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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by Phil Russell, May 30, 2020.

  1. Phil Russell

    Phil Russell New Member

    I am trying (?) to resurrect an old Andrews Edge Trimmer JAP model, 2 stroke 34cc engine, red frame dating from the 1950s (I think). I need to remove the cutting blade but am stumped how to do it. Surely it would have been an owner simple operation for sharpening etc. The blade seems to be held by a steel disc, about 2" diameter, with 2 holes in it presumably for a peg spanner. In the centre of the disc and flush with the disc surface is what I assume to be the crankshaft, about 1" diameter. If I hold the blade and turn the disc the crankshaft turns but the disc does not unscrew. The disc effectively turns the crank. I have tried left and right ... I tend to thing there is a lh thread. The blade sits on a rubber disc under the blade.
    Does anyone know how these blades come off? I can see no way of clamping the crank but there is a screw thread in the end of the crank that may give me a clue. I have tried screwing a bolt in to hold the crank while I turn the disc but to no avail ... nowt moves.
    All advice welcome...and gratefully received.
    Cheers, Phil
  2. TangyeDan

    TangyeDan Active Member

    A picture may help us understand further what is going on. You may be able to lock the crank by putting something soft on top of the piston to stop it going over top dead centre. I think a JAP O is a blind cylinder, you may get away with feeding in a length of rope through the spark plug hole..

    Good Luck!

  3. Phil Russell

    Phil Russell New Member

    Thanks Dan ... very creative, thank you.
    The issue now is which way to try to undo the metal disc ... info on the engine (but with no pictures) states crank rotates'anti-clockwise looking at driving shaft'. This must mean looking at the end of the shaft towards the engine; indeed the blade cutting edge rotates anticlockwise. This makes me think the disc has a lh thread and so unscrews clockwise. Is this reasonable?

    Maybe it is time to just get some rope.....
    Cheers, Phil
  4. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    For a test you could take the plug out and use string. The direction of the cutout for the rope will be an indication.
  5. Phil Russell

    Phil Russell New Member

    It's done ... thank you for your suggestions.
    I fed rope through the plug hole as suggested. I was convinced the metal disc had a lh thread but could not budge it so out of devilment tried to unscrew it as normal. It gave and came off, but not as I expected. The whole carrier unit for the blade unscrewed from the end of the crank. Clearly the blade is mounted on this carrier ... two discs (metal?), a rubber disc, the blade and the top metal disc with two holes for a peg spanner. I did not have a spanner big enough so improvised with two bolts in the peg holes and a long iron bar. There is nothing on the carrier unit to hold it firm while the disc with peg holes is turned but as it was not necessary to remove the blade any further I left it. I could now remove the engine unit from the edge trimmer frame. Success. Thank you. The rope I pulled out after this exercise was very oily black. Clearly not a very healthy piston etc.

    Preliminary inspection has not shown any obvious reason why the motor will not run ... the carb was cleaned a few days ago. That was gunged up and somewhat corroded but not, I think, in crucial areas. After this clean, and plug clean, I did try to start the engine but to no avail. It leaked some fuel as well from the carb 'breather hole' (?) in the cover.

    So it may be an ongoing project but I could now be tempted to sell it on as 'spares or repair' as I think it must have some vintage value and I have approached it as a curiosity not with any intent to use it.
    Cheers, Phil

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