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    Well were all fully loaded and ready to go. Should be setting off just after dinner and hoping to get there just after 3pm. Have packed plenty of rope and stakes to mark out camping space for all the miscreants in Piss head corner (You know who you are :lol: )
  2. ArthurG

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    I plan to be there on Saturday. I look forward to seeing all the fresh faces in the morning :).

    Polly should be an impressive spectacle.

    Arthur G
  3. ArthurG

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  4. gazmill

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    Some exellent photos Arthur thanks for posting them!. It was a great weekend, although a bit wet on Saturday but it didn't seem to dampen the spirits to much.
    Steves nursing a headache as we speak, to much rammering me
    thinks :) or is he coming down off the cider of which he supped copious amounts of during the weekend :).
    The museums diving set ran faultlessly all weekend and has proved to be a very easy exhibit to live with. The 6HP Amanco ran for most of the two days just needing a little adjustment from time to time.
    We deposited the Museum rammer along with ours on the rammer display and the museums benjo proved to be one of the most reliable thumping away for most of the two days with several different pilots in charge throughout.

    I'd like to say a big thanks to Bob, BOM, Ian, and Arthur for giving us a hand to load up this afternoon.
    Looking forward to next year already.

    Regards Gary..
  5. admin

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    Thanks to everyone for the help this year, particularly G & S for managing the Amanco and Lister.

    Our apologies for departing early but the left foot is now the size of a football and will be heading for the quack in the morning :-(

    Was a good do and we plan to have a better plan for next year :)

    A lot of museum visitors came up for a chat before the tent blew away and it was nice to get so much positive feedback.

    Thanks as well to Five Counties for arranging the tent and a good spot, particular thanks to Andrew Wild for all his efforts on our behalf (sorry about the tent!).

    Paul & Hazel
  6. The mystery inverted engine was approx 2007 made from Lister D (carb), Fairbanks (Flywheel) and other engine bits plus a lot if imagination. If you look at the photo you can see were the base is welded to the upright/cylinder.

    A great weekend. the Irish motercycle riders did wonders for clearing the non existant moles.


    Andy M
  7. ArthurG

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    Ah, of course it is. Thanks Andy, I could see it was an oddity, I just didn't spot how odd.

    I've updated the description.
  8. miley_bob

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    Did any body manage to get a video of all of us playing with the rammers? Would be an intresting watch if any1's got one.
  9. miley_bob

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    Whilst I remember I would like to thank everybody who helped me with the Ruston. Special mention must go to Bob for kindly re-magnetising the magneto on saturday night. We managed to get her running but only for about 5 minutes at the most. I plan to take the carb off, as it appears that its not sucking enough fuel through, hence why she just dies after a short while.
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  11. petternut

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    Thanks for the pics chaps. The S type is interesting. Its 1923 and only 7 numbers off one of mine. However it appears to be reverse-rotations as its all backwards including, for some reason, the main housings. Did anyone spot whether the oil wells and normal oiler feed hole were at the back?

  12. miley_bob

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    Cheers Gary. Great video.
  13. miley_bob

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    My mate Peter and myself arrived Saturday morning around 10:30 and enjoyed the rain :D saw most of you and took a few pictures, didnt want to get the camera wet, would be interested in Astle Parks view of the somme where the rammers played :) Sad to see that they had not been into the play pen though :(
    Suggested on way home that we bring engines next year but he didn't seem to keen.
    Went to a local rally with an engine on sunday and got burnt to buggery.
    Fixing Rover next weekend and finishing stairlift for wife.

    Martin P
  15. ArthurG

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    I didn't have my anorak on, so failed to notice. ;-)

    Looking through all of my pictures, there isn't another picture of that engine, so no help there, I'm afraid.
  16. NigeyNoo

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    Nice photos Arthur. I didn't quite seem to catch your eye whilst you were deep in conversation with Bob

    I've posted a few photos of engines from Sunday and hopefully addressed the lack of Blackstone pictures so far .... ;-) ... _album.php
  17. ArthurG

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    :oops: I'm sorry to not to have seen you Nigel. If you see me around and I seem to ignore you, do come and say hello. I've got the worst memory for faces in the world, so often miss people. Occasionally acquaintances have approached me familiarly and started to chat, while I desperately wondered who they were.

    The quality of your photos makes me think I reduced mine too much. Thanks for posting them.
  18. miley_bob

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    Had the afternoon off work today so dragge the Cooper i bought at Astle out of the garage and had a play. After a quick adjustment to the mag setup she was off and away.

    She needs a new key making as one of the flywheels began to come loose, but other than that she runs a dream.

  19. TangyeDan

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    So a quick dip in Nitromors and it will be ready to rally? :lol:

  20. miley_bob

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    Good too see you havent lost any of that Yorkshire wit, in your years as a refugee Dan. I have way too much other stuff to do to bother with the paint at the moment. So turquoise she is and turqiouse she is staying for the next year or so at least. I Have to finish the Petter M, the fowler and get both bradfords going before I even contemplate starting anything else.

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