Plugs Database

This section lists all entries from a database containing details of Champion plug applications

Agricola All8 Com
Albin 14mmL-10
Albin 18mm7
Albin 7/8"C-5
Alfa-Laval AllN-8
Allen All8 Com
Allis-Chalmers 60 HarvesterJ-12
Allis-Chalmers Roto-BalerJ-12
Atco All8 Com
Atkinson SiloadL-10
Austin 14mm Indusrial Short ReachL-10
Austin 14mm Industrial 3/4" ReachN-8
Austin 14mm Industrial 3/4" with suppressorXN-8
Austin 18mm Industrial8 Com
Auto Culto All8 Com
Auto Mowers All8 Com
Autoscythe All8 Com
Avery All0 Com
B.P.M. AllJ-8
Bamford All8 Com
Barford Agricultural 14mm OthersL-10
Barford Agricultural 18mm Others8 Com
Barford Agricultural 7/8"1 Com
Barford Agricultural Atom, 15 and Power Scythe7 Com
Barford Agricultural ElevatorN-8
Barnard 14mmJ-8
Barnard 18mm7 Com
Beresford Pumps Austin (OHV)N-5
Beresford Pumps Austin EngineL-10
Beresford Pumps BSA 120cc (SV) 14mmN-8
Beresford Pumps Ford V8 Engine7
Blackburne-Mower All8 Com
Blackstone 14mmL-10
Blackstone 18mm8 Com
Blake All7
Boulton & Paul All8 Com
Bradford Gas Engine 18mm7 Com
Bradford Gas Engine 1946 14mmL-10
Breda All7
British Steel Piling Engine All20
Brockhouse 123ccN-8 or N-8
Brockhouse 248ccN-5 or NA-
Brockhouse Cultmate7
Brockhouse HoemateN-8 or N-8
Brockhouse Lewin RoadsweeperN-8 or N-8
Broomwade Compressors 14mmL-10
Broomwade Compressors 18mm17
Brough TwinL-10
Brush AllN-8 or N-8
BSA 320cc, 420cc 18mm7
BSA 80/120/150cc (2 stroke)L-10
BSA 98/120/220/320/420cc ( stroke) 14mmN-8 or N-8
BSA Chore HorseJ-8
Camplin Generating Set All7
Chafer Sprayer All8 Com
Clifford Aero 18mm7 Com
Clifford Aero Aero Fork Lift (Ford)L-10
Clifford Aero ContinentalL-10
Clifford Aero Rotary Cultivator Mk1V (JAP) 600cc 1/2"L-10
Clifford Aero Rotary Cultivator Mk1V (JAP) 600cc 3/4"N-8 or N-8
Clifford Aero Rotary Cultivator MkAIL-10
Clifford Aero Rotary Cultivator MkI (JAP) 80ccL-10
Clifford Aero Rotary Cultivator MkI (Villiers) 147cc8 Com
Clifford Aero Rotary Cultivator MkIIL-10S
Clifford Aero Rotary Cultivator MkIV (BSA) 420ccN-8 or N-8
Clifford Aero Stacker Truck (meadows)L-10
Clifford Aero SuperscytheXL-10
Coborn All7
Coldwell Mower 1/2" GasA-25
Coldwell Mower 7/8"20
Colwood 18mm8 Com
Coventry Climax Engines F, FF, FPL-10
Coventry Climax Engines FPFNA-12
Coventry Climax Engines FW, FSM, FTD, SM, TSM, ZN-8 or N-8
Coventry Climax Engines FWA, FWBN-3 or NA-
Coventry Climax Industrial Trucks Others 14mmN-8 or N-8
Coventry Climax Industrial Trucks SV JAP7
Crossley Engines All8 Com
Crossley Lighting Plant All17
Cumberland Mower All8 Com
De Dion All7 Com
Dello Light AllY-6
Dello Light AllJ-8
Dello Light All7
Dello Light AllC-5 or 20
Dennis Mower All8 Com
Dixon Hawkesworth 2-stroke petrol engineN-7 or N-2
Dixon Hawkesworth AllN-7 or N-2
Dixon Hawkesworth Road RollerL-10
Dixon Hawkesworth Type CM8 (JAP)L-10
Dixon Hawkesworth Type CMI (Petter)N-8 or N-8
Dorman All8 Com
Douglas 1000ccL-10
Douglas 450, 500 and 630cc Alum HeadN-8 or N-8
Douglas 450, 500 and 630cc Iron HeadL-10
Dudbridge Gas Engine All17
Easimow 80cc JAPXL-10
Economill AllL-10
Ferro AllC-5
FM (Johnson)L-10
Ford Industrial 14mml-10
Ford Industrial 18mm7
Fowler 4 HPN-8 or N-8
Fowler Others7
Gardner All7
Garret Cultivator All8 Com
Gleniffer All8 Com
Green Mower All8 Com
GRS All8 Com
Gyro 350,7008 Com
H C Dodge 6 with Lycoming engine17
Hamworthy All8 Com
Hesselman AllD-8
Hymatic AllL-7 or L-1
Hymatic Compressor, JAP engineJ-8
Ingersoll Rand AllD-8
Ingersoll Rands Air CompressorL-7 or L-1
JAP 2A, 2S,3,4F, etc two strokes on paraffinL-7 or L-1
JAP 2A,2S,3,4F,4/2,4/3,5,55 and 125cc, 6 25L-10S
JAP 34cc, 80ccL-10 or XL
JAP 350, 600, 750, 980, 1323cc 18mm8 Com
JAP 600cc 14mmN-8 or N-8
JAP Jet 3 Type S8 Com
JAP Mark 3,0L-10 or XL
JAP Model 5L-7 or L-1
John Allen Model TS Motor Scythe, 2 stroke Mk25C 148-Com
John Allen Model TS Motor Scythe, 4 stroke Mk15 147L-10
John Allen Model TS Motor Scythe, 4 stroke Mk25 2567-COM
John Bull 14mmXL-10
John Bull 18mm7
John Deere L with Hercules engineW17
Johnson 14mmL-10
Johnson 18mm7-Com
JP Super Lawn Mower AllC-5
K & L Steelfounders Ltd B23 Petrol & TVO8-Com
K & L Steelfounders Ltd C6 Petrol & TVO8-Com
KEF Landspray, Autoblast spray7
KEF Motoblow SprayL-7 or L10
Kohler 14mmL-10
Kohler 18mm7
Kohler Model K17
Landmaster BSA 14mmN-8 or N-8
Landmaster BSA 18mm7
Landmaster JAP EngineL-10
Landmaster Villiers Engine7-Com
Lipton Products AllL-10
Lister 1.5hp Petrol8-Com
Lister 1.5hp, 3 hp (TVO)8-Com
Lister ACL 4 cyl8-Com
Lister D Type8-Com
Lister Elevator (BSA)N-8 or N-8
Lister Elevator (JAP)L-10
Lister Other models 18mm8-Com
Lister ShearerL-10
Manus All9-Com
Massey Harris Baler 701 Ferguson petrolL-10
Massey Harris Baler 701 Ferguson TVON-7 or N-2
Massey Harris Baler with Coventry Victor 4 cylL-10
Massey Harris Baler with Wisconsin VF4 or VE48-Com
Maxim Motors All20
Meadows 12/207-Com
Meadows 25/40L-10
Monarch Mower All8-Com
Monro Monrotiller Mk 27-Com
Monro Monrotiller Mk 3L-7 or L-1
Monro Rototiller 35 and 567-Com
Morris Industrial7 Com
Morris MEB/4A MEB/5AN-7 or N-2
National Gas Engine All17
Packman AllL-10
Parsons Oil Engine All8 Com
Peerless All7
Penta A$,A2,C,DC6,E,K11,K21,L2,L4,L6,F17
Penta HA6, P, HesselmanD-8
Penta M8-Com
Penta Portable Compressor F17
Petter 1948 onwardsN-8 or N-8
Petter 2A and AHJ-8
Petter M Types8-Com
Petter PU8 and Universal7-Com
Power Mower AllJ-8
Qualcast Mower All8-Com
Ransome Bale and stack loaderN-8 or N-8
Ransome Mowers 14mmL-10
Ransome Mowers 18mm8-Com
Ransome TS50, 54, 55, 59, 63, 64 and EP3G18-Com
Ransome Vibro-hoe8-Com
Ricardo Warsop road breaker 14mmL-10
Ricardo Warsop road breaker 18mm7
Rival All7-Com