2 x petrol generators (24v DC?)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by puffernutter, Dec 30, 2018.

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    As part of my workshop clean up/clear out I have unearthed these two generators that I was planning to use in a petrol electric multiple unit on my miniature railway (now long gone!)

    They were both working at one time, both are old, so may have value/interest for that reason. One (the green one I think is Post Office). They both turn over and have compression.

    I have no idea of price, I was going to suggest £45 each, or make me an insulting offer if I am too far out!

    Pictures below.

    gen1-1.jpg gen1-2.jpg gen1-3.jpg gen1-4.jpg gen1-5.jpg Gen2-1.jpg Gen2-2.jpg Gen2-3.jpg Gen2-4.jpg Gen2-5.jpg

    Collect from Trowbridge if possible, I am heading to Manchester in January, so could drop off if not too far out of my way! (M4 Bristol, M5 Birmingham, M6 Manchester)

    Happy Christmas


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