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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by boblester, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. boblester

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    Just got back from a local rally this weekend that 10 years ago had lots of stationary engines which used to take pride of place with the steamers and vintage bikes and cars etc, but now the engines seem to be sqeuzed into a corner field which slopes badly, the tractors are at the futherst extreme with the bikes and yet they have a massive fairground which lies on perfectly flat ground which all the punters seem to mingle about with the stalls and only a few bother to walk up past the engines, is it me or are we forgetting why these rallys started or is it because more people coming through the gates to go to the fair is more important. Still an enjoyable time, but i cant help feeling that some rallys are falling prey to the commercial giant.

    Any one else found this

  2. johnE

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    Badly sloping field

    A badly sloping field is not the best place to display running stationary engines on unbraked trolleys. Also lubricating oil and hot coolants need to be some where near level. I think saftey issues need to be addressed here.
  3. gazmill

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    Hi bob, was this rally on the shropshire cheshire border by any chance.
    Regards, Gary
  4. Loony

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    If the Fairground is a Traditional one run by Showmans Engines... No Problem.....!! 8) (Nothing beats the Dorset Steam Fair Fairground on Sat nights!!)

    If it is a modern setup thrown in just to attract extra customers.......
    NO! :cry:

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