Allen scythe clutch problem

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by TomF, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. TomF

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    I have recently bought an Allen scythe which runs beautifully, but I can't set up the wheel drive clutch to reliably disengage. The manual I downloaded from this site doesn't help very much - it's difficult to work out how the clutch release mechanism works from the exploded diagrams. Any tips on setting up the clutch before I do some serious damage to something/someone?
    Ideas gratefully received.
  2. petternut

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    Allen SCythe

    Sorry I can't help with the setup but I used them a lot in my youth and remember the creeping clutch as a 'feature'.
    Tales of people having their nether regions sliced are legion and the machines are best not left running unattended.
    Roland Craven
  3. villiersman

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    Disengaging clutches on allen scythes

    Disengaging the clutch on the allen scythe is often difficult, particularly when they are suffering from even the slightest wear, according to the instruction manual I have, the best method is to "push the handles smartly downwards whilst attempting to disengage the clutch."
    I have tried this with succes on all three of mine, however, sometimes the clutch will not disengage until your knuckles are almost touching the floor!!!
    I figure that this method works as it momentarily takes the load off the clutch allowing it to disengage. Perhaps a smart push forwards if you aren't working in heavy growth may also do the trick?
    Hope this helps.....
  4. TomF

    TomF New Member

    Thanks for the tips. I have now dismantled the main gear casing and discovered that the head of the selector fork had broken off - the rod would still push the dog clutch together, but it couldn't pull them apart. Looked like fatigue. The end of the rod had been turned down a narrower diameter, leaving a shoulder. The narrow end was pushed through a hole in the fork and peened over to retain it. I have had it welded this time. I will reassemble soon, and try your tip about taking the load off the gear train by shoving downwards.

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