Allen Scythe Spares

Discussion in 'Parts/Engines Wanted' started by TangyeDan, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. TangyeDan

    TangyeDan Active Member

    Does anyone out there have a scrap Allen Scythe for spares? - a work colleague has one that is missing its cutter bar so he is looking for one, or a complete machine for spares at the right price :)

    Thanks & Regards
  2. andyb

    andyb New Member

    Cutter Bar

    I have a spare cutter bar but NOT a spare knife, I can send you a photo if you like to ensure it is the correct one. You are a long way off I am in the Lake district. Andy
  3. TangyeDan

    TangyeDan Active Member

    Re: Cutter Bar

    Thanks Andy - I will check to see if it is still required, a photo would be good to confirm the fitting.

    Regards, Dan
  4. fixit

    fixit New Member

    I dont know if it would help but 4 days ago there were two allens on ebay at £75 and they didnt sell i could look up the item no if you want me to

  5. andyb

    andyb New Member


    Hi Did you recieve the photo ok?
  6. TangyeDan

    TangyeDan Active Member

    Re: Photo

    Hi Andy,
    Yes I got it thanks, I've sent you an email.
    Regards, Dan

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