Discussion in 'Suppliers/Parts' started by FrankieFlintstone, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. FrankieFlintstone

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  2. Landy

    Landy New Member

    This company is superb. I sent a query email to them and they responded within 5 minutes! They also except Paypal so ordering is very easy.

  3. FrankieFlintstone

    FrankieFlintstone New Member

    Hi Landyman,

    Happy to see you got a good service from Bearings Direct, I have used them a few times and the service is as they say.
    Frankie Flintstone.
  4. pikeymikey

    pikeymikey New Member

    Excellent service from these guys, placed an order 14:30 on Monday and had the bearings in my hand before lunch on Tuesday, keen pricing and they take Paypal.

  5. NigeyNoo

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  6. Glenreed

    Glenreed Member

    Have to say i also have used them and service was 2nd to none Excellent quality, they even did tiny sealed bearings
    for repairing my 2.5cc nitro engine

    Highly Recommended
  7. Skankin_giant

    Skankin_giant Well-Known Member

    Henderson Bearings are good for those odd bearings, sorted out a replacement for my P4's big end, R&M 5/NA 3/4.

    Cheers, Steve
  8. flash22

    flash22 New Member

    Simple bearings are very good I ordered a pair of SKF bearings and 2 seals over xmas prompt reply let me know that the seals had to come in from Germany, delivery was spot on too

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