Aveling Barford Type GA Petrol Rollers

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by christipping, Aug 24, 2004.

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    This a repeat post, excuse the english, I put my first attempt in the wrong forum. Paul I know you tried to email me, but the txt was jumbled up as I had a fault on the mail server or you own an enigma machine.

    Can anybody help me? I run a local cricket club and we own two model GA rollers. One is as far as i can tell in more or less original condition, one has been very poorley re-engined. The original unit runs intermitantly but has a tendancy to cut out, i think this is due to dirty petrol filters but I am not sure, any ideas?

    Firstly where can I get parts, more specifically those related to the clutches, magneto, brakes (pads etc) and fuel filters.

    Does anybody have any experiance of gearbox dissasembly?

    I have a specific problem with one unit..............When in forward gear (either 1 or 2) it feels as though the drive is lost for a fraction of a second, the engine note does not chage, it is almost as though the clutch has been disengaged. any ideas?

    I intend to at least part strip the original varient and clean it up this winter, does anybody know which bits are best left alone (I am a 30 year old with some mechanical ability but no real experiance of this type of equipment)

    Finally, out of interest, how can I tell how old they are?


    Chris Tipping

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