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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by oaker, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. oaker

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    I have a tmd27 diesel with a CAV injector pump. The engine would start when cold but would not start right after shutting it down. Finally the unit quit starting altogether. Went thru all the usual suspects, (bleeding air, selonoid, transfer pump, filter etc). Took off the Cav pump to have it checked. It was ok. Reinstalled pump. Went thru all the bleeding and still would not start. Kept working on it and it started once. Now will not start again. Have some fuel coming up the the injectors but not a lot. There is a lot of bubbles on injector 2 when cracked a bit. Am I missing something on how to bleed this CAV pump. There are 2 levers on top of the pump. One is for the throttle the other is for ???????????? Any info or something that would lead me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help

  2. johnE

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    Hi there, not familier with a tmd27 engine but can you get all the air out of the fuel system when your bleeding it, before starting?. If the air bubbles just keep coming this could indicate a split fuel line on the suction side of the lift pump. A blocked fuel filter could cause a badly fitting olive or copper washer to leak air into the fuel lines due to the increase in suction needed to pull the fuel through. Another possabilty is in the fuel tank is the breather or fuel pick up pipe blocked. Some fuel pick up pipes can have a gauze type filter on them. The second lever on a CAV rotary pump could be a fuel shut of lever to stop the engine. An injection pump specialist would verify this. Hope this helps.

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