Any ideas to ID this alternator?

Discussion in 'Identification' started by dmajwool, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. dmajwool

    dmajwool New Member

    Hi, This unmarked alternator came attached by an A belt to my first CS6/1 I just bought :) All that's left of the alternator boiler plate are 4 painted-over rivets. I removed the pulley and took the rear-end covers off to have a peek inside.

    It works OK 230v 50Hz at 1500 rpm, but the bearings seem slightly to be showing their age.

    I'm a novice and would appreciate any pointers about manufacturer and model as well as hints whether it is a jewel worth servicing or if it is end of life and worth replacing.

    How free-running should an alternator be when I give it a spin by hand? This one does about 1 revolution.

    Cheers, David.
  2. Mudmover

    Mudmover New Member

    Hello David,
    If it was in Australia I would say it was a Dunlite, but I am fairly sure Dunlite was a copy or licence build of a British make, and the name escapes me. Do not think they were uncommon. Someone here must know, C'mon, ThinK!
  3. dmajwool

    dmajwool New Member

    Thanks Mudmover.

    "Dunlite" may just be a relative term - this fellah is very heavy - I should say at least 60Kg. :)

    For the moment I think I'll just clean it up a bit and use it till the end of the UK winter until my solar can take over. Then I can take it out and have a closer look.

    I'll see what I can find out about Dunlite.

    Cheers, David.
  4. Mudmover

    Mudmover New Member

    Still trying to remember where I saw pics of a British alternator that looked vey much like our Dunlites. Could have been on Stationary Engine Forum in the last year or so. Dunlite was a South Australian company who I think started building wind generators and small farm/station lighting plants pre WW2. Made a range of alternator sets later on. Were bought or merged with Britain's Pye Industries and Davey Pumps somewhere in the '60's and were known as Pye Davey Dunlite for a while.
    Think the trading name still exists, but only re-badges import stuff now.
    With brushes and sliprings your machine will not spin completely free, so probably is OK. Regards, Combustor.
  5. cjp

    cjp New Member


    Sorry to pick up late on this one but it looks very much like a BKB (Swan Kettles) of Birmingham the Voltage reg board is similar as is carcase.

    Jim Perkins
  6. skodaturbo

    skodaturbo New Member

    Looks the same as my 11kva BKB ..with transformer voltage control, Does it have a little voltage trimming pot under the rear cover?

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