best oil for old little side valve petrol engines

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by pp-admin, Aug 10, 2016.

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    even buying oil is complex in the modern world !
    does anybody have an informed view of the most suitable modern oil for old technology petrol sidevalves like generators and lawn mowers. many folk seem to go for monograde sae30. multigrade 10w-30 seems ok as well and both are minerol based oils. 10w-40 is a semi synthetic blend and can actually be bought a bit cheaper.

    does basic old technology best suit and older spec mineral oil. ??

    cant really decide. !!!

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    I happily use 20/50 for classic cars from Halfords, I use it for general lubrication and my Lister's don't complain
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    Just double checked with a friend of mine who runs a Morgan 3 wheeler with a Ford side valve engine. He uses cheap 20W50 and used to cover c5000 miles a year. There was great discussion in the 3 wheeler club re engine oil some time ago. Many advocated staying with straight 40 monograde oil as that's what it was designed to run on. Those who changed reasoned why use grotty oil simply because that's all that was available when they were made. That was also the opinion of one particular club member who I trust as he's the (now retired) development chemist for Silkolene oils so, by any definition, is an expert.

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