Bristol Siddeley Proteus
Object ID12
Works No
Accession NoIF:2003:002
StatusOn Display
Category Engine
Collection IDInternal Fire Core Collection
Made ByBristol Siddeley Engines Ltd
Made InBristol
DescriptionIndustrial gas turbine based on an aircraft turboprop unit producing 4250 SHP.
LocationTurbine Shed (Hall 6)










Running at the Victorian Evening, December 12th, 2009

First run to idle on the governor, 5000 rpm.


Supplied for the SWEB Pocket Power station at Princetown on Dartmoor. The first aircraft derived gas turbine to be used for power generation in the world. Also the first remotely operated power station in the world.


Awarded Institution of Mechanical Engineers "Engineering Heritage Award". Presented at the museum by Prof. Isobel Pollock from IMechE to Ian Craighead from Rolls-Royce

Conservation/ Maintenance History

Engine set up and checked over. Damage to combustion chamber outer on starter side checked, outer not touching the main combustion chamber so fit for use. Engine turned over a number of times to check oil pressure and to listen for any potential problems. Starter fuel pump replaced, sheared pump drive pin.


First run. Several fuel hoses replaced and high speed/high pressure shut off valve fitted (ex Filton). Engine run up to 5000 rpm with no mechanical issues. Compressor tachometer faulty.

HP Starter Pump Failure

Intermittent start failures finally traced to the starter fuel pump. Replaced with a spare found at Filton when removing the alternator.

Remote operation

Replica remote control system produced using DTMF relay board. Dialled up successfully from Western Power at Plymouth as part of the 50th birthday celebration on the 11th of December 2009

HP Fuel Cock Failure

Failed to start on monthly test, HP fuel cock motor has damage to one brush holder, possibly repairable. Replaced with a spare unit from stores.

Failure To Start

Fuel priming pump failure on monthly start day. Replaced pump and ran ok. Pump stripped for inspection, broken brush connection.

Failure to start

Dirty contacts on priming pump contactor in main control cabinet.

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