anyone at IF help with this ????

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by pp-admin, Mar 2, 2016.

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    Iam trying to work out the correct paint colour for a 1950's Broomwade air compressor pump. Nobody seems to know. You chaps at or volunteering at IF have seen more old plant than I ever will so I wondered if anybody knows......

    also, is a 1950's compressor likely to be original if it has a watercooled head but a finned air cooled cylinder just seems a bit odd as Broomwade made both types but to have the top half from one and the cylinder from another seems a bit odd (but everything looks like it is original !!).

    HELP !!


  2. admin

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    The existing colour I have seen before but also grey, green and dark blue on sets that I know to be original.

    As Broomwade supplied starting sets for a number of manufacturers I would assume they painted to the customers requirement. The water cooled head on air-cooled barrel I have seen before.

    Nice set (hint) :)

  3. grendel

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    This is our Broomwade starting air set with a Petter engine in it's original paint.


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