A new 6BB for me...

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Skankin_giant, May 9, 2022.

  1. Skankin_giant

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    Seen this little Ruston PB advertised on Faceache for £150, standard chain drive Lister Ds are up for £300-400 over here so it was worth the 4hr round trip to pick it up. Was sold as a non-runner but still thought it was worth the punt, quick clean of the points and it's away quite nicely.


  2. Skankin_giant

    Skankin_giant Well-Known Member

    Some more info from Ray, 14/10/1936 sold to a John McElderry. On further digging John McElderry is an agricultural supplier in Ballymoney Co Antrim, which is still going today. I picked it up about 20 miles away in Limavady.
  3. petternut

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    Well found. Research is so much fun and gets more so as the engines depart for pastures new.

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