Commercial Sponsors

Associated British PortsABP at Newport have donated a number of items including a very handy small mobile crane and a welder.
BEMA EngineeringBEMA donated a spark eroder in 2006 for the workshop. A nice to have item that would have been well outside our budget.
BriggsBriggs have helped with a 4 ton Hyster forklift on hire at a peppercorn rate, something of a lifesaver with the workload at the museum.
Cardi Building SuppliesCardi have supplied all the floor paint for the museum since we opened. It helps keep the place looking as it should and if you live locally please use them & let them know you know they helped!
Category CladdingCategory Cladding provided the complete roof for what is now Hall 1 (then Hall 5). A major donation that we could have managed without
ChevronChevron have sponsored the oil for 2011/12/13 and again in 2016! They supplied ve supplied over 3000 litres of non-detergent SAE 30 oil, much needed and very welcome help.
DEBWith terrible condensation problems over winter the museum now has help from DEB to control it. We use large quantities of Duck oil every winter and DEB have now sent us enough for the 2007 season as well as something to keep our hands clean, good news fro the volunteers.
Dennis RuabonWhen the new Lister Room was being planned before Easter the only floor covering that seemed to fit was red quarry tiles.

A hopeful email to Dennis Ruabon was quickly answered with the offer of 10 square metres of red quarry. Keith flew up to collect and Hazel laid them that night, looks just right.

Dwr Cymru/Welsh WaterDwr Cymru donated a three throw pump in 2006 which helped finish the final display in Power Hall 3. In 2008 they also donated the Amanco 6hp and a Belliss & Morcom genset from Elan Valley.
ESABESAB have supplied the museum with a TIG welder and helmet, saved us a lot on fabrication costs and much appreciated
ExideOne of the major problems for the new Turbine Shed was provision of a good battery set for starting. We need a 110v set for starting the Proteus and Paxman engines and Exide came to the resuce with a full set of Gel cells.
Fast Forward Distribution LtdFast Forward ay Ammanford, part of Palletline, recently moved a number of commercial and plant engines for us from Scotland. Without their help all of the engines would have gone for scrap.
First HydroFirst Hydro donated the Paxman V12 from their Hydro plant at Ffestiniog. Another item we were glad to receive as too many of these "later" engines are still considered too new for preservation. FH have also made a significant donation towards the funding of the Turbine Shed.
FlexsysFlexsys at Ruabon have donated a number of items including a twin cylinder Allen diesel angine and a very usefuly Lister starting compressor set currently used daily in Power Hall 3.
GT PrecisionDarren at GT has fitted both the main lathes with DROs. As we work entirely in imperial and the lathes are metric this has been a huge help in preventing coversion errors.
HoppeckeHoppecke provided a new battery pack for our electric pallet truck
HusqvarnaAs the front of the museum has improved the grass area extended to an acre and Husqvarna came to the rescue with a shiny lawn tractor, has really helped and saves hours every week.
Hyco ManufacturingHyco generously donated the water heater and hand drier for the new toilet and food preparation area in the cafe.
International PaintInternational came to the rescue for the summer 2007 season with a van load of floor paint. Cardi Building Supplies had sponsored the paint for three years but were unable to help in 2007 so it was a great relief when International offered all our floor paint.
JCBA number of visitors were asking what the UK now actually manufactured in the way of diesel engines. The JCB 444 is one of the newer products on the market and one of the few true UK engines. JCB generously donated an engine at the end of 2006 and this is now on display in the shop.
KarcherKarcher kindly supplied the museum with a floor cleaner that allows us to do the museum in 20 mins instead of 2 1/2 hours!!!
Marley EternitMarley donated the roof for the new entrance and toilets, would not have got the build done without them
Morris LubricantsMorris have supplied oil and grease for the big Tangye MLD7 in Hall3 to help keep her running 7 days a week.
NIDUMWhen our old turret mill in the workshop called it a day, NIDUM came to the rescue with an AJAX mill and DRO. Bit posh for us, very very useful.
North Level DrainageNLD were removing two Crossley-Premier diesels and were anxious to save them They generously donated one to Internal Fire and the other to The Anson Engine Museum in Cheshire.
NovelisAnother interesting and unexpected donation. The large switchboard and mercury arc rectifier in Hall 2 are among the items donated from the Alcan plant at Newport.
Pennine LubricantsPennine have provided all the oil for the Ruston 6VE. Without them we would have struggled to get her running as 80 gallons just to fill the sump is a bank breaker.
PerkinsPerkins have helped the museum with a number of sectioned and show finish engines for display
Rohde & SchwarzThe XK2100L HF transceiver from R & S has been a big hit with all the clubs using the Radio Room, many thanks for a wonderful bit of kit.
Rolls-RoyceRolls-Royce Bristol have been very generous and donated a number of exhibits as well as machine tools. The alternator for the Proteus genset with associated switch gear is currently under restoration.
Sangamo/VegastreamSangamo donated a VOIP interface to enable the Strowger exchange systems to be connected to the museum servers and through to the internet. Big hit with the kids.
Schneider ElectricSchneider have provided us with a shiny new Isobar 4C distribution board for Hall 5 so we can combine all the existing boards and make provision for the standby generator
South Staffordshire WaterSouth Staffs Water donated our most prized exhibit, the Sulzer blast injection Diesel. This was a very significant donation and helped put is "on the map".
Spirax SarcoSpirax have been a great help with high pressure valves for air bottles on the Sulzer and Petter VJ. These were well beyond museum finances so big thanks! They have recently helped again with relief valves for the Belliss & Morcom steam engine
Sprint ElectricSprint have donated a 30 amp 180v DC motor controller to run the Ruston DC compressor set for the Moorside Edge Ruston.
Sutton & East Surrey WaterOur thanks to Peter Stephenson at S & ESW for organising the donation and transport of the 3 cylinder S47 diesel from Leatherhead as well as spares from a second engine. The S47 is awaiting installation in Power Hall 5.
TDK-LambdaMany thanks for replacing the blown power supply on the Rohde & Schwarz transceiver
Thames WaterOver the years Thames have been very helpful with engines, parts and transport help.
Three Valleys WaterTVW approached us in 2006 via the IDGTE and offered us a Ruston 6VCB genset. Not only did the donate it, they moved it as well, brilliant.
Walls & FloorsWalls & Floors donated all the floor tiles for the new Pump Room in Hall 4
WartsilaWartsila have sponsored the daily running of the Sulzer blast injection diesel. A very generous donation covering fuel and oil for the last few years.
Western PowerWestern Power donated the Proteus turbine and associated equipment. At a time when this sort of equipment is still not considered "valuable", this was an unexpected and significant donation.
Yorkshire FittingsYF have provided all the brass compression fittings for the engines in Hall 5
Yuasa BatteriesYuasa at Merthyr donated a large number of industrial batteries which sorted out the "Flying Banana" electric truck and the starting issues with a number of engines - big help!