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Engines On Display

RunningAilsa Craig D1 Petrol EngineSingle cylinder petrol marine engine with gearbox.
RunningAilsa Craig RL1 Diesel Engine with Marine GearboxAilsa Craig RL1 10hp Diesel Engine with Marine Gearbox.
Mounted on wooden skid unit with 4 castors.
Two starting handles, long throw for flywheel side, short throw for gearbox side.
Water cooled exhaust silencer. In excellent mechanical order.
RunningAllen 3S30Originally thought to be supplied as a single engine contract to the East Surrey Water Company, Leatherhead and then later moved to Woldingham Pumping Station.

This was based on the works number K1/24744 from the works plate. However, once restoration started the engine was found to have the works number K1/21518.

Donated by SEAMS in 2012

RunningAllen 6S37C Diesel6 cylinder vertical 4-stroke diesel engine originally driving Allen Double Conqueror pump via gearbox at Welches Dam Pumping Station. 500bhp at 475 rpm
RunningAllen 8S30Straight 8 skid mount genset with Mather & Platt alternator and exciter. Isenthal regulator. 355BHP at 600 rpm. Stroke 300mm, Bore 230mm
RunningAllen FOE 2-Stroke SemidieselTwo-stroke vertical hotbulb oil engine originally installed at Conington Fen Pumping Station, Hunts.

Note:The location details were passed by the the donor but a previous owner has commented that this information is not correct. An application will be made to Bedford Archives to obtain the correct details.

RunningAllen S30Vertical four cylinder diesel engine originally driving an Allen centrifugal pump for drainage work.

Originally installed at the Catsholme Pumping Station, part of the Wissey Internal Drainage Board and pumping the Common Dyke into the River Wissey.

The 108hp engine drove a Conqueror pump through a flexible coupling delivering 70 tons of water a minute against a 16 foot head.

RunningAllen S473 Cylinder vertical four-stroke diesel engine originally driving a multi-stage pump through a speed multiplier
RunningAmanco 6hp Mule TeamVery original horizontal open crank petrol/paraffin engine. Original paintwork on original skids.
RunningAtlantic MarineFour cylinder marine petrol engine with reversing box. L head design in pairs.
RunningBelliss & Morcom Paraffin EngineSingle cylinder four-stroke petrol/paraffin engine driving generator
RunningBelliss & Morcom S5AVertical four cylinder direct coupled genset producing 100KVA at 600 rpm, 240v single phase. Originally supplied to the Air Ministry
RunningBlackstone BSI Spring Injection DieselSingle cylinder horizontal diesel engine with Blackstone patent spring injection.
RunningBlackstone DB Vertical Diesel12hp diesel engine supplied to a farm in Carmarthenshire. Excellent condition
Running Blackstone NP Horizontal DieselHorizontal enclosed diesel engine, 19hp @ 700 rpm
RunningBristol Siddeley ProteusIndustrial gas turbine based on an aircraft turboprop unit producing 4250 SHP.
RunningBrit E 10 Marine EngineTwin cylinder petrol engine with gearbox
RunningBrit E10 Marine EngineModel E10 twin cylinder marine petrol engine, electric start
RunningClayton & Shuttleworth JAHorizontal single cylinder two-stroke hot bulb.
RunningCleveland 3-286AThree cylinder two-stroke diesel generating set. Installed 2nd hand at Amcor Flexibles in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.
RunningCrossley 1050Single cylinder horizontal petrol/paraffin, enclosed hopper cooled.
RunningCrossley HD3Single cylinder horizontal diesel
RunningCrossley VOVertical single cylinder class VO7 11hp two stroke semidiesel engine driving Worthington Simpson duplex water pump
RunningDeutz F2L712 Generating SetTwin cylinder 1700cc air-cooled diesel engine driving single phase generating set. Skid mounted.
RunningDorman 8JT186kva 3-phase generating set.
RunningFeltham SM1 Marine EngineSingle cylinder 4-stroke marine engine with reversing gear
RunningFoden FD 6 Mk 3Six cylinder two-stroke diesel, ex plant
RunningGardner 1L2 Generating SetDC generating set driven by single cylinder vertical diesel engine. Mounted on cast bedplate
RunningGardner 3HF Horizontal Oil Engine8HP mounted on trailer.
RunningGardner 4LWFour cylinder vertical diesel on cast bedplate driving Crompton dynamo and Reavell compressor.
RunningGardner 4LWFour cylinder vertical diesel on cast bedplate driving Crompton dynamo and three phase alternator
RunningGardner 5LW5 cylinder four-stroke diesel engine.
RunningGardner 6LW Marine Engine and GearboxEx RN unit, reconditioned and inhibited 30+years ago.
RunningHamworthy Oil Engine/Compressor SetVertical single cylinder two stroke petrol/paraffin engine driving twin cylinder compressor. Originally supplied to provide starting air for a 4S30 Allen
RunningHartop FE1 1/2hp two-stroke petrol engine
RunningHartop H1hp two-stroke petrol engine
RunningHatz/Bristol CompressorStarting compressor set for 6VCB Ruston
RunningHornsby Oil Engine12hp oil engine
RunningKelvin E2 Marine EngineTwin cylinder petrol/paraffin marine engine
RunningLister A BrustonSingle cylinder vertical hopper cooled petrol engine. Ex Bruston generating set.
RunningLister A Compressor setLister A twin flywheel four stroke petrol engine driving a two stage Belliss & Morcom compressor on cast bedplate. Starting engine for the Belliss & Morcom diesel engine at the Elan Valley Estate Sawmill.
RunningLister ACL4Four cylinder petrol engine, Wisconsin built under license. 8bhp at 1800 rpm.

It was sold to the War Office and purchased at a post-war sale and taken into private ownership.

Purchased for the Lister Museum and rebuilt by David Harris. These engines were used for 4 kW battery charging sets for the tank corps and many of them were used in the western desert

RunningLister B ex BrustonSingle cylinder vertical hopper cooled petrol engine. Ex Bruston generating set.
RunningLister CETwin cylinder vertical diesel engine. Spec 24/22
RunningLister D Shearing SetVertical single cylinder petrol engine mounted on original frame driving twin head shearer.
RunningLister D/Lacey Hulbert CompressorLister D type driving twin cylinder opposed compressor unit by Lacey Hulbert. Used as a hard hat diving compressor within Portsmouth Docks.
RunningLister FR2 GensetTwin cylinder vertical diesel with single phase 240v alternator
RunningLister G2Lister G2 twin cylinder petrol engine. Badged Drake and Fletcher
RunningLister JP4 Generating Set4 cylinder vertical diesel driving Mawdsley 27kva 3-phase genset with Isenthal regulator.
RunningLister LSingle cylinder petrol engine with flick mag.
RunningLister NSingle cylinder vertical petrol engine with flick magneto
RunningLister Pump HouseCorrugated iron shed containing Lister D and Lister Domestic pump. Typical of the many sheds at the bottom of fields all over the UK. Constructed and donated to the museum by Dan Howden.
RunningLister Reavell CompressorSingle cylinder vetical 3.5hp diesel close coupled to two stage compressor.
RunningLister ST1/Bristol CompressorSingle cylinder air-cooled vertical diesel engine driving single cylinder two-stage air compressor. Provides reserve starting air for Power Halls 2 & 3
RunningLister Start-o-Matic 2.5kw Generating Set240v A.C. generating set on cast bedplate
RunningLister TLK Generating SetTwin cylinder vertical four-stroke petrol/paraffin engine driving generator on cast bedplate.
RunningLister/Broomwade Compressor SetLister D petrol engine direct coupled to single cylinder 300 psi Broomwade compressor on a cast iron bedplate.
RunningLister/Hamworthy CompressorSingle cylinder vertical diesel with close coupled two-stage compressor
RunningLister/Hamworthy Compressor Set3.5hp @ 650rpm Lister CS diesel engine with piggy-back Hamworthy two-stage compressor producing 350 psi.

Radiator cooled, ex ministry inhibited and as new condition on arrival.

RunningMirrlees ULA5 Generating Set5 cylinder vertical diesel engine driving 3 phase alternator with exciter on steel frame
RunningPaxman 12YHAZ Generating SetV12 four-stroke normally aspirated diesel driving 187 kva three-phase Crompton-Parkinson generator with switchboard
RunningPaxman VegaAir cooled V12 diesel generating set
RunningPegson Pump SetLister D spec DH9 s/no 2245 driving Pegson pump on fabricated trolley (not original)
RunningPelapone D21 DieselSingle cylinder vertical diesel engine
RunningPelapone PD66 cylinder vertical four-stroke petrol engine on cast bedplate originally driving dynamo.
RunningPetter 18/21 S TypeSingle cylinder vertical semi-diesel
RunningPetter Atomic 15hpSupplied to the Fairmile Marine Co on 4/12/39 and was used to drive machinery by way of overhead shafting.
RunningPetter Atomic TU10hp single cylinder two-stroke diesel engine, 780 rpm. Ex close coupled pump set.
RunningPetter Atomic TX36hp single cylinder vertical two-stroke diesel engine.
RunningPetter Handyman 4hp Oil EngineSingle cylinder horizontal four-stroke oil engine
RunningPetter Harmonic Diesel EngineSingle cylinder two-stroke harmonic induction diesel engine producing 16hp at 1000 rpm. Number 52 of 100 built this engine is believed to be one of only three survivors.
RunningPetter M Type Oil EngineSingle cylinder vertical two-stroke oil engine with "Benford" hopper
RunningPetter PH2 Compressor SetPetter vertical twin diesel driving V-twin compressor, main starting air supply for Halls 3 to 5
RunningPetter PJ2W/Hamworthy 2SF42 Compressor Set22hp twin cylinder water cooled diesel driving a two stage Hamworthy compressor, 64cu/m per hour at 20 Bar.Ex Thames Water Western Pumping Station by Chelsea bridge.
RunningPetter S Type 6hp Marine5hp S type marine minus clutch/thrust block. Ex Petter factory collection
RunningPetter VDSingle cylinder vertical semidiesel on steel frame.
RunningPetter VJ1Single cylinder vertical semi-diesel engine.

RunningPowell 3hp Petrol/ParaffinSingle cylinder horizontal four-stroke on road trailer
RunningRover Gas Turbine Fire Pump60hp gas turbine close coupled to water pump. Missing control panel
RunningRuston 2 PSRuston compressor set. Originally supplied to Clarke Chapman and returned to the factory for overhaul in December 1938. Possibly re-sold to Chatham Dockyard.
RunningRuston 2 YWA Generating SetTwin cylinder 19.25hp@1500rpm air-cooled diesel driving Laurence Scott alternator. Machine No 185954, 12.5kva, 440v.
RunningRuston 2YDATwo cylinder vertical diesel driving alternator
RunningRuston 4 VQZVertical 4 cylinder solid injection diesel engine
RunningRuston 6VCB Generating Set169KVA three phase generating set driven by 6 cylinder vertical diesel. Alternator and control equipment by Brush.
RunningRuston 6VE6 cylinder four stroke diesel engine driving English Electric direct coupled generator. Originally supplied to the BBC as part of four sets for the Moorside Edge Transmitting Station near Huddersfield. Develops 300hp at 330rpm.
RunningRuston 6XHRHorizontal single cylinder 36hp diesel engine originally used in a stone yard at Caerphilly
RunningRuston 9HHorizontal single cylinder 51hp diesel engine previously used for driving a drainage pump. Supplied to the Carlton Colville Drainage Board the engine was replaced by an electric pump. Following a problem with the electric pump the diesel was brought back into service 1986 and ran for a number of weeks to keep the fen drained.
RunningRuston Hornsby 5.5hp APSingle cylinder horizontal open crank hopper coooled petrol/paraffin engine. AP no 119446, rated 5.5hp, was sold on 21.10.1924, to Ruston agents M.H.Davies & Sons, Aberystwyth.
RunningRuston LPRHorizontal single cylinder hopper cooled petrol/paraffin engine with coupled compressor. Original starting engine for the Ruston 9H from Carlton Colville Drainage Board
RunningSouthwell Vertical Petrol EngineSingle cylinder 6 1/2hp vertical petrol engine, (produced in the USA as a Stover YC)
RunningSulzer 1D25Sulzer 25hp air blast diesel engine driving Crompton generator. Ex South Stafforshire Water Company pumping station at Somerford.
RunningTangye AA Oil EngineSingle cylinder horizontal oil engine, petrol start hot bulb.
RunningTangye Gas Engine2 1/2hp single cylinder horizontal hot tube gas engine. Part of a direct coupled pumping set driving a three throw Tangye water pump.
RunningTangye MLD7Horizontal twin cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine originally used at the Whiteways Cider factory at Whimple near Exeter.
RunningThree cylinder "Colonial" Marine EngineThree cylinder four stroke marine engine
RunningVelocette LE GeneratorHorizontally opposed twin cylinder petrol engine driving generator in carrying frame.
RunningWiddop SW - DC Generating SetDirect coupled dc generating set. Originally supplied to the Mid-Kent College of Higher and Further Education
RunningWorthington Simpson TwinVertical twin cylinder two stroke diesel engine originally based at the Kew Sewage Pumping Station in London
FairABC APU V4 Engine743cc vee four ABC unit, Mark 100, called "The Bee". 19bhp at 3,900rpm & generated 200amps at 28 volts DC. Generator, fan and cowlings missing
PoorAilsa Craig 2 Cylinder Petrol Marine EngineO-21 twin cylinder four-stroke petrol engine
Ailsa Craig RF6 DieselSix cylinder marine diesel engine with reversing box. Ex-Aquabelle
Ailsa Craig RF6 DieselSix cylinder marine diesel engine with reversing box. Ex-Aquabelle
PoorAlbin 4 Cylinder Petrol Marine Engine
UnknownAlbin Single Cylinder Petrol Marine Engine
FairArmstrong Whitworth Fuel Testing PlantComplete fuel testing plant
FairAtco Longshaft Outboard
GoodBlackstone AASingle cylinder SFC (Start From Cold) horizontal paraffin engine using air blast system for vaporisation.
IncompleteBrush Twin Cylinder Diesel EngineHorizontally opposed twin cylinder diesel engine.
FairChrysler Chrown Marine EngineSix cylinder type RM7 side-valve marine petrol engine with gearbox
GoodCitroen 2CV Engine - Sectioned

Sectioned and motorised  horizontally opposed 4-stroke twin cylinder from Citroen 2cv

FairCundall Oil Engine

Horizontal single cylinder four-stroke oil engine. 

In the same family from new, originally running a Blackstone vertical mill

GoodDeutz MAHSingle cylinder horizontal enclosed crank diesel engine.
Under RestorationHamworthy Oil Engine/Compressor SetHamworthy starting compressor set on cast base. Originally installed at Old Mouth Lane Pumping Station in Cambridgeshire.
UnknownHercules Twin Cylinder Marine Diesel EngineTwin cylinder four-stroke diesel marine engine
GoodJAP V8 Air-Cooled Engine35hp air-cooled V8 engine flown in the City of Cardiff airship by E.T.Willows
UnknownKelvin E4 Petrol Marine Engine
IncompleteKelvin F type Marine EngineTwin cylinder marine engine
Not WorkingKelvin Model 12 Marine EngineFour cylinder four-stroke petrol/paraffin marine engine. 12hp.

In mechanically poor condition with frost damage and water jackets blocked with scale.

UnknownKelvin Model 26 Marine Engine
WorkingKelvin P2 Marine EngineTwin cylinder marine diesel engine. New engine built from parts.
UnknownKelvin Poppet Valve Engine - SectionedSectioned model 6 twin cylinder poppet valve engine
Static DisplayLister D - SectionedLister D single cylinder petrol engine. Sectioned for display
FairLister D Compressor SetSingle cylinder four-stroke petrol engine driving single cylinder compressor on cast bedplate
Static DisplayLister HR2 (Sectioned)Factory sectioned twin cylinder air-cooled diesel
In StorageLister LVertical single cylinder four stroke petrol engine
GoodMorris Navigator Marine EngineFour cylinder side valve petrol engine with gearbox. On loan from the National Motor Museum.
MaintenanceNational P Type GasHorizontal single cylinder gas engine
Being RestoredPelapone PF Generating SetSingle cylinder four-stroke petrol/paraffin engine direct coupled to a Flather dynamo on cast bedplate.
GoodPetter AVA2Twin cylinder vertical four-stroke diesel engine - Sectioned for display and motorsied.
UnknownPetter Harmonic Diesel EngineHarmonic induction two-stroke diesel. Used in the thermodynamics labs at Loughborough University
ExcellentPetter VC

Originally aupplied to Bootle education committee for demonstration and instruction. Painted green and supppied with hand compressor, oil heater, indicator gear, and Brake wheel.

In preservation without laboratory gear.

Previosuly on display at Westcott Stationary Engine Museum where it is sympathetically restored by Tony Harcombe.

Static DisplayPetter VJ2Twin cylinder vertical two stroke semidiesel originally used to drive a centrifugal pump for pumping China Clay slurry.

On loan to the petter Collection from the Castell Pridd Collection.

FairRuston 1VTH Single Cylinder DieselSingle cylinder vertical four-stroke diesel engine, ex-Ransonmoor Pumping Station
FairRuston Twin BC Compressor SetTwo BC vertical compressors on bedplate, ex-Ransonmoor Pumping Station. Serial numbers 322448 and 322447
GoodStuart Turner Generating SetSingle cylinder vertical two-stroke petrol engine driving dynamo. On cast bedplate with radiator.
PoorStuart Turner Marine EngineSinlge cylinder two-stroke marine engine on stand
Good originalStuart Turner P55Twin cylinder two-stroke petrol engine with centrifugal clutch
UnknownStuart Turner P5MCTwo-stroke single cylinder marine engine delivering 4hp at 1500 rpm
FairVincent T5AM 500cc Marine Engine

500cc opposed piston lifeboat engine.

(Text by Kim Siddorn whoi donated).

The Vincent Marine Engine 

A classic example of being conceived in good time but born too late, the Vincent marine engine was originally made for an air/sea rescue role and fitted to airborne lifeboats, a complete aluminium shell which could be dropped to men in the water from an aircraft. Vincents gave up motorcycle production during the war, concentrating on making specialist components at their Stevenage factory, one of which - for instance - was rocket fuses. Phil Vincent's agile mind was never far from a novel solution to a perceived problem and he found an Air Ministry brief for an engine in which which frugality of fuel consumption was vital - and the other parameters were tough too.

It had to be capable of being started by hand, fully radio screened, waterproof, light in weight and smooth running and able to run for long periods with little maintenance. The construction had to be compact so that the hull of the lifeboat would fit cleanly against the fuselage of the aircraft that carried it and be able to withstand a 5G deceleration as it hit the water. The specification called for 15 bhp at 3000 rpm from an engine that had to be able to run satisfactorily on any petrol, from 70 octane "pool" to highly leaded 120 octane aviation spirit. 

Worked up from an original concept by Phil Irving in 1942, the 500cc Lifeboat Engine (as it became known) was produced with Pacific rescue missions in mond. For a fuel consumption of 50 gallons, the boat seemed to be capable of a total mileage of over 1000 sea miles at an average speed of 5 knots compared to an Austin marine engine's best performance of 500 miles at 4 knots on the same quantity of petrol and the prototype passed its AID inspection out of the box. However, development of a reverse gear, electric start etc, and a vacillating Air Ministry kept Vincents busy until 1949 and that was too late, only fifty being made. Of this single batch, there are around a dozen left, this example having the s/n 44. 

For the technically minded, the device weighs just 256 lbs (116 kilos) and has a watercooled inlet manifold and exhaust. It is a two-stroke cycle, twin crankshaft opposed six, the pistons moving inwards to form a common combustion space, thus this six has three bores. The centre bore of the three provides compressed mixture for the outer two cylinders, the mixture not being compressed in the crankcase as in normal two-strokes. The pumping cylinders have cross heads like a steam engine, allowing straight, round section connecting rods to be sealed from the crankcase with gland seals. The mixture is circulated both "above" and "below" the pumping pistons, transfering to one set of power pistons on the inward stroke and to the other set on the outward stroke thus making best use of the capacity available.

UnknownVolvo Penta MD1 Marine EngineSingle cylinder four-stroke diesel marine engine
GoodWebber Type E32 Petrol EngineFour cylinder four-stroke petrol engine, ex winch.
Display FinishCaterpillar 3126 Marine EngineDisplay engine, ex-Perkins Heritage
New Production EngineJCB 444100hp turbo-charged JCB 444 engine
Display FinishLister Diesel - Mock UpWooden mock-up of proposed Lister-Petter single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine.

Made by Bob Dix and donated to the museum by his widow.

GoodLister FR3 (Sectioned)Factory sectioned engine in display case.
Display FinishLister LPA1 Diesel Mock UpSingle cylinder air cooled four-stroke. Ex factory mockup engine, belt driven cooling fan, electric start
Display FinishLister LPA1 Diesel Mock UpSingle cylinder air cooled four-stroke. Ex factory mockup engine, flywheel cooling fan
Display FinishLister LPA2 DieselTwin cylinder air cooled four-stroke. Ex factory display engine
Display FinishLister LPW2 Twin Cylinder DieselTwin cylinder water cooled four-stroke. Ex factory display engine
Display FinishLister LPW3 DieselThree cylinder water cooled four-stroke with radiator. Ex factory display engine
Display FinishLister Three Cylinder Air Cooled DieselThree cylinder aircooled four-stroke. Ex factory display engine
Display FinishLister TX2 Diesel Display EngineEx-Lister-Petter display engine, non-runner
Display FinishLister-Petter LPWS3 A42 Marine DieselSectioned display engine, gearbox and propshaft, motorised.
Display FinishMDS 342 Horizontally Opposed Twin Cylinder Petrol EngineFlat twin engine developed by Weslake Aeromarine, later Normalair-Garrett, Ltd. (NGL) 26hp@6000rpm-30@8000

This engine was found on Aberporth beach in the late 1990s and would have been used on a Banshee or a Skeet drone.

Display FinishMDS Whirlwind EngineThe Whirlwind is a liquid cooled 4-stroke rotary engine working on the epitrochoidal rotary Wankel principle.

Designed as a compact, self contained unit, the Whirlwind engine package includes integral radiators and a built-in water pump to simplify installation.

Liquid-cooled, single rotor Wankel engine c/w integral radiators and water pump. Chamber volume 294cc Dry weight13.5kg (29lb 12oz) (complete with radiators, water pump carburettor and ignition system but less exhaust)

Rotation counter-clockwise when viewed from power take-off end

Power 31kW (41.5 bhp) @ 7,800 rpm, Torque 47 Nm @ 4,500 rpm

Type used in the Banshee UAV flown from Aberporth, this engine from Outer Hebrides (South Uist)

UnserviceableMicroturbo TRS 18-1 Model 242-2Gas turbine from drone.
Display FinishPerkins 1006 Display EngineDisplay engine from Perkins Heritage
Static DisplayPerkins 1104C4 cylinder diesel engine
Display FinishPerkins 1104C Clamshell Show EngineShow engine prepared by Perkins Ltd featuring an opening block
Display FinishPerkins Prima4 cylinder diesel engine
Display FinishPerkins WolfFour cylinder diesel engine
GoodRolls Royce C6 MkVI QHV EngineThis engine is a development engine from the 1970s based on the Eagle Mk VI and used for investigation into noise reduction as part of the Quiet Heavy Vehicle project. This engine is a Type 2919 and rated 320bhp at 1900rpm
Display FinishRover Meteor Type 120V12 fuel injected four-stroke petrol engine
Display FinishThornycroft DB2 HandybillyTwin cylinder vertical petrol marine engine.
90% CompleteAC Sociable EngineSingle cylinder air-cooled four-stroke side valve probably from a Sociable three wheeler
Not RunningAilsa Craig CF2H Diesel EngineTwin cylinder diesel marine engine with gearbox. Port engine from MV Ruda. Believed to be the last CF engine from the factory which was upgraded to RF spec to form one of the pair for Ruda.
Not RunningAilsa Craig RF2 Diesel EngineTwin cylinder diesel marine engine with gearbox. Starboard engine from MV Ruda
FairAilsa Craig Single Cylinder Marine Diesel EngineSingle cylinder four-stroke marine diesel engine with gearbox and hand starting mechanism
In StorageAllen 6BCS12DAllen 6 cylinder turbo-charged diesel genset. Originally supplied to Bournemouth Gas Works for driving pumps, rebuilt at the works in the 1960s and supplied to Reading Gas Works with an Allen alternator.
FairAllen 6T47 DieselSix cylinder two-stroke engine
In StorageAllen 6VCS12GV6 turbo-charged four-stroke, development engine driving dynamometer,
In StorageAllen S30-C twinTwin cylinder vertical four-stroke diesel engine developing 65 bhp at 440 rpm.
Amanco 2 1/4 Hp Horizontal single cylinder petrol/paraffin engine.
RunningArmstrong Siddeley AS1 DieselSingle cylinder four-stroke air-cooled vertical diesel
IncompleteArmstrong Whitworth Single CylinderSingle cylinder four-stroke petrol/paraffin engine, 2.5hp at 1350
IncompleteArmstrong-Siddeley AS1Single cylinder vertical four-stroke diesel.
PoorAustin Four Cylinder Generating Set4 cylinder T-head petrol engine with bedplate and radiator. Dynamo missing.
Part restoredBelliss & Morcom Patent Paraffin EnginePatent paraffin engine originally supplied on cast bedplate direct couple to a DC generator.
IncompleteBlackstone Oil EngineSingle cylinder horizontal oil engine.
FairBlackstone PSK 54hp Horizontal Spring Injection Diesel Engine54hp spring injection engine. Believed originally installed as a generating set new Newport, Gwent. Installed in a quarry in Pembrokeshire until retired.
Under RestorationButler Single Cylinder Horizontal Gas EngineSingle cylinder horizontal gas engine. Missing governor and hot tube assembly. Has significant wear.
In StorageCommer TS3Three cylinder opposed piston two-stroke commercial vehicle engine.
ExcellentCoventry Climax BFF4 cylinder in-line vertical four-stroke petrol engine. Single overhead cam.
ExcellentCoventry Climax H30Vertically opposed two-stroke diesel engine
GoodCrossley 1085Laboratory engine
FairCrossley 2HD15Twin cylinder horizontal diesel engine from Gold Corner Pumping Station
IncompleteCrossley G113 Gas EngineSingle cylinder horizontal gas engine, incomplete
In StorageCrossley GE 111 Gas EngineEx laboratory engine with brake
FairCrossley HD4Horizontal single cylinder diesel engine, ex-laboratory. Missing injector. Disposed of as part of exchange for Widdop 2-stroke marine engine in 2016.
GoodCrossley Premier HO4Horizontal four cylinder pressure charged oil engine from the North Level Drainage Board station at The Dog in a Doublet pumping station
DismantledCrossley SE126Single cylinder 100hp suction gas engine. Originally supplied to Coales Mill in Newport Pagnell.
In StorageCrossley-Premier KO4Opposed flat four diesel originally driving Gwynnes drainage pump
PoorDorman 4DLM Marine EngineFour cylinder diesel engine with marine gearbox
In StorageEnfield VS1Sloper single cylinder four-stroke diesel from Stothert & Pitt roller
In StorageFerry 3 cyl MarineThree cylinder water-cooled vertical inline pressure charged two-stroke marine engine with gearbox. Ex Liverpool Class Lifeboat
IncompleteFerry Marine EngineThree cylinder two-stroke marine engine from Lifeboat. Supercharger drive missing along with a number of other small components
RunningFord Generating Set27kva 3-phase generating set
In StorageFowler 2DTwin cylinder water-cooled vertical diesel
FairGardner 1L2Single cylinder four-stroke vertical diesel engine on plinth, thought to be oil test engine.
FairGardner 6LW Generating SetEx fairground set with DC and 3-phase generators.
GoodGardner J Series Marine EngineSectioned six cylinder two-stroke marine engine
Being RestoredGlasgow Sleeve ValveSingle cylinder 3hp sleeve valve engine driving gear pump. Pumpset by Fowel and supplied to Whiteways Cider where it was used for pumping hot sugar solution.
UnknownGray 4 Cylinder Petrol Marine Engine
UnknownGray Sea Scout
FairHamworthy Compressor SetTwo-stroke petrol engine with en-bloc compressor unit
IncompleteHamworthy Compressor SetTwo-stroke petrol engine with en-bloc compressor
FairHornsby Gas EngineSingle cylinder horizontal gas engine
FairKelvin E2 Marine EngineTwin cylinder four-stroke petrol/paraffin marine engine.
In StorageLeyland 400 Laboratory EngineSingle cylinder special purpose diesel engine based on a standard commercial vehicle engine. Driving a Heenan & Froude water brake
In StorageLister BSingle cylinder vertical hopper cooled petrol engine.
RunningLister CDSingle cylinder diesel engine, 6.5hp @ 950 rpm. Spec CD23/18
RunningLister CSSingle cylinder diesel engine, 6hp @ 650 rpm.
GoodLister CSSingle cylinder diesel engine, 3 1/2hp @ 650rpm.
Used on Chase Woods Farm, Aldbourne, Wilts.
FairLister CS Lab EngineSingle cylinder diesel engine on frame with tacho and fittings for laboratory use
In StorageLister D Direct Coupled Lighting SetLister D shaft drive mag with radiator - missing dynamo
PoorLister D Direct Coupled Pump Set

Petrol/paraffin four-stroke single cylinder engine direct coupled to a three-throw water pump on casst bedplate.

Originally installed in a farm pump house less than 5 miles from the museum

Awaiting RestorationLister D Generating SetShaft drive Lister D single flywheel generating set. Radiator still present but dynamo missing.
RunningLister FR1Single cylinder diesel engine, 8hp @ 1500 rpm. Spec 9018T
RunningLister G1Single cylinder petrol engine
WorkingLister Generating Set60kva 3-phase set
GoodLister JSingle cylinder petrol engine, 70J, 3hp @ 450rpm.
Lucas SR1 magneto fitted.
Supplied to J.A.Pope, Chantry Works, Marlborough


RunningLister JAS66 Cylinder turbo-charged air-cooled diesel
GoodLister SR Start-o-Matic Generating SetSingle cylinder air-cooled diesel engine driving 1.5kw single phase alternator. No control panel
Part restoredLister/Hamworthy CompressorVertical single cylinder petrol engine direct coupled to Hamworthy 2 stage compressor on cast bedplate
GoodMirrlees J8 Generating SetMirrlees straight 8 normally aspirated diesel driving Brush 3-phase alternator
IncompleteNational Gas EngineSingle cylinder horizontal gas engine. Incomplete
PoorNational Gas Engine M Type (Lab)Single cylinder horizontal gas engine in poor condition. Missing outrigger bearing
FairNational Gas Engine N TypeEx laboratory engine, modified ignition system.
Requires RestorationNewage Perkins P6 Generating SetSingle phase generating set, 27kva. With original control cabinet in poor condition
UnknownNorman T600Norman T600 air-cooled twin in carrying frame
UnknownNSU Wankel Model 61 Marine EngineWankel engine, 21-hp, 9.15 cu in.
PoorPaxman 4RQ Generating Set27kva generating set driven by Paxman four cylinder diesel, skid mount with radiator, poor condition
Paxman 6RPH Generating SetSix cylinder generating set previously used to generate power for Crich Tramway Museum
PoorPelapone Type 21 DieselSingle cylinder diesel engine
UnknownPelapone Type 51 DieselSingle cylinder vertical four-stroke diesel engine, 9.5hp @ 1000 rpm
FairPerkins CV12 TCA Turbo-charged DieselTurbo-charged V12 diesel built for the US Crusader programme
DismantledPerkins L4 EngineDismantled L4 with spares
Poor Petter 10hp AtomicSingle cylinder vertical two-stroke diesel engine
PoorPetter 12/14hp S TypePetter two-stroke oil engine
RunningPetter 15HP S TypeVertical single cylinder semidiesel.
UnknownPetter A1Single cylinder petrol engine
UnknownPetter A1Petter single cylinder vertical petrol engine
In StoragePetter Atomic 2 Cylinder Marine EngineTwin cylinder air start marine diesel engine with reversing box.
GoodPetter PA2CFour-stroke single cylinder petrol engine with compressor cylinder. Mounted in frame with 350psi McLaren air bottle. Originally part of a McLaren generating set.
UnknownPetter PU2Petter horizontal petrol engine
IncompletePetter PU2 Petrol EngineSingle cylinder horizontal four-stroke petrol engine from Okeford Fitzpaine Pumping Station. Missing carburettor.
GoodPetter PU8Horizontally opposed four-stroke twin in carrying frame.
UnknownPetter PU8Petter horizontally opposed twin cylinder petrol engine
Under RebuildPetter TT Atomic 6HPSingle cylinder vertical two-stroke diesel.
GoodPetter TX 36hp Atomic Diesel EngineSingle cylinder vertical two-stroke diesel engine from Okeford Fitzpaine Pumping Station
In StoragePetter VZ "Little Pet"1.5hp two-stroke petrol engine
GoodPowell 5HPThe Dependable, 5hp petrol/paraffin horizontal oil engine, made by Powell Brothers Ltd., Wrexham, Denbighshire


FairRolls-Royce Avon 525B Jet EngineJet propulsion engine from Comet 4B

IWM ID 202.190.1

RunningRussell Newbery Petrol/Paraffin EngineRussell Newbery Petrol/Paraffin Engine No.1259. 5.5BHP at 750rpm. Engine is complete and in a runnable condition, the Lucas RS1 magneto fitted is not the original. Cylinder jacket has been frost damaged and weld-repaired.
RunningRuston 1 VSH DC Generating SetSkid mount close coupled generating set. Ex college instructional engine.
FairRuston 11H Horizontal Diesel

Ruston single cylinder horizontal four-stroke diesel engine size 11H. Originally installed at Taplow Repeater Station near Maidenhead and one of a batch built to a GPO order.

Driving two G.E.C. generators in tandem by means of a shaft extended from the flywheel. At 210rpm one generator produces 22/30 KW at 22/30 volts, 1,000 amps with the other (No. 84850) 11 KW at 150/220 volts.

GoodRuston 1VAE Generating SetSupplied to Drake & Gorham and fitted with 220v DC generator.
RunningRuston 1ZHRHorizontal single cylinder laboratory engine.
RunningRuston 3YDA Generating SetSingle phase skid mount generating set, ex BBC.
In StorageRuston 5VRB Engine & BedplateEx genset missing alternator. From BBC
RunningRuston 6PS Power StarterRuston petrol starting compressor
RunningRuston Hornsby YC GensetTwin cylnder single phase 240v genset, radiator cooled on frame
RunningRuston PT Petrol EngineSingle cylinder vertical petrol engine driving BC compressor
FairStuart Turner Marine Auxiliary SetMarine auxiliary set on bedplate. Driven by P55 twin cylinder two-stroke with water pump, compressor and dynamo. Dismantled and dynamo in poor condition.
FairStuart Turner Marine EngineSingle cylinder 3bhp two-stroke marine engine
In StorageStuart Turner P3 MarineSingle cylinder vertical two-stroke water-cooled marine engine.
PoorStuart Turner P4Y100volt 1kw generating set
FairTangye VCB3Three cylinder Tangye marine diesel engine with gearbox.
GoodVictoria 3HPSingle cylinder vertical four-stroke petrol engine, 3hp @ 450 rpm.


In StorageVilliers Mk10/Wickham PumpEngine driven diaphragm pump
RunningWolseley WD8Single cylinder petrol engine, older restoration
Used at Home Farm Dairy, Lackham Estate, Lacock, Wiltshire.
FairWortham-Blake Fisherboy Marine EngineFour-stroke four cylinder inline Ford petrol engine converted for marine use.

Steam Engines On Display

Good Reliable Horizontal Steam Pump

    Size: 5" steam cylinder, 3" pumping cylinder with 6" stroke and 30" diameter flywheel, double acting.

    This pump was purchased by the Chemical Engineering Company in 1916 for the new Llanbradach tar and coke works north of Caerphilly in the Rhymney Valley, S Wales. At an unknown date (early 1930's) the pump was transferred to Bargoed where tar distillation was centralised up until 1939, when the new tar works at Caerphilly came on stream.

    After the war, this pump along with other equipment, was transferred to the Caerphilly site where it was installed initially on effluent disposal and finally on caustic soda duties, following the commissioning of the new naphthalene plant in 1962.

    In 1982 the naphthalene plant closed and the pump fell into disuse. The cylinder was removed in 1985 and used on a similar pump following frost damage. The remains, including the base plate were recovered in 1991 and transported to Essex.

    In 1996 the original cylinder was reunited with the pump enabling full restoration to be completed. This particular pump is fitted with a reversible eccentric.

GoodBelliss & Morcom V Type Compound

V type compound engine driving generator.

Originally installed at St Andrews Hospital, Norwich along with sister engine No 8506.

HP bore 10"

LP bore 14.5"

Stroke 6"

Working rpm 600 producing 90-85 BHP off 140psi with 10psi back pressure

WorkingBrowett & Lindley Compound Generating Set200kw DC compound generating set originally installed in HMS Tiger. Removed from Tiger and installed at Storthes Hall Hospital as the No 2 Generating Set. Transferred from the National Maritime Museum Greenwich in 2017
GoodCochran Borderer Boiler3000lbs/hr oil fired boier
GoodEmpress Paddle Steamer Engine
GoodEvans Rotative Pump

    Size: 6" steam cylinder, 6" pumping cylinder with 9" stroke and 36" diameter flywheel, double acting.

    This pump was one of a pair installed in 1949, to transfer crude gas works tar from the new continuous horizontal gas retorts under construction at Panteg, Pontypool. The plant worked until the early sixties using coal as its feedstock, to produce towns gas for the Newport undertaking of the Wales Gas Board. The retorts were closed down following the construction of a new gas reforming plant that used naphtha oil as its feedstock. This plant also on the same site only ran for about 4 years when it too became redundant, but this time because of the advent of North Sea (Natural) Gas.

    In 1972 the remaining equipment was offered for sale prior to demolition. The 2 pumps were purchased by Thomas Ness for use as spares at their tar distillation works at Caerphilly for the price of £30 each, plus £3 (VAT @ 10% in those days!).

    No. 37672 was used for spares, whereas 37673 was installed as a replacement for 30898, the No 2 Daily Products pump worn out after 33 years of continuous use. 37673 was acquired from Caerphilly following closure of the tar works in 1986, along with the steam cylinder from 37672. Unlike 30898 this pump is fitted with a liner.

Poor, incompleteHandyside Steam WinderTwin cylinder horizontal winder from Morton Colliery
RunningHathorn Davey Inverted Vertical Triple ExpansionTriple expansion steam engine from the Sutton Poyntz Waterworks, Dorset 12"x19"x29" by 2 ft stroke
GoodHorizontal Duplex Steam Pump

Size: 4½" steam cylinders, 2¾" pumping cylinders with 4" stroke
Type: General Service B

This pump predates the Worthington-Simpson alliance at Newark and is plated Worthington Pumping Engine Company London, manufactured in New York USA.

Originally acquired by the North Woolwich Railway museum from West Ham Power Station, when the station closed in the 1960s. Obtained from the museum as surplus to requirements in November 2002.

In August 2017 this pump was partially dismantled, degreased, cleaned, painted, repacked and reassembled.

GoodHorizontal Duplex Steam Pump

Size: 3" steam cylinders, 2" pumping cylinders with 3" stroke
Type: General Service A

This pump was acquired in October 2007 and believed to have been used at a Nursery and Mushroom farm in Hockley, Essex. It has been out of use for years and was seized solid.

The pump has the standard one piece casting unlike the other 3x2x3 pump in the collection. It was build for water duties as it is fitted with bronze rods and screw glands. 

GoodHorizontal Duplex Steam Pump

Size: 4½" steam cylinders, 3¾" pumping cylinders with 4" stroke
Type: Light Service B

This pump was purchased by the South Eastern Gas Board for the Metropolitan Gas Works, East Greenwich as part of their new Wilton Tar Distillation Unit for their No. 12 Plant. This pump was supplied with a mechanical lubricator and bracket and was one of two crude tar transfer pumps.

East Greenwich gas works and tar plant closed in the early 1970's and the equipment offered for sale prior to site demolition. Many pumps and specialist equipment were purchased, dismantled and transferred to Caerphilly Tar Plant in South Wales for storage/spares. The cleared site is now the home of the Greenwich O2 Arena.

This pump was never installed and was acquired from Caerphilly in 1989, transferred to Wiltshire and placed in storage. In September 2017 restoration commenced and each component was degreased, cleaned, painted and the whole reassembled as shown. Unfortunately during its life at Greenwich following closure and before transfer to Caerphilly the liquid cylinders suffered frost damage and are cracked preventing future use as a service pump

GoodHorizontal Duplex Steam Pump

Size: 5¼" steam cylinders, 3½" pumping cylinders with 5" stroke
Type: General Service B

This pump originated from the Shellhaven Oil Refinery on the Thames Estuary in Essex and was purchased by a former employee following partial closure of the works. The pump was subsequently acquired in 2002 by the donor.

GoodHorizontal Duplex Steam Pump

Size: 5" steam cylinders, 6" pumping cylinders with 5" stroke.
Series: 670 "B" Low Service version, iron fitted.

This pump was purchased by W.C.Holmes & Co Ltd in 1934 for the new coke oven battery at Norwood Coke Ovens, Dunston, Gateshead, Co Durham. Prior to nationalisation, Norwood was part of the Newcastle upon Tyne & Gateshead Gas Company and W.C.Holmes were contracted to build the new gas purification and by-product plant for the new extension, which included crude tar handling.

In the early 1980's Norwood Coke Works closed, leaving Norwood Tar Plant to continue production on the site. During demolition of the coke works all tar pumps were transferred to the adjacent tar plant for future use. Those items surplus to requirements were eventually taken to Caerphilly Tar Plant in South Wales for storage.

The pump was acquired from Caerphilly in 1989 by the donor.

FairHorizontal Duplex Steam Pump

Size: 5" steam cylinders, 4" pumping cylinders with 5" stroke.
Series: 670 "A" General Service version, iron fitted.

This pump was purchased new in 1954 for the Tar Plant extension being built by Simon Carves at Caerphilly, effectively doubling the tar distillation capacity. It was installed as the crash tank pump for the new No. 3 Wilton tar unit. Its duty being to circulate and pump away the pitch drainings from the coils within each furnace following either a planned or emergency shutdown.

Its use was therefore rather infrequent, but when required to pump it often failed to pick up suction, especially when hot. It was then decided to replace the pump with a Lee Howl Tipton No.28695, 6x5x12. The duplex was removed in the early 1980's and placed in storage never to be used again.

The pump was acquired from Caerphilly in 1991; it has been partially stripped ready for restoration

GoodHorizontal Mill Engine (Model)Model steam engine, unknown builder, ex-Norfolk Museum Service. Originally in glass case which is now missing.
FairHorizontal Single Cylinder Steam EngineSmall horizontal engine believed to be by Bradley, date estimated.
WorkingJoseph Evans Reliable Horizontal Pump

    Type 680, 4" steam cylinder, 3" pumping cylinder, (fitted with a 2½" liner), with 4" stroke and 24" diameter heavy duty flywheel-double acting

    This pump was supplied new to the Caerphilly Tar Plant in 1938 as the standby reflux pump for the No.2 distillation unit. It was fitted with a Pickering governor driven from a second smaller flywheel on the crankshaft.

    The pumping valves are of the butterfly or poppit type, being spring-loaded and the piston block runs in a stainless steel liner of 3" outside diameter and 2½" internal diameter. This pump remained in service until the end of tar distillation at Caerphilly in December 1985. Early in 1986 this pump was donated by Thomas Ness Limited to the Welsh Industrial & Maritime Museum, Cardiff Docks as a typical small industrial steam pump used in the Welsh Gas, Coke and By-Products Industries.

    In 2004 this pump was also found dumped in a skip outside the Welsh Industrial & Maritime Museum in the same skip as No. 24247 (see above). It was complete, although the Pickering governor had been removed and the governor flywheel had been broken. Unlike coal tar, which acts as a metal preservative, crude benzole is a powerful solvent and degreaser and the pump had seized solid with rust after 20 years of inactivity.

    The pump was carefully dismantled, cleaned and has been fully restored to working order. New piston rods have been made, but otherwise most other parts were salvaged and reused. Restoration was completed November 2006, but it did not run very well. Examination has found that the cylinder bore has worn along with deep grooving to the valve face. The cylinder has since had the valve face re-milled, meanwhile a new oversized piston block and new rings have been made. The pump now works much better with greatly reduced air consumption - as vast improvement.

WorkingJoseph Evans Rotative PumpSmall rotative steam pump.
FairPearn Donkey PumpThe Manchester donkey or wall pump built by Frank Pearn and Co. Ltd.
UnrestoredPearn Steam PumpVertical steam pump
RunningPetter Steam EngineThe oldest surviving Petter? Single cylinder simple horizontal steam engine, slide valve, 4" bore x 6" stroke.
PoorReader engine with Reavell CompressorSingle cylinder vertical steam engine driving Reavell compressor on cast bedplate
FairReader Vertical Single Cylinder Steam Engine

Size: 5" steam cylinder with 4" stroke and 24" diameter flywheel; vertical and totally enclosed inverted engine with pressurised lubrication.

Purchased from an Essex scrap merchant in 2003 and believed to have been originally used to service greenhouses and out buildings at a large country estate in Essex.

The engine has been repainted and runs well on compressed air, but the big end is well worn and noisy.

FairReader Vertical Steam Engine

Size: 5" steam cylinder with 4" stroke and 24" diameter flywheel; vertical and totally enclosed inverted engine with pressurised lubrication.

This engine was purchased by Simon Carves Ltd in 1950 for the new Nantgarw coke works, Treforrest South Wales and used for the drive to the benzole rectification plant, where crude benzole was processed into motor spirit. In the early seventies the benzole plant was shut down as the process became uneconomic because supplies of motor spirit from oil refineries became readily available.

The plant fell into disuse and remained derelict until the coke works closed in 1987. During those intervening years the brass bearings and other non-ferrous fittings were 'removed', leaving the engine incomplete. The engine was purchased as scrap, dismantled and removed from site in 1988 and eventually transferred to Essex.

Upon further stripping in 1999, the engine was found to be in a poor condition especially the steam control valve and the linkage from the governor, which had been badly damaged during the theft of the components.

The engine with its base plate, has been partially restored. New bearings and several other major parts will be required

GoodReliable Rotative Steam Pump

    4" steam cylinder, 2" pumping cylinder with 4" stroke and 24" diameter flywheel-double acting.

    This pump was acquired in August 2004 from a scrap merchant who was supplying skips to the former Industrial & Maritime Museum in Cardiff Docks following their removal of surplus items for scrapping. The pump was found to be in a very poor and damaged condition with many parts missing, probably as the result of poor supervision during previous efforts at dismantling. The pumping cylinder flange was broken and a large section missing, both eccentric blocks rims were also damaged and the reversing mechanism broken beyond repair. Finally one web of the crankshaft had been bent.

    This presented a huge challenge for restoration. The crankshaft web was heated to dull red in a large lathe and carefully straightened. Many new parts have been fabricated, including all piston and valve rods and a new extended cylinder cover to incorporate a facility to fix a long bolt from the end of the pumping cylinder cover to the chassis. Replacing the broken cylinder flange without the broken part would have been very difficult. A new reversing eccentric was located and fitted, along with new eccentric straps.

IncompleteRobey Vertical Steam EngineVertical engine believed ex-Swansea Docks
GoodSingle Cylinder Drop Valve Compressor EngineSingle cylinder drop valve steam engine driving a compressor from the tail rod. Ex-ICI Wallerscote then installed at Trencherfield Mill Wigan before disposal to IF
GoodSisson CondenserSisson condenser on stand
GoodSIsson enclosed steam engine

Rebuilt as a generating set and installed in the Hathorn Davey bay, Steam Hall

WorkingSisson Low Speed Steam EngineLaboratory type engine
FairTandem Compound Steam EngineTandem compound steam engine, ex Job Beaumonts, Woodlands Mill, Huddersfield
WorkingTangye Archer Single cylinder vertical steam engine, ex-Tower Bridge workshop
PoorTangye ColonialHorizontal steam engine
DismantledTangye Horizontal Double Acting Special Pump

Size: 4" steam cylinders, 2½" pumping cylinders with 10" stroke

This pump was manufactured by the Birmingham manufacturer of Tangye. It is numbered 41689 and of size 4x2½x10. It is actually called 'the special pump' and has the minimum of moving parts. It is based on the style of the Cornish Pump.

It runs on steam or air and the valve is actuated by the piston striking a small spring loaded plunger valve at the end of its stroke at each end of the cylinder. This allows steam to enter the valve chamber and push the shuttle valve along opening the main steam port directing mains pressure steam into the cylinder. At the end of its stroke the piston block strikes another plunger valve repeating the same procedure in the opposite direction.

RunningTriple Expansion Marine EngineTriple expansion marine engine from the Bristol tug Medway. On loan from Bristol Museum Service
GoodWaller Single Cylinder Horizontal Steam EngineSingle cylinder horizontal slide valve steam engine
WorkingWeir PumpVertical boiler feed pump
GoodWillans Cutaway Central Valve EngineSingle cylinder 3.5hp central valve engine, sectioned, on display stand
GoodWillans Three Cylinder Central Valve EngineThree cylinder compound central valve engine driving Holmes dynamo
PoorWorthington Simpson Vertical Steam PumpVertical steam pump from Sutton Poyntz water pumping station
PoorWorthington Steam PumpVertical steam pump 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 4"
RunningWorthington Steam PumpDuplex pump 7 1/2" x 4" x 6"
RunningWorthington-Simpson Steam PumpDuplex steam pump
UnknownWorthington-Simpson Steam PumpBoiler Feed Pump 3 1/2" x 2/14" x 4"

Driven Machinery On Display

WorkingBamford 3C MillBamford roller and grinding mill
WorkingBroomwade CompressorSingle stage water-cooled compressor from Tydd Gote Pumping Station
WorkingCrompton 17kw 220v Dynamo1200 rpm dynamo on mounting rails
WorkingCrompton DynamoDynamo, plate details - 100/140 volts DC, 60 Amps, 1100 rpm, 8.75kW
WorkingECC 3MW 11kV Alternator1500 rpm alternator with exciter, weight 16 tons
WorkingEnglish Electric Dynamo220v 1100 amp dynamo direct coupled to a 6 cylinder Ruston diesel engine, originally installed at BBC Moorside Edge radio station.
WorkingGEC 10Kw 250v AlternatorOriginally part of a Coventry Climax genset, this alternator is now only a shell containing a functioning modern 3 phase alternator. Used on the 30s generating bay in Hall 1
WorkingMotor /Speed Multiplier60hp motor on David Brown multiplier with diesel drive input shaft and clutch
WorkingNational Gas BagNational gas bag for use with the P type National gas engine
WorkingTangye 3 Throw PumpThree throw vertical pump. Originally a hydraulic pump but displayed as a water pumping unit.
WorkingTangye 5" Circulating PumpCirculating pump used on MLD7 tangye twin at Whimple
WorkingTangye Gas BagSmall Tangye gas bag from Milton Keynes
WorkingTangye Three Throw PumpFrom Guernsey where it worked in Bests Quarry,St Andrews Parrish. Transferred from Guernsey Museum
WorkingTangye Three Throw Water PumpGear drive low pressure pump, part of close coupled set with gas engine from Milton Keynes
WorkingWestinghouse 2 phase AlternatorWestinghouse 2 phase alternator producing 240v 50 cycles, 40kva
WorkingWestinghouse Dynamo70 volts 30 amps 950 rpm dynamo by the Westinghouse Company in Manchester. Used in display of country house lighting set
WorkingWorthington Horizontal CompressorDouble acting horizontal single cylinder enclosed compressor. Flat belt drive originally from 65hp Siemens 3-phase electric motor.
WorkingWorthington Simpson Water PumpSmall Worthington duplex pump now coupled to the Crossley VO to form a replica of a small pumping station
GoodAllen Double Conqueror PumpNo 2 pump from the Welches Dam Pumping Station driven by the 6S37-C Allen.

The last Double Conqueror built by W. H. Allen.

84,000 gallons per hour at 13.5 feet head.

UnrestoredConsolidated Pneumatics Horizontal CompressorHorizontal double acting compressor. Approx 6 x 6 bore and stroke with twin 4 foot flywheels.
UnrestoredCrossley Gas BagGas bag for use with the GE111 gas engine
GoodDanarm 2 Man ChainsawTwo man chainsaw, ex-WD, 350cc Villiers engine
GoodMirrlees Watson Centrifugal PumpCentrifugal pump on bedplate, supplied with and driven by Blackstone NP
Good originalPetter CompressorInverted vertical single cylinder starting compressor
GoodPittler LatheSize B2 treadle lathe with
GoodReduction GearboxMain gearbox driving the Allen pump at Welches Dam
SpareRuston 1 1/2" Circulating PumpCirculating pump used on 8H Ruston at Ormskirk
UnrestoredRuston 1 1/2" Circulating PumpCirculating pump used on 8H Ruston at Ormskirk
SpareRuston Starting Air CompressorBelt driven single cylinder true vertical compressor.
UnknownStuart Turner Marine GearboxLarge marine gearbox
UnknownStuart Turner Marine GearboxSmall marine gearbox
FairBarn ThrasherSmall wooden barn thrasher
FairBroomwade CompressorSingle cylinder compressor with water cooled head
GoodBrush Three Phase AlternatorAlternator for Mirrlees J8 diesel
GoodBucher double acting pumpHorizontal double-acting belt drive pump with pressure trip system for fast and loose.
PoorClimax Deep Well PumpHead for a Climax deep well pump - no actual pump.
GoodCrompton Alternator3-phase alternator
GoodCrompton Dynamo110v Dynamo
GoodCrompton Dynamo110v dynamo
In StorageCrossley Vertical CompressorSingle cylinder vertical water cooled compressor
In StorageCrossley Vertical Water PumpSingle cylinder vertical water pump
GoodElectric SirenFog horn siren
GoodFog Horn Siren Rotor6 inch rotor assembly from siren
GoodFog Horn Siren Rotor12 inch rotor assembly from siren
Original conditionGEC MotorPlate details: 3hp 110 volts DC, 850 rpm
PoorGodwin OH2 PumpHorizontal pump, ex-Lackham college Museum


DismantledHamworthy 2 stage compressorVertical two stage tandem compressor. 900 psi.
IncompleteHamworthy CompressorWater cooled compressor on trolley driven by Petter Atomic 6hp two-stroke diesel
PoorHeenan & Froude Cooler Size N3Screen cooling system installed for the two Ruston 11H horizontal diesels at Taplow Repeater Station near Slough.
FairHeenan and Froude DPX0 DynamometerDynamometer, ex Reliant Cars
Poor Mather & Platt Pump SetMulti-stage pump on cast bedplate with direct drive electric motor and pulley.
WorkingOtis DC motorDC motor from lift mechanism
FairPetter Marine GearboxJoes reversing gear from 8hp Petter S type marine engine
Good, older restorationPowell Chaff CutterPowell chaff cutter, older restoration but with original transfers on woodwork.
GoodReavell CompressorRadial compressor for foghorn
Poor Reavell Vertical CompressorVertical single cylinder starting compressor for Okeford Fitzpaine Pumping Station
FairRuston BC CompressorSingle cylinder vertical compressor
In StorageRuston BC Compressor SetTwin vertical compressor unit on cast bedplate
GoodSentinel CompressorSeries 23V single stage compressor
PoorTangye Three Throw PumpThree throw pump originally used in a Guernsey quarry
GoodTangye Three Throw PumpThree throw pump originally installed at a pumping station in Rhayader and driven by a Petter 21hp S type semi-diesel.
GoodWater Pump3" water pump, older restoration