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    Hi All
    Does anybody recognise this alternator? I bought it from the auction site a year ago. The chap claimed it was 6.5kVA but it has no rating plate on it or any fixing holes where one might have been.
    It is 18in long and 10in dia and from the weight that rating is plausible. It is a fairly modern machine, all alloy externally and enclosed fan cooled.
    I have driven it with a motor and it appears ok giving 240V at 3000rpm and 50Hz @1kW - motor struggled above this.
    The rotor is the field being fed via two sliprings from a potted pcb controler in the box.
    It has two stator windings each being 240V centre tapped.
    The wording on the distribution box is in German and seems to refer to earth leakage, balance and remote voltage sensing. There is also a reference to an air compressor so I wonder if it was part of a variable speed drive.
    Anyone come across it?

    Thanks in hope

    p.s I realise it's probably too large for the C.S 6hp but it's what I have and won't load it above 3kW
    Also the belt wrap is not ideal

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