Allen FOE 2-Stroke Semidiesel
Object ID1614
Works NoK1/55901
Accession NoIF:2006:005
StatusOn Display
Category Engine
Collection IDW.H. Allen Heritage
Made ByW. H. Allen Sons and Co. Ltd
Made InQueens Engineering Works, Bedford
DescriptionTwo-stroke vertical hotbulb oil engine originally installed at Conington Fen Pumping Station, Hunts.

Note:The location details were passed by the the donor but a previous owner has commented that this information is not correct. An application will be made to Bedford Archives to obtain the correct details.

LocationHall 3





Running at the 2009 Easter Crankup

First full run at the End of Season event, October 2007


Engine collected from Seaton Junction. Present on-site for collection were Roland Craven, Keith Farley and donor Alan Hutchins.


Engine arrived at the museum at 10:00 a.m. Unloaded in the main yard and placed in storage awaiting installation


Fired up for the first time. Successful run on single cylinder first then 3 minute run on both cylinders. Fuel pumps leaking.


The first public run was made at 11:30 in the morning. Short run due to fuel leak on pump end sprayer. Second run in the afternoon at 2:30

Conservation/ Maintenance History
Paul Evans - Internal Fire Museum of Power

Engine partly stripped. Spent a number of years in a seized condition with many parts missing. Large number of new replacement parts with the engine. Estimate 95% complete

Head Repair

Flywheel end is frost damaged around the skull. Head removed and crack ends drilled, welded and sealed with Belzona.

Timing end head removed and inspected.

Replacement head gaskets made in Klingersil as the originals were not useable.


One new sprayer fabricated to match the original as the two new sprayers that came with the engine had problems with the ball seat in the sprayer.

Improvement but 20 thou nozzles blocked quickly on both sprayers due to the lack of inline filters to the pumps.

Governor Strip

Noise from the governor area when running - governor stripped and checked but no obvious wear found. The pump drive eccentric strap had witness marks showing it had been hitting the main bearing cap. The eccentric was moved to give clearance.

General Maintenance

Big ends checked, No 1 clearance tight so stripped and found to have picked up slightly.

Big End Clearances

Injection timing checked, settings on full fuel/advance:-

Before TDC
After TDC
121" - 47 deg.9" - 20 deg.
221" - 47 deg.9" - 20 deg.

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