Allen 8S30
Object ID793
Works NoK2/46406/B
Accession NoIF:2005:002
StatusOn Display
Category Engine
Collection IDW.H. Allen Heritage
Made ByW. H. Allen Sons and Co. Ltd
Made InQueens Engineering Works, Bedford, UK
DescriptionStraight 8 skid mount genset with Mather & Platt alternator and exciter. Isenthal regulator. 355BHP at 600 rpm. Stroke 300mm, Bore 230mm
LocationHall 7 - 1950s Power Room




Running at the museum in 2005

First long run after the winter 2009 rebuild


The museum was told of the engine by a visitor to the New Years Day Crankup in 2005. Qinetiq were approached and a site inspection took place. The engine was as installed in 1943 with a Lister/Hamworthy compressor set. It had been test run only since the late 1950s but had not run for 10 years in 2005. The engine turned over freely and was obviously in good condition.


Keith Farley and Paul Evans spent the day on site removing the compressor engine and stripping pipework from the main engine ready for removal. The original informant, David Dickinson, also arrived and provided assistance. Compressor engine and tanks, pipework and spares were removed from site.


Arrived on-site at 10:00 am. Front section of building had been removed by on-site contractors exposing the radiator. Radiator was disconnected and the engine jacked up and sideways onto skates. HIAB wagon arrived at 4:00 pm and drew the engine out for loading. Site was clear by 7:00 pm.


Engine arrived at the museum. Unloaded between Halls 1 & 2 it was pushed into Hall 2 on skates by the HIAB.Jacks and rollers were used to move it into Hall1. It was then jacked to the height of the step and skated sideways on steel plates until in position. In-situ at 7:30 pm that night.


Number 3 piston removed and found to be unserviceable along with the liner.

Conservation/ Maintenance History
State On Arrival

Engine had not run since 1990.

Standby use from 1945 until 1990 it was started three times a year and run on a load bank for an hour.

Basically in sound condition but the rings on number 3 appear stuck as it is smoking hard through the crankcase. Plan is to get the water system on and run the engine until hot to see if the rings free. Otherewise a strip of number 3 will be required.

End of 2006 Season

Engine ran several days a week over the season with good water and oil pressure, no leaks. Blow-by on number three has got worse and a strip is now required before further running.

Liner Change

On arrival we were aware of damage to cylinder No 3. This required a complete liner and piston change along with the big end. These parts were sourced from the ex Flexsys twin cylinder Allen, IFOD ID 1628

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