[b]Lister Spares (Credit where credit is due)[/b]

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by ListerD, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. ListerD

    ListerD New Member

    I have just returned from BREDY AGRICENTRE in Dorset with the following spares OFF THE SHELF !!

    Lister Domestic Water Pump

    4 X Valve rubbers
    4 X Valve springs
    2 X Chamber gaskets
    4 X Valve pins
    2 X Leather piston cups

    WELL DOME BREDY AGRICENTRE (and a special thanks to DAVE !!)
  2. Thelisterman

    Thelisterman New Member

    Water pump

    Hi there, would you happen to have there address or phone no,
  3. ListerD

    ListerD New Member

    Sure do.........

    Bredy Agricultural
    St Georges Road
    DT1 1OH


    (Ask to speak to "DAVE") He is there Monday and Wednesday and seems to know what he is talking about

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