advice needed..welding a steel electrical enclosure box

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by pp-admin, Jun 30, 2016.

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    i have an old genset that has a very solid steel control cabinet on it full of switches and relays etc etc.

    its in good condition except for the rust around the very bottom which i intend to cut out and repair by mig welding.

    problem is that i dont want to dismount all the many elec devices that are above it inside this big cabinet.

    i am hoping that if i cover them all up so no crap can get into them i will be ok but i dont know what the mig welding torch

    power will do to any of this stuff. my best guess is that current path of least resistance applies so if i put the earth welding
    clamp as near the live torch as possible, the electrical items inside the cabinet will be totally unaffected. the metal repair needed is well below any components that are above it although eberything is mounted to the steel cabinet in one way or another on brackets or riser or directly surface flush mount through the steel itself like guages etc etc. I will dsiconnect all the wires that go to the genset and engine and the cabinet will be worked on off the generator frame so its on its own.

    any informed thoughts as i dont want to unintentionally fry anything !!!


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    Make sure you have the earth well connected to the cabinet as close as possible to the weld area. Other than that, you should have no problems. I've MIG welded a number of cars with varying quantities of electronics attached with no problems. The difficulties arise when someone connects their earth to the engine and welds the car body. Imagine where the currents run. So don't put your earth on the door or a rubber mounted relay box for example. I would just carry on and do it.

    Usual caveats apply of course.

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