direct-coupled reverse rotation. Part of a very large batch for which the detailed records are missing. 1938-12-16
13088VZNew type hopper etc. See #127271937-12-31
13094VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1938-02-28
13186VZIn preservation 2017. One of a batch of 275 supplied under this order no. over 1937-8. No detailed records. Special Hopper etc. for Benford.1938-04-25
13204VZIn preservation 2018.1938-06-28
1329VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
13307VZIn preservation 2018 in Canada. to Benford spec.1938-06-23
13341VZSee 127271938-08-18
1336VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1922-04-06
13370VZo/s piston 07/12/1954. One of a batch of 25, see serial 12727. 13370 also extant.1938-08-18
13397VZIn preservation <2000.1938-07-28
13455VZIn preservation 2018. One of a large batch. See 13504 for detailed record.1938-10-21
13459VZOne of a batch of 15 engines. See 13504.1938-10-21
13626VZOne of a large batch.1938-04-05
13658VZScrapped donor parts helping others.1939-12-29
13667VZIn preservation 2017. No detailed records.1939-12-29
1367VZIn preservation 20141923-08-29
1406VZNo 2 Pump Set1923-04-20
1429VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
1493VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1923-06-13
1500VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
1539VZNo 2 Pumping set.1923-07-17
1543VZNo. 0 P-L set 50/70 vdc. Engine in preservation 2015.1923-09-27
1551VZRebored +0.030".1923-07-25
1565VZIn preservation at Internal Fire1923-08-13
1587VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
1594VZOne of a batch of seven air-cooled. Pictures show the transitional, between S1 and S2, feed to main bearing rather than to the well. I've seen one other.1923-08-23
1669VZGlass lubricator. No. 0a PL set.1923-10-11
1709VZengine only In Preservation 2015.1923-12-05
1743VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.0000-00-00
1758VZSupplied as part of pump set1926-05-29
1771VZNo. 0 P-L1923-11-30
1779VZPetter-Light set No 01926-04-11
1833VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1924-05-20
1873VZWorkshop set.1923-12-13
1874VZ3/4 KW. 50/70vdc.1924-02-05
1926VZAir cooled 50/70vdc P-L set1924-04-09
1931VZ"Little Pet" previously sold under order 850 and then overhauled into stock and later resold. In preservation 2006.1924-10-29
1976VZHopper. In preservation 2018. 1924-05-28
2036VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Supplied as pump set1924-07-10
2086VZHopper. No. 0a Petter-Light1924-08-18
2089VZNo. 0a P-L1924-09-30
2115VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1924-08-01
2268VZNo. 0 P-L 25-37vdc1924-11-06
2279VZIn preservation 2017.1921-12-22
2285VZNo.2 Pumping set. Glass lubricator. . Foot valve, striking gear , fast & loose pulleys.1924-11-07
2411VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1925-01-21
2536VZEngine in preservation 2018.1925-07-28
2545VZNo. 51 Alpha-Petter.1926-03-05
2554VZCentrifugal pumping set. Twin flywheel. In preservation 20131925-03-12
2564VZWith Evans pump. In preservation 20131925-03-11
2565VZNo 101 P-L set. NOTE as usual for GEC sets no P-L no allocated.1925-05-21
2585VZ+ Petter centrifugal pump with foot valve and strainer.1926-08-24
2680VZIn preservation 2013.1925-06-10
2687VZ(1923) Safety Oil Engine1925-04-24
2747VZo/s piston 1925-04-20
2769VZTwo same 2769 and 2771 (in preservation in NZ - single solid flywheel direct coupled top Reavell compresser on common base. Probably starting set.1925-05-13
2771VZTwo same 2769 and 2771 (in preservation in NZ - single solid flywheel direct coupled top Reavell compressor on common base. Probably starting set.1925-05-13
2778VZHopper. In preservation in NZ 2016. Batch of six, 2778, 2817, 2814, 2816, 2780, 2782.1925-06-26
2782VZSee 2778.1925-06-26
2811VZPetter Junior Safety Oil Engine In preservation 20181925-06-30
2870VZEngine on Ebay is single flywheel for direct coupling.1925-07-24
3265VZTwenty engines the same; 3238,3234,3257,3254,3250,3256,3245,3260,3260,3253,3259,3263,3265,3272,3269,3252,3251,3285,3284,3273.1925-12-21
3383VZEngine rebored & o/s piston 12/02/19341926-07-28
3396VZDynamo in preservation 20161926-10-27
3419VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-11-02
3456VZNo. 101 P-L. 50vdc.1926-02-10
3619VZNo 101 PL set1926-04-07
3782VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-08-26
3992VZWith machined base. made into d/c compressor set.Set in preservation in NZ 2016. Special flywheel to drg. ????1926-05-18
4041VZDynamo & board and a base in preservation 20181926-10-06
4174VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1926-11-04
4353VZno. 101 P-L set.1926-12-16
4355VZNo. 40 Alpha-Petter. 32vdc1926-12-30
4381VZSet with Evans pump and baseplate. Engine in preservation 2018. Rebored 05/07/1937.1927-02-15
4433VZInstalled to pump water from well at a school near Bristol1927-01-13
4508VZNo 101a PL Set1927-02-18
5038VZ101 P-L set. Mechanical lubricator (Empire??).Engine in preservation 2016.1927-10-06
5079VZin preservation 2018. See serial 5074 for details.1927-08-30
5183VZTank cooled. BTH magneto. In preservation 2014. 10" dia. pulley1927-10-25
5250VZIn preservation 2018 (FB & Ebay). Previously sold under o/no3738 to Glanville Garage on 16/12/19271929-07-12
5263VZIn preservation 2015. Tank cooled. Presumed incorporated in a pumping set since Evans' business was pumps.1928-01-19
5328VZRebored +1/32" 16/01/1934.1929-06-05
5341VZIn preservation 20171927-11-17
5603VZIn preservation 20181928-03-20
5903VZTwelve engines the same including 5903. Extended crank1928-06-05
6074VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1928-07-27
6174VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1928-09-06
6332VZPlant 101. In preservation 20171929-09-02
6478VZWall type switchboard & Brackets1928-12-05
6507VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1925-12-14
6508VZin preservation 2016. Fitted with petrol head and Wico replaced by BTH at factory1928-12-12
6529VZPart of large order1928-12-12
6668VZo/s piston 05/12/19471929-02-08
6846VZIn preservation 2018.1933-01-16
7079VZ110/140vdc Alpha-Petter set.1929-06-28
7081VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1929-06-24
7121VZEngine in preservation 20161929-08-23
7148VZNo.2a lighting set.Supplied with Petter Automatic switchboard. GEC switchboard no. G390 afterwards fitted1929-11-20
7179VZTwo engines the same 7179 & 7169.1929-07-27
7219VZNo.1 Pump.1929-09-17
7295VZIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1929-12-13
7305VZ1KW 32-44vdc. set in preservation 2015.1929-00-27
7383VZSupplied with pump1929-10-01
7597VZLater refurbished and resold.1929-11-04
7706VZPlant 80 Alpha-Petter set.1930-04-11
7756VZAuxiliary silencer and distance piece. In preservation 2017.1930-01-15
7780VZEngine only in preservation 2018 (Ebay). No. 101 Petter-light. 50vdc.1930-04-17
8241VZIn preservation 2018 (Ebay)1930-06-30
8657VZExtended shaft pulley side.1930-12-02
8838VZIn preservation 2014. 8838 & 8832 same.1932-06-13
8850AVZPreviously sold as a VZU Auto. (genset) To Temple Gardner Hostel on 08/01/1934 under o/no. 7271. A added as 8550 inadvertently duplicated. Interestingly F Dibble was a long serving Petter employee.1934-02-20
8887VZNo. 101 P.L.1930-11-28
8889VZPulley, set slide rails.1931-02-10
9009VZIn preservation in Sweden 2018 (FB).1931-04-10
9021VZIn preservation 2015.1931-05-19
9171VZCompressor set.1931-10-29
9233VZSome inconsistency with engine records.1931-10-02
9274VZWith baseplate for dynamo, air filter. 1931-07-28
9376VZIn preservation 2018 (FB).1931-12-02
9440VZSpecial ball and roller bearings. In preservation 20161932-01-08
9653VZBest & Lloyd lubricator.1932-05-31
9810VZIn preservation 20181933-01-16
9991VZ200 d/c set in preservation 2016.1933-09-07

Type VZ & VA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
2089VZ & VANo. 0a PL set 50/70VDC. Glass lubricator, Cast Iron base. 1924-09-30

Type VZA

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
3247VZAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1925-12-12
3248VZAOne of three ordered at the same time for Dumbrill.1925-12-12
3933VZAHandyman. 1926-07-19
4169VZAHandyman. In preservation 20131928-03-24
4246VZAIn preservation 2018. Handyman1926-12-16
4260VZAreturned and overhauled, resold to A Purchase 17/08/1929.1926-11-26
4610VZAHandyman. One of a batch of ten.1928-01-02
4658VZAPetrol Handyman.1927-07-29
4662VZAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-03-23
4978VZAIn preservation 2006 in Argentina. One of a batch including 5073 in preservation. Special nameplate.1927-11-23
4982VZANow fitted with non-original fabricated exhaust.1927-06-26
4998VZABelt driven Centrifugal Pumping set (Pulsometer) Engine in preservation 2016.1927-11-18
5048VZAIn presrvation 2017. Handyman1927-11-28
5073VZAIn preservation in Argentina in 2006. See 4978.1927-11-23
5086VZAHandyman. Batch of 20 engines the same. See 5094 for full details.1927-08-10
5454VZAIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Handyman. See 4610 for details.1928-01-02

Type VZAuto

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
7451VZAuto101 PL 110vdc. Rad-cooled and fitted with air filter. In preservation in Oz 2015.1930-02-25

Type VZU

EngineModelDescriptionDate No
10094VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1933-07-25
10225VZUDynamo & board in preservation 2018. Note the order no is incorrectly listed here as the PL no. 4519.1933-12-06
10240VZUHopper. Full Fowler spec. Twelve engines same: 10229, 10230, 10231, 10232, 10233, 10234, 10235, 10236, 10237, 10238, 10239, 10240 (in preservation.1933-11-23
10278VZU1000rpm engine1934-03-03
10345VZUHopper shape not specified. In preservation 2018. To full Fowler spec. Six engines the same: 10345, 10346, 10347, 10348, 10350 and (10349 in preservation 2018). 1934-02-19
10349VZUIn preservation 2018. One of a batch of 6. See 10345 for full details.1934-02-19
10369VZUBatch of six engines: 10369, 10371, 10373, 10372 (preserved), 10370, 10368.1934-04-18
10511VZUTwelve engine the same. 10511 in preservation and 10509, 10510, 10516, 10512, 10515,10513, 10517, 10514, 10533, 10534, 10518. All to Fowler spec. as defined herein.1934-06-02
10535VZUIn preservation 2018.1934-08-28
10572VZUWith pump fast & loose pulleys and striking gear. Hopper.1934-07-28
10660VZUIn preservation 2018 (FB)1936-03-28
10672VZUHopper cooled. In preservation 2015.1934-10-30
10699VZUHopper cooled. Twelve engines same 10702, 10705, 10706 (in preservation 2018), 10707, 10708, 10709, 10710, 10702, 10700, 10704, 10699, 10701.1934-10-10
10706VZUFowler spec. One of a batch of twelve See #10699 for details.1934-10-10
10892VZUIn preservation 1995. Extended crank pulley side.1935-02-08
10921VZUOne of a batch of three: 10921, 10886, 10888. Extended crank on pulley side.1935-02-19
10959VZUalso 10958. Hopper, extended crank pulley side1935-03-26
11021VZUHopper cooled. Supplied with gear type pump, fast and loose pulleys, and strainer.1935-05-22
11136VZUHopper cooled (Apple) Engine numbers 11068, 11065, 11094, 11093, 11136 and 116661935-06-19
11138VZUHopper. Six engines the same: 11139, 11142, 11143, 11138, 11145, 11140.1935-07-02
11157VZUSet in preservation 2010.1935-07-26
11213VZU11219 In preservation 2018. Extended crank on pulley side. Twelve engines the same; 11214, 11217, 11216, 11218, 11220, 11221, 11223, 11219, 11224, 11213, 11215, 11222. 1935-07-09
11254VZUHopper. O/s piston supplied 05/06/1943.1935-09-04
11375VZUHopper. With horizontal double acting pumping plant1935-10-14
11524VZUExtended crank on pulley side. Twelve engine same. Others in batch: 11519, 11523, 11520,11522, 11529, 11530, 11528, 11526, 11525, 14527.1935-12-31
11607VZUExtended crankshaft.1936-04-03
11608VZUHopper. Extended crank pulley side, nameplate.1936-03-06
11645VZUAppletop hopper. In preservation 12/20131936-04-09
11735VZUSix engines despatched, 11770, 11721, 11817, 11618, 11735, 116521936-05-21
12032VZUHopper. In preservation 2018.1936-09-29
12224VZUHopper cooled. Standard starting collar.1938-03-28
12260VZUExtended crank both ends, air filter. Plunger type starting handle. Spares sent under GO Z1340.1937-01-06
12363VZUIn preservation 2014. Three same1934-02-05
12415VZUHopper cooling Twelve engines same;12415, 12418, 12700, 12698, 12697, 12707, 12699, 12696, 12702, 12514, 12512, 12557.1937-07-27
12613VZU1932 model. Hopper. With; baseplate, pump, belt, fast and loose pulleys. Engine in preservation 2016.1937-07-05
12694VZUExtended crank pulley side1937-08-27
12727VZUExtended crank both ends, in preservation 20131937-09-30
12848VZUHopper. In preservation 2013.1937-12-00
13271VZUPreviously sold on 30/06/1938 to Petters Cardiff (o/no SO4328) and then on 18/03/1938 to Benfords of Warwick under o/no 8548. 1938-10-20
13307VZUHopper cooled. In preservation in Canada in 2018. Fitted with crankshaft pulley drg. #47678 (extant). Spare ????? ring.1938-06-23
13349VZUHopper cooled. No test sheet. In preservation 19841938-09-01
13397VZUHopper cooled. No test sheet. In preservation <2000. 1938-07-28
13534VZU1.5-2 bhp. No detailed records for this engine. Order filled by Loughborough after formation of ABOE. 1939-11-16
5221VZUDetailed records misfiled or missing.1927-11-16
5348VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1927-12-05
5425VZUIn preservation 2018.1927-12-01
5936VZU20 engines in batch.1928-06-15
5938VZUOne of a batch of 20 engines, See 5936 for details which also survives from the same batch. Search 5936 to get the Packing Sheet etc.1928-06-15
6396VZUPart of large order1928-11-06
6668VZUPetrol head. Twenty engines the same including 6668. Air Filter, Screwed plug in main bearings, special cover on hopper, brass tap in cylinder. All except 2 converted to BTH magnetos on 14/10/1947.1929-02-08
7095VZUIn preservation 20181929-07-04
7219VZUNo.1 Pump set. Evans pump. on Baseplate.1929-09-17
7274VZUFitted with homebrew hopper extension. See 7276.1929-09-06
7276VZUBatch of 7276, 7274, 7272 all the same.1929-09-06
7351VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1929-10-02
7352VZUThree the same: 7342, 7354, 7352. Air filter, Plugs in bearings, Petrol hopper head.1929-09-24
7545VZUHopper cooled, in preservation 2018. Four the same 7546, 7544, 7547, 7545. Painted green. Petrol.1929-11-06
7766VZUPetrol. Special half coupling. Customers clutch disc to be bolted outside of coupling.1930-01-09
8012VZUhopper cooled and sectioned. In preservation 2016.1930-04-29
8037VZUOne of a batch of 50 engines. See 8108 for details.1930-04-25
8077VZUreplacement lubricator 1956.1930-05-15
8108VZULarge batch. Petrol. Hopper. Head drains and air filter.1930-05-12
8227VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-06-13
8241VZUPetrol. In preservation 2018 (Ebay).1930-06-30
8406VZUHopper. In preservation 2016.1930-09-29
8414VZUHopper. In preservation 2015. Built with air filter and high altitude piston. these features then crossed through so presume a failed export orderlater reverted to std. build, hence long delay before sale.1930-09-21
8643VZUOversize piston supplied under G.O. 41048 07/11/1933. In preservation 2016.1930-12-02
8712VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally. Marked as "Special" in Day Book1931-01-12
8850AVZUHopper. With No. 1 Thomas pump with fast and loose pulley, foot valve and strainer, and foundation bolts.1934-01-08
8880VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1930-11-21
8993VZUDetailed records missing or misfiled.1931-04-23
9062VZUHopper cooled1931-03-31
9137VZUIn preservation 2018. One of a large batch to Fowlers. See 9140 for details. 1931-07-10
9537VZUNew hopper type. In preservation at Internal Fire Museum of Power1932-09-15
9568VZUNew type Hopper. Fowler spec. Six engines the same.1932-04-19
9653VZUTwenty engines the same. Fowler spec. Hopper cooled. Best & Lloyd lubricator.1932-05-31
9687VZUWinget spec(P116). Six same; 9690,9687, 10265, 10302, 10303, 10304. In preservation 2014.1934-01-03
9861VZUIn preservation 1984 at the Petter Ltd Rally.1932-12-11
9992VZUAppletop. One of a batch of 12, See 9975.1933-03-21