Aveling Barford Type GA Petrol Roller

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by christipping, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. christipping

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    Can anybody help me? I run a local cricket club and we own to model GA rollers.

    Firstly where can I get parts, more specifically those related to the clutches, magneto, brakes (pads etc) and fuel filters.

    Does anybody have any experiance of dissasembly?

    I have a specific problem with one unit..............When in forward gear (either 1 or 2) it feels as though the drive is lost for a fraction of a second, the engine note does not chage, it is almost as though the clutch has been disengaged. any ideas?

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    GA Roller

    The Road Roller Association http://www.r-r-a.org.uk/ have a newsletter in which you could advertise for spares.

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