another 1 lives again!

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Roughdog, Nov 2, 2021.

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    Finally got my A type back together and running again.
    Many thanks to Roland for a better selection of parts to sift through!
    Bought earlier this year as a non runner, spent a few hours and did have it running but it ran terrible due to a bent exhaust valve amongst other things.
    Got new valve and while i was in there, oil ring and 1 compression ring fell out in bits.
    Cam bushes were shot, as was cam and followers.

    Anyway lots of new bits and parts from Roland later its now running again!

    Tried posting a short vid here but i cant get it to load, cant get pictures on either, modern techs not my strong point!

    Serial number is 274605, A30H
    Apparantley it came to iom from Guernsey or Jersey a good while ago, so its well travelled!
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