Petter M type 5 horsepower - Chronological table of main changes

This table is intended only as an "at a glance" summary. For the detail please follow the links in the table headings and cells.


Petter Model

Cylinder head style

Bearings and lubrication Fuel system Magneto Flywheels Exhaust pot Base tank/ Crankcase
1913- 1914 Petter  Junior Flat or Doughnut for tank cooling. Blade type piston deflector Greased mains. Splash for big end. Straight glass oiler. Cylinder oiler fitted to boss in crankcase side Single chamber with float

Piston pump in reed valve housing

CAV and others. Perhaps including  Bosch ZE1 and     Simms SF1 Twin spoked -crowned or flat. Single or twin solid. Fabricated small filler, large bolt holes

Arch base with bed cover. Oiler boss

1915 Fully cooled "Jellymould" head Carb overflow to fuel tank  added then overflow re-routed to Carb drain cock Thomson-Bennet AC1Z cast - small flange

Tulip top

1916- 1917 twin chamber Carb for fuel/oil twin chamber Carb for fuel/oil
1918- 1922 "Victory" Half-cooled Paraffin head

Ramp piston deflector

Cast iron Oil pot replaces second Carb chamber Later style Carb and Patent diaphragm pump Thomson-Bennet AC1 Base mounting holes reduced to 1/2". Oiler boss disappears
1923 1922 model Half-cooled Paraffin head Oil from pressurised double dripper (early - late)   fed to each main , and thence to crankpin by main journal scrolls and web drillings Solid flanged base introduced
1924 1923 model Appletop hopper added to range Ring oiled mains. Crankpin fed from starting side main by single scroll and web drilling.  Cast iron Oil pot BTH T-B1

Wico EK appears briefly.

Cast interim
1925- 1929 "Handyman" model introduced   Oiler changed to Wineglass style BTH M1 Cast - bolt top. reversible flange
1930 New model - Universal petrol and paraffin engine Petrol-only head with optional paraffin ring. Retained ring-oiled mains Petrol only option without drain BTH AF2 or 4
1931- 1940 Cistern hopper added to range in 1935 Ball and Roller main bearings. Crankpin supplied by Calibrater through main bearing housing to crankshaft oil gallery. Common with S type: Large filler and S type lift pump bosses at rear
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